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  1. But what are necessary precautions? No one Country or Health department can agree. I've had relatives catch the virus just shopping for food. You either shut down the World and ruin the Economy or accept the deaths. Or choose the balance in-between, which does damage to both. Its an easy get out by so many to think that following the rules could defeat a virus. Especially as the rules differ depending where you are. There was only one way out and thats with a vaccine. Lockdowns and restrictions are simply short term remedies but not by any means an end to the mess.
  2. It is impossible to take Nikon seriously for video. Its an extra, nothing more. I give them credit for allowing external BRAW recording; something other manufacturers should seriously look into. Yet Nikon have not given video the full attention that other manufacturers like Fuji, Panasonic and even Canon have done. That's their choice and for better or for worse, its one they will have to live with. Oddly, its Nikon that got me into Mirrorless video with their first DSLR that shot video. It was poor quality 720p, but it got me hooked.
  3. Cinematography has never or will continue to rely on fullframe. Fullframe helps with noise, and depth of field in tight spaces with wider lenses, but S35 still delivers great IQ when used well. I appreciate hybrid users will favour fullframe, its where many of the camera choices are based and popular for Photography, but if you're dedicated to video, S35 is still the preferred format option in camera choice.
  4. I'm sure that's a great comfort to the actors and some of the people behind the great flop Cats. Where even the visual effects were laughed at and ridiculed. 😿😿😿
  5. I'm laughing at the absurdity of some of the games, not the athletes themselves. To use your same anology. Hope you get it. I disagree with that statement. It makes art a slave to money. Did Blade Runner make a lot of money. I'd wager it is better remembered now than other movies that same year it came out that did make more more money. Success in profit isn't all its cracked up to be. I know where I stand as a sole trader and yes its not going to give as much or be as grand as a movie production or even all those big TV productions. Who cares. You maybe? I don't. I know what I am and what I can do and I am happy in that. Theres another thread about limitations. Well mine is the field I work in. Thats my limitation and I'm proud of it. 😁😁😁
  6. Its also a misconception that anyone in filmmaking inspires to make a feature film. I will unlikely even get even anything small on Netflix... if fact, probably never if I don't even try, which I likely won't. I'm also convinced making a film is extremely tough. Sure of it, as I happened to stumble on a major movie production being filmed at Hampton Court a few years back, with a vast amount of trailers on a nearby open area, lots of crew all putting their valuable experience to good use, working very hard. A level of team work and production I can't even come close to replicating myself as a sole trader. The movie they were working on was 'Holmes and Watson'. I wonder how it did?? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”
  7. Maybe what I should have written to be clearer, was that "not every production should have the value of its camera rest on TC alone." Which as you point out, there are actually external options for getting TC. Mind you, since TC is found to be so crucial for Netflix approval, the argument will soon be void, as TC becomes standard in cinema cameras even in the budget range. That said, I'm not looking at work for Netflix Productions with large crews. So it won't bother me either way. 😏😏
  8. I shall have to remember this when watching the next crap movie on Netflix. At least its the product of people with decades of experience using TC. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  9. TC very useful for particular productions can not be argued, but a linchpin in Netflix approval feels narrow minded. Not every production should have its value rest on TC input.. πŸ™„πŸ™„
  10. You're over simplifying. I can happily watch many things without consulting my phone. My wife though is another matter and will happily chat with friends, message, talk to me, insist I help her with dinner.... plus the odd occasion of someone at the door. Not so frequent this year, but still... so even if you're well behaved, others in the household are not. There is still a place for cinema. Of course its always competing against TV. Hence one of the reasons why movies went wide-screen when TVs first entered peoples home; to open the cinema experience out. Unfortunately its hard to find something unique to cinema that can't be easily replicated at home. 3D was one such method, no doubt why cinemas tried to push it over 2D releases, but its waned since the peak a decade ago. Obviously 2020 has been hard on cinemas, but prior to that, there was no evidence that cinemas were on their way out. Box office numbers in 2019 were good. I've seen a few larger cinema complexes built in the last decade. I've been in quite a few packed out cinema screenings. So I'd say its too early to predict the demise of cinema over streaming. Both have their place in delivering movies to the audience. Whilst I've go fewer times now than I did 10 years ago, I still go half a dozen times a year and enjoy the experience. Yes, the adverts are annoying, and you get the odd bad experience with other members of the audience, but I enjoy the larger screen and sound system. Its nice to hear the movie loud without the neighbour bashing on your wall to turn it down, and my wife behaves much better too at the cinema... πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
  11. I am in the same boat. I need to see how 2021 develops before investing in a new camera. By the time I know if I can expect a good year in 2021, the C200 Mark ii will either be out or at least announced and I can decide between it or the C70. The smaller form factor of the C70 is nice, but the lack of RAW and EVF are annoying omissions for me. Plus I'm not a fan of being tied to SD cards only for recording internally. I've preferred CFast card recording on my Pocket. As much as I've valued the mirrorless form for my cameras, I prefer the C200 body if I'm honest over the C70.
  12. If the C200 mark II has RAW and 10 bit and great AF, its my perfect camera. I was looking at a C70 and S1 for next year... but I may cancel those and plump for the C200 if the price isn't too excessive.
  13. Another loss down to a changing industry.. If the future is Youtube blogs and reviews, then given the dismal and biased collection I saw this year for new cameras, I hope camera manufacturers seek other means to advertise their new cameras.
  14. Nothing wrong with speed ramping. I use it myself. However if overused without context, it can seem unnecessary. As in the video that was posted above. When you notice the editing style more than the content, then it becomes a gimmick and it doesn't matter if its a corporate video or a personal video you've put out for others to see. Same can be true of drone footage, slider footage, gimbal footage, jib footage.. all have their places in video content and techniques, but all can be guilty of be used as a gimmick in some videos.
  15. Give Sony its due here, the FX6 and A7SIII make for a much better A and B camera than Canons recent C70 and R5. The latter has both cameras at odds with native 4K sensor up against downsampled 8K, before we even look at the overheating issues the R5 has. All we need is for Panasonic to be inspired by the C70 and FX6 and release their own dedicated video camera, which when combined with the S1H, you've another excellent A and B camera setup to choose from. Assuming AF wasn't your big concern.
  16. When the Pocket 4K came out, much was made of its lack of evf. How unusual then to see Canon and Sony issuing video dedicated cameras with the same omission. This is a step up from the C70 with fullframe and proper xlr inputs, albeit needing the handle to utilise them. I prefer the C70 body to be honest. Its a good production camera like the C70, and it'll be interesting to see how the images compare. I still want to see Panasonic try their own version of the Canon C70 and especially for Blackmagic to give us something that sits between the size and features of the P6K and the URSA 12K. Both would, I'd wager find more favour with me. However, I'm so glad Canon and Sony are now offering small cameras, dedicated to video rather than relying on hybrids to fulfil that function; which though have things like IBIS, are often limited in video specs in several crucial ways. Some here feel the absence of IBIS a con, but whilst I feel its useful on hybrids, I'm not so sure I want it on cameras like the FX6. I've never missed IBIS on my Pocket cameras. In fact, I'm grateful as I felt I relied too much with it prior on my GH5, resulting in shots less measured and more prone to warping on wide angle lenses. I think there is room in ones kit for a hybrid with IBIS and a dedicated video camera without it. Both bring their own advanatges to shooting. Theres no such thing as one camera to rule them all, just the best one for a particular job.
  17. Canon colour is one of those things that's said to be good so often, its accepted as fact... even though those saying it are not really scrutinising the colour in the same indepth analysis as they would use, say for example Sony colour. To be fair, I'm not immune to this and would judge Canon colour superior to Sony.. but maybe its because the vast majority of videos out there are not properly colour graded, and Canon therefore appeals more to those who don't have skills in that area, and which has colours that can look mostly appealing SOOC.
  18. I'm looking forward to this software getting out of its early testing phase and secure enough for me to feel confident to upgrade. I really love the upgrades to the colour controls. Lots of options, and I would love to start working in a HDR colour workflow. In some ways its a better step forward in image quality than say jumping to 6K or 8K.
  19. IBIS is a double edged sword and why I'm maybe happier and shooting better without it on the Pockets. Like you I find it led to warping on wide angles and occasionally some telephoto shots. Mostly wide angle though. I find shots hand holding my Pocket 4K with a Canon IS lens and some Resolve stabilisation, do look a lot better than my GH5 shots with IBIS. Though you lose some resolution doing it in post. I use a GH5s on my gimbal and not the GH5. I use the GH5 where I need to hand hold the camera on the go... plus when its raining. Its not a gimbal camera for me.
  20. Similar thinking but slightly different cameras. Currently thinking S1 as my go to run n gun hybrid, or B camera to compliment my P4K and P6K A cameras, with GH5 and GH5s as C cameras. I can finally retire the GH4rs I have, which are okay, but a bit temperamental now after years of service. I've no problem matching GH5 or GH5s to a S1. It'll be easier than matching them to the Pockets. Still looking at the C70, but who knows how lucrative 2021 will be after this year....
  21. I'm envious. Churches and even registrars here are nightmares. Make my work so stressful at times. And as you say, for no good reason except to be difficult.
  22. I initially used 8 bit for the GH5. When I switched to vLog I went with 10 bit and I prefer it for its flexibility and DR. Though I'm now on 12 bit RAW mostly for the same reason. 🀣🀣 I love your comment about no client ever telling you that you didn't use enough bits.. I don't think we can rely on clients understanding on video tech anymore than I understand car mechanics when I put my car in for service. I'm sure your clients don't ask you for fullframe either. Or even for you to shoot with a Panasonic camera at all. πŸ˜‰ Ultimately we have to choose the parameters of our work based on personal preference and style.
  23. I'm not sure what your churches or venues for Speeches are like. I have countless where I am very restricted in movement. Plus those readings have to be timed perfectly. I'd rather not have that worry. I spent years building up cameras with no recording limit to sacrifice it now.
  24. I forgot the S5 has a recording limit. Thats a no go for me. I've endured 30 min recording limit with cameras for too long and now all my cameras have unlimited recording. For Weddings I filmed, with Ceremony and Speeches last an hour in many cases, I can't be bothered pandering to a cameras recording limit. Its another reason I won't touch the R5 or R6.
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