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  1. 10-bit in all profiles.
  2. It's really embarrassingly bad. I would rather use the AF on a NX1 or A7r Mark II Image quality is excellent, but can only use MF 😞
  3. Wish I could find a ACES transform for this camera. Some V-LOG shots manually graded. Lens was the Panasonic 24-105 F4 Also if anyone wants to know the H&Y Variable MRC HD ND+CPL Filter is what I used for these. It's excellent and color neutral, if a bit fiddly to use. I REALLY hope Panasonic steps up their AF game next time around.
  4. Really not interested in the S1R, limited record time, no 10-bit. Extra megapixels alone is no where near worth the extra expense.
  5. I only tried the S1 very briefly so far and I would say it is better Ibis than my Z6. Using adapted primes instead of native glass Sony seem hamstrung by the e mount in this regard. Don't have enough room to move the sensor as far. Seems to be the reason that the a7s3 has the advanced mode that crops in more to ignore the sides. I do hope more editors like resolve can take advantage of the gyro data, as I've seen great results from that.
  6. Highly recommend a PIX-E5 or PIX-E7 if you can grab them, those recorders are tanks and can get 4:4:4. Or get the Atomos Ninja V with SDI adapter.
  7. No I've not had a chance to fully use it yet, borrowing it this week to give it a try. Does anyone know if you can punch in when recording?
  8. Me too, initial v-log impressions were good. The lack of affordable lenses in the system (Thankfully sigma at least is giving cheaper 3rd party options) and the AF are the only thing keeping my wallet in my pocket. Not even really concerned about AF for video, I need it to be good enough for the occasional photo work in low light situations.
  9. Held one of these for the first time yesterday. Love the setup and features and the IBIS seems even better that the Z6. Viewfinder is absolutely beautiful. Hope the next iteration can improve AF. Will be testing out the video next week.
  10. Those look great! Awesome setting. Some from me, these are all Prores 422 LT
  11. They need to open up their mount for cheap to Tamron and Sigma and get 10-bit video in the z6s. There is no way they catch up if they rely just on their lens development alone.
  12. Lenses, grip gear (Tripods) recorders (There was no listings for the PIX-E recorders and now there is a bunch, even though the price on them has gone up) , GPU's . Those are the ones I've been looking at so outside of that I don't know.
  13. I think people might be downscaling. They are selling their expensive gear and then picking up cheaper cameras, hense the low end getting more expensive. Because while I've seen used gear get more expensive, I've also seen a lot more of certain gear than was on eBay before COVID Or not, just a theory. Sony F3 went up a lot because of those YouTube videos on it and probably some of my posts. Also drove up the price on recorders for it as well.
  14. Considering their brand new high end camera is not full frame I doubt it will happen anytime soon. Probably 2023 at the earliest.
  15. You don't get internal 10-bit or 4K 60p on the XH-1
  16. Also consider a ACES transform as well, still my favorite option with Sony Footage. This was only done with a ACES transform, Input Transform: Sony Slog2 (Daylight), Output Transform: Rec. 709. Did not touch any adjustments. Graded to Brighten it
  17. You did not blow out the clouds. Clearly still there in the log image. How are you coverting to rec709? Just a LUT? Are you in resolve? If you are make sure to use lumanence mapping when doing the color space transform. If you are in Premiere pull down the highlights and they should come back.
  18. Depending on how extensively you plan on using the external recorder I would consider the Nikon Z6. Full Frame, Ibis, and far better battery. If your sticking mainly internally XT-3 is a better option. One thing to consider is the XT-3 is extremely annoying when your switching between photo/video as the settings are not separated. I tried it out, think I may switch away from Z6, and that drove me up the wall and I found I really missed the IBIS. Also God do I hate the micro-HDMI on the XT-3. Can't use a monitor without a cage
  19. ???? Tracking autofocus does work with an external monitor, in the video it shows that it even has the ability to control it from the external monitor. Watch it in the video, definitely a difference in motion. Crazy that I ended up in the video! (@7:22) Really enjoy his review, but tempered my expectations for the camera as there is still some annoyances that they could have solved. Headphone jack interrupting the monitor is something I know would drive me crazy.
  20. Time and more points of failure are the reason this is not done. It's pretty much the same reason 3D fell out of favor. +2 Cameras = More grip gear and power +You have to sync the cameras +The settings have to be exactly the same +Your LENSES have to be exactly the same (AKA you need high end matched sets) +The cameras and Lenses have to be aligned properly and at the same focus. +You have to pay an extra person on set to make sure all of that is working properly. +Good luck changing lenses fast! It's useful on maybe landscapes and TV demo/stock footage and like you said VFX (Example being the incredible rig used on The Irishman, I wish someone had come up with before 3D died) but it's a nightmare for simple narrative.
  21. I would get a zoom to compliment your primes and have a zoom option. If you can deal with the variable aperture the Sony E 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 is actually a better lens.
  22. Yup. Z6 has an insanely high and accurate level of detail if you turn off sharpening. Like you said, it's people that don't know how to use the camera doing the tests.
  23. Slightly overexposed while shooting with fill from reflector. ACES grade, Secondary corrector to soften the skin tones and sharpened the reflection in the glasses.
  24. ?? Many Angenieux zooms can be had for below a grand. Compared to Super35 zooms with similar ranges that cost upwards of $10000 dollars.
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