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  1. The only thing i'd debate is how the form factor of a "brain" is better than something with a handgrip? Also, does it not shoot RAW? Wouldn't that be a pretty big difference, especially at a higher price point?
  2. @Wild Ranger Very nice work! I also am a big fan of the colored versions. Your lighting is particularly nice also - Are you using any fill on these close-ups or is this all natural light?
  3. 33x33 and 65x65 are just container sizes essentially (someone correct me if I am wrong), meaning it allows for more robust and accurate luts the larger the lut size. Pretty much like a codec allows for more or less bitrate. 33x is usually enough for most work but in the case of EmotiveColor it is such a highly technical and advanced lut that I am going for the 65x, plus my cpu can handle it.
  4. @ChristianH It is the same. The settings are all there, Alex seems to have just cropped out unused settings. The blend mode is at the bottom of the ofx.
  5. @mercer ah ah that they are! My bad - not sure why i wrote russian. Good info, Mercer. I will be on the lookout for those specs! @Wild Ranger i didnt realise the 4:3 gave the correct crop! Ill have to try it out!
  6. @Wild Ranger that is awesome! Those old c mount lenses are gorgeous. Did you get any kind of vignetting since the gh5 sensor is bigger? Did you use a viltrox adapter or regular? I had my eye on a 16mm 1.8 c mount but read there would be some vignetting. I really would love to build a collection of Russian Kern c mounts.
  7. @Téodor Spencer These are all using a standard, non-speedbooster adapter. I just got a viltrox woohoo!! Some frames are 4k but most are 2k - but all 4k files were down res’d to 2k. Its cool you get the 16mm vibe too - ive always found the soft and main have very film like saturation response and separation. Add a bit of grain and bring down the blacks and thats pretty much all i do!
  8. @Ryley K @Téodor Spencer Hey thank you both! Ummm for lenses these were all from either an old Nikon 28mm 2.8 and a 35mm 2.4 Zeiss Flektogon - I always use a black pro mist 1/8 on all my footage. I don't do too much to get to this look - I follow Alex's methods, adding his olpf simulation on the front end. I then use his curves recommendation with the 'hue pass-through' method. After that I add some extra contrast and saturation in LAB colorspace to give some extra color separation and then add some film grain. Alex has done something truly incredible with this lut in my opinion - He has totally flipped the idea of what a lut is capable of on its head.
  9. A few from my trip this weekend.
  10. A few test stills showing some daylight and mixed lighting - I also posted a couple different exposure of shot to show clipped highlights. I have finally developed my node structure in resolve to a powergrade with the olpf, the hue passthrough and my extra contrast added after GHa in LAB colorspace. Seeing as I how I haven't convinced work to invest in Pansonic(they use sonys sadly) I will hopefully have my first personal shoot coming up to really put GHa through its paces. Loving this conversion!
  11. @Maverick530 @Maverick530 I attached a copy of the lut i ripped before they removed it from the site. You can also apply it as a 3x3 matrix: Bottom of page 7 in this document shows the matrix required: http://www.centron.sk/Storage/Document/Product/3453-2012-08-02_Alexa_LogC_Curve-Usage_in_VFX.pdf Or a DCTL: last post on this thread: https://forum.blackmagicdesign.com/viewtopic.php?t=61073&p=348495 AlexaV3_EI0800_LogC2Film_EE_davinci3d.cube
  12. Ahhh very interesting. Many thanks for all your work, as usual!!
  13. Very nice! Thanks for the info. So could you elaborate on what the hue pass through setup? What is exactly is hur distortion? I think i have an idea, but was hoping you could explain. Also i notice you give several suggested methods of altering luma - but this hue pss through is your preferred method? thanks!
  14. @Sage , that looks really nice! What was your process grading those stills?
  15. Yes I would argue a lut built specific to the sensor of the Gh5 would perform differently on the GH5 than the GH4 for VLOG. Companies tweak their color science camera to camera to improve it. There are further conversions going on other than just color space transforms. This is why id guess that a company like say FilmConvert makes a new profile for every Sony camera even though they all have Slog2/SGamut...the color science is always slightly different sensor to sensor...
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