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  1. I think overall her skin tone looks as bad graded as it did to start with. So what if it is smoother.
  2. There was a Tony Northrup video about how many sales Nikon has lost this year, and that they are going to scale back on cameras and put more money into other things they produce. And you have Canon dropping 50% on DSLR sales and that does not bode too well for either of them. I think Canon is so far behind on sensors and processors that they will never catch up now. I don't think cameras down the road are going to be great for Any company to be honest. The Nikon news is at the beginning, rest is photo reviews of peoples photos.
  3. Nikon is a Dumpster Fire as of late. Sinking ship. Canon is doing the same dumb shit. Down the road there will be no Canon or Nikon. They both have their head stuck up their ass. China will stick Japan's head on a Pike.
  4. What, you think both those cameras just came out 2 months ago? Hell they are both nearly ready for a upgrade. The S1 is the only Mirrorless I would buy right now.
  5. Yeah, but I would imagine the RXO II would slaughter the others overall on imagine quality, low light, DOF, on and on.
  6. Your top 100 list must be from a year ago. You think thousands of people on Amazon are buying 2000 dollar cameras! I would bet no camera Under 400 bucks is in the minority. https://www.amazon.com/Best-Sellers-Electronics-Digital-Cameras/zgbs/electronics/281052
  7. Yeah those Porn shots get tricky lol. 😜
  8. I notice the EOS-R you have and the Z6 are not on that list either. The Sony a7 III was. You aren't going to have many 2,000 Dollar cameras on a top 100 list on Amazon.
  9. I have bought some for really good money and they suck. Yeah it's tough to find a good one. But this one is not too bad. It locks tight which is a Good thing. There are better ones, but not for that kind of money that I know of. I hope someone else on here has other suggestions. You Really have to have a short and long Magic Arm if you get serious about this stuff. They are amazing, and a lifesaver. Truly Magic. 😛 https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1055580-REG/ikan_ma_207_7_articulating_arm_for.html#customerReview
  10. A small Magic Arm ought to work for you?
  11. He was Not beaten to death. He died from a wound that May have been caused when he Was beaten in the Asylum. That is a hell of a lot different than he was beaten to death. Jesus.
  12. You talk Sony FS5 but only can afford a A6400. Both being a s35 sensor on paper. But the A6400 doesn't have IBIS and is pretty bad for rolling shutter as usual for that grade of cameras from Sony. But the AF is pretty killer on them. But you are not going to get 4.2.2 out of it, not without a external recorder. I just think in this day and age, unless you are married to the OG BMPCC, BMMCC, or BMCC I would get rid of the s16 lenses. Even the BMD cameras are a pain in the ass if you go Raw. They are just way too limiting. Why bother? The ML Canon cameras are a big, unreliable pain in the ass overall. You can't really depend on them shot after shot, and you have to be pretty talented grading wise to use them. I am a big fan of the old BMD cameras, but unless you are Really into the old school look, times have moved on. A camera like a Fuji XT-3 is just so much easier to use. I don't see how a person can pass up a GH5 for what they cost used. Not maybe the best Hybrid but surely among the best for video. Just buy my favorite, a C100, cheap ass lenses, cheap everything once you have it. I have learned having a camera that is reliable and easy to just pick up and use is better than having a Arri Alexa. How often do you need that good of output? You want to be tied down to a tripod, have back surgery often, stand out like a sore thumb? Hell this stuff is suppose to be sort of fun, not a ball buster.
  13. Pictures or it never happened lol.
  14. Hmm, fake news. "In 1865 he suffered a breakdown and was taken to a mental hospital, where he died. Ironically, his illness and death were caused by the infection of a wound on his right hand, apparently the result of an operation he had performed before being taken ill. He died of the same disease against which he had struggled all his professional life".
  15. Man the Nokia on average looks like crap. What DR.
  16. https://www.premiumbeat.com/blog/master-davinci-resolves-film-grain/
  17. There is very few 16mm lenses that even cover APSC, and some not even m4/3. If you want to use both use a early OG BMPCC, BMCC. Most every Mirrorless camera can be adapted to just about any lens, 35mm or even Medium Format stuff. Same with the OG BMPCC. A lot of people used old MF Nikon glass on them. Most of the old Speedboosters for the OG BMPCC were Nikon to m4/3. As to the 2X Clear Zoom, that is done electronically. So that has nothing to do with being able to use 16mm lenses. Yeah it sort of makes it crop into s35 but that is not 16mm. I could not even get 4/3 lenses to work on a a7 without vignetting from hell. Maybe a zoom half way up it's range would work, but that is silly. All the FF A7 cameras have Clear Zoom, not something new on the A6400 by any means. And yeah, it is a killer feature to have. I know your post was long but you really have to state what you really want to use the camera for. Not every camera is good for everything. If you need AF, IBIS or not, etc. Wanting to use 16mm lenses is pretty damn limiting camera choice wise.
  18. It is probably a dedicated plug on the Shape side. Just get a 6" 3.5mm cable extension or what ever length you need. Doubt you are going to find some cheap knockoff, and if you do can you depend on it? https://www.cmple.com/3-5mm-stereo-audio-headphones-mini-plug-extension-cable-6-inches
  19. https://luminous-landscape.com/hasselblad-acquired-dji/
  20. Here we go again. ☚ī¸
  21. For real estate stuff I don't see why a person needs a lot of expensive gear. It isn't a movie trailer 20 million people are going to see. 😛
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