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  1. @Andrew Reid might as well do it now. Why wait ?
  2. I clearly don’t understand what’s going on here & I agree my behavior was out of character. My apologies, I will remove myself from participating in the thread as promised earlier.
  3. @Andrew Reid you TRYING to berate me with child like name calling...doesn’t add validity to your statement. Doesn’t make you sound smarter neither its counterproductive to what you’re trying to achieve here by labelling me an “idiot”. Like I said, peace. Don’t stress yourself out I’ve checked out of this conversation. save that hostility for someone else who doesn’t share your sense of moral equivalency. No one is calling you a pedophile supporter you can calm down now.
  4. @Andrew Reid see the personal attack was unneccessary cause I guess both me & disney couldn’t separate the art from the artist. I will never stoop as low as you have shown you are willing to go in this thread nor do you personal attacks on myself and others change my opinion about myself or the other posters in the forum. You would think you’re on trial w/ Gunn the way you are acting right now. You don’t have to be a dick to get your point across you know ? Especially since no one called YOU a pedo sympathizer we’re just saying those kind of jokes aren’t worth defending because they are tasteless and offensive. You speak about the bar being lowered but look at your responses *shrug* peace
  5. @Andrew Reid you win, I was never that invested in this topic nor your personal life. I hope thats not what I was alluding to when you wrote that long response so no need to defend yourself You don’t need to go looking for anymore youtube videos to prove your point.
  6. @Andrew Reid and you probably don’t even know why the brand is called “kidz r evil”. Its a metaphor for how the older generation doesn’t even try to understand the younger generation. They demonize and vilify them instead. Sound familiar ? ? there’s depth to me. Im not that surface level of a person you know ? Look deeper ; THIS is artistic expression not jokes about touching kids. You see jokes about touching kids are not only creepy they’re corny and despicable in addition to violating the rule of law. This is what happens when people try to be edgy but end up looking really stupid try mentioning how artsy & hillarious that guys tweets about kids were at a dinner date. Especially the one about “fcking the little boy next to me” That’ll go over well. people aren’t virtue signalling here. If a Canon,Fuji,Sony,Nikon,DPreview etc rep was out here with tweets like that they would be gone. No argument about it because we actually have laws in the states that protect kids PLUS the optics of it looks terrible.?
  7. Its a conspiracy ! We don’t understand the genius behind a good pedophilia joke ? it’s cool man, lets agree to disagree. I personally like to leave the children outta my jokes, alot of of other material to cover that doesn’t relate to sexual assault. Things like the Sony A7siii only rumored to be 8bit. Thats a funnier joke courtesy of Sony @Andrew Reid
  8. @Sage like I said earlier these look nice and no one can take that from you but this looks more like a hue, saturation, luminance adjustment to match the cameras. There is a lot more to a color space than an HSL and gamma/contrast adjustment. LOG C has a wider color gamut than VLOG L which would probably cause a lot of issues using certain LUTs designed for LOG C. This is more like a look LUT than a technical one but I guess I can’t make that assessment until I put them in my NLE again these look nice but I don’t think its a true colorspace conversion.
  9. Its not the color science thats different its the cameras sensor or color filter array that can “see” more colors than a lower quality sensor. A sensor from one camera could see more red than the other BUT since they are all using the same color space & gamma the results are always predictable and manageable. i.e. rec709 is 6 stops of DR whether its coming from a sony or a canon @JeremyDulac
  10. @Gregormannschaft yeah im here to share and learn. Im not learning anything to help my filmmaking career from opinion posts
  11. ???? Huh ? VLOG is a color space / gamma specification. You do not need a LUT built specifically for the GH5’s “color science” if the input transform was built for said color space & gamma. If that were true a LUT built for gh5 vlog wouldnt work on gh4 or gh5s. @JeremyDulac the only way a LUT has half the chance of doing a color space transformation to a HUGE color space like Alexa’s is with tetrahedral LUT interpolation and even that is a reach.
  12. @JeremyDulac I do. I make my own LUTs. LUTs do not compare to floating point operations, not by a long shot. Its the prime reason why ACES is 32 bit floating point instead of 64 x 64 x 64 high resolution LUT. 32 bits has WAY more transformations than even a 256 x 256 x 256 LUT. And this is why LUTs can color clip channels but the 32bit floating point transformations of Davinci wont. Also VLOG is a gamma & color space specification. You don’t need a LUT specific to each camera to convert VLOG if the program you are using has a manufacturer based transform that built for said color space & gamma specification
  13. Can’t you do this conversion with davinci resolves color management in floating point precision ? A lut wouldn’t be nearly as accurate as it needs to be to convert to Alexa’s color science. LUTs are hardcoded by nature. Looks nice though
  14. @webrunner5 I posted that image earlier. The fact that people found a way to defend that...is...eye opening. Im questioning if I should even keep contributing here. These opinion based posts have been alarming to say the least. I don’t have any kids but if anyone found any of those tweets remotely funny or even socially acceptable then they aint for me. I don’t mean any disrespect but If I get banned for this comment like @Damphousse did then so be it.
  15. @Dustin try using the battery grip options too bro, the “dummy” battery used to connect the grip helps move the heat away from the main body to the grip. Its the battery that causes the overheating issue in the Sony
  16. Fortunately for me I never had any of the IBIS and overheating problems people seem to be suffering with using the sony a6500. I also use a battery grip to move the heat away from the body of the camera
  17. He was “playing” a perv for 3 years ? These tweets ranged from 2009-2012 im sure there was a reason why he stopped playing “the creepy perv”. We’ll have to agree to disagree on this one cause these tweets are clearly indefensible. Either way it was REAL ENOUGH to get him removed from a multi million dollar contract, tell you that much
  18. See Disney knows that defending things like this is how you lose copious amounts of $ and how careers end so they cut him loose but I digress. This thread is eye opening Oh trust me I understand you clearly. Crystal even. What you will quickly understand is that you can’t always separate the art from the artist. What aspect of the filmmaker are you defending cause we are clearly talking about these tweets and not his work. This wasn’t some type of super villain character he was trying to build. This was his thoughts, his personalty, Im sure Disney who was very much so invested in him seen the long term patterns (cause it wasn’t one or two tweets and this went on for a long time) of these tweets and knew how damaging they were. So no I am not confused about this at all and nor was Disney when they cut him loose.
  19. @Andrew Reid sir. These are jokes about PEDOPHILIA....pedophilia as in sexually abusing children. To make it worse it wasn’t like one joke it was multiple over a lonnnng period of time. Thats funny to you ? That’s joke material to you ?
  20. How can you defend this ? @Andrew Reid “Tell your 3 year old you’re laughing thinking of me ducking 3PO. He’ll appreciate it when older” I have another despicable “joke” for you to defend ”the expendables was so manly I fucked the shit out of the little pussy boy next to me” great joke huh.
  21. kidzrevil


    @noone @webrunner5 yeah its all in the optical design and the materials used. I have brand new voigtlander lenses that are based on their age old designs and they look beautiful. The coating and materials used do effect the look as well. The coatings on my Takumar set gives gold and purple tones. There is so much that goes into the look of the lens but if I were to guess I would say its definitely a combo of coatings, optical design, materials (like thorium,lead etc.) lead to the look, not the time period the lens was built.
  22. kidzrevil


    Exactly ! The widest you can go without worrying about distortion with a vintage lens is at 35mm. The 24-28 mm range is usually tolerable for me but the distortion is definitely there. Its a complete different look from modern lenses even on a modern cam @webrunner5 Like you said pick the glass for the mood youre going for
  23. kidzrevil


    I haven’t said any of those things thats the funny part. For starters no one is talking about LUTs in a thread dedicated to lenses. Plus if you knew LUTs are a viable option to correct the lack of contrast then you should know that alleviates the “problem” of shooting with vintage less contrasty lenses or diffused modern lenses. I never mentioned not once that a vintage lens makes the image look vintage because that is simply is not true. What’s true is that these are things YOU are saying and points YOU are trying to make. I use vintage lenses solely for their character and thats it. A lens from 1960 doesn’t make your image look like a period piece from the 60s but there are optical characteristics that are directly related to the construction of older glass. I’ve shot with everything from high end zeiss to vintage zeiss amongst other glass and forum members who frequent this forum could tell you that. Why modern lenses look the way they are do because they have more optical elements for the sake of correcting distortion. This was not common practice with vintage lenses which leads to their character. As far as Deakins is concerned he is not the only DOP in existence and we all have our own style. Quentin Tarantino’s DP went to panavision to get their oldest glass to shoot Hateful eight. Everyone has their own style. I have mine and other DP’s have their own. I do not like the optical characteristics of modern glass in my work. Am I wrong for that ?
  24. kidzrevil


    The olympus lenses will always be sharper but I really like the character of the voigtlander glass. Stopped down to f2 they are super sharp
  25. kidzrevil


    Thats cool but none of this applies to me soooo redirect your energy bro ?? save your assumptions, prejudgements and sweeping accusations for someone less experienced with filmmaking. How a LUT affects the color of an image and the look of a “clinically” sharp lens are two completely separate topics. ”those who are against the clinical look tend to look for excuse of not able to light their scene properly” <— nice talking point but doesn’t apply here. Voigtlander 28mm f2.8 w/ metabones speedbooster ultra x digilogcolor.com “Aesir” LUT
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