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  1. Ingerson

    my first short

    so much better than mine, wish we lived closer so we could collab 😄
  2. Thank you @Zach Goodwin2 and @thebrothersthre3! Glad you liked it
  3. Well, this is not something I would ever expect but the film got picked up by a world wide distributor! Surreal O_O
  4. Ingerson

    I need a hug

    Happy to help anyway I can. I just turned 31 and my life started to come together the past year! I didn't believe my old arts teacher for 10 years when she told me that it will all work out within the next 10 years! She always smiles when she sees me with my fiancée out on town going to the movies or me talking about finally making a new project Got a little something for you here, my go to song when I need to energize
  5. Don't know if this have been mentioned already, but what's the crop on the HD in raw? I know people have requested a true super16 crop, but until then...
  6. Thank you so much @kaylee for the kind words! I def got more energy to make more now And I'm going to use "art practice" from now on, haha. Great to hear you feel better! I've managed to make people do quite a few spit takes. Today I told my fiancée that just like I've got a face only a mother could love, my humour is the kind which only can make a partner laugh . She got a bit upset and said: "So you think I have bad sense of humour?" and I replied: "No, you just got bad taste in men". She almost fell out of the chair laughing xD
  7. Many thanks, @mercer The form factor was very weird for me since I'm more used to the SLR in photography. The DVX200 was big and heavy. I've got more of a docu style and I love natural light and finding the "right" image. And it's much harder to get a series of images that have to work in a sequence than just the single picture. The image got grainy despite lighting (but I'm not really good at it) due to the fixed lens that get's really slow when zooming in. Not great ISO performance. Shot in UHD and mastered in HD, so the grain got much smaller (it also looks much nicer in BW than in colour), but it also saved me in the editing when I didn't have enough material. Just zoom in and suddenyl you got a close up from your medium shot without losing quality. My take aways are that it's big and heavy and pulling focus manually (since AF was really bad) was no fun. All this made me opt for tripod only but I felt chained because of that. But I didn't think handheld would be right anyway, a locked down camera felt like a better visual metaphor for feeling stuck, like I often do. And this is the reasons why my second, unfinished short was shot on my phone. Much easier to move around and not having to worry about focus. But the apps's settings aren't easy to change on the go and it's hard to get a stable image without a gimbal, but I wanted to go handheld and have more of a gritty look (I even made a diffusion filter out of an old SD card packaging and taped onto my phone, haha) That was on the iPhone SE, now I got the Xs and the image is amazing in comparison and now I have a wide and a normal built in without having to add external lenses. Playing around with it almost daily and really like it.
  8. Well, it’s been 8 months since I completed this and almost a year since I promised @mercer to post it once completed I don’t really know what to say about this, it’s my first short and I wanted to try this medium after trying music, photography, drawing/painting and all sorts of writing in order to figure out myself and my depression. It took me months to complete due to my mental state and lack of energy and I intended to post this sooner, but life can be a little too much sometimes. Or very often in my case. Even though it was the hardest creative thing I’ve done in my life, (despite having a background or experience in most of the separate artforms that make up a film) I was really lost in the entire process and I developed love/hate relationship to it. I wanted to quit all the time when I wrote it, when prepping, when shooting and during the long, motivational drainage that is editing. But I guess that’s also where the love was born. No matter all the mistakes I made, I could somehow save it and make a decent first short thanks to the editing by re-arranging the pieces I had. Throw away most of it, stretching what was left of it, slowing or speeding up some of it, playing some of it in reverse. Dubbing in new sound (needed, cause most of it was unusable. Note to self: Don’t forget sound! I’ve tried to make another short since, but haven’t completed the shoot. I don’t know if I’ll finish that one, it’s just a silly comedy I made with my then girlfriend, now fiancée on my phone (This one was shot on the DVX200 before anyone asks, cameras are important on this forum apperantly, hehe) because she wanted me to make something less depressing, but I guess I’m just a gloomy guy, all my new ideas are based on my different malfunctions. Hopefully I’ll work up enough energy to make another, I really want to. Anyway, enough talking. I hope you’ll give this a go and give me some pointers, but go easy on me, okay? Now, pick you poison: https://vimeo.com/272702923 https://youtu.be/rsXdjH4I5YA
  9. I don't mind transcoding before editing, Prores holds up way better in recompression, but I don't want to spend hours for minutes. I would love to see examples of the speed people claim and to know the complete hardware specs as well as OS and editing software
  10. As long as I end up with a Prores master without having to wait an hour per minute of footage thanks!
  11. Kind of a noobish question here, but what exactly are the computer specs needed to edit and export the 10-bit HEVC files? I know the latest Intels have hardware acceleration, but I'm lost in the tech lingo and find a lot of conflicting info of what exactly is hardware accelerated: 8-bit only or 10-bit DEcoding but software only on ENcoding, GPU renders on the timeline and CPU on export, etc. I'm also a Mac person and some say that the OS is the bottleneck... So what do I need to transcode and export 10-bit HEVC with reasonable speed? Mac or Windows doesn't matter. If I can edit natively in FCPX (time to upgrade my 2013 MBP anyway) I'd be more than happy, but if building a Hackintosh or PC with Windows to transcode to Prores (finally Adobe!) and double as a HTPC as well, that's fine.
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