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  1. They are making it pretty hard to do Drones in this country anymore. By the time I learned how to fly one they would probably be outlawed!
  2. Yeah, the MX was a pretty big improvement overall. I really like the output from them.
  3. Probably drinking too much of that strong Berlin beer.
  4. The PK4 Has a dual gain sensor. Says so right on the BM site. Ursa G2 does also. https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/blackmagicpocketcinemacamera
  5. https://twitter.com/EOSHD/status/1524714142275452930/photo/1 I would have bought a Komoto if it was close to the same price, but there are some crazy deals on the older stuff to be had.
  6. You are correct. All the Fairchild ones were, and even the PK4 is also.
  7. But I do read and respect your posts, so continue as usual please.
  8. It doesn't take me 4 paragraphs to get a simple point across.
  9. Me talking about the same thing over and over again, coming from you you can't be serious! They won't for the average person, what the hell you even going to view it on? You going to watch it on half your TV screen?
  10. You can buy FF cameras now for less than m4/3. They have lost all their advantages of a cheaper price. Very few people buy big ass lenses in this day and age, most just buy a basic zoom, maybe a 50mm and that is it anymore so small cheap lenses not really an edge anymore, and there are Very few people that shoot Anamorphic, mainly because of the crazy price point. And now the top M4/3 are as big or bigger size and weight wise as FF stuff. Why would an average buyer even consider one now. Not counting worse low light, not many AF fast lenses, low MP count and still less DOF, I know people will say they are really the same, bull shit. There is a reason people shoot MF, and People shoot an 8x10 over a 4x5, etc., better DOF.
  11. I will give you credit but I am still never going to buy a M4/3 camera again in my life.
  12. My Sony A7s II is smaller than my GH5 was by a mile. And their better lenses hardly weigh anything and are amazingly small. Sure, if you want a 600mm lens a M4/3 is smaller, but it will be a slower lens to boot and cost close to the same money.
  13. I think the GH6 may be the last M4/3 camera Panasonic makes. And I don't see the Olympus 1 being a runaway hit for the masses. Could be the end for them. You can buy FF cameras cheaper than them right now.
  14. Yeah, I did buy it. This is unedited photos from it. They look almost exactually like I seen it from my own eyes. The two on the bottom are from my Canon 1DC. I am amazed how realistic the photos and videos are on the Xperia.
  15. Wow that green stuff is nasty! The footage breaks really hard.
  16. I heard that the GH6 is only getting 1 hour or less on a battery. Not good, going the wrong way.
  17. Where I live here in Ohio all the big city TV stations use small camcorders, mostly Sony ones, and some of the reporters are using a smartphone for quick updates. So the higher end 4 to 7 thousand dollar camcorders are no slouch these days.
  18. Trouble with the EF-RF ND option is you have to use EF lenses and they are huge compared to mirrorless lenses. Not really into a 5 pound lens anymore. Sony is really good at making small light mirrorless lenses. My EF 24-105mm Canon seems twice as heavy as my FE 24-105mm Sony. On my 1DC it is stupid heavy total weight wise.
  19. Well, I will concede that a person that is 7 foot tall probably should NOT use a shoulder mounted camcorder!
  20. I still believe the move away from Camcorders was sort of a bad idea for video. Sure, for photos I can see it.
  21. I F ing hate the look of Gimbals. They look like shit. Oh look I am flying! Same with motorized slides, god, people overused the shit out of them also. A Steady Cam well yeah, not a damn gimbal. Drones, well they have a small sensor in them. And if you are not great you can look like a drunken sailor flying one. Drones do give a unique look, but it gets old quick for all the wobbles and jitters.
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