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  1. @DBounce that vid you just posted looks cinematic as hell ? moment is coming out with an anamorphic lens for the iphonex w/ custom battery case/mount. The game is changing. Thank God for technology
  2. I heard William Wages say that the big cameras as good as they are only serve to protect the status quo. He showed cuts inbetween a varicam and gh4 that look indistiguishable. I agree with @AaronChicago . I think we’ve plateaud when it comes to what we can get out of even consumer cameras in comparison to an Alexa. There are obviously certain traits each camera has that outweighs another but if you like the image and you can get it to meet the technical broadcast standards then you are good. I now think lens choice matters way more to the look than the camera.
  3. @mnewxcv I only go straight to rec709 if I am using Aces. For everything else I convert the raw data to bmdfilm because it can preserve the entire 14 bit data in its LOG curve
  4. I use 14 bits to be safe but there shouldn’t be any visible discernible difference between 12 & 14 bit I use davinci resolve color management for accurate conversion to rec709 from the huge color space.
  5. Yup. I rotate between my a6500 and 5d3 raw for that same reason. Each has its own look that are both cinematic in its own right Facts
  6. @kye im not sure what point you are making. I think you may be over thinking this DR thing a little bit. Even with a high dynamic range camera like a 14 stop alexa a day light situation has way more than 14 stops so you will blow something. Instead of worrying about blown highlights good DP’s preserve the midtone range because our eye is the most sensitive to midtones. So yeah even with an Alexa you will blow something and thats an oscar award winning camera. Dynamic range matters more on a compositional level than it does on a technical especially when most displays are rec709 6-7 stops. Composition matters more than DR, all cameras have “cinematic” DR. “Cinematic” is subjective
  7. Exactly. There is little to nothing that will go beyond a 6-7 stop range at night. It all depends on whats being shot Pretty much. In a situation where the contrast ratio is too high I just change the composition. Composing your image to get all the detail you need in the DR you have saves you a lot of headaches.
  8. Im not assuming and I have ? This was shot in SLOG2 and compressed to the 6-7 stops of REC709 gamma There’s ways around it OR you can choose what you want to keep and what you want to lose. I don’t mind choosing between crushing shadows or blowing highlights as long as my midtones are preserved and my composition is balanced.
  9. at this point its about how good we are as camera operators. You could give us 28 stops of DR tomorrow and it wouldn't be enough LOL
  10. 6 stops of usable DR to fit REC709 display standards. So that would be roughly an 8-10 stop camera for cinematic dr. Lighting ratio matters way more to the image than the sensor dr
  11. Was it supposed to be ? Sheesh. You asked for an anti aliasing and I lead you to the feature. If the 120p isn’t good enough for resolves anti aliasing then Im afraid you either have to look for an alternative or avoid the 120p feature altogether. Every camera has its flaws.
  12. @Attila Bakos great ! You found the anti aliasing feature ! Its the button under image scaling
  13. Resolve has anti aliasing support in the project settings tab
  14. It really depends on what type of shooter you are. Me personally I lean more towards the documentary / photojournalism style so I get lenses famed for their use in that field. I put together a nikkor pre ai set and a asahi super takumar set for my a6500. The nikkors have a short focus throw perfect for street photo and the focus is smooth. My Takumars and voigtlander set focuses even smoother which is perfect for my use being a manual focus type of guy. Maybe you can view what you need from that perspective
  15. @Kisaha you would defend the idea of an instant coffee maker for the NX line if it was announced in a thread lmao. Im just messing with you bro but you can be pretty biased when it comes to the NX. I think the “accusers” were looking at the situation objectively while the “defenders” based their facts on hope and belief so we were literally having two different convos. @Andrew Reid & @lucabutera seemed to be one of the few voices of reason
  16. It stinks of Ebrahim @cantsin . Stinks to high heaven. Remember when Ebrahim tried to say he was an old Professor of psychology or something and simultaneously he was an 18 year old middle eastern kid ? This has Ebrahim written all over it
  17. And these are all the reasons we called “bullshit”. He was shooting raw faithfully for 7 months but when pushed into explaining himself he says he can only produce one corrupted DNG file lmao. Now I actually have TWO bridges in Brooklyn for sale for anyone who believes this. Cant pass up on this deal ?
  18. @Yurolov it might be that he’s a liar. 110%. Remember @Andrew Reid NEVER requested that email just proof if possible so the fact that @Arikhan would approach someone via private email with less evidence than presented here Is a red flag. I personally love this forum and trust me in comparison to a lot of other sites you can actually learn from and develop working relationships with people on here. Don’t let a prankster ruin that for us all with what is clearly fake. Even @kinoseed is confused by his claim and he put in A LOT OF WORK into the hack. Trust me we all want this to be real but like I said before false information is a slippery slope to a dead forum. I will continue to call out and challenge questionable information as I see it. I will not trade in hardcore information for the desire to believe in things that arent real
  19. @derderimmermuedeist why are we acting like this guy didn’t say he is a programmer doing university level work. He is not a child with a rattle that needs to be coddled
  20. @Marco Tecno fake news is a slippery slope to a dead forum and thats why I believe @Andrew Reid and people like myself have no patience for this especially with the amount of opportunities presented for him to clarify himself. He even personally mailed Andrew with the most cryptic email I’ve seen for someone who’s serious about getting there work out there. You have to police these things cause when you dont they get out of control and thats why I think Andrew shut it down. Dude wont even be straight with the owner of the forum in a private email. Who’s gonna buy his claims after that ?
  21. wait so even after the email sent to @Andrew Reid we still have hope that the NX1 raw hack @Arikhan "developed" is real ? I need a drink.
  22. @webrunner5 this is absolutely gorgeous. Hands down some of the best sooc footage I’ve seen. Even as a starting point for a grade I can run wild with this ? im going to wait a couple of months to see if I will pick this up as a 3rd body. Its a close call between this and the a6500. With the right profile the a6500 looks stunning but this Fuji footage has its own character ?
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