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  1. Saw Nino and Johnnie at their booth today doing interviews, so I'm expecting Cinema5D content over there soon too.
  2. Yeah, I managed to hit the IBC floor today and saw them. Certainly looked alright. Guy indeed mentioned €700,- and january. Also, that they're looking into other focal lengths indeed with the first next being a 25mm. They borrowed out their GH5 with one attached and they aren't under NDA or anything, so we should be seeing some tests hitting YouTube soon? Image looked alright on the monitor. Couldn't resist a flare test. Wasn't very pronounced, you really gotta try hard to get something going there.
  3. Don't let amaducers and unproduckies get to ya! 😜 Amaduce ~ when professional settings turns into amature hour πŸ•Ÿ; the inability to produce results Unproduck ~ someone unprofessional and unproductive; one who quacks like a duck, walks like a duck and probably doesn't do a single fuck 🐀
  4. Sometimes I think back to the good ol' days of the GH2. Albeit we did apply bitrate hacks, there was something nice to the core essentialism of shooting something the way the great masters and cinema scene did it before you. Makes you appreciate the craft, like a woodworker carefully carving out something rather than CNC cutting or 3D printing. Also gives you a deeper understanding of what you're doing. It's like building together LEGO Technics opposed to getting something prefab, you really get to know the function of each component much better. That said... technological advancements free up capacity and at the same time introduce new creative possibilities, which should be applauded. Imagine homes without central heating... you'd have to go out and collect firewood, get an axe and chop it into smaller chunks, then keep feeding the fire... at some point you'll need to clean it out. I mean, sure, there's an appreciation and enjoyment that can be had from that... but isn't it mostly just tedious tasks that take up time and capacity that could've been dedicated to another cause..? The following video is a nice illustration of how technological advancements still makes you think out of the box and be creative:
  5. Or the other way around. Some cameras practically are phones.
  6. Good questions indeed. What a good soul whoever asked about those two things. πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‹ It was interesting to get the answer that it needs double the shutter for it to work too. Yeah, and I suppose that's one of the reasons the S1H is a little chunkier as well. In the beginning I really thought it was due to shows like Top Gear and The Grand Tour that have been using GH4s throughout their productions that noticed the GH5 couldn't really be used for their applications. Still though, it would still be nice to have a locking sensor option, but apparently that ain't as easy as it sounds.
  7. Bit masochistic indeed. Even hurts me to see this happen. They'll probably be bankrupt by the end of this quartal (means the update won't happen!). What a shame.
  8. There's a difference in offering a diversified line-up with pros and cons to each. Say... currently Panasonic's flagship line-up. Previously? GH4 is the flagship. Now? There's three. The GH5 as the ultimate hybrid with IBIS. The G9 if you appreciate the top LCD, large EVF, mainly photography-minded stuff. The GH5S as non-stabilized videocentric camera with dual native ISO and so on. That's sort of acceptable segmentation (though... I much rather would've had the G9 body and IBIS with GH5S-performance/results, but alas). If they do it, these cameras offer V-Log L (for 'Lite'). Want full V-Log like the VariCams? Want <insert wishlist>? Well, there's an option for you out there, it's just going to cost ya. We can't have all pricepoints and equipment do the exact same job, surely you got to differentiate them somehow. I get that. What isn't part of natural diversification is Canon's cripple hammer. Where things get left out/get progressively worse and more restricted. So take this 24p... it's always been there, now *poof* it's gone. I mean... tell me, where can I buy the <insert camera> with 24p paid upgrade? It isn't there. You'd have to get into a completely different tier camera ballgame to get that. Something you're not remotely interested in and doesn't fit in with your style of shooting. That to me is next level shenanigans. Canon think that move will get people to move up in the Canon camera hierarchy... oh they're moving alright... but it's to the competition where noone else is leaving out something like 24p.
  9. Also: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=variable+nd+filter+shootout
  10. Oh, but I'm the biggest! πŸ˜‚ Call it an honest 'tribute' if you will. 😜
  11. Did they fix the slanted bokeh yet?
  12. Whatabout the 007 aspect ratio? Cinematic no matter what you're shooting:
  13. Holy Simon Cowell. I'm a bit of a trap faller apparently, so once I fell for one that's vintage anamorphics. Taking lenses, clam adapters, dual focusing, rods & lens supports. Man, that wasn't for me. xD So... it was cool to see single focus all-in-1 anamorphic lenses getting affordable. Especially with the Atlas Lens Co. and Vazen. Or before it even inexpensive adapters, like that one tiny sensor only 1.5x VM Lens or now with the DJI cams and smartphones the ones from Moment. But a 50mm f/1.8 1.33x anamorphic for 500 bucks! That's just unheard of. Speaking of unheard of... Sirui, the brand known mostly for its tripods of course... now one time I read about them working on lenses... never actually saw one making it to market. So let's just see if this will. Interesting that now this shows up!
  14. Haha yeah. Someone save meh!1!! πŸ˜‚
  15. It's nice to have a nice camera, but a lot has to do what is happening in front and behind (!) the camera body. It's like when you were a kid shooting silly videos with your friends, playing out a combat scene perhaps or something. First thing that ruins it is an inadequate casting/wardrobe/location. A battlescene with 12 yr olds running around in casual clothing in a suburb neighbourhood with cringy acting doesn't really sell it. Same for the post production with too epic music thrown over it and Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks set to overdrive on the 'Michael Bay'-setting. But you live and you learn. Get the right talent in front of the camera, put 'em in a convincing setting, with the mood set right from the get-go and suddenly it's already much better. You change the kit zoom to a set of primes. You're giving camera movement more thought. In post you still stylize, but you don't go overboard. It's those touches that have little to do with the camera body itself that make the biggest difference. So when the title of this thread says 'everything else instead', indeed, ND filters and audio gear are exactly those kind of things. I just got a little too carried away with pixel squeezing and forgot about the time and effort it takes to obtain and work with such thicc footage. And for what? So it looks slightly better to the 1% that would actually be able to tell a difference. I realized that I enjoy the shooting process the most. Thinking carefully about the scene, what it needs in terms of lighting, what look am I going for, what lens would suit that? That sorta thing. I actually don't enjoy just about anything that happens in post, so it was a bit foolish of me to get a new and exciting camera that would however make that whole part more tedious, but it's an easy trap to fall into. Atleast I realized it. πŸ˜„ Maybe I'll consider it once I can afford to have an editor work for me (that shares a similar mindset/creative vision).
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