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  1. I'm also anxiously waiting for it, love the camera and I think it will be godlike when we get native editing. I've edited the files in Blender, and the 4K almost plays ~19 fps, and 1080p is very smooth on my system. I'm wIlling to bet Premiere will be the first to support it, before AVID & Final Cut. The have the broadest codec support. Always remember, if you want something supported in your favorite NLE, your should contact them and say so. The more users they hear that want a feature, the more likely they are to implement it!
  2. God I love the look of the Kine cameras. Hope they find success. If I ever get into more feature films (right now mainly doc work) I'll probably invest in them, 3K 16-bit is astounding. Still hoping they find a US Distributor. ​You can find some samples of the Cineform files that the kineMINI produces online, excellent non-raw codec that edits in all editors and has more efficient encoding than ProRes.
  3. On ergonomics: The goddamn record button is in the worst place possible on the Sony series of cameras. I shoot mainly doc style work that is mixed with photos. On my NX1 the image preview button set as video standby (can hit with my pinki), the wifi button set to record (hit with thumb), and the rear rotating command dial set to ISO. Set up like this I can be recording video and shooting photos without having to change my grip at all. Add this to the much more comfortable grip, it's no contest between the two in what I prefer.
  4. Still, improved 1080p is great news! Still wondering if that means faster frame rates.
  5. WOW. I am so glad I invested in this cam. Optimized FHD fast/slow movie option = faster framerates and better resolution??
  6. Everyone is talking about the 4K on this camera, but they really should be talking about the amazing 1080p as well!
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