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  1. You can buy a cheap fresnel which might help! It'll intensify the 60W quite a bit. I'm eyeing one myself. In the grand scheme of things it actually is pretty affordable! But only if you're doing this full time on a much bigger scale! Those are the kind of lights that'll last for a long, long time. Whereas if the Godox only lasts me 5 years (I don't think it will, it's really well built) I'll be really annoyed but at the end of the day I only spent $100 on it (got 3 for $100 each!) so I can't complain too much, that one you know it'll go you for years and years. Lighting is usually a smart long term investment. An example: My buddy Matt works in NYC doing grip and lighting for TV networks in the area. He's plugged into that scene, and he regularly sees lights that are being given away as studios/networks/etc. upgrade their lighting set up. You're probably thinking "giving away? That doesn't sound like a smart investment!" The thing is these are 20 or 30 year old lights! And they still work! They've gotten their monies worth 100x over on the original investment. People have pieced together light kits that would've cost over $100k 25 years ago, for free, because there's such an abundance of these things all over the place!
  2. I'm forecasted to get between 1 and 2 feet of snow while he's talking about filming on the beach! Smdh
  3. I'm guessing it wasn't a sensor issue, but a processing one.
  4. I hate you. 🤣 Thanks all! I'm looking at these right now to put in my Adidas. If that doesn't work I'm gonna try out a pair of New Balance! Samurai Insoles Instant Relief Orthotics for Flat Feet - Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief Guaranteed, Arch Support Shoe Insert Insoles for Foot and Heel Pain M13 https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B00OJCPU5K/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_jLP4Db3CQGMPT Keep any tips coming! Thanks for all the help so far!
  5. Yeah, Curtis Judd reviewed the Godox 200w recently and the fan noise was a complaint he had. It seems that replacing the fans has caused increased flickering in a lot of these lights. People complained about the 60w's fan noise but unless your mic is like right on top of it I can't see (or hear!) how it's a problem. I love the light though, it was a lot brighter than I was expecting.
  6. Yeah, I mean the truth is all of these cameras today can get you lovely images with just a little know how. If you have the means to upgrade then by all means, but generally you don't need to until you're not able to achieve what you're looking for with what you have. I saw that light 6 months or so ago and really considered getting one, but in the end I ended up getting two Godox SL-60Ws because there's not a ton of info out there about the Neewer. Fan noise also tends to be an issue on a lot of these budget COB lights. I got two Godox lights for $200 total off eBay and I've been very pleased.
  7. Getting into lighting is addictive, so beware friends! 😂 Seems like a new light comes out every week that makes my say "I want that!"
  8. Did that get rid of the foot pain totally?
  9. On newer M43 cameras there's not a ton of difference, re: rolling shutter, between 1080p and 4K. For me, the main benefit is smaller file sizes. For simple projects where I know I won't need 4K I'll still film in 1080p, especially on the GH5, because I know how good the 1080p is. Not all 1080p is equal though. You'll wanna research the 1080p for any potential camera you're purchasing if you still intend to use it. A friend of mine found that out the hard way when he bought a Sony: the 1080p was awful and he is forced to shoot 4K to get decent 1080p now.
  10. Eff lighting and lenses... NEW CAMERA! 😉 That's really good advice, honestly. I'll still be filming on my GH5 for years to come and will likely sell my G85 and buy a second GH5 used when the used price lowers down even more. One, it's an incredible camera, and two, your camera isn't all that important, especially these days when you can get lovely images on a $300 camera. My lenses, mics, lights, filters, etc. are all things that will carry over with me for years and years to come. One thing I would suggest is, if you think you're going to move away from M43 in the not so distant future it'd probably make sense to invest in lenses that can adapt to other cameras. I have two Panasonic 12-35 f/2.8 lenses for my multi camera / sports / event work because having a native lens in those situations is beneficial. The rest of my lenses are pretty much all vintage and manual lenses with other mounts that I can easily adapt should the day come when I move to a different system. Switching systems can get pretty expensive, especially if you have to get all new lenses. Another reason to stick with the G7 is that it still has a very nice image. It's a little limiting when it comes to color grading, dynamic range, etc. but to me it's still a relevant camera in 2019 and beyond, especially for beginners and hobbyists. Though I've started suggesting the G85 to beginners and hobbyist since the used price has gone down so much, the G7 is still a killer little camera.
  11. Heck these days you can edit 4K on a $550ish custom PC build. Rendering and export might not be very fast, but playback and editing is fine. Editing wise computers have come a long way and fast since the days when H264 would strangle my computer to death! I remember how frustrating it was to edit it on my top of the line Mac Pro 10 years ago!
  12. They're definitely up there, as I'm finding out! I've never really had a problem until recently. I do wonder if it's related to my weight loss somehow. I figured if anything though it'd have helped! But maybe it's thrown my walking off balance or something? I've thought about that, but really, in my every day life it's not a problem at all. It's just video shoots, especially on hard floors, where it kills me.
  13. Looking at those Ultra Boost shoes. I'm thinking I might try some soles first, since they're a bit costly, but I think I'll pick up a pair when I'm ready to get new ones. I have a decent pair of Adidas that I wear, and I'm really happy with them for general use. Any recommendations on soles? Does that really help?
  14. I've been having trouble lately on long shoots with my feet, particularly my heels, being in a lot of pain. It seems to have gotten worse as I get older; I'm a big guy (320 pounds) who has lost 140 pounds, but somehow it's gotten worse (go figure!) Does any one have any suggestions, be it techniques or shoe insoles that'll help relieve the pain from standing and moving around all day? I tried Google but I'm overwhelmed by all of the options. I just would prefer my poor heels and feet not hurt like a mofo! Getting old stinks!
  15. I've said it before, delivery in 8K doesn't appeal to me as a consumer. I don't want to sit that close to my TV to appreciate 8K. I don't have room for a TV any bigger than 65 inches without dedicating an entire wall to a single screen. I really am satisfied watching 4K on a 55 inch set from 10 feet away. As a creator, I can't think of many times when I've told myself "I really wish I had more resolution to play with." That might change, but the bulk of my work is still exported at 1080p. There really isn't much demand for 4K, from my experience, and most people still watch 1080p video on their 4K TVs because there's a limited amount of 4K channels / content available. This push for 8K this quickly really seems silly and little more than a marketing move to sell people TVs they don't really need.
  16. You'll notice an improvement in IQ on all those cameras, for sure, though the G7 is still has a very good image. What kind of work are you doing? For me personally I lean towards the GH5 because the IBIS and all of the video centric features. I do a lot of handheld work, and the IBIS allows me to get stable footage with a stripped down set up. It's kind of the Swiss army knife of cameras, it can handle pretty much everything you throw at it. The 1080p on the GH5 is also fantastic. Still if the X-T3 had comparable IBIS and didn't have the recording limit I'd be very, very tempted.
  17. I still might just to add some piece of mind lol.
  18. I've filled the holes with Plumbers Epoxy Putty and am gonna sand it down. I'm thinking of then doing a layer or two of JB Weld. The putty seems to have attached itself, since I sanded and prepped the area, and I've taken a hammer and hit it, and it seems to be holding. So I'm thinking, at worst, that'll fill the holes and then the JB Weld can coat and reinforce it. 🤞🏻
  19. 1080p on the C100 looks decent upscaled. I know people that still shoot with it.
  20. I'm guessing we'll start seeing information start to trickle out in February or so, assuming they announce the GH6 in the spring like I suspect.
  21. J-B Weld Plastic Bonder allegedly works, but would I need something to bond to it?
  22. Most of the plumbers Epoxy putty I'm seeing says not for use on polypropylene, which is what the cases are made of. Should I try anyway?
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