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  1. If you want Raw you don't have a whole lot of choices. We will all fall over dead before Nikon does it, and you have to buy a expensive recorder to even do it IF it happens. I think BMD is wising up finally. They can't keep giving stuff away. The PK4 in reality actually cost 995 Dollars. They can't be making 100, 200 dollars off of it. Why bother. They are not ever going to sell a ton of them, not like a Canon camera will. So the R&D cost kill you on small runs.
  2. That is IF they decide to keep selling it. Maybe they aren't really making any money on the PK4, can't be much if they do, and think the EF version is a cash cow. I think BMD plans on moving more upscale. Look at the money they have paid just to make Resolve better, bought Fairlight, Fusion. Spent all that money to develop bRaw. Been giving free updates to Resolve Studio. I have no clue where they are getting all this money?
  3. I wounder if Canon EF-S lenses will fit without modification? There is some pretty nice cheap lenses in that line.
  4. I like your grade on the top pictures, and their grade on the bottom pictures. Yeah they pushed up the colors a Lot. Their models face looks goofy on the top, but the Tomato Juice looks right on theirs. I have never seen pure red tomato juice. Your foliage was pretty flat on your grade on the bottom one. It is hard to tell with out more footage though, which I am sure you can't show probably. And yeah I can see that might be a pretty big letdown for you. This stuff isn't easy that's for sure.
  5. This is making the m4/3 mount look more and more in jeopardy. Seems everyone is moving away from it. They might know something we don't, along with Panasonic.
  6. Yeah that is like #LolLolLoLLollol. They spelling that or remembering it.
  7. It has no mic or headphones jack, and the 1080p is not very good. Why would you use something like that or recommend it for video? That is a big negative on pretty much why you buy a video camera.
  8. LoL if you want to live where they have the best Italian food in the world you have to pay the price. 😜
  9. The GX85 is a waste of time in this age now.
  10. A 4.6x crop. So not super small but. http://photoseek.com/2013/compare-digital-camera-sensor-sizes-full-frame-35mm-aps-c-micro-four-thirds-1-inch-type/
  11. I would never buy the Atomos if you had a chance to buy a Odyssey for close to the same price. The Odyssey was almost made especially for the FS700R. Perfect match.
  12. It is the main reason I switched from using Samsung Note Phones to Apple. Hardly any good apps start as a Android app. The good ones were all IOS. I just gave the hell up.
  13. The guy will look back at that haircut 20 years from now and cringe.
  14. Where ever you live looks like a wonderful place to live. Well done.
  15. You young guys are so slow to catch onto things lol. 😜
  16. I haven't had my G7 for several years. So I can't really remember probably what you need to know. It wouldn't be a honest assessment. I know I used the app with it, so it does work with the G7. I have used it for every camera I have owned in the last 4 or 5 years since I have had the app. But you aren't going to use it like I did with my iPad unless you are on a tripod. I use it on my phone also but I found that a phone is too small for all the options it has. It is an amazing app for the price. But I have never owned an external recorder so I can't say how that would work with the G7 and the app. I bought the G7 in Phoenix, Arizona when I went to see the Grand Canyon. It really worked out. Nice camera. I needed to use the app because I was using my 19x B4 lens on the G7 and I had to make sure about focus. That lens came from a TV station in Hawaii.
  17. You can't be serious about Phones? What, you have a 5 year old one? The newest ones are amazing from nearly every manufacturer. My iPhone XS is a night and day difference from my X video and photo. The A12 processor in it is a Game changer. Some of the Chinese phones even have Raw in them, 40 + MP sensors, 3 or more lenses. These new ones are not toys by a long shot. Sure for the average person a iPhone 4s still gets the job done. But we on here are weird people lol, we need different things normal people don't need. 😲
  18. There is latency, but it is not too bad. On slow pans I don't think it is very noticeable. You are going to get sea sick if you are doing whip pans though lol.
  19. I have had this app for years. Used it for all kind of cameras. I use it for my iPad. My go too app. I have used it for my AF100A and G7, Sony A7's etc.. Best 20 bucks I have ever spent.
  20. You ought to have tried to do this stuff 20 years ago or longer. You need to get on your knees and Genuflect. It was hard mode.
  21. I have had them all. The best one I ever had was the Kit Lens one with the Matte finish that was sold with the G7. I would think that is the last version. You have to think why even bother revising it if it doesn't improve from the early ones. I really don't think Panasonic made a lens just to cheapen it and diminish quality. That is not their style. Tech improves. For the money it is a true bargain for what it is capable of doing, all of them. It is a must have lens if you are traveling. If you are in doubt focal length wise stick it on and do it.
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