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  1. I am well aware no one will likely tell the difference between the GH5s and Pocket 4K. I can vouch for that from my own clients feedback. However that is not the point. My work starts with my approval. I want to be happy with my work and I am happier shooting with the Pocket, partly because I prefer Blackmagic colour science over the Panasonic. In the same way some prefer the Canon image. Each camera has a look and it's not always possible to entirely duplicate it with LUTs and colour grading. I prefer the Blackmagic image. I spent years and years finding a look I like with the Panasonic and even now there are moments, I am not happy with the image. Not so with the Pocket. Straight out, I found a look I am very happy with. There are other reasons I prefer the Pocket. Punch in focus, menus, BRAW, SSD recording and choice of aspect ratios such as 2.40, you can shoot in. Footage works so well with Resolve. I love shooting with it.
  2. I've been brand loyal to Panasonic for 8 years and still own and use the GH5 and GH5s on most jobs. But the Pocket 4K is my A camera. To be honest, I wasn't expecting that when I got it. In fact I almost cancelled my order. But using the camera and working with the footage, has earnt this cameras place as my main go to camera for work. But I still have love for my GH5 and GH5s. And I see plenty of comparison videos of my own, shooting with multiple cameras. Every edit, I am working with both Pocket 4K and GH5s footage. And yes, I can tell the difference between the 2. Certainly in controlled shooting scenarios such as the comparison video Andrew posted, and with time spent in grading, you can get the GH5s pretty close to the Pocket 4K, but why spend more time and effort grading GH5s footsge to look like the Pocket, when you can just use the Pocket 4K. Especially as in some shooting scenarios, it's not so easy to grade Panasonic footage to match the Blackmagic look.
  3. I agree Panasonic colour science is better than Sony. But it is not as good as Blackmagic. Honestly I like the image more on Blackmagic, and that counts a lot. Why do many choose Canon even though their features are 2nd rate compared to Panasonic. Colour and image. Same for Blackmagic. I never use the EVF on the Panasonic cameras. Weird, but I don't. I am grateful for Blackmagic for taking me from Premiere to Resolve.. so very grateful. That free copy with my Pocket 4K has done more for me than any other camera. I dipped into Premiere recently and was shocked by how slow it was. I've used it for over a decade before moving to Resolve this year and it's been the best decision in my career. Don't use Anamorphic. Media is cheaper, but SD cards are fragile. One SSD drive and a few CFast cards isn't too expensive and so much better to use. Battery life is better on the GH5, but I rig my Pocket 4K mostly and I use just 2 Sony fp70batteries for a single day shoot. A lot better than the half dozen I used for the GH5. Don't shoot stills for the most part. And the tilting screen is something I have managed to live without, which surprises me, but yes, it isn't as important as I once gave it credit. My Pocket 4k is very reliable. And I've had failures with my GH5 and GH5s, with both stopping recording and locking up on the odd occasion. Seriously, I switch to GH5 when I need IBIS and the extra features, but not as often as I once thought I would. I spent years trying to find the right grade for my Panasonic and it still isn't as good as the one I get from the Blackmagic from the very start. I just love the image. It's beautiful. Panasonic is great, but lacks something. Just my opinion. If Panaonic were to add RAW and improve their colour science a little more, I agree, I would probably make that my primary camera. But I'm still waiting on that.
  4. I own the GH5, GH5s and Pocket 4K. Despite the limitations of the Pocket 4K, I shoot with it as my primary camera for various reasons Colour Science is better... the image looks superior in the majority of shots. Blackmagic colour science is better. Sure there are some shots where it is hard to tell the difference, but equally I find many where the BM is the clear winner. BRAW... for me less about pushing the image and more about speed of editing and the flexibility to change ISO and White balance in post. Sure, I get it right most of the time, but the are moments, where I do not for various reasons and this is such a bonus. I hate editing H264 files now after editing BRAW. Better menus. Punch in focus during recording Larger screen. Even fixed, it's so much easier to shoot with. Being able to shoot 75 fps in 2.40 aspect ratio or 60fps in 16.9 without loss of quality. On the GH5s you are stuck with 8 bit 60fps. Being able to record to an SSD. That has helped a lot when editing at venues I am filming at for a rough cut. Also on CFast cards, which feel solid to hold. SD cards are so flimsy and I have had to retire a few for falling apart Application of LUTs is much better. You can embed and have more to choose from. Mini XLR input. I should point out, I've been using Panasonic for 8 years and have been a huge supporter of their cameras. The GH5 and GH5s still get used on nearly every jobs I am doing. Usually as B cameras, though the GH5 steps in if filming in wet weather or where IBIS is needed. They are great cameras, but I love the Pocket 4K more despite the limitations.
  5. I've shot over 50 Weddings with the Pocket 4K. Never let me down. It even got knocked to the floor twice, and kept on recording to the USB drive. When a similar thing happened to my GH5, it shut down and the file was badly corrupted. Best camera I've owned. :). And to think I very nearly cancelled my pre-order last December....
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