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  1. Reviving this thread since I'm guessing I'm not the only one loosing money during these crazy times and want to get an "old" camera to have fun with for cheap.
  2. Agree, too much politics nowadays. Sure, politics can fuel art, but let the art speak for itself at least.
  3. This is pretty cool. Original still looks the best, but still. Making of:
  4. Slightly off topic, but I think Steven Soderbergh is trying to make the RED look like his iPhone ?
  5. Correct, the song dates back at least to the 17th century (more likely the 16th) and the writer is unknown. It's one of the most performed songs, not just Irish folk singers/bands, but also rock, metal and punk and all have slightly different lyrics. Molly is sometimes called Jenny for instance. Thin Lizzy made it popular back in the 70s with their rock cover and basically started the whole thing of combining Irish tunes with rock which sparkled The Pogues and the creation of celtic punk which lated led to Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphys.
  6. Everything from Irish folk to anime intros xD Anything with passion doing their thing with something to say so that excludes basically everything mainstream where songs are written by someone else using the same sound/beat library as everyone else and processing the poor fame craving younglings' voices to bits because they can't sing.
  7. That would be nice, more time to get another camera and do a quick shoot on monday
  8. My camera broke last night during filming, can't even access the footage xD That's what you get for 20 euros xD
  9. I'm shooting today xD just waiting for my fiancée to come home ?
  10. looking good everyone. I just realised I had the wrong end date (thought it was the 26th) and planned to shoot with my fiancée on Wednesday afternoon (only day we have time since we both work shifts). Maybe if I skip dinner and sit in front of my computer all evening I might be able to post in time on one of the cameras ?
  11. How about getting this thread going again along with the 200 dollar challenge? Been playing around with ML on the EOS M, not quite sure how I feel about it. Lovely images, but ease of use and ergonomics... I miss my 1000D xD Maybe try the 70D with ML, but it's still a time consuming workflow and I'm not sure I should be in the raw business on my level of filmmaking (I don't even shoot raw when I take stills). Maybe @Mattias Burling can post some files from the R since I liked it so much in the blind test? Or anyone with a C100? They seems pretty cheap nowadays and I would love decent autofocus as a one man band. Or anyone with a XT3/30? @BrunoCH or @androidlad? The Fuji XTs remind me of my Minolta X-700 and might be a good fit? EDIT: or maybe an Olympus E-M1 II? @DaveAltizer and @nigelbb wanna chip in?
  12. Ingerson

    Music videos...

    The Asian music videos usually are very simple unless it's the heavier genres like punk and rock. But that's something I really enjoy, especially with lighter music. This song is from the Ghibli movie "The cat returns" and there is something very comforting in the music video's simplicity that go hand in hand with the song and the artist.
  13. Of course, I'm pretty new to filmmaking and videos, so I need a camera do begin with since I just borrowed one for my first short. Been playing with my phone for almost a year now, but's it's not quite doing it for me
  14. Surprising results indeed. I didn't intend to pick a certain number of cameras, just pick which image I liked. I picked 3-4 from each scene and all turned out to be the EOS R! Here I been researching cameras left and right and turned every stone and been looking at everything except Canon because everyone hates them, haha, and in a blind test I preferred Canon. And the ones I've researched the most BMPCC/BMMCC I disliked the most O_o Perhaps I should just stay with Canon and upgrade from my 1000D since I like the colors, ergonomics and feel at home with the menues, etc. Magic lantern seems kind of difficult if you're non-techie person like myself, so maybe skip the M/70D decision all together and go for the R/RP ?
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