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  1. Nah I think you are wrong a some of your points. Right now I don't even Have a camera at all, because my stuff got stolen. But you know what even if I had insurance for it, or even won the Lotto not sure I would even buy a real camera now. It was just so much of a hassle to try to take something compared to just reaching in my pocket and bamm, it done. Is it as good, no, but for the average person it is More than good enough. And the average person is who your going to show the footage to to boot, even if you own an Arri who really is going to see it? Heck maybe 4 people on here even post footage at times. Here in the States there is just about Zero camera stores left. Wal Mart, Best Buy have nothing but cheap, useless P&S cameras. Even the average person know their phone is just as good except for the silly 400x lens on the P&S. 10 years from now you might not be able to give away a real camera. I don't have a clue how camera manufactures are going to even be in business down the road. Sure a few super high end Cine cameras dedicated to Blockbuster Movies might be left, but that is like a 100 cameras a year to sell If you are lucky. 10 years from now there probably won't even be real Actors. So you might not even need ANY cameras for movies or even Soap Operas. All done in computer. Nah if I was Canon right now I would pick up my marbles and just go home. I really don't think there is a future for what you call real cameras down the road. Why bother fighting the inevitable. There is no money in it anymore. Phones have just flat killed cameras like it or not.
  2. I think you are living in a dream world thinking the young are going to embrace Leica, MF cameras. Smartphones are what they grew up with. It fits their needs. Social media, YouTube is what they know. They don't need Cine cameras. They have what they need in their purse or pocket. They will get better and better, and Cine cameras will be less and less desirable. A Smartphone IS the ultimate Hybrid. For the masses it already has been. We are already Dinosaurs on here. Stick a fork in us, we are done.
  3. You don't Really think Anything in Australia is going to be the same money that it is in the US do you? On paper it Ought to be cheaper since you are a stones throw from China, Japan. Nah they can't do that. You don't think the Vat Tax had anything to do with it. Nah.
  4. Hmm that might be hard to say. I have to pick the C100.
  5. The A6500 is so thin body wise you can barely hold it. I am surprised it doesn't overheat in 1080p. It is an amazingly small body.
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    Sure on your camera using ML. But what if you are shooting Slog2 on a OG A7s the min ISO is 3200 ISO. Sure don't need a f1.2 lens for that scenario. You might have to use f8 or higher if you forgot your variable ND filter lol. Yeah if you want the sharpest you can get you want to stop down a bit from wide open. All these Logs in camera in general use a pretty high ISO. Photo and Video even on the same cameras now is a whole different Kettle of Fish like they say lens wise.
  7. Great song , really good camera work.
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    All these lenses are old and outdated for the most part. They have probably been dropped 50 times. You can't say one lens is better than another unless you have a damn near perfect copy. And what you like and I like is totally different. So why even bother with tests on old lenses. I am not a big fan of super shallow DoF anyways. And if I want to do that I prefer a Telephoto lens to do it over a 50mm. That look has been done a million times. I wouldn't give many dollars for an f1.2 lens in this day and age. I doubt the average person watching a movie or short is saying, Oh God look at the Bokeh. Everyone acts like you can Only shoot at ISO 64, or 100 yet. The native video ISO in most camera is way up at ISO 640 or more. I really doubt anyone on here is doing Glamour shots. Olan Millls went out of business a Long time ago for a reason.
  9. webrunner5


    Seems like a perfectly fine video to me. About as fair as you can get with what he had.
  10. Ah, you Finally get it lol. Peace and Serenity. Butterflies and well...Hmm, flying pigs. 😲
  11. I don't think there is as much obsolescence as we think. I believe the big camera company's artificially make it Seem like what you have is "outdated". There isn't a camera made in the last 5 to 6 years that isn't fully capable of making amazing photos and video for anyone with a bit of skill and desire. There is hardly anyone that really has 4K TV's around the world. It is more hype than anything. Used stuff now is a total bargain if you are smart and pick the right ones. 99% useful for 99% of the people in the world.
  12. You don't know much about politics then. Any radical change is suicide. They might know they are wrong, but money and power is stronger than common sense. That is why it is so screwed up now. And the trend now for young people wanting everything for free is Socialism. We see how well that has worked out around the world. A middle ground well sure. Not extremes. Every 4 to 8 years here in the USA the pengelium swings the complete opposite way. Republicans versus the Democrats. Sort of kept it in balance in the past. Now all I see is hatred toward the other side. No good end in the near future for that kind of belief. Radical beliefs lead to Very bad outcomes. In this day and age 3 to 4 top economies can change the entire world. Not like it was years ago. Everyone is vulnerable now. Times have changed, probably for the worse. Too little, too late now. The Oh My God moment was several years ago. To me the EU put a heck of a lot of countries in harms way more than they have helped them down the road.
  13. Speaking of the S1. Rolling Shutter test. https://www.cinema5d.com/panasonic-lumix-s1-rolling-shutter-test/
  14. Oh trust me EVERYONE pays. It's all about the money. On ignore, I figured it out. Have a nice week.
  15. Well when you have just total untruths and lies I am not going to just let people Bull Crap people that really don't know what's happening. Nikon has done a disservice to the people that have bought this camera thinking it is all pie in the sky on this Raw thing. This Might happen, but when you paid what you have paid to hopefully get it they ought to be a heck of a lot more honest than they have like it or not. Is it a bad camera no. But it will be a worse camera if this doesn't ever happen. And That might really happen.By the time it ever comes out their edge will be gone. Everyone else will have it. Typical Nikon in the last few years. Undeceive as heck. A ship adrift. I will say no more on this subject. I respect your thoughts @PannySVHS. I will figure out some way as old as I am to put good old Skippy Peanut Butter on Ignore. 😁
  16. I doubt BMD is going to get off clean on this. bRaw is really as far as I can tell not a True Raw like CDNG. It is being manipulated. Well probably Every Raw is in a sense, but not to the extent of bRaw. So some real Grey areas that Red will pursue in the long run you can bet that. Between Red and Arri both have a lock on compression patents.
  17. I never said they can't ever do it. I said they, you are going to pay out the ass to use it. Just like they will pay Apple to use it. Jesus. You haven't figured out shit. The whole damn world is ALL about the money. It's the reason you go to work. You do work don't you?? It's the reason you paid out the ass for your Z6 when you first bought it. Pretty bad investment right now isn't it. Red and Apple loves you. And Atomos will love your money when you Have to buy a Recorder to use Raw on your Z6. It will probably takes a 120 Dollar HDMI cable from Atomos to even use it to boot. They all have you by the Short Hairs. But you have it all figured out. Yeah right.
  18. He is a Photo guy. Industrial photography at that. Razor sharp is the hot setup for that. Video not so much. There is a reason things are a "Good Deal". No free lunch.
  19. Because it will be compressed you ignorant bastard. Are you Really that stupid. It will infringe on their Patents. You think the hell you are going to get pure Raw over HDMI, do you? SDI yeah. And even if you could do you want 550 to 750mbps data? Your piss ass card in it would last like 5 minutes or less, Way less. Nikon and Atomos is going to have to pay for Everything they sell to Red on that camera and that recorder whether you believe it or not. Sure if Might happen but it will make Red even more money. They will laugh all the way to the Bank. Even BMD is paying for every camera using bRaw. It is all about Compression that Red owns. They have it locked up. Why do you think Apple is damn rich? Every damn company in the world that uses ProRes has to pay them a license to use it, just like Red does for Compression.
  20. There are plenty of good LCD lights out now. You just have to have several of them and use bounce and diffusion panels, boxes, even naked at a distance to get what you need. This is not Rocket Science. Not something new. It is just using new tech. And you can't really get by with just one of those lights. So that is a pretty expensive rig for the average person. If you are a Solo shooter lighting has to be a hell of a lot more streamlined than those kinds of rigs. That is more studio stuff. I have several of the little USB powered LCD small handheld lights and they work pretty damn good at small distances. But I have diffusion panels, boxes for the big time stuff I never do anymore lol. That stuff really never goes out of style, just the lighting Medium.. If you have a Big Boy Breaker Box you can buy the old Analog lighting stuff now for peanuts. In the winter time you might appreciate them lol. Summer time, not so much.
  21. Trust me, he sort of grows on you.
  22. Red won and Sony didn't, end of story. You can believe all you want.
  23. webrunner5

    Sigma FP

    Yeah but he could have just stayed in his room and ate a 59 cent Rama Noodle packet for what he had.
  24. See I get to laugh my Butt off again. Keep it coming. And to the people that don't know nothing. Welcome to life. There are great people and average people. Imagine my surprise. There are pretty damn smart people on here even, and some that aren't. You seem to be falling in the latter category. Hey you will learn with time and patience, and trusting some people on here more than the horseshit you learn for most YouTube sights on this subject, etc.etc., and pretending you know it all. It would seem you don't. I don't know it all, but I know a lot more of what you are pretending to know about the subject. You think this is the first time this has ever happened? That happened 5 years ago! Did you read the F ing article? That didn't just happen yesterday. News Alert, Red has Raw Compression, and has had it locked up.
  25. My "knowledge" spans 35, 40 years of doing this stuff real time. Reading Tons of articles, working with Pro people for years at times for a living. Asking real questions at rental houses, repair techs, on and on. You don't learn this stuff in a year, even 10 years unless you are some gifted as hell person. You Have to go out and do it. Experience the wins and loses. Regret the dumb ass equipment you thought was good, remember the surprises on the good stuff you bought. You learn from all of it. That is gained knowledge. I am sure I am far, far from the smartest person on here, especially with the newer stuff. But I have been there done it for probably as long as you have been alive. That's why I know and why. Why don't you read, if you can read, this little article about what Red did to Sony. And see if Red doesn't have all the power in the world to stop little old Nikon dead in their tracks. http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/343675
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