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  1. Prores 444 Slog out of SDI A port at 3200 iso with a PIX-E7. Nikon 24-70 at 70mm with a Tiffen Supermist Black 1/8 filter. Lights in background heart were tungsten. But fill and spotlight on stage was gelled LED.
  2. Not at all, the mount on the camera is very strong. Metal mount + steel Nikon G adapter from Optitek. If I was mounting a cinema lens on it yes I'd use a rail support, but photography lenses are relatively light in the grand scheme, if cheap DSLR can handle it this mount certainly can. It's a larger PIX-E7 with the XLR adapter attached. Honestly the camera itself is bulky so not going to switch to a smaller recorder to get it a little lighter. Working on the videos, but have other work I have to get done first. Including shooting a short on the F3 alongside the S1 on Saturday. So we'll see how they do!
  3. Don't think this will sell well, terrible video specs for the price, bad viewfinder, and not in any way better than the A7III for photographers.
  4. yeah DR is important but I've seen so many cameras with great DR that fall apart and the shadows or the highlights in terms of image quality. Like my A7rII that turned green in the highlights right before clipping (thank God they fixed this on later models).
  5. Lack of front dial is a mistake. Especially at the rumored price.
  6. So if you are trying to get 60p out of this camera make sure you have a 6G SDI cable! I thought an older SDI would work and was constantly having issues getting 60 FPS, switches to a 12g cable and much much better!
  7. For me it's not necessary but it comes down to the lenses I'm investing in. At this time I'm not willing to buy any glass that doesn't cover full frame. So by extension I lean towards full frame camera purchases in the future because that takes the most advantage of the lenses I have and will continue to buy.
  8. https://documents.blackmagicdesign.com/SupportNotes/DaVinci_Resolve_15_Feature_Comparison.pdf Main things you loose is resolutions over UHD, HDR, noise reduction, multi-GPU support, and project sharing.
  9. The Tokina is not worth it on the camera, better off getting a nice filter like hollywood blackmagic or something similar and a wider lens. 28-70 is very limiting on the F3. It actually is fantastic on the S1 though. Again I'm leaning towards filters for the soft look nowadays.
  10. Absolutely fantastic to see the 1080p 10-bit 4:2:2 is at a very high bitrate!
  11. So just hope for a GFX with a FF crop video mode as an option 🙂
  12. I think so. They had to have a gyro instead of IBIS data for the FX9 because they couldn't have the IBIS mechanism and the electronic ND both fit in the mount. I'm actually really impressed with the Gyro data stabilization, and look forward to that being usable in other applications. Their "advanced" mode on the A7sIII seems great and I'm glad they have the gyro data. From Gerald Undone's tests it seems that the IBIS is not as good as the Panasonic S1, so that is another strike against it for me.
  13. The lumanence spot meter at 10:42 should be in every camera, that looks great. Yeah the only reason I never went fuji is I don't enjoy their body designs, shallow grips and dials on top that I would never use. Never handled a XH-1 however so maybe that would convince me otherwise.
  14. This will probably be my next video camera as long as it has 4K 10-bit 4:2:2 30p with no crop.
  15. I'm in the same boat, I'm going to rent it first but I'm really leaning towards long term going full Sony. I love my Nikon's but it has so many minor annoyances and they are never going to have a video camera to move up to or use alongside them. Sony has the lenses and the AF performance for photo and video. If the R5/R6 had knocked it out of the park I would have considered it but not anymore.
  16. "What you need to be very mindful of when using Panasonic Lumix S series cameras, and this includes the S5, is that the HDMI delay is horrible. I did a series of tests to work out the average delay when outputting over HDMI. The average latency taken from 3 tests was a whopping 221ms." -Newsshooter. OW. Deal breaker for me.
  17. At $2000 I would much rather buy a used S1 with it's better battery, EVF, and handling. The only thing it lacks is the 10-bit 60p. Edit: And unlimited record time and a full size HDMI instead of micro.
  18. They already leapfrogged it with the GFX line. Would rather they bring out a cheap GFX model.
  19. Nikon's 1.8 lenses are no compromise glass. Really hope Panasonic is wise and makes these cheap and with a FEW compromises. The system really needs low cost lens options.
  20. It breaks easily and requires you to have a cage for the camera to use it reliably without it falling out or getting pulled out easily. Full and even miniHDMI you can get away with just plugging it in sometimes but I never trust micro and don't want to lug a cage whenever I want to use and external monitor. Honestly hope the S5 releases for $1500 and kills used prices on the S1, that way I can pick one up with the XLR input. It really is a rock solid camera with no negatives for me except the lack of great video AF.... and I really don't use video AF right now, it would just be nice to have.
  21. Aaaannnnd this camera is dead to me. If I could deal with microHDMI I would be using a XT-4 right now.
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