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  1. Jesus Marty you are scaring me with your comment. You are sounding like my doctor about my bowel movements! I feel violated!
  2. Who in the hell even uses an Optical Disk Drive anymore? I haven't owned one for years and years.
  3. We have a Total abundance of shit here in the good old USA! I am not glad I am old but I sort of am glad.
  4. Well, I think film makers at times take too much credit. As been said on here, I know I push it, is that it is about the story, the plot, whatever you want to call it. The people in the audience have ZERO clue what an Arri camera is, or DoF or what, they want a story that moves them, one they want their friends to see, or them see it again. You can have the best gear in the world and the best actors, etc., if the story sucks you are out of business. Sure, if it is all great than you have a Blockbuster, but how often does that happen and that takes Lots of money to happen. What I am getting at every frame, every scene does not have to be perfect. The actors and the story are actually more important. If they suck well your Arri and your perfection count for nothing. Work together or perish. Help prop each other up. How many people walk out of a movie and say ahh the videography was terrible even if it was.
  5. Other than the last one oof I think even the others are fine. I think you have done a good job. But I have not seen the whole thing. Thanks for your replies.
  6. As good as it gets. And he was from my favorite place on earth, Naples, Italy.
  7. Yes, you have to use the Doubler. They are really hard even on a tripod to keep the camera still if you zoom all the way out. That lodge was a Long ways away. The car picture is a great example. The damn picture was not zoomed as far.
  8. Amazing to see 3 Sony A7s cameras in there. Talk about a price difference, wow.
  9. If you are good you can make a Barbie Cam look good, it has very little to do with the camera. Quit making excuses and get it done. You can make a full length movie with a R6.
  10. Black and White film has to be near perfect to look great also. But yeah, with the GH6 there ought to be enough latitude in post to get what you want. You can't be off a mile but..
  11. Looks really good to me, hard to beat a BM camera for a filmic look. Well done.
  12. I have had several, none now. I can't afford a lens for one anymore. I had a Leica M Monochrom one once, loved it. I guess that is close to a M9 time wise. I think it might be the best Leica ever made to be honest.
  13. webrunner5

    Fuji X-H2S

    I don't want to highjack this thread, but this link shows a few pictures of the ability of the Sony Smartphone. The reason I bought it, and as you know I have had a Lot of cameras over the years. It is a great camera. Nothing you are going to stick in your pocket is going to beat it. Not shot by me.
  14. webrunner5

    Fuji X-H2S

    Well, I don't do much anymore video wise. I have just run out of ideas, and too old to walk around for hours looking for nature stuff to shoot, so I take a few photos anymore and that is about it. And even then, with my Smartphones mostly. I think the Sony one is pretty good for a phone; it does have Sony A7 DNA in it, and the Apple one is great for social media if you don't want to do anything to it.
  15. I sold my 808 a few years ago, along with my Sigma DP1. In their day they were pretty great, but now well not so hot. But each had a unique look to them, so yeah, they would be worth brining out and using them for some funky looking stuff.
  16. webrunner5

    Fuji X-H2S

    Well, I am crushed, I have nothing to contribute. I guess I will go back to kicking my wife and beating the dog, Oh I have that backwards! Cya. 🥺
  17. webrunner5

    Fuji X-H2S

    And how do you know that? I have that phone I know what the output looks like, and it looks like that video does also. That channel has been around for years.
  18. webrunner5

    Fuji X-H2S

    Pretty interesting. They have come a long way.
  19. Picture of my motorhome taken with my Nokia 808
  20. Yeah, you get into Diffraction pretty big time, especially using MFT.
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