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  1. It will probably be in the same update that brings gen5 colour to the other pockets.
  2. I use this, you can order which ever direction you want the 90degree end to be. I'm happy with it. https://www.amazon.de/dp/B076YB79DL/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apip_WwFqPMlmPMo1W
  3. Doesn't the Tentacle Sync Track E already do that? The only difference is there's no receiver (while recording). In fact, it's on SD cards, has a locking connector and timecode for syncing later. Regarding this Rode though, I read the internal recording is 24bit, with a -20db pad, then converted to 32bit float in post (still not clear on the benefit). I think you'd only really clip that if you're shooting a Michael Bay movie.
  4. I think they're also working on a Android/iOS app, which might help with the recording part. Start/Stop would be fantastic. If you're leaving it running all day, maybe use the compressed version for 24 hours of recorded audio? Or if you only need one of the mics, switch them after 6ish hours? But records uncompressed. Honestly, I don't even know what that means, but I imagine there's enough headroom. Will have to wait for real world tests.
  5. That's basically the only thing missing now. Although, I've been looping the lav cable under the clip and also using some tape to keep it in place. It's not exactly pretty, but gets the job done. The thing isn't in the shot anyway, so it's fine. Of course, it depends on your use though.
  6. It seems very snazzy to be honest. All these points are in the video below, but here's what I like and don't like: It records on a loop, so if you don't backup the recordings, they get written over once you run out of internal memory. If you record uncompressed internal, you can then get a 32-bit float file off the transmitter. No need for -20db safety track If you record in Sum to Mono mode, the internal recording has a -20db safety track If you experience any audio dropouts to the receiver, the internal recordings will have a marker at those points. You can ad
  7. Surprised there's not chatter about this here. Anyone know how it gets around those transmission and recording patents? https://www.rode.com/microphones/wireless/wirelessgoii I also can't find exact details on recorded audio formats etc.
  8. How would you ever stabilise in post without crop? This basically has the SteadXP built in. Something all camera's could do with, and Blackmagic previously suggested would come for their cameras, but so far never has. Maybe now it'll start to become a standard.
  9. Isn't anyone interested in the gyro Metadata to help stabilize in post with Catalyst? That's an amazing feature.
  10. The first part is true. And the second part can be. But I've shot plenty of interviews, and a camera op and journist, 1 man job at f2.8 and sometime wider on 35mm sensor. It's absolutely fine. The key is to get the subject on a chair that doesn't swivel or have wheel etc. Like you say, what applies to one, doesn't apply to all.
  11. I think that would be seen as a backwards step. I would also imagine if that was planned, they would have unveiled them both at the same time. Where would it even sit pricewise?
  12. I mean... that is a boat. I shoot handheld with my Pocket 4k all the time. Mostly with unstabilised lenses like the Sigma 18-35. It just depends on the look you want. With the announcement, the thing that got me most excited is the firmware for the other pockets. The new histogram is alright I suppose, but Gen5 colour inside the camera will be great. I also noticed the new camera shoots more versions of Braw, with Q1 and Q3 being added, so for now I'm assuming that will also come to the other cameras. Making my 2 main hopes a reality.
  13. I dunno - it's definitely the camera Batman would use.
  14. Tilty screen and internal ND on the BMPCC6kPro
  15. I think my favourite lens is the Meike 28mm f2.8. I have it for Fuji-x and MFT and really enjoy using it. Fully manual, clickless aperture, very small physical size and a great focal length and aperture for basically anything. Best of all, it's super cheap.
  16. Based on the fact it's bundled in with the ATEM Mini update, and that seems to be the headline; I doubt there will be any new camera announcements - but it'd be nice to be proven wrong. I'm hoping for new firmware with extra braw compression ratios - from what I've read q3 is a perfect, use all the time option. I'm also hoping for Gen5 colour in the Pocket cameras. I know I can switch it in post, but in camera would be preferable.
  17. Anaconda_

    Sigma EVF

    Maybe it's a version with no raw options, and it stands for 'Loaf - all the colour is baked in'
  18. Anaconda_

    Sigma EVF

    Wow, that would be amazing! One thing to consider though, how much would an EVF coming from that connection affect the internal battery life? Looking forward to seeing what they come up with.
  19. I don't know about that. In many ways, I'd rather have a mega clear window that I can make as dirty as I like, than a window that's dirty to begin with. I could film something today, give it to 100 different editors and they'd all make it look different. In fact, I can grade something myself today and tomorrow decide I don't like it and create a whole new look. Maybe that's where the artistry will lie? Rather than filming on a grainy 16mm filmstock and assuming that makes you an artist. You also need to factor in lighting and set design etc. which plays a huge part in the quality of
  20. Why not also make photographic dog treats called Bony? Or Dummy cameras for conspiracy theorists called Qanon? Or gender blind gear called Pan-anasonic?
  21. Anaconda_

    I'm late!

    @BTM_Pix is the man to talk to.
  22. I recently picked up an amazing deal of the FP. So far, I'm having a lot of fun with it, but have a couple questions...and probably some more as time goes on. Any help is appreciated! 1. Can I set Aperture Priority for stills and Manual for Cine? It seems the settings in one are also the settings for the other. 2. Can I pull off, and later reattach the flaps over the ports on the left hand side? 3. Is 'Off' the optimal color setting for shooting raw video? Does it even matter for raw? 4. If shooting to an SD card, is it best to shoot FHD 12bit or UHD 8bi
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