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  1. I have the metabones and Viltrox. The latter is the most temperamental, particularly with the Pocket, though that is as much down to the camera. With the viltrox, I can't get IS at all on my IS lens; despite updating the adaptor. It also struggles the most losing aperture control. The metabones though is more reliable, though still prone to quirks, mostly in cold weather, so I am experiencing it more now. I know I won't necessary see that much difference in area of view or even low light. Still I'll be intrigued to compare anyway. For me it's quite simple, with EF lenses and a desire to have at least one non MFT camera after 10 years, the Pocket 6K was a better choice when I needed a 2nd Blackmagic camera to compliment my Pocket 4K. That said, I took over a year to decide this and then having it on order, cancelled after last year's lockdown. Now the Pocket 6K Pro is the obvious choice as it gives me the 6K with better screen and ND filters. My 2 adaptors can be used on my Pocket 4K and GH5s when needed. Though I have plenty of MFT lenses as well. Though I may look to sell some of them, and only keep a few for my GH5 and 2 GH4rs I still use when I need 5 or 6 cameras for event filming.
  2. I've already made the purchase. Surely it makes no difference to my situation. I'm not buying to fix an error, I'm buying because the Pocket 6K Pro has features I need. I was planning to buy a Pocket 6K to compliment my Pocket 4K for my work. I didn't do so to eliminate a serious problem. I merely speculate that doing so will potentially resolve the occasional annoying issues I have with the adaptors. I appreciate the lecture on the use of non IS Lenses. I'm not buying expensive primes. I'm buying standard EF-S lenses on Pockets for event filming, corporate Promos, the odd music video and some personal travel videos. In such cases, the odd handheld use is needed and IS on 1 of my lenses is there to help such work when needed. Mostly for my own personal travel videos as my actual work tends to rely on a Monopod and the odd use of a gimbal. I'm not looking at a C70 purchase just yet. Aside from the cost, the lack of any RAWlite bothers me after enjoying BRAW on my Pockets. There is the extra cost of an adaptor for my EF lenses and frankly I prefer Blackmagic colour science to Canon. Always have done. I've spent several years wishing to own a Blackmagic when all my camera gear was Panasonic and only when the right camera at the right price came along, I seized it and have never looked back. For AF alone I may consider it in the future or something else Canon if the price is right and the specs suits my needs. Or maybe Panasonic will fix their AF and release their own version of a C70; that is for the future; but right now, the Pocket 6K Pro meets my needs and I am excited to receive it and work with a S35 sensor again after so long.
  3. 8Nothing wrong in wishing for AF. Nothing wrong in wishing to win a million pounds in a lottery. And Blackmagic giving us brilliant AF is as likely on my opinion. I'd rather they focus their efforts in improving quality control first before attempting things like AF, which Panasonic still has failed to deliver on after a decade of hybrid cameras. Is there anything to suggest if Blackmagic had attempted AF, it would be any better than Panasonic. Poor AF can be worse than no AF. The GH5 has some AF and I would find myself lazily relying on it because 8 or 9 times out of 10, it would work for me. The problem is that time when it didn't and the image would shift badly out of focus. Often at the worst moment. Not having AF has meant I must rely on manual focus and whilst this can lead to issues with missed focus, it's less obvious than a total out of focus moment that catches you off guard. Also I find my manual focus skills improve from practise and thanks to Blackmagics large screen and punch in focus, manual focus is a lot better than the GH5. Yes, an AF as good as Canon and Sony would be lovely. But is it possible? Can Blackmagic borrow PDAF from Canon and impliment it just as well? If not, then its a dream wish no different than one winning the lottery. At the end of the day, if you need reliable AF buy Canon or Sony.
  4. Aperture is controlled manually. You can lose the aperture control in some cases and not get a readout of the aperture on the camera screen. Why not use IS on the Cinema cameras? Is it a rule? Did I miss the no IS on Cinema cameras instruction in the manual. I have one IS lens which I use when I wish to handheld the camera for more travel video use on my Pocket 4K. Shooting 105mm on non IS lens isn't advised. Having paid for the camera, I feel I can use it as I like. 不不不 As I don't yet own the P6K Pro or a Canon camera, I can't comment on your point there. Only on my situation where I have had issues with 3 adaptors. No doubt I shall see how they perform when I get the P6K Pro and then be able to clarify if the issue is with the adaptors or not. Don't worry, I will consume humble pie if they are not found to be at fault. Maybe an adaptor would work well with the C70. I'm not ruling out adaptors in the future if required. However having had no issues with my MFT lenses and several issues with my EF lenses via the adaptors, I am biased towards non adaptors. Maybe once I've enjoyed using a S35 camera for the first time in 10 years with my S35 lenses, I will look to something like the C70 and try again with adaptors. For now, they're pissing me off too much to give it thought. Assuming they are the problem. If I'm wrong, I'll quickly tell once my P6K Pro arrives, and I'll happily concede the adaptors aren't at fault. Yes I was aware MFT lenses can be used, though rarely seen as encouraged by others. Again I'm keen to take a step away from adaptors for now. And also to invest in fullframe lenses to compliment my S35 ones for future proof. Unless the GH6 comes out soon, I don't see much future for MFT. Though I prefer S35 now certainly, fullframe may well be my future if video pushes that way. MFT won't be much use then. I don't need to use MFT lenses as I have enough EF lenses to cover my needs. My preference is informed but as always subject to new information and experiences.
  5. Wow so many assumptions and false conclusions in 1 post. Most of my lenses are EF-S I have had issues with adaptors. Loss of aperture at key moments. Loss of IS at key moments. This is from 3 adaptors I own for MFT mount. Not a promising start. Noting the C70 has an EF adaptor isn't endorsement of adaptors. Merely an observation. I'm not buying the C70 or its adaptor. Using MFT lenses on a S35 sensor is not something I would ever consider. Selling them maybe. Personally I still prefer S35 to fullframe. I prefer not to use adaptors if I can. My own personal preference. Sorry if this offends you.
  6. My interviews range from the spontaneous to the scripted. The former can be easier with coaxing, the latter can be more problematic. Alas Company Directors often wish to speak, but aren't always good at it. And oddly being Directors, they don't always welcome direction. As for your examples. I'll ignore the driving a car one as a need for good AF. 不 I confess I don't move much when I am behind the wheel. Do yours dance the jig when driving??? Most interviews for me, whether indoors or outdoors hardly needs solid AF. Even slight movement is easily accommodated and I've filmed interviews with 3 cameras on my own with very shallow depth of field. Some of your examples are not interviews themselves, but B footage of the subject. These I've filmed rather well with manual AF. Only when we move to things like your protest example and other real World scenarios you allude to that I will concede, and it is the sort of work rather outside what I'd buy and use a Pocket Cinema camera for, even with passable AF. There are just so many better options for such situations that to criticise the Pocket for not being one of them, whilst ignoring what it can do at the low price it offers feels like missing the point. These cameras are not run n gun nor do they have to be. Let others carry that flag and let these be what they are designed to be. If your budget can't stretch to such cameras, then this is hardly the fault of Blackmagic. So whilst a usable AF is a desire, I'm not surprised or disappointed by its exclusion. I feel more annoyed by Pansonics failure to reward its loyal customers with something more than the worse AF amongst Fuji, Nikon, Sony and Canon.
  7. I interview people who are not actors. So if they moved and talked, they end up doing neither very well. Trust me, to get these people to sit and say their lines is hard enough. Add movement to the scene and it would quickly descend into a farce. Plus I see on TV interviews with moving subjects and it looks funny. 不
  8. I've shot plenty of interviews with non AF cameras and they are a doddle for this lack of feature. I've never had focus issues even with shallow depth of field. They're not leaping about the room. For other situations like moving people, AF is very useful. For interviews. No. Even if I had it, I would disable it. I've yet to see an AF that is fool proof.
  9. I like Fuji. For a hybrid I make well consider it as fullframe still leaves me cold. I still favour Pockets for pure video. Its integration with Davinci is an all in one system that Fuji can't replicate.
  10. Me too. I'm going witb S35 until I've made my mind up about fullframe. Pocket 6K Pro will be first non MFT since Canon 60d I owned 10 years ago. You can still transcode BRAW footage in Resolve. I did it to supply footage to clients and it took no time at all. Depends on how quick your turnaround is. You'd might have better luck simply familiarising yourself with the cut page in Resolve.
  11. MFT, yes I do recall that. I remember Panasonic once supported it and so did Olympus...
  12. All the more reason to use that extra time to learn to use Davinci cut page. I've been using my extra time to learn more about colour grading and how to use nodes and the various selection and mask tools. As for a camera. Even if the C70 is out of your price range, there are other options. Pocket 4K, Panasonic S5, Sony A7sIII isn't that much more expensive than the 6K Pro. Seriously if you keep giving yourself reasons not to use something, you'd end up not using anything at all.
  13. Well if you don't want BRAW, or to use Davinci for much of your work, I wouldn't advise you to pick up this camera. Thankfully there are other choices, which will work better for your needs. C70 for instance. Its more designed for quick turn around jobs.
  14. Resolve is overkill. How? You don't have to use all of it you know. There's a cut page for basic edits and quick turn around thats very good. I've delivered same day 10 min videos at Weddings with BRAW much faster in Davinci than I did with Premiere and H264 files. I agree initially it can look complicated, but that's not true once you're familiar with it.
  15. Not for me. Try to not think of it as RAW. It's closer in some ways more to ProRes than genuine RAW. Yes you have access to Davinci RAW controls, but unless you're changing ISO and White balance, you can handle the file quite easily as you would ProRes. The only issue of course would be if you used another programme other than Davinci, though Premiere supports BRAW. Given you get the Davinci software included, it's only an issue if you wish to make it so and not use the free Profesional software.
  16. No, ProRes is limited to 4K crop. To get 6K you need to use BRAW. Just like the original Pocket 6K. It's a limitation, but for me a minor one. The URSA 12K to my knowledge only records on BRAW. I guess we are not yet in the position to have that sensor which can do full sensor lower resolution such as 8K and 4K in a Pocket size body.
  17. Since I have EF lenses, I am delighted it has an EF mount. All these other mounts is why I struggle to upgrade to fullframe. It means choosing between RF, L or E or any others. I prefer to avoid adaptors if I can. Having so much invested in MFT only for Panasonic to cut their MFT almost dead in favour of FF makes me reluctant to invest totally too much in 1 system. Didn't Canon have a M series of lenses too. At least with EF lenses, there is plenty of them and at good 2nd hand prices too. Even the C70 has an adaptor to use them. The future should be cameras with interchangeable mounts, so you're not limited to just one system.
  18. If learning from Internet forums is aiming high, what's aiming low? Then again, seeing how you responded to a clearly more experienced person trying to answer your question on clamping a camera to glass, I am not surprised your learning is more conflicted than my own. 不不不
  19. There were I recall lots of issues reported on Facebook when the GH5 came out. Freezing being the common issue. I've had a few GH4s I owned freeze up and need the battery removed to unlock it. GH5 hasn't played up for me. GH5s froze a few times. Variable frame rate can be touchy I find. As for Pocket 4K, I don't know. Only Blackmagic will be able to answer and I doubt they would if asked. 不不 As for dual recording, you'd pick the C70 or any other camera with this function. Dual recording only protects you from card issues. I've had camera issues, not card issues and I shoot hours of footage in a single year. We'll until last year I did. I have my GH cameras for dual recording when needed. Different tools for different jobs.
  20. How would anyone here actually know the answer to this question? If only I bought 100 Pocket 4Ks back in the day, I could easily tell you something like 1 in 20 are faulty.
  21. It's odd that my learning process isn't quite as riddled with confusion as yours. Yes I bought some items I ended up not needed. That is normal and had nothing to do with misleading advertising or comments on the Web. It's just that what sounded good in theory didn't work for me in practise. Or maybe it didn't fit my way of working. No one but me will know that, so there was nothing anyone else could say or do to change that. It was my mistake to make and to take ownership of. I don't blame others for it. Again if I or Panasonic described the GH4 as a handheld camera, I doubt I'd hear a peep from you. Assign the same term to another camera brand and its suddenly a bone of contention. Would you describe the GH5s as handheld? If Blackmagic advertised that you could film stable footage handheld, then yes, it is misleading advertising. Describing it as handheld, just means it's small enough to be held in one's hand whilst working with it. In this case, it is true. As born out my those of us who do so. To me the Pocket cameras are handheld tools in the same way my GH4 cameras are and my GH5s. I can hold and operate them entirely with my hands, without any additional straps or support. Therefore Blackmagic isn't being misleading. They even have a handgrip....
  22. I've been wishing better AF with Panasonic for nearly a decade. They've still yet to deliver on it. Blackmagic feels like a leap too far to expect decent AF.
  23. Yes the camera update for the Pocket 4K is welcome and overdue. I've used a bit of Gen 5 via Davinci RAW controls and like it. However it is hard to apply to all files easily without applying other settings as well. It will also help matching with my P6K Pro when I get it. It's a good announcement and one more relevant to me than last year's. All I need is the work to resume and I'll be very happy.
  24. Wow, I think you're over thinking and worrying over this kind of thing. Sure the Pocket was an issue for some with no sense of humour. I find it funny and like the name, despite the fact its not something you'd put in a pocket. They could of called it Mini, which would have been a better fit. Or do what Canon did and just give it a number. Marketing is full of stuff like this. As long as you're not an idiot and believe it literally, there's no problem. It's just a name. Internet makes more fuss of things than it's worth. I could call my camera 'Bernard 4K' and it makes no difference to its functionality. 不不 As for handheld, again, I viewed my GH2, GH3 and GH4 as handheld. In fact, if Panasonic had marketed these cameras back in the day as such, you would not object to the description surely and agree its a useful distinction between those larger cameras you mount on a shoulder to one that you can work in your hands. Given I do a lot of handheld work with my Pocket 4K, why isn't it a handheld camera. Is a GH5s not a handheld camera whilst the GH5 is?
  25. No it doesn't. To be honest, I've never used dual recording on my GH5 and GH5s, even though it has it. So not an issue for me. I fo agree that reliability is BM biggest weakness. However its not consistent and if you're lucky, then like me, you get a great camera.
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