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    z6 vs XT3

    Since you've shot with Nikon in the past, and because of your selection of lenses, I would also recommend the Z6. As DBounce said, they both have fantastic output.
  2. Geoff CB


    Each one covers a steadily larger front element. The 40 covers lenses with 52mm filters. 50 covers I believe 62mm, the 65mm covers 105mm filter. I think. As you go up they cover wider glass and are increased quality. I would not get the 40, it's pretty poor image quality. The smaller the front element of the taking lens, the better.
  3. I think Django was pointing out that PAL gets 25p in 1080p but 24 is missing. Canon is only removing it to cripple the camera.
  4. Geoff CB


    Definitely a tilted lens element that needs to be repaired. Like you said the focus plane is completely out of wack.
  5. Sony's marketing focuses on Specs because that is where they are on top. I think this generates a very negative attitude toward other photographers as a byproduct. Other products are "inferior"
  6. What are you exporting to? Is Cuda/OpenCL turned on in Media encoder?
  7. Built in ND and audio controls cannot be undervalued.
  8. Starting from scratch the XT-3. Lenses are reasonable compared to the E-mount. E-mount has some incredible lenses but at high costs.
  9. Welcome to the forum and glad I could help!
  10. Allen's Camera in NJ has a practically brand new one that someone dropped off in store, they have not listed it online yet. Selling it for $1050. I can't afford to right now, someone grab it before I buy it anyway
  11. Gave up Premiere due to stability and haven't looked back. For those who are interested in stable give AVID a try, they have a free version out that is incredible. Resolve is my primary program now but I do occasionally have issues with it, and it's a performance hog.
  12. They do not have the same picture controls options, the same color science, or the same sensor.
  13. Geoff CB


    No personal experience, but I've loved some of the things shot with the SLR Magic APO's. They are not harsh lenses.
  14. C100 mark II. The best for weddings bar none. I'm more interested in in the FS5 for film/corporate
  15. The variable electronic ND will always draw me to this camera. That level of control over exposure cannot be undervalued. On my radar to pick up at some point.
  16. Only upgrades I'm expecting from the next Sony mirrorless aside from the A7III body is 10-bit and venice color science.
  17. By the footage is seems to have at least as good image quality as the Z7. Rolling shutter seems better, definitely my next camera
  18. Wish they would test the RS in 1080p, hell I wish most people would test the 1080p period. I don't need 4K most of the time if 1080p is flawless.
  19. Geoff CB


    I haven't tested the filter yet, but I want to say how much I absolutely love Formatt Hitech's packaging for their filters. Packed by hand, quality control stamped, and come with cloth pouches for the filter. I wish every piece of glass came like this.
  20. Geoff CB

    Premiere Pro 2019

    You should give it another try if you haven't recently. Their latest release is very fast.
  21. Geoff CB

    Premiere Pro 2019

    Nothing new with Adobe, there is a reason I don't use it anymore
  22. Media Player Classic gives the best results for me on PC.
  23. Geoff CB


    A for me it's A, I prefer the catseye effect to the edged circles. Obviously prefer the lighting in B.
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