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  1. When someone blatantly ignores evidence presented to them, by multiple sources, they usually are not very smart.
  2. Dpreview forums are the forum version of North Korea
  3. Snowbro

    DJI Mavic Pro II

    Did they ever add support for the galaxy s10 yet? It was not working properly still last month
  4. Snowbro

    Race to the bottom

    We will make a gimbal mount for your Rascal 312 in 15 years. I would be interested in your footage 😁
  5. Snowbro

    Race to the bottom

    Screen writers have been replaced years ago with water creatures
  6. Snowbro

    Race to the bottom

    Studios will probably buy the rights to someone for a finite price, then just use them in CGI to make perfect movies. No acting needed.
  7. Snowbro

    Race to the bottom

    Don't become a plumber, start a painting gig. My cousin makes $75k/yr (USD) just by himself and he is smoking weed during at least 60% of his on the job time.
  8. I am betting it will have around 13 stops of DR
  9. You said it wasn't cropped; it's even pixel binned 🀣
  10. "The S1R can shoot video at up to 4K/60p with only a slight crop but it pixel bins, so footage will be less detailed than the S1's output."
  11. The panasonic does cropped 4k 60 by 1.5x + and has shit AF like the GH5
  12. 8-bit can be hard to convert without it falling apart in some scenarios though
  13. I bet it won't come until next year at this time. Sony will be updating their A7R III this fall and won't want to compete with themselves. Canon will likely release their new flagship hybrid camera then and it will probably have some crazy features, just like the 1DC and 1DX ii had when they released. I think if they make the A7S III have internal (6K Sensor) 4K 4:2:2 10-bit, with the venice color science, they will have an industry leading camera.
  14. If they add 4k 60 4:2:2 they can join 2016
  15. β€œI used to think my life was a tragedy. But now I realize, it’s a comedy.” - Joker I initially was shocked to see this, but then I just started laughing my ass off. https://www.canonrumors.com/so-what-has-become-of-the-rumored-eos-r-and-c200-video-feature-updates/ Canon will make joker's of us all eventually πŸƒ
  16. Knowing Adobe, it will fry your CPU using this, but leave your GPU unused
  17. XT3 is awesome, but a little noisy and not a fan of the fuji lenses (too expensive for apsc and many dont af good or are too loud).
  18. Why? I want people in my videos to look like barney
  19. Evert sony camera has a different color science. It's like trying to match different shades of puke yellow or green skin tones πŸ˜‚
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