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  1. Right and uncropped 1080p Braw too - but then there's the argument that it's no longer raw video... same as uncropped 4k Braw on the 6k camera... fixing the lens distortion in camera will no longer be a raw image. I can't say it enough, I do agree with you, however I don't see BMD implementing lens profiles into this camera.
  2. Copy - paste the effect to all you clips at any given focal length. I agree, it's less than ideal, but doesn't stop it being a run-and-gun lens. You can shoot fast with it, and then fix it up later... isn't post work what this camera's all about anyway? If you need a corrected lens and have no time for editing/grading, perhaps there's a different camera out there that's more suitable to your needs.
  3. Well, if you're shooting stuff that can't be reshot and you need flexibility on location, but you have more time in post. Or what about then you need very wide and tele shots within 10 seconds of each other? What other option is there for MFT users? Sure it's not ideal, but I'm fairly sure 12-100 is the only option, and the downside is 45 seconds of extra time in post.
  4. In theory they could, but in practice I don't see them doing it, especially for Braw recordings. It is something you can very easily fix in post, and is one of the default panels in Resolve, so it's not a huge issue.
  5. To be fair, it doesn’t look any bigger than the Sigma 18-35 on a booster. And since you don’t need f1.8 for low light on this camera, it’s potentially more versatile.
  6. This looks like the best option available. Should be shipping later this month, but the preorder button adds a different product to the cart for me... strange. It also doesn't seem to show the price. Should run for 5hrs with the BMPCC4k https://www.soonwell.com/pre-oeder-ph70
  7. My interest is back up - but how are they dealing with the colourful lawsuit surrounding cDNG?
  8. @mkabi I get your point, but for me the movie is trying to stop those people who’re fooled all the time from being fooled. Its grabbing them by the shirt and shaking them. I just wrote a long paragraph that might help explain my point, but in retrospect it might spoil the movie as a lot of it is about what you, the audience member, brings to the screen. When you have seen it, please come back and let me know your thoughts.
  9. I just saw this movie 20 minutes ago. Amazing. I think anyone who’s truly offended by it simply doesn’t live in the real world. As with many films and art in general it’s an exaggerated reflection of reality. He’s the bad guy, it’s ubdeniable, but you really see how and why he feels like what he’s doing is right. His judgements on the world around him are fully justified, his reaction, of course, is not. Throughout the film, I kept thinking of the saying ‘you can fool all the people sometimes, some of the people all the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time’. For me, that is essentially the point in this film. There are many more themes and criticisms in the story too and I would highly recommend everyone to watch it. It’s not just entertainment. As for performances and the technical stuff. A+ on all accounts.
  10. Wow 12mm is approaching on fisheye. Thanks for the tests, very helpful!
  11. Could you share frames at various points of the lens so we can see the distortion? I’d like to see : 12mm 30mm 50mm 100mm
  12. @Alt Shoo - congratulations on the film! It sounds very interesting. Did you shoot in 4K? And what about the final distribution / screening format. If course it doesn’t really matter, and I still enjoy using my LS300, I’m just interested in other workflows haha.
  13. You can do full manual exposure on the touch screen, but it is a little fiddly.
  14. Do you guys use FD glass with a glassless adapter, or a speedbooster?
  15. Well, on the flip side of those reviews, it's getting buzz for best picture and best actor. I've not yet seen it, but work with people who have and they all loved it. Don't go into this like any other superhero movie, it's dark and is bound to have mild and extreme views from every side.
  16. Anaconda_


    Thanks @kye - I think I'm leaning towards the 7artisans. This lens's job will primarily be for stealing shots with minimal setup. So extra light and easy of use will go a long way I think... I'm coming from a hacked/adapted Canon 10-18mm on a speed booster, and been loving the width of that.
  17. Anaconda_


    Does anyone have any comparisons of the SLR Magic 8mm and 7artisans 12mm on OG BMPCC ? Obviously there's a difference in FOV, but there's also a difference in aperture so I'm trying to work out which route to go down. Then there's delivery times, 8mm will take a week, 12mm can come tomorrow... and since its' not a low light camera, I figure 2.8 is more valuable than the extra width... What do you think?
  18. It does have a rear screen, you can just hide it away, as it rotates 180 degrees. I like that it'll bring the camera to the users eye more.
  19. I got it second hand, it's well out of warranty, and I don't have a receipt. Definitely would have been first port of call...
  20. This looks awesome. Love the limited display idea! https://www.slrlounge.com/fujifilm-introduces-the-x-pro3-with-3-titanium-bodies-new-film-emulations-and-a-hidden-lcd-screen/
  21. Thanks man. The thing is, from those videos, they stop when they get to the lens. There’s also screws on the front of the lens mount, so it’s not a case of skills - more a case of do I open up the front or the back to find what I’m looking for?
  22. That's what I'm asking haha...
  23. Hey all, A little while ago I got an amazing deal on the original BMPCC, so good that I couldn't turn it down and it's all been great, everything's worked as well as it should... with manual lenses. I've recently tried using a native MFT lens (14-140) but noticed I don't have iris control or any focussing as it's a focus by wire lens. I've also put on my Viltrox booster and I don't have any iris control on my Canon lenses, even with the little switch on the booster that should control the iris. I tried cleaning the contacts on the camera and lenses, but the problem persists, so now I'm thinking the issue lies within the lens mount its self. Maybe the connectors aren't getting power? I'm more than happy to open up the camera and have a gentle poke around to see if I can fix the problem, but I can't find any relevant information about what I might find when I get inside. Does anyone have any ideas of where to look or what might be the cause? Or is my only solution to treat it as a dumb mount and use manual lenses? If so, can anyone suggest a wide lens - the widest I have is 28mm. I assume the SLR Magic 8mm is a standard go-to here?
  24. Unless as someone suggested, that the lawsuit is to test the strength of the patent. If it's strong it could be the first stop of Apple acquiring RED. I personally don't think that's the case, but you never know. I think they just want to develop ProRes Raw even further, get it into more cameras and recorders. They've hit a road block they need to bash out the way first, opening the road for other manufacturers as they do it.
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