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  1. AF isn't really important, it's just people now write off anything that doesn't have good AF because of YouTube and YouTubers thinking everything, including cine cameras, should be marketed and catered to them. So it's become "important" in a marketing sense, but a cine camera really doesn't need AF and most people probably shouldn't rely on it when using a cine camera.
  2. It's not IBIS but throw this on a cheap shoulder rig and you can definitely get great handheld footage.
  3. It lacks the resolution and frame rate options, anamorphic modes, RAW, and codecs that the Pocket 6K Pro has. And it costs more than twice as much. These are major features that productions want in a camera. If you don't see why this is a far more superior value than the C70 I don't know what to say.
  4. It costs over 2x as much and lacks tons of cine features that the Pocket 6K Pro has. Writing off one of the biggest ones, and one that is most beneficial to actual productions (RAW) really doesn't help your case. But if the sensor is what's most important to you then by all means go that route.
  5. The thing is, I don't think a GH6 that substantially outperforms those cameras would even hurt their full frame sales because those are the people that won't consider anything smaller than full frame anyway. Sensor size is not a major selling point for me. If I end up going full frame it's because I was forced to or the value was just too hard to beat, not because I NEED full frame. As it stands, as I look at other options, I'm looking at APS-C more than full frame. If Panasonic abandons M43 and I go with Sony, I see myself getting a couple A6600 bodies and MAYBE splurge for full frame l
  6. It really is remarkable how opposite their body designs are from their OS. One is ugly as sin, the other is truly elegant. Unless you need auto focus it's hard to justify getting the C70 over this. There's A LOT of value in this. $2,500 for all of that is a tremendous value.
  7. https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/blackmagicpocketcinemacamera For those that missed it.
  8. $2,495 for the camera and the battery grip is only $125. Not bad.
  9. That's a hefty boy with the battery grip ha ha. Good lawd
  10. Two XLR inputs, that's nice too. The battery upgrade alone makes this compelling.
  11. It's as ugly as you'd expect a Blackmagic camera to be, that's for sure ha ha. The viewfinder is a real cool add on, too.
  12. Pocket 6K Pro... I think I see internal ND buttons on the back? And updated battery.
  13. The ATEM Pro Extreme is nice but I wish they'd gone with SDI instead of HDMI.
  14. That's the kinda info I'm looking for, thank you! I do wonder if the IBIS makes a difference.
  15. I've seen the overheating tests but most of them have been in either a climate controlled room (70f or so) or in direct sunlight. While kind of helpful, the majority of my work is done indoors sometimes in really high temperatures but hardly ever in direct sunlight. If I'm using a couple of A6600's to film an indoor sporting event that lasts all day (with up to 2 hour takes) in 90-95+ degree temperatures (sometimes really humid too) is that going to be a problem? I'd ask about the A7siii too, but I don't know if many people have had the opportunity to test it out in those conditions.
  16. There can be a future for M43, it just really depends on if Panasonic wants there to be one and if they're willing to pull out all the stops. Everyone has caught up or surpassed them, so they need to do something that grabs people's attention like they did for the GH4 and GH5. 3 years ago I'd have said there is little doubt that they will but then came the LX100 II, G95, and G100. Those releases pained me as a Panasonic user because of how underwhelming they were, particularly given how interested I was in the LX100 II and G95. Things like eND, internal ProRes (even if not Raw), proxy re
  17. It's really hard to recommend a M43 camera right now with so much uncertainty. Still, the G85 is a great camera. If you pick that up and get a couple prime lenses you'll be able to do pretty well with it. The G9, if you can afford it, is even better though the recording limits are why I never got one but if you're not doing events or anything like they you are unlikely to need to record longer anyway. You also might even be able to get a GH5 and a prime lens for the $1000 mark. I don't have a ton of experience with the X-H1 but I'd maybe look at the X-T3. The IBIS in the X-H1 wasn't grea
  18. Honestly the funnest thing in the last 6 or so years has been the vintage lens game. I enjoy finding the cheapest lenses and trying them out. Even the "bad" ones will give you an interesting look and I like seeing if I can use them. It's a relatively low stakes game, since I only mess around with cheap ones (I already have my nice set of Minolta lenses that I'm very happy with.) I also use them to help teach my nephew, who I've given my old GH3. No sense in giving him even the lower cost native lenses when I can give him some old lenses that I don't care if he scuffs up as he explores and lear
  19. The shutter button might also just be on the handgrip they used when building an early prototype. Don't they sometimes use parts from other cameras in the early stages while they finish up the overall design? Would help explain the different finish it has.
  20. Their silence is another thing that doesn't make me feel particularly confident. I know it seems like I'm being negative, I'm honestly looking for a reason to stick with M43, but things have changed rapidly in the last 2 years and everyone has caught up. Back then they were the only one that had all the features they had, so it was easy to make the argument (which I made) that AF wasn't a big deal when they gave you everything else they did. And still, I find the AF on my GH5 to be OK, but I'm also aware that my needs aren't the same as other's needs and for a lot of people AF is one of the ma
  21. I'm aware, but it's still much more expensive than what I paid to get my current lineup. The bang for buck value M43 has just isn't there.
  22. Panasonic's full frame offerings are very good but ultimately they'll have the same problems that M43 had if they can't meet people's expectations. What also puts me off is the weight and cost of the lenses. I paid about $1500 total for my two 12-35mm (version 1 and 2) and 35-100mm (version 1) lenses on the used market. To get their full frame L-mount equivalents would be astronomical. I'd have to get the f/4 versions to get below that, which I'm sure are nice, but that's still about $1500 for each lens. Not to mention my beloved Olympus 7-14 that would cost another $1200 or so to replace.
  23. It's not that I'm opposed to 8K, I just really hope it's more than a GH5 but with 8K. I just don't think that's enough to ensure that M43 will be viable (outside of Japan anyway, where apparently it was the most popular mount last year) moving forward. Most of us are happy with our M43 gear. That really isn't the issue. It's the long term health of the system that I'm worried about. The reality is that even a lot of the YouTubers that were M43 users have moved on to Sony, Canon or Fuji. Is that the end of the world? No, but it's a bad sign and whether we like it or not those YouTubers in
  24. It appears Sony has a new M43 sensor that is 30+MP and is capable of 8K. 43Rumors lists it as an FT5 on their scale: "At the beginning of November I got solid info that Sony will launch one new MFT sensor in 2021. I now got the confirmation this sensor will be able to record 8K video and have a 30+MP resolution. Now I have little doubt this is the sensor that Panasonic will use on the GH6." I really hope it's not just a GH5 with 8K, which I won't need for years and years. It's gonna be hard to get me to upgrade right away no matter what they release but just the ability to do 8K or e
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