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  1. https://emojipedia.org characters have been transformed to a bunch of question marks????? 😂 Hum... in the oldly loaded content (like my signature). New ones (fixed signature: 💡🔉🎥🎬🤸‍♀️) it writes away properly to the new cloud DB it seems or something.
  2. You can also use a 360 VR cam... Full thing: here btw (campaign is long over, but info can be found here). That's like the only VR 360 application I actually thought was a promising format. I could imagine a 'who dunit?' crime video/game, where you have to pay attention and catch clues of who killed who and schtuff. Otherwise I never found implenations of VR that interesting.
  3. Are you that adamant on wireless monitoring? I'm quite into cars so I follow some automotive journalists if you will in the form of these 'cartubers'. Tim 'Shmee150' Burton for example mounts Sony FDR-X3000 action cams (with BOSS) in- and outside the car. So... that's the sorta thing I would do. The smaller the camera and the wider field of view the lens has got, the easier the rigging of course. So... Sony FDR-X3000... GoPro, Blackmagic Pocket or Micro or any other MFT camera perhaps (broadcast shows like Top Gear and The Grand Tour use Panasonic GH-range cameras most of the times). Set up your cameras, have a look at how they're pointing, hit record, fetch the recordings after the drive and put it all together. Have a trial run beforehand to make sure every occupant is clearly visible and audible.
  4. I sold my BMPCC4K. I kept my 2 OG BMPCCs.
  5. Or you can get Santa's I mean... Peter's https://petergregg.com/a-better-white-balance/
  6. haha, I figured. A little bit more regarding the P1: Seems pretty stable and all. Just the motion/transition in movements seems a bit robotic on/off, rather than organic. But I believe he said he had the same feedback and that they were trying to see to address that with firmware. Btw. Is it me or does it seem like Sirui's been sending gear to try to relatively small channels? A bunch under 2k subs, this particular dude 67:
  7. I'm not sure you understand how affiliate links work. ? You mean the Sirui P1? I have it in, but it's still boxed. I am abroad right now and unable to play with it until next month. But for 99 bucks it certainly seemed a whole lot of value. I know everybody's been going nuts over the little Weeble that could, the Zhiyun Weebill-S, but, you know, another price tag and shouldn't necessarily be doing what everyone else is doing. I just come from a Pilotfly H2 background, which has been quite a while ago since that came out, so was thinking it couldn't hurt to have something new. Especially when I picked up the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III and Panasonic GX9 which are a bit smaller, though the P1 should be able to carry a bit larger/heavier cameras/setups as well, thought that would make for an interesting combo to see how that would go.
  8. Ah, I have something similar lying around here somewhere. Believe this: https://www.expodisc.com/ Never actually used it much.
  9. We'll see. They should try and scoop some of the Panasonic users off the market. They've always been a little too stills focused, like Fuji always was too. They're both coming around it seems, but Olympus is still a bit behind. Their advantage is phase detect AF, rather than betting on depth from de-focus and that could sway a whole bunch of people always hating Panasonic for that. Just need more video centric features incl. 10-bit, various overlays and all. Would've been nice to see some new sensortech, but I suppose not.
  10. Kodak intended to come out with a Super 8 Camera so students could get a feel for what has always been involved in filmmaking. Not sure whatever happened with that project... that was like announced at CES 4 years ago. Would be interesting to see ARRI follow suit. But... unlikely. ARRI is like the supercar you aspire to have one day, not one you take lessons with starting out.
  11. Etc... https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=sirui+anamorphic&sp=CAI%3D
  12. I used to watch DigitalREV tv when they were going through Hong Kong. Then being there myself was so different, because you just don't get the temperature, humidity, smells, noises, etc. My expectations where totally different. When I was in Tokyo, I expected a grander scale perhaps, because beforehand I might've seen too many little documentaries and videos about it, that when I got there it wasn't quite what I hyped it up to be perhaps (like the busiest crossing in the world). Was in Mauritius last month. I had tropical paradise in mind, pearly white sand beaches, gorgeous nature, best ever weather. Reality? Sharp rock, coral, sea urchins (got stung too) didn't make it very inviting to get in the water and go for a swim. Snorkling... bad visibility, very few colors. Round tour. 5 mins of staring at a wonderful waterfall... in the very very far distance somewhere. 7 Sands... underwhelming, as were the giant land tortoises. Swimming with dolphins... about 25 boats chasing after a group of dolphins and then going 'JUMP NOW JUMP NOW!', then 'LOOK DOWN QUICKLY' because so many people jumping in then scared them down and away, before everybody was told to get back onboard for the next round. Poor things. Temple? Was like a bad Disney park that lacked authenticity. City? Nothing special. Weather? Windy, cloudy, rainy. The other way around I was in New York for the first time... and I felt like I already knew it from all the tv series, movies and what not I've seen throughout my lifetime. Apart from a couple of new skyscrapers, the vibe must not have changed throughout the last few decades, all felt really familiar from the get go. Next week I'm in Cape Town, I was there for the first time almost exactly a year ago and that positively suprised me! City, people, nature, food etc all just so much more epic than imagined, so I'm looking forward to be back again. Can't really remember the last time I've seen footage first after I've already been to a place. I imagine however I would've been nostalgic about it like 'ooh, I have been there, brings back memories!', not sure I feel any different about what I'm seeing versus my experience having been there. It's interesting how things can be depicted, how your expectations are set and how we get to experience them ourselves. But that's why I never take anyone's word for something and just have to find things out for myself. I like to go in with a blank canvas sorta say, but sometimes the canvas' already been tainted. That's also how you end up with like 100+ lenses, because like Pokémon 'Gotta catch 'em all!'. So maybe not the ideal mindset either. ?
  13. Doubt that would make a whole lot of financial and practical sense. How big is the market for that, really? But a man can wish.
  14. O RLY?! Interesting. I thought it was a step backwards, it's almost retro feeling. ? Like the original Cinegain. I watch some Will Paterson every now and then: https://www.youtube.com/user/breakdesignsco/videos . Used to do that quite a bit myself, graphic/logo design.
  15. Seen a DJI Osmo Pocket being used on Running Wild with Bear Grylls instead of the usual GoPro once.
  16. Regarding the Osmo Pocket. It has seen some useful accessories and FW updates since its launch you might want to look into... I think it makes for a very capable filmmaking tool. Just too bad they didn't make it have build-in wireless connectivity from the start. That's where the knockoff FUNSNAP, Vmate and FIMI seen oppertunity to gain an advantage even. And e.g. the FIMI has a little integrated joystick on there as well. The DJI is a great tool, but they perhaps should've refined it a little bit more before going to market with it. But I'm sure one, a Hasselblad edition, will be just around the corner. Regarding GoPros, actually, haven't they come down in price? Dunno, kind of comes across to me like they have become more affordable in recent years. And there's now the TradeUp promotion going on getting a 100 bucks off for sending in pretty much any old crap cam you can get your hands on. They have gotten better and more stable, although image quality hasn't really made leaps yet... been taking them long enough to release the Media Mods, that could make it a pretty interesting tool. According some CES coverage video like the LED light mod is out, but the rest isn't until next month, so I remember. We'll see.
  17. I still like that F35 look Ed David got out of the beast, a thing of magic. So impractical to shoot with, though, I imagine.
  18. We went on a special trip to Hakone where you can see it over the lake and all we saw was clouds too. xD Atleast we got to be on a pirate ship. I only ever saw Mt. Fuji from the airplane.
  19. No, it's literally when you're with friends, family or whatever and you're like 'ooh, that's awesome, gotta grab a shot of that' and they ain't having any of that so you quickly grab your shot and run back to catch up with them as they've moved along not being bothered to wait up. xD Like... that's different to when I have my GH5 and the goal actually is photo-/videography and can take my time to work out the best angles, lighting, maybe even grab a tripod, etc. I always have a little backpack or shoulderbag on me, when I'm out and about and having the GX9 in there is no big deal (and because you never know when you get a GAS moment and need to bring something home, lol).
  20. As if you weren't refering back to the 'fast/slow aperture debacle'. ? But ok. The GX80 or GX9 with say the Leica 15mm f/1.7 is roughly the same footprint as an LX100. It's tiny. But... enough to take along if otherwise you'd only have your smartphone (given, the Huawei P20 Pro (especially monochrome sensor: lowlight) and P30 Pro (for its periscope optical zoom and improved video over predecessor) have really been impressive). But if I know that on the trip the goal isn't to take pictures/footage, then I'm just not taking big whoop cameras and lenses with me that literally weigh me down at the same time allow me to elaborately set up my shots carefully. Otherwise, what's the point? So... that's just where GX9 comes in. Enough to be there when you need it, but not so much as being a little bothersome to have on you.
  21. I had the BMPCC4K. Sold it. Just wasn't worth the hassle over what I could get done with a Panasonic tbh.
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