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  1. Fair play. Was just reminiscing the good days and thinking of all the contribitions that had been made and the people who made them, really. But good note to end things on there. Guess everyone's been a bit on edge these days, to calmer times then.
  2. Hum, which previous somewhat frequent visitors have not been here for a while, AaronChicago, JazzBox, Brother, DBounce, Ed_David, Liszon, John Brawley, jase, TheRenaissanceMan, webrunner5, Orangenz, Neumann Films, Jordan Drake, benymypony, Axel, Liam, aldolega, theSUBVERSIVE, bigfoot, Raafi Rivero, lucabutera, Snowbro, BrorSvensson, Julian, dahlfors, Justin Bacle, dhessel, Fredrik Lyhne, Zach Ashcraft, Michael Ma, j.f.r., Rudolf, Juxx989, Shell64, agolex, sudopera, Dean, SR, Policar, Shield3, johnnymossville, Kristoferman, Ivanhurba, jhnkng, leeys, bamigoreng, Volker Schmidt, TSV, John Emery, dafreaking, Dan Wake, Christina Ava, Luke Mason, sandro, tomekk, Brian Caldwell, jgharding... etc. Oh lol, and jcs, remember that guy? And maxotics. Dang that must've been like around the Ebrahim days. 😅 Well. That was some trip down memory lane. Back to more productive quarantine tasks. Well, productive... the weather is so nice, I'm head out for a 4hr walk down the beach!
  3. Back to nerdy stuff indeed. What the heck is this: https://www.k-lens.de/en/home ~ via https://photorumors.com/2020/03/24/new-klens-one-lightfield-lens-for-dslr-cameras-coming-to-kickstarter/#more-119431
  4. Speaking of TRUMP, why don't we see Richard 'Mr Dogschidt' Gale here anymore, anyways? Or an Andy Lee? Or KidzRevil? Matthias Burling? Or Jonpais? Over quibbles or just staying away, better things to do?
  5. Like I said, it's a community here, that also means it's not just all serious, it's a bit like a pub so at times it's just about having a laugh with a couple of mates as well. Bros usually talk girls, sports and cars... well, here it's all sorta of people just geeking out over gear, the latest movies and other things scene related. With a lot of weight put on 'scene related'. And everyone puts in effort to share their knowledge, experiences, et cetera. So, talking sports... during a football match the ref isn't gonna push the players in the field that are complaining he should've given a penalty and make the scene. He doesn't entertain rubbish with rubbish. You weren't exactly handing out warnings or trying to defuse the situation, was more like throwing fuel of the fire. A ref would issue a warning... yellow card, then red card. Suspended for this and next week's game perhaps. All quite void of much emotion at all. Of course you're free to handle it however you see fit, 'your pub, your rules'. But if a couple of drunks come in and go 'ah, finally my wife let me go with the boys' and you go 'she's a fat pig'... obviously you don't have to be surprised to have bar stools flying around in notime, lol. Unfortunately that's what politics end up like everytime...
  6. For all I care you did. I just came here back in the GH2 days. Not for your blog or your opinion, honestly, you're a bit of an outspoken person yourself with wild opinions of which some I'd probably wouldn't agree with, stirring up some trouble... but I just came here because you had the GH2 Hacks vault going on back in the day and EOSHD and Personal-View were about the only two places really helpful for getting the most out of that little camera. PV is a bit meh though in terms of how it has been set up and being run. The community here felt more at home and I stuck around. To see certain folks not frequenting here anymore is kinda sad because they offered a bunch of information and inspiration. They were either banned after quibbles or scared away? Dunno. I'm like a fella during the gold rush... I take a sieve and scoop up some dirt from the stream... I wiggle it around a little, filter out everything I would regard as dirt and rubbish and take away the gold. But hey... if you're a person that happens to like mud baths... that's your prerogative... but maybe look for the good and not the bad. Is better for the heart and mind.
  7. I steer clear of such discussions. Like my mom used to say to us 'oh stop it already before one of you ends up crying!', lol. With politics it's always someone who gets offended and goes 'ahw fuck this, this is bullshit, you are bullshit, fuck off already', especially when characters have a bit more ego, it's just bound to clash and end up badly. A good sum of people are already missing from today's forum shenanigans, which I really find a darn shame. That's actual wisdom, creativity and inspiration regarding filmmaking, techniques and gear flushed down the drain for no good reason. Which, you know, I believe a place like this should unite people with that passion for creation. Not a place to bicker about politics. Like, what's even the fucking use? You know it's gonna end up in disaster. Can't imagine anyone feeling good about that, so why do that to yourself? Don't have to get all hippie and go 'everyone human being is beautiful, only positive vibes allowed, lets all align our chakras', but live and let live, don't have to headbutt eachother when you don't agree on something, flippin' move on already and focus again on the things you do have in common... like else at this rate there won't be any forummembers left to have wholesome discussions with and to the outside world will look like a toxic wasteland. Please let us just get nerdy again, talk about great camera motion, the latest lenses and such, try to see past our differences and keep emotions in check... I know it's shitty times right now, but that's exactly when we should keep one another sane and be respectful. Oh well..
  8. Ooh, I'd be up for a GH6 or X-H2... when I finally dare spending money on new toys again...
  9. Few miles off then. xD Ouch. And I've been there too. Streets were a bit packed back then in comparison to that sight.
  10. @Mark Romero 2 Can't blame them. They do have excellent nutritional and medicinal qualities. Or wait... instead of toiletpapering homes, we're resorting to nettling homes? I bet that tickles someone's fancy. Scientist did btw have a breakthrough. I know GMO is being frowned upon, but early trials look promising:
  11. You know, Mikey Day from SNL used to have a YouTube channel with Andrew Friedman back in the day called ThoseLilRabbits. Those two socks yelling at eachother reminded me of one of their short sketches...
  12. For all I care it's called Peter. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But I'll let WHO, CDC etc be the judge of that.
  13. Yeah! Good thinking. My PL to EF mount just came in earlier today for my IGA VLEV HELIOS 44-2 58mm f/2 cinehoused puppy that had already come in. I need to work my way through some moving boxes to find the Viltrox EF-M2 and see if I missed any of those more recent firmware updates (GH5/G9), looks like weather's getting sunnier this weekend, so hopefully I can get a beach/dunes hike in and grab a few shots. With the Sirui as well. * officially moved here last month, not too shabby (pica from my balcony with my Huawei P30 Pro 2 days ago) Otherwise, indeed, seeing what else is lurking in the boxes and see if I can't sell a couple things... time for these 'investments' to pay out, lol.
  14. Wait... where are the nettle plants? (you know... for the butthurt folks 😂)
  15. Wasn't really the worry for the drivers. I believe it started with a single member of the McLaren team being tested for COVIDPeter and a bunch of close co-workers being quarantined. That forced McLaren to drop out. Sportmanship is also letting everyone compete for championship points and having a fair chance of decent placement at the end of the season purely based on team performance, not external circumstances.
  16. Same with the F1. The circus had already been set up in Melbourne. Slow to react much? But neither organisation or local authorities really wanted to pull the plug and be responsible for blowing the whole thing off and being responsible for the call/costs (not sure how the blame game is played, who will cover this? I suppose there's no such thing as a pandemic insurance). It takes health experts to go 'guys, guys, no more! Stop this madness, of course this can't go through, put an end to this immediately!' and they'll be pointing like 'sorry fans, they said 'no more', we're just obeying what they said, not our fault'.
  17. @IronFilm oh, did I say 'rolls'. Sorry, meant 'sheets' obviously. Lol, who has 3 full rolls! Geez. Ballin' much! On a positive real note. I did see the first super market with full shelves of toilet paper again. So we can continue to royaly shit ourselves again. lol
  18. Well, I hope someone might trade your theirs for 3 rolls of toilet paper and a half used hand sanitizer perhaps.
  19. N'Espresso, what else. More like it will fall... sucks for us who likes visiting these and the little guy that otherwise struggles to get their voice/products out.
  20. His next project... Quentin's funniest homevideos. 😂
  21. Here they say that there's three scenarios, for public health and economic reasons they didn't go with either 'let the virus run it's course and do nothing about it' nor 'complete lockdown until the virus has been eliminated'. They went with the option for 'maximum controlability'... working towards minimizing the spread, but not stopping it, to keep the hospitals from going over max. capacity and from what I've understood in meanwhile letting the virus slowly spread amongst the group that's deemed fit (not the elderly, people with previous medical conditions/immune diseases). The tipping point will be when 2/3rds of the population has had the virus and have been healed from it causing widespread immunity amongst citizens and the risk of spreading to the not-fit group should reduce considerably from there. Things will then hopefully be able to slowly get back to normal. Either way, this virus will be around for a while, running its course. If you manage to ban it completely now, that's fine, but the risk it will pop up eventually will still be there, so it's pretty futile.
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