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  1. You Have to be 11 years old. YOU don't know shit about this stuff. Why do you keep making an ass of yourself? I pray you comment everyday so I can just laugh my butt off lol.
  2. Man if 400, 500 Dollars a year is killing you video Might not be the hobby you ought to be in lol. If you are in business, hell it is a tax write off. What is the big deal?? Nothing, I mean Nothing is better than their overall plans like the price or not.. I am not a big fan of paying monthly either, but if you want to get the job done you pay like it or not. Why have 10 other programs combined to make all of it happen from different manufacturers? And yeah use the free, or heck even paid Resolve. Learn it. Down the road it will probably be the top dog overall. But for all you need, Photos, Video, etc Resolve is a long ways from that yet.
  3. Do you think say an Olympus EM1 even might be able to eliminate having to use a Gimbal? They are Really good IBIS wise with the right Olympus lenses on them. Man I Hate using a Gimbal, let along carrying one around. You can buy a EM1 cheaper than a G85. Crazy good Photo camera, maybe not so hot on the video side. The mk II is a lot better on the video side.
  4. Almost all ENG cameras, even today, use a Monochrome eyepiece. It just has more distinction than Color does. Way easier to focus.
  5. Sure if you don't want to compress it then go ahead. Red can't stop that. But you are paying Apple for every camera and recorder sold also just to use ProRes Raw. Add Red to the mix and hell you might be talking big bucks. And over HDMI you are going to have to compress the living hell out of it. That is where Red has Nikon, Atomos by the balls. If Red doesn't get the money they demand from Every Nikon sale, Every Atomos sale it will NEVER happen. And even then they might say piss on you, we don't Need your stinking money. When it comes to Raw Compression Red has every patent in the world tied up on that stuff. They were even ahead of Arri on that stuff. Red has been in the Digital camera business for a LONG time. They shit around for years, Oh it will be next, year, no it will be 2 years, on and on before they even finally bought out the Red One. But they had patents going Way back. I know, I had one on order for what seemed like Years, and finally gave up. I had to move on.
  6. No Kinefinity is already eating their lunch, what will they be and others in a few more years? We don't seem to even talk about Kinefinity much anymore, but they have some hell of a good, inexpensive cameras out now.
  7. I would think on the wide end it will be distorted at the edges without the new Metabones on it, Especially wide open, which sad to say is the main reason you would buy it, for the speed. I would imagine BMD does this to get a bit sharper image, which is probably happening in the middle on a "normal lens", but really wide angle lenses take a hit on the edges. I don't think it effects telephoto lenses at all or much at all. The steeper the angle of light hitting the sensor the worse it is going to be. If you look at old Manual Lenses the wide angle ones tend to have the rear glass nearly at the lens mount. The mid Teles and up the glass is way up in the barrel. That means the closer the glass is to the rear mount the more radical the light bend is. Now on my Sony FE FF lenses even the wide angle ones were recessed a fair bit in and were more of a rectangle than a round exit on the lens. I think Sony probably has some of the best designed lenses for Mirrorless cameras out. I am not saying the RF, or Z mounts are bad, but I have never used or even seen a lens they use. But I bet the older EF, Nikon F lenses have the same old designs for the old DSLR bodies, even the newer versions of them.
  8. Kind of a bit outdated article, but I think you get the point. Should help with wide angle lenses, which is a pretty big fad in video now. Doesn't look like a earthshaking difference though. But every bit helps. https://www.lensrentals.com/blog/2015/01/a-thinner-sensor-stack/
  9. If you can't see that the Panasonic S1 has Way better output than the Z6 I think you just need to find another means of work. Well we will all be dead before Raw comes to the Z6 I would imagine. Red has probably said F U. And I don't give a flying rats ass about the Photography side. They screwed up the CS so bad on it I would Never want to shoot with it for that reason alone..
  10. That is because Nikon doesn't know as much about video as well as Panasonic does. Pretty simple. Panasonic has been making Broadcast Cine stuff for hell 30 years, or more. Mostly 1/2" sensor 3 CCD stuff in the early years. Way cheaper price than Sony, Ikegami was charging. Yeah Nikon made like VHS type consumer video camcorders for years long time ago, I had a couple. They had really good lenses on them. They got the job done, but they were not as good as Sony Camcorders, really nothing was at the time was as good to be honest. But hey you gets what you pay for.
  11. Sounds to me you could use the old one on the new one if there is that little difference? Maybe it protrudes further into the sensor box though?
  12. I think Red cameras are done in the long run unless they Really drop their prices big time. The Chinese company's will eat them alive in the long run. So I think it is more of a money grab right now on these Patent fights..
  13. Here is the video. It doesn't state Anything about Raw. Just 10bit 4K 30p.
  14. You guys are bringing back some great memories for me. This stuff is about as good as you could shoot back in the day with a 100K camera then. It was Just unbelievable that kind of quality years ago. And surprisingly it still is with these entries. Amazing how it has progressed, but also amazing how in a way it hasn't needed to be all that much better to be much better. I think we Humans are addicted to movement no matter the quality. Moving Pictures like they called it years ago still applies. I am old, but not that old lol.
  15. Oh I was never that big time. I did local commercials and spots for TV. Carry over from my ENG work. Had a lot of contacts in the "business". So I guess I was like you. Chief, cook, and bottle washer. It was Super big money even for used stuff. We are talking 100K cameras new then. Miller tripods, fluid heads cost 1000's used. Only thing worth having at the time. All that footage is Long gone. Like I said some of that stuff my daughter still has in California. 720i was the best she has yet I guess of it. It's a joke now, but with skill it can be pretty good. It was the cats ass at the time. Tube and CCD stuff, tape decks and all. I guess she still keeps it because it sent her through 8 years of Collage. Made a Lot of money with it. I used her as a actor in some of it. It was a ball buster to do to be honest. Like I have said on here 100 times, Video Is Hard. Photo is a walk in the park compared to it.
  16. I spent that much and more 35 years ago every year doing video. Sounds to me you are pretty clueless about this craft. Hell that is hardly 2 great Tripod setups in this day and age. I guess you rent that shit also. I thought you were a director? Why would a Director rent anything. Isn't that what a Producer does? Maybe if you hire a DoP he, she brings their own shit at times.
  17. That tells me all I need to know about you then. Grats. If you think 60K is some Hugh ass investment for video when you are tying to make a living doing it you are on drugs.
  18. If you are serious about this stuff you Own Cine Glass. The average person on here is just a Hobbyist. People that make a living doing this stuff are the opposite of the average person on here. They probably have WAY more money tied up in 3 to 5 lenses than people ever thought about camera wise. So yeah the GH5 is just Chump Change compared to the rest of the stuff they own or need. If normal lenses were that good all these Other company's would be out of business. They don't have ANY matter. They are a Plastic Blob. I think they are close to the worse photos I have ever seen. And I have seen a lot trust me.
  19. Yeah that is the stupid ass photos I was talking about. You are crazier than I thought if you think that stuff is even piss poor, let alone good.
  20. Oh my God the time and thought it took to make that. Amazing.
  21. webrunner5

    G7 in 2019

    Well you are luckier than I am on them. Yeah the Ninja will cure it's warts. Grats.
  22. I probably should Not have watched that at my age lol. Pretty intense. Nice camera work.
  23. webrunner5

    G7 in 2019

    I think I would take a G7 over a GH4. The person that had it might have had the same mindset. If you get something cheap as hell...well there is probably a reason.
  24. How about everyone on here getting off their Fucking ass and go outside instead of on the Web all day, and maybe do some Charity work instead of listening to Pink Floyd! Might be a novel idea. Believe it or not I do. Anyone on here that can afford to do this shit owes something to Humanity. They are a LOT luckier than a lot of people. End of Rant.
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