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  1. Less than 48Hrs remaining notice! (Thereafter surely will be available as an 'InDemand' campaign). https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/express-your-cinematic-side#/ P.s. 131 out of 200 spots claimed for the secret perk $549
  2. New generation hustle kiddos with their toys. Certainly a different times than when I started out, seems to be working out well for them, so props. Yeah, wondered bout his mentioned crop as well, that was odd. Maybe just confused with the original BMPCC somehow. Or maybe taking into account the vertical loss. No idea.
  3. Hope for Kasey 'cameraconspiracies' Stern that Sony will release the FDR-X3000 successor finally as well. xD Staying true to actioncams... that Insta 360 One-R looking interesting. Especially now that flying FPV quads has turned into people throwing on GoPros and now Instas on those cinewhoops. Interesting application for sure.
  4. True! That happened! Though, you know, less interesting for me having the original set and all (except the oddball T2.6 19mm; if anything, as a proud early backer I thought I was getting a steal on cinema lenses and but now they really are, oh well, at least I can convert mine from MFT to E-mount I suppose, lol). I mean, it will be HELIOS 44-2 58mm f/2 still, I'm not going for personalization with coated elements and anamorfake inserts or anything, so the familiar look. But it will still be awesome to have it as a properly housed lens ready to survive a few more decades and a lens that's able to grow with you when your productions do too.
  5. My new year's resolution... other than 1080p, 4K, 6K, 8K etc xD is to actually shrink the collection and refrain from my usual shopping frenzy GAS. Not sure what will be tougher... that goal or having six pack abs by summer. ? Still got two incoming for now though. That Sirui Anamorphic 50mm f/1.8 and the VLEV Edition cinehoused Ironglassadapters HELIOS 44-2 58mm f/2. Should all be in before Q1 is over. The latter was supposed to ship last month... I went from PL to EF mount... but now that it hasn't shipped I'm thinking about reverting back to original spec and getting their adapter (which is additional ($_€), does that still count?) lol Not that I'll be shooting a PL cinema camera anytime soon, but it's still more versatile... right? (Which stage of denial is that again?) Sure hope nobody will be releasing anything tempting. With the Leica 10-25mm f/1.7, that Sirui anamorphic & VLEV+IGA collab amongst other things there's been way too much excitement in 2019. It will be tough not to get the 10-24 & 20-70 T2.9 Linglung lenses by DZOFILM dropping this very 2020. But focus needs to be setting up photo/video as a viable side business as I forsee wanting to go parttime on my day job within the next 3 or so years (which would cut down the number of times I'd have to be abroad for work allowing me to settle down a little; also: just a funner balance making a living offa effectively two hobbies of mine). Would love to specialize into aerial work, but ain't nobody got time for all the rules and regulations they've put in place flying quads, hexas and octos around. We'll see. Gonna be an interesting and defining decade.
  6. I'm a lenses guy, so that's got to be it for me. The Samsung NX 16-50mm f/2-2.8 S was one of those lenses this decade, but I actually never used the lens or system. I do have the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8, but as a MFT shooter, having to use it with focal reducers (for Nikon, due mechanical aperture operation making for cheaper adapters) and it then being an all manual and bulky setup... not the most ideal. Since, there's been another unicorn... the Leica 10-25mm f/1.7 and that's gotta take the no.1 spot for me.
  7. Well, they're slowly working their way up to the full catalog. Or is the 25's not even removable at all? Maybe that factory has the prototype plans of the anamorphic too and can perhaps be scaled to the GH5 with less crop (the original was developed with GH4 crop in mind; and successively cancelled for said reason), so hopefully there's more to come.
  8. Not so sure about that. Crowdfunding drums up hype. It's just good business practice to capitalize on that. Don't think there's much more to it than that. That's the sorta thing Elon Musk is all about. Spending less on actual promotion and advertising... and just create hype and make people talk about it themselves. In Pokémon terms 'it's super effective!'. Also cutting out the middleman and the need for physical stores/showrooms. That's just where this is all heading imho. The JBL project that just launched is already over goal and they only ship US/DE (where usually campaigns are run worldwide; that's also how you can guage demographics and markets to focus on if you decide to go retail). The Philips campaign reached 11000% its target goal (of course the bar set low on these campaigns on purpose, they know they're likely going to get enough sales to warrant production, but here again it sounds better if you're reaching 11000% over target (creating even more hype and articles being written about you) opposed to fully funded at 101%, which is only just making it). Thing is. They already put in the market research + R&D. They can't afford to be publicly disgraced by flopping a crowdfunding campaign, that hurts more than it would gain. The products of these established companies are probably already production ready. They don't come out with a cardboard prototype and go like 'so... this is version 1.0, we'll make some more iterations as we continue to tweak the concept, let's embark on this journey together! We're looking forward to your support to make this idea a reality!'. They know what they've got and that it will be a banger... the question is just... will it be a small fire cracker or will it blow up like TNT. Crowdfunding can elevate its success for them with very little effort from their side. These sharks are just trying new waters to fish... _______________________________________________________________________________________________ But anyways... Some more Tom Antos perhaps? New vid:
  9. JBL (by Harman) just went to Indiegogo with a headphone. I saw Philips on there earlier as well. More and more established companies taking to crowdfunding as a marketing ploy. And they can if the product is a brand new thing. Even Peak Design with origins taking to crowdfunding as a start-up must not have much actual need for it in order to realize a new product either. At least you know that unlike shady campaigns they're likely to live up to their promise and you do end up getting a nice deal/discount. That you prefer to miss out out of principle and rather wait it out and perhaps buy it later at full retail is your prerogative of course. ? I happen to think US$549 is a steal for an all-in-one anamorphic lens solution.
  10. AUD that is, not USD, eh ? Half so bad or well... 0.69 so bad. (Though as said, US$549 option is out there)
  11. Well... So... like building a house or preparing a meal... you can have the blueprints/recipe... but it doesn't guarantee you a succesful outcome. Kind of the case here. They've taken over Veydra Mini Primes production plans by the look of it. But who knows where they have cut corners... but they seem practically identical from what I've gathered, no?
  12. Cinegain

    Skydio 2

    The bad is... apparently their Hover 2 campaign only started shipping just now, months after they were supposed to (MAR 2019). Also... basically just a young Chinese company (then again, so was DJI at some point), but reminding more of the cheaper corner, think: Hubsan, Eachine & JJRC. At least they do things differently. But the quality I think might not be quite there. Sample/footage/reviews/time will tell...
  13. My pledge was at the super early bird tier level, which is the same moniez as the secret perk for people who subscribed in advance (US$549). As I did not use the special link myself, I can give it to you to take one spot (shouldn't go public with the link tho, for the sake of the other early pre-launch subscribers who were not able to back just yet, but there are quite a few left) if that helps. Always recommend the out/in principle. Sell off something and use it to buy something. Must be something around you don't really use and can be turned to funds.
  14. Feel free to play guinea pig. Just don't come crying if things go south as we had told you so. Or do. I'd love to point a finger and laugh. ?
  15. Cinegain

    Skydio 2

    So... here it is: V-Coptr Falcon by Zero Zero
  16. Sounds as legit as the Nigerian prince's millions held up in customs and require you to deposit a small transaction fee to get those funds released and you getting a chunk of the millions.
  17. Recently picked up a Feelworld F6 Plus for US$170.39. Definitely some merit having an actual external monitor.
  18. Cinegain

    Skydio 2

    More competition for DJI and Skydio? (Video to be premiering the 19th, but thumbnail and title give it away) The guys from https://gethover.com How would that even work... like this? Or well, more 'conventional' perhaps a twin tilt-rotor?
  19. Yeah... we're talking about newly developed anamorphics at sub 1k,- moniez, that's pretty unheard of (unless you're talking slap-on lenses for phones and drones by Moment for example). Image is crisp and does what it needs to. It doesn't require taking lenses, dual focus setups and/or diopters. You can throw it in front of a GH5 and put it on a compact gimbal. It's a great proof of concept excercize, that hopefully is the first of many. Unfortunately Veydra ditched the anamorphic route and exist no longer. Vazen looking kinda interesting, similar thing but heftier pricetag and the lens itself is also quite massive, 4/3 sensors only. Do get a 1.8x squeeze out of it. Atlas Lens co. Orion... they seem legit, definitely my kinda thing. But pricey as well. Do get a 2x squeeze and more lens options. Of course there are a bunch of options way north of that as well... but let's not go there. I bought a Kalart Victorscope 2x many moons ago, Vid-Atlantic clamp adapter. Lovely organic image and all, but very soft and well honestly I couldn't be arsed with shooting like that. If you do, hey, power to you, but let a non-purist layman have some fun too. This brings anamorphic to the masses if you will... it puts it right back on the map! That should be applauded, not criticized. There's always bigger and better out there, no question. But people all gotta start out somewhere. And even for enthusiasts like Tito there, this still is something with a new twist he can keep in his arsenal. Remember, this is just their first anamorphic effort. I get excited to think what's more to come from this. As well as what this means for the likes of Vazen and Atlas Lens co who might have to get more competitive on pricing. And personally... I like the image just fine. Most of us are shooting 4K these days... soon 8K will come. Things are going to get more crisp and clinical. Sometimes you've gotta let go of clinging on to what you know, feels familiar and embrace some of the new. Film has always evolved. Whether black and white... color... HD... 4K. Newer generations will bring new advancements and a new picture style. In similar fashion I grew up with a Super Nintendo... and have fond memories of that and that would be my idea of gaming... sat on the floor next to a buddy or sibling with your wired controllers. So I don't get all the Fortnite & Minecraft online gaming stuff people are involved with these days. But hey that's just the way of the present generation. It's all just subjective. Main thing: keep anamorphic alive!
  20. Haha, looks just as cold as Europe. xD And those exotic Brazilians reminded me of a colleague and a friend, both of which German speaking. But I guess pretty far off then! Ah, I see. Speaking of seeing... can't wait to see what they're coming out with next! 25mm? 35mm? Good to see China's rising in this industry with the likes of Sirui, SLR Magic, Laowa, DZOFILM, ZY Optics, etc.
  21. What's the real shock here is that you aren't using a Panasonic that has an anamorphic mode... in-camera de-squeeze etc. ? I was at IBC2019 and was able to have a looksie look at it and play with it, looked very promising indeed! Believe I was with the first 20 backers on the campaign (no social influencer freebies here). xD In the comments they mentioned the slanted flares were prototype issues and the retail version will be shipped out with perfectly horizontal flares. So fingers crossed regarding that. P.s. where was that shot? Europe? Those two you were with... German?
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