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  1. It's still very popular. It can wait until spring, especially with the A7Siii and A7C cameras just coming out.
  2. IBIS is a godsend if you're filming sports, documentary, etc. When I first started out I used big S-VHS and VHS cameras; stabilization was never an issue because of the weight and the cameras were shoulder cams. As cameras got smaller, stabilization became more and more of an issue for my kind of work. I can't just stand still, I have to constantly be on the move. When you're rushing to make sure you get a good shot of the action, you NEED good IBIS otherwise your shot will look awful. If everything you do is on a tripod, gimbal or monopod then that's different, obviously. But if you're
  3. They really shouldn't be in a rush. The A7iii is still selling well I'm told.
  4. I feel like the team that brought us all the good stuff in M43 has been moved to the full frame side and M43 has been handed off to a bunch of newbies. Nothing they've done lately has made sense. Who asked for this camera? I mean, really?
  5. I don't understand that camera at all.
  6. Figured out how to go to the light version, thank you Andrew! I don't mind dark themes, they're what I use on my phone, just the font color was too dark for me even after the tweak. I don't have the best eye sight, so it might just be me. I think Twitter in dark mode does a pretty good job. It's like an off white that they use... Easily to read but not too bright. Thank you for constantly trying to make the forum experience better!
  7. The fonts are too dark. Here's a screen shot... I'm not sure if it's just me
  8. I can't figure out how to turn it off on my android phone... I usually like darker themes but the text is very hard to read for me...
  9. That's my thinking too. I actually prefer the C100 style body for this reason.
  10. $5500 for a Canon cine camera isn't high. Yes, you're paying the Canon tax, and yes there are cameras out there with better specs and for less, but there is a large group of folks that won't leave Canon and this is an incredibly enticing camera to get people to enter their cine lineup that haven't already.
  11. I agree, the C70 looks very good and is decently priced for Canon. I think it will be a smash success, though I still can't in good conscience support them until they show they've changed their attitude towards customers.
  12. Blackmagic is one of the smartest companies today. While it feels like everyone else is thinking short term, they're clearly looking at the long game, especially with this release. I have no idea what their finances are like, but if they can maintain this direction they'll have so many advantages over everyone else, given their focus on the entire work flow from start to finish.
  13. DfD in the GH6 won't tell us anything about Panasonic's plans for M43 because DfD is what they're moving forward with in both systems. The auto focus in S35 mode on the S5 looks quite promising/usable. I'm wondering if we'll get even better performance on a smaller sensor, since it requires even less processing? Fingers crossed.
  14. Or at least progress action cameras more than they did. Like, why did it take until last year for someone to finally put a 1 inch sensor in one? Why didn't they attempt to make a more versatile/premium action camera years and years ago? Something in a form factor similar to a point and shoot, but still small and light weight enough to put in tight spaces? Just seems like they decided to coast after things were going good and now are just kinda riding the brand for as long as they can, with minimal effort to improve.
  15. Honestly the GoPro era feels dead. These past couple of releases haven't interested me, both because of how over saturated the action camera market became and because of their yearly release schedule. They've ceased innovating. Yes, the stabilization is incredible, but each iteration is a modest upgrade over the last. While they're focusing on media mods, a company like Insta360 is innovating in much better ways in my opinion. I honestly feel, at this point, most people would be better off buying used or one of the cameras released by DJI or Insta360 instead. Hell, for a lot of people on
  16. Re: Vaio: I think they mostly market them in Japan. I'm guessing this move was months in the making and has little, if anything, to do with JIP's plans, regardless of what they are.
  17. I mean he repeatedly said that he didn't think the GH6 was coming and made that argument quite a bit.
  18. I don't mean to start an argument, but everything else you've written about the GH6 has been wrong so far, so maybe it's best to just wait and see before being pessimistic some more?
  19. You're simplifying it too much. I've owned both versions of the 12-35 f2.8 for years. If I were to sell both of them right now I'd still be able to get at least 75% of what I paid for them. That value should hold steady for as long as the system is competitive and popular. If the system though looks like it has no future, the value of those lenses will plummet because unlike other glass they aren't easily adaptable. Could I run the cameras and lenses into the ground? Yeah, but it doesn't make sense if I can sell them and instead use them to invest in a system that will stick around.
  20. I'm a business owner, I don't have the luxury to just worry about shooting. It makes no sense for me, as a business owner, to stay invested in a system that doesn't have a future. My equipment needs to retain some value so that, should the need arise, I can sell it to help pay for upgrades. I want to stay in the M43 system. But I need Panasonic to give me some assurances that they're not going to abandon me. I don't think it's unreasonable to ask.
  21. I cannot fathom Panasonic not releasing a GH6. I think we'd see an underwhelming GH6 released before we see nothing, because there is still money to squeeze out of the M43 user base regardless of what their long term goals are. Whether or not it lives up to expectations, that's the big question I have. Will we see the continuation of the LX100II, G95 and the G100 or will we see the same innovation that drew us to the GH line to begin with? My suspicion is that we'll see the latter, as if their intention was the former it'd be out by now. What is bothering me though is there's no news/rum
  22. "Solved" or not, this is utterly ridiculous and no one should reward Canon with their business even if these cameras are your ideal tool. Please, reward honest and ethical companies with your business. It is the only way things will get better for all of us.
  23. You can cut a shower curtain or something similar to fit it. There's really limitless ways to diffuse light cheaply. Head down to a dollar store and peak around. You'll find something!
  24. I'm not sure how you'd test this, but I have heard that certain channels, particularly ones with a lot of subscribers, get higher quality encoding and improved audio quality. If true I wonder how much of a bump those channels get?
  25. I appreciated the cagey responses to some of these questions... Me thinks they've got some interesting things cooking!
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