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  1. I agree that deepfakes could be a big problem in the future that will only create more doubt and confusion. Fake news with lies and manipulated media are already here. But the argument that film will be a solution to fight for truth in the future doesn't seem very likely to me. Probably someone will create a software that tells you if something has been manipulated or just plainly demonstrating your original digital files. People will always believe in what they want or try to descredit you with false acusations. Ps: You can print a digital movie on film, so you still have that "possibility" of manipulation.
  2. That would mean they would have to edit on an old moviola and never touch a computer for digital editing. The moment you scan your footage and edit it somehow you're already subject to doubt and distortion. But isn't film always a distortion? For various reasons you manipulate time and emotion with cutting. Before that you manipulate what you see with blocking, lighting and framing. Even if you never cut and only use real people and situations, you're always going to manipulate what other people see through framing and distance. And that only shows a portion of what is on front of you. I could ramble on this topic for a while. Sorry.
  3. Film is still a desired medium for long time storage. Nobody knows the media of the future but film can always be digitized. That's why it's still a relevant medium beyond acquisition.
  4. Yes, it isn't for me. When did I suggest otherwise? People overthink and overpraise raw format for video. For photography? Great. For video I think is overkill for the majority of us. Log and 10 bit 422 is a great compromise for quality and space. But anyway, to each his own. As I said before, no thank you.
  5. I don't think so. Sure, with smaller productions you don't have so much freedom with space but who wants to keep rolling and rolling? Pick a format that's right for your job. Only a fool would try to do a long day's shoot with few cards and heavy files. Ps: I worked as an assistant in a job like that. Two cameras with three cards (total) in a controled environment. Three different talents so you had a few moments to offload the cards but it was an unnecessary headache.
  6. Well 1tb for a roughly 70 minutes of 5.5k 25p raw... No thank you. The 10 bit seems like a good enough file for my needs. But such a pain to edit h. 265. It's too bad that prores isn't readily available on more cameras.
  7. They're probably going to be good cameras. As most Canon cameras are. My main issue with the new models are the massive file sizes and the lack of clog 2 or 3. One thing is 1080p raw. Great. Manageable. 4k or higher in raw format is great for spending a small fortune on cards and drives.
  8. Ibis is great. I usually use it when I'm shooting handheld, with a shoulder rig. Works great for me. I never understood the mindset of having ibis and just using your camera handheld, with no support and wanting tripod style shots. Yes, I understand the value of a small footprint and being incospicuous but you can do that on a tripod and a long lens. But I tend to just "be visible" like a clueless tourist and let people relax over time with my presence. Otherwise I feel like a creep. Is it just me? In the end, I always choose the style of movement regardless of ibis. Shoulder rig, gimbal or good old tripod. I love the peace of filming with a tripod, without pressure.
  9. I agree that you'll probably be just fine recording in full HD. You will save time and space when you're editing. 👍
  10. https://helpguide.sony.net/ilc/1710/v1/en/contents/TP0001667428.html this is for the a7r iii but check if those settings exist in your model 👍
  11. Updating your computer will help. Transcoding files to prores will be beneficial, even if you maintain your current Mac. You could also buy a video recorder and get prores files externally. But the cost of the recorder and more ssds might not be worth it. The a7s II has proxy recording for 4k files. Maybe the a7iii has that function as well?
  12. Yes, I have a little bit of that as well. I'm very critical of myself and others. But that's why I want to direct. I'm more critical of others and think I can do a better job. Sometimes I'm wrong...😅 I started a documentary project two years ago and I'm finishing it next month. My biggest lesson from it is that it's better to do than not to do. That famous sentence that perfect if the enemy of the good. Yes, I made plenty of mistakes but learned a lot. And next time i'll have those mistakes in mind. If I stayed at home, thinking of projects and criticing others in my head, I wouldn´t have meet a lot of great people and do some of my best work with this series. I had some friends that didn´t believe on the project and bailed on the beginning. I understand some of the reasons for bailing, since it was a long project with no money at all. When they saw the rough cut, they regreted not being part of a project like this. A "big" finished project ( big as in length of the final videos ). If you make the jump to a video, project, etc it's not only the reward of finishing something, it's also the places you visit and the people you meet on the way. It's better do to than not to do. If you make something, it can lead to more opportunities in the future. With better conditions. And you'll have more experience to do a better job. If you do nothing, nobody will know of your best ideas and intentions. As a direct answer to the title of this topic, video is difficult but that's why it´s so rewarding when you make one.
  13. So... in the range of 350€ you guys recommend the zoom f4? There's a few on my local market. Not going to buy anything now but if I need a recorder in the future.
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