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  1. Well, I guess that means time for me to move on. If it wasn't for us two there would be 5 posts a week. This forum is on its death bed. Has been for several months.
  2. I think what is kind of crazy the older stuff is better looking than the new stuff for a filmic look. Less is more in a sense. Other than a BM 6k or a Red Komodo the older stuff wins in my book. So yes, going through older threads reveals some pretty damn nice looking footage. So PannySVHS get that Sony F3 fired up.
  3. Yes, I remember him. He is Really big on shallow DoF. I could afford the cameras he uses but not the lenses he uses lol. He is very good with editing. Good glass and skill make it happen.
  4. That was a super good video, thanks for posting. Looks like you have a Really good copy of the Sigma lens. They have amazing quality for the price. Women and their selfies, man what a way to spend your life lol.
  5. You need to go with an Android phone to get the best results., Very little of all of the "aftermarket" apps or programs work on an iPhone. Raw is really the way to go if you want a lot of control. Be even some Android phones don't work well. Sony phones and some Samsung phones are not the thing to have. Some older 150 dollar ones work pretty well surprisingly, but the later models are best.
  6. If you are just using it for yourself and not business why not. But trying to make a buck with it too many limitations. Think of it as a newer OG BMPCC and that is sort of a nice thing. And you could do the tilting screen thing.
  7. I know the wiring in those things are Crazy thin. Have to have better eyesight than I have to solder stuff like that.
  8. If that would have been in B&W it would have looked even more 50ish. A little too much OOF for me but nice non the less. Yeah there are some old gems for lenses out there thrown in a box wasting away sad to say. But fungus is slowly killing most of them. Might be a good business to open cleaning and saving them.
  9. Picture I took with my new OnePlus 9 Pro in the Night Mode. It was not a timelapse just a snapshot. Pretty amazing, bordering on Sony A7s stuff. There was a full moon out, so I am sure that helped a lot but there is no light in the front yard, streetlight across the street. You can see from the stars how fast it was shot.
  10. Well, you know I am all eyes and ears for Smartphone stuff. What amazes me is how on an iPhone especially right out of camera is really about as good as you are going to get for the average person other than DoF stuff from a real camera and even that on my new OnePlus 9 Pro is not even bad. They have the HDR, AI, Computational stuff Really down pat on them. The video side is amazing also. And sure, it is not great blown up to big sizes but who even does that anymore. But yes, this raw stuff is really getting good and interesting. It is certainly the future for new people getting into all this stuff. going to be even more Super exciting down the road.
  11. That is some pretty damn good looking footage though, Shame it wasn't taken further by Olympus, but I guess they had enough on their plate we didn't know about at the time. Yikes.
  12. I will be honest; I as most know on here am on the Smartphone train and doubt I will leave it anytime soon. A lot has to do with me being retired and on a fixed income. If I buy something I have to sell something to get it done. It sucks to give up some damn good stuff. Plus, my back as of late is absolutely killing me so carrying big stuff doesn't help either. And to be honest the output from Smartphones now is actually good enough for MY needs so heck why bother. I have to blame Andrew for considering them, he has shown some great photos and footage from them on his Twitter account. I am not getting rid of every camera I have but the new stuff is interesting to me to read about on here but buying it probably not going to happen. Not until are few years later when it is a Really great price used. And by then Phones will be even better. Hmm I see a pattern here lol. I have a lot of old cheap glass, so I am always up to using that stuff. And still have ENG lenses, so hey not giving up without a fight. So I am hanging in on here till Andrew kicks me off I guess, or I fall over dead, or whatever. 😨
  13. webrunner5

    Panasonic GH6

    I think a lot of the grain you saw when you went to a real indoor movie theatre was actually from the screen. It is not some shiny material by a long shot. It was designed to be non-reflective from different angles. Probably drive ins were the same.
  14. One click on Auto in Lightroom gives this result. Not that big of chore doing it in batch files. Sure, the video one is better but who is going to notice it not side by side.
  15. I must admit I had to think on that a bit. 😨
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