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  1. BMPCC 6k almost provides all the spec you mentioned except the great AF with $2,500 USD price tag. Canon won't lower the price to surrender.
  2. Yes, Canon is still strong in still photography. However, the trend is that videos can draw much more attention than photo in today and it is not necessarily being professionally produced. Personally, I appreciate high quality still photos than average quality videos if I have choices. But the true experience is that videos are much stronger in a lot of aspect, especially in the sector of self learning in youtube. I am learning bakery through books and youtube and I should admit that latter one is more effective than still photos and descriptions on the books. Just imagine, 8K is coming and every still captured from video is already 30 megapixels. That's almost no need to take a still photo because every frame is already with more than enough resolution for everyday life. Of course, you may argue that still shot for commercial is necessary. It is the matter of art direct and creativity. The value and usage is different. But you can't deny the impact of video towards photography.
  3. From my understanding, color science and video codec are part of the story of Canon’s failure. There were several more fatal mistakes being made by Canon itself in the past five years. Before Sony released the first 4K camera A7S, Canon occupied most of the video shooting marketing because most of the photographers, especially in wedding photography sector wanted to manage the equipment easier thus they purchase all Canon stuffs from bodies to wide range of EF lenses. This was the good old day of Full HD movie that was still adequate for the producers facing the average consumer market. Canon reserved the color profile and 4K exclusively for the Cinema EOS and lured the producers to buy the expensive movie body which could utilize their EF lenses to “save” money from buying extra filmmaking lenses. In certain sense, Canon slowed down its step to improve the video technology because they believed 4K were for the professional and wouldn’t be the mainstream in the coming five years. And the users’ loyalty to EF lenses will help it maintained the sales of camera body. However, Sony thought differently and tried to be the bad boy to ruin the lenses-monopolization of Canon by using the trick – the EF to E-mount adapter. When Sony A7S entered the market all wedding photographers and filmmakers just went crazy with the most economic 4K solution at that period. The adapter helped Sony to buy time and boost sales during the days without enough good choices of E-mount lenses. Canon couldn’t do anything because the patent of EF mount was already expired which meant it was going to be exploited by other camera brands. This smart move ruined the plan of Canon entirely but it still did not want to face the truth that 4K should be getting cheaper and more popular in the following years. Instead of releasing 4K in the EOS DSLR line, it launched the stupid XC10 as responding to the need of 4K in the prosumer market. The situation getting worse when more brands and various kind of equipment penetrated the market such as GoPro 4 Black, DJI Inspire 1, iPhone 6S, etc. I still remember my first 4K camera was LG G4 in 2015! But even worse that actually, Canon’s technology of CMOS hasn’t been improved much after 5D mark II. The merely increased pixels and boring ergonomic design just losing all its charm . The only reason of buying Canon is just because the users are photojournalists who need weather and dust sealing in the tough environment. Sony (with EF lenses), GoPro, DJI and iPhone take its place in video taking position. Otherwise, there are not much reason to have DSLR with lame video spec. EOS m6 mark II may be the new hope. But what Canon should do that is releasing more power in color profiles and in body RAW recording. Otherwise, a little Sony RX100 mk VII is still able to blow it away. Dinosaur should die anyway but usually slowly.
  4. Thanks for your reminding. I walked around EOSHD and keep following the posts at the very beginning. May be I should ask @Andrew Reid why I can't log in by my facebook account due to the app problem and that's why I have to register an account to speak up. That's not so surprising to me that why you think there is a political agenda because all of us have it. I am not going to prove myself how FAKE am I because it doesn't affect how true my perspective is. You are just in the world of unbalance information. Let me borrow your logic to analyse the credibility of a person. That's an youtuber called Nathan Rich who goes against the act of US government prosecuting Huawei and tries to produce a documentary by his own money telling the truth of China. Well, I can't wait to see it because it is the first time I find a western guy stand by China in high profile and the gesture is quite similar to the spinners in Mainland China. Let's wait and see how sincere the story can be. (Don't forget I am a Chinese in Hong Kong, I know how to judge.) By the way, if you find the opinion of the youtuber great, just like his video because that's nothing I can do to block your way. But I know CCP is smiling.
  5. We won’t go against anyone if one follows the rule and respect to others effort. However, a lot of China based companies are notorious for their habit of IP theft around the world. It is not sole case of Huawei being part of it but no doubt she did quite a lot. Huawei's Espionage Plans Confirmed by Ridiculously Incriminating Emails (Stole IP from T-mobile) https://www.androidheadlines.com/2019/01/huawei-t-mobile-ridiculous-corporate-espionage-emails.html https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2019/02/28/huawei-pleads-not-guilty-accusations-it-stole-t-mobiles-trade-secrets Huawei suspected to have stolen Akhan’s Diamond glass technology, targeted by FBI at CES 2019 https://www.gizmochina.com/2019/02/05/huawei-suspected-to-have-stolen-akhans-diamond-glass-technology-targeted-by-fbi-at-ces-2019/ https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2019-02-04/huawei-sting-offers-rare-glimpse-of-u-s-targeting-chinese-giant https://finance.yahoo.com/news/huawei-akhan-semiconductor-202413843.html Huawei P30 Pro alleged to be querying China servers behind the scenes https://en.ocworkbench.com/huawei-p30-pro-alleged-to-be-querying-china-servers-behind-the-scenes/ https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/3685669 By the way, how many innovators in kickstarters mourned for their loss when doing business with the Chinese manufacturers? Who does have empathy for them? IP Theft: Crowdfunding sites are being harvested by Chinese counterfeiters https://www.chinalawblog.com/2019/02/kickstarter-and-china-manufacturing-youve-got-it-all-wrong.html Kickstarter and China Manufacturing: You’ve Got it All Wrong https://www.huffpost.com/entry/ip-theft-crowdfunding-sites-are-being-harvested-by_b_580bbee3e4b099c43431971b She is not alone. Other than IP theft, ZTE just helped China government doing business with Iran remotely that ignored the sanctions. This is epic fail case to China because ZTE is too stupid to ask a Jewish lawyer to handle the documents. US slaps China’s ZTE with 7-year components ban for breaching terms of sanctions settlement https://www.scmp.com/business/companies/article/2142002/us-slaps-zte-seven-year-components-ban-breaching-terms-sanctions And the most horrible thing is China see morality is nothing on the critical bio-tech. China baby gene editing claim 'dubious'. https://www.bbc.com/news/health-46342195 No doubt, the technology innovation is strong in China in certain area. But it is meaningless if morality is eliminated. It is so tired to explain why Huawei and other Chinese companies do not deserve your sympathy. Mourning for a loss of optical zoom smartphone just proves how short-sight of oneself.
  6. I think a lot of people is over worry about the collapse of Huawei and put all the damn on Trump. As someone already mentioned, the sanction shouldn’t be only Trump’s own will but a consensus of the parliament and other countries in the alliance. We can punish a theft by legal system but that’s the only way to suppress a misbehaved company diplomatically. When prosecuting Huawei is being seen as no difference from killing innovation, we all seem leaving the hazard of nation and personal security behind just because of its tempting technology and affordable price. “Free” is expensive, not to mention that you may have to pay real money and your privacy to exchange for the sweetie technology. I am not going to dig too much deeper on this issue but would like to share some figure that the fall of Huawei and Chinese gadget may not as tragic as you thought. Do you still think China has the lowest labor wage on earth? It used to be but it’s not anymore. In 2012, an iPhone assembly line worker got paid for about US$362 per month. In 2018, the wage just goes up to US$579, 60% increment after 6 years. It is reasonable because the labors deserve a better paid for economic growth. However, the fact is the the wage of a Vietnamese factory labor is between US$150-250, which already lower than the level of China in 2012. Indeed, Samsung has already made their smartphone in Vietnam since 2014 and several photo equipment manufacturers such as Fujifilm, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax or Tamron are making their cameras or lenses in Philippine, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. China is not the only or the most attractive place any more. Panasonic even moved back several assembly line to Japan because the entire cost in China is not lower than in Japan due to the tax policy and exchange rate. Another concern of chips manufacturing in China is also not a too big deal in the high end area. China has Fab plants making chips but most of them are two generations behind the updated process. If my information is correct, the most advanced process in China should be 14nm so far which is not in pace with the conventional 12nm, 10nm or 7nm process. Thanks to the enforced IP exchange policy in Mainland China, all manufacturers are just too aware of the aggressiveness and patient-theft record of this non-trustable country. That’s why they always keep the best on their own hand and build the Fab plants in US, Japan, Taiwan, Korea or Israel instead of in China. The convention technology in China is just able to produce medium or entry level products. So iPhone won’t be affected to much because they never rely on the Fab plant in China. But the manufacturing of circuit board might be affected in certain level, of course. After all, DJI may be the only brand I feel empathy because it has good track record and well behaved in the industry. I hope it can be excluded finally and prove itself clean. Otherwise, Trump should teach GoPro to fly for filling in the gap.
  7. Stay hopeful, that won't make thing worse if it is worse enough. In reverse, Trump did the thing good enough to ignite the boom in Beijing. The only matter is time. If you want me to take the possibility of the Trump tower in Beijing seriously, I'll say that's possible, after CCP is down. You should know what I mean.
  8. Hungry is just a metaphor of greedy. The problem of China is that she ruins her natural resource and intelligent people instead of doing sustainable development or encourage innovation such as protecting intellectual property. The CCP and some people in China are just too harsh to be success in every aspect, especially in technology and military because both help to build up the prestige of CCP and usually being used as a patriotic propaganda. If they can’t get in pace with other countries, just steal it. This kind of thought is quite common to Mainland Chinese because of some historical reasons. About 150 years ago, China was still under the regime of Ching Dynasty. Eight-Nation Alliance used to rip off China causing certain degree of damage by stealing the properties from the emperor. That’s one of the reason behind the thought. Another reason is the damage during WWII. Japanese troops invaded China for almost 8 years. These two reasons of being humiliated by the foreign countries are always manipulated to advocate the revenging emotion of general people. Indeed, IP theft is the result of this kind of thought. Mainland Chinese just believe stealing can compensate their loss in hundred years ago and being seen as patriotism. Another problem of China is that after they ruin the nature resource and agriculture for infrastructure that they need to find other resource to meet the market demand. Thus, they exploit other countries’ resource aggressively, especially the ocean and wildlife in Africa. It causes tension in South East Asia and lead to species extinction. That’s why I said let the hungry people suffer. They cause their own problem but try to fix it by exploiting other countries. That’s shame for a so called intelligence race on earth. Mainland Chinese never learn fair-play and respect their companions. When Germany and Japan proof themselves can be good to the world after WWII, China just still stays victimized herself but not to improve their morality all because it is under the regime of CCP. Chinese can be good. Taiwan just proves herself that a proper democracy system can help a nation and country stay strong. But I believe most of the people in Taiwan prefer to claim themselves Taiwanese whatever their roots are from China. I think Mainland Chinese should learn a good lesson from the trade war. By the way, when you meet a Chinese someday, try to ask where the person came from. Chinese as a nation is widespread in the world but it doesn’t mean all Chinese are from Mainland China. Try to be subtle, you may find a lot of different between Hongkonger, Taiwanese, Singaporean and Malaysian Chinese. That’s complicated but that’s still the best way to avoid being racist. Whatever you hate Trump, please let him stay in his position until he put president Xi and CCP down. After that just go fxck him whatever your like.
  9. Well, it is complicated and not too complicated at all. All political issue is relatively right or wrong, just depending on what side you take or what kind of benefit you stand for. I would say trade war is just a game of Evil vs Evil. My take is to let Trump live and Huawei (China) down. Personally, I am not fans of Trump and hate him quite a lot at the very beginning. However, he acts quite “normally” when dealing with the conflict with China government. A lot of people in Hong Kong is quite supportive to his action although we already know the consequence of the economic drawback if trade war continues. I would say China Communist Party is too strong to be destroyed as they utilize all kind of brutal force to surpass all the opinions that are against the government. And the perfect surveillance system has already implanted in the smartphone in mainland China by WeChat. Every text and money transaction is monitored and privacy is almost zero. In the world of WeChat, thousands of sensitive words against government will be pacified and the people who sent them will be tracked down just half an hour. A hilarious example, a lot of people in China used to mock president Xi by using Winnie the Pooh, who looks a little bit clumsy about his character. The China government just filtered all the words a year ago for over a month to warn the people stop using the words. The most recent sensitive word is iPhone just because it is brand from US! Even simple as buying a knife in some province, the government requires the people to register and engrave the QR code on the knife to ensure it won’t be used as weapon. It is happened in Xinjiang Province already. That’s fxcking horrible enough for general people living in China that they have to tolerance a lot of unreasonable behavior of the government. Only the people keep silence or obey the instruction from government can make a good living. That’s why there are about 100 million of people join CCP because just the people in governing class can enjoy good life. But it also means those people will get the license to corrupt, to surpass the dissidents or to kill without consequence. Theoretically, the simple math of the monitoring system is that one out of fourteen people is CCP member thus each member can govern another thirteen people. Of course, not all the people in CCP do the same job. With the aim of CCTV system across the country, every surveillance camera can monitor seven people in average. However, 200 million is not the final figure of the cameras. The target number of CCTV installation should be 570 million before 2020 which make CCP great again! Although the people in US may feel suffered by Trump’s act, that’s should be an end if he cannot pass the next presidency, or worst, another four years. I fully understand that a lot of people emotionally hate Trump as everything he does should be wrong and stupid. But it is the first time someone brings hope to the people in Hong Kong and China because the prestige of CCP is ruptured by the act of Trump. Xi may go down or even more seriously, down with CCP. World economic and the order should be chaotic if it happened. But I believe, western world can overcome for several years while eastern world may take longer, such as ten years to recover. China is the problem to the whole world. She is too hungry for all kind of resource to feed up her people. Let she suffer may bring a better future to all human race. So, don’t cry for Huawei, it does not deserve.
  10. I found this post quite entertaining to me because it reflects the POVs of most western people on the US-Sino trade war which is a little bit surprise and not surprise to me. What the comments surprised me are that a lot of people see US acting against Huawei is to kill the competitor for the US companies but simply ignore the IP theft and more seriously, the state-controlled nature of the tech giant. Why I tend to believe that US is doing the right thing is because that’s how China government control people in their country. There are already 200 million CCTV installed (P.S. China population is 1.4 billion) in the whole country in every accessible corner with face recognition technology which can spot your position and send order to police grabbing you within 7 minutes. Not just that, there is another brand called hikvision, one of the largest CCTV manufacturer in the world which produces the CCTV with backdoor or even without admin password. That means everyone can access to the cameras simply by the IP address and your home or office will become Trueman Show for free. There was already a case about the CCTV produced by Xiami which is spotted by the network technician for its transferring 40GB of video to a server in mainland China without precaution. In my mind, Huawei is just another bad ass company that is no different from others in PRC. A theft never claims himself theft. Please beware that Huawei is tech company with sophisticated branding and social media technique to cover her ambitious of penetrating your daily life by the smartphone and 5G technology. The 10x optical zoom is so sweet and the price is lower than the over-priced iPhone which is quite tempting for every user. However, once you own the phone and start taking photos or talking, your privacy should be gone immediately. The phone is usually pre-installed Tik Tok and Wechat which are already reported the most unsecured application of privacy. PRC may not interested in your private life. But if the phones are being used by the people working in government or military officer, I.T. industries or any other organization with valuable IP asset or sensitive information, all the effort of building up for nation security and innovation will be sold silently which is too late when you are woken up. Don’t be short sight on this “little” matter. Trade war may bring damage to economic but it is a must to go against the potential hazard before it is unrecoverable. The next battle line is not trade war but network war which target to infrastructure from communication, traffic system or electricity that are connected to network. If 5G is controlled, your life is controlled, possibly, by China government. Why you should trust what I said is because I live in Hong Kong, just next to my enemy and I am fucked by my government every day. That's also why I said your comments are not surprise to me because you are not close enough to the source of information. @Kisaha FYI, always search for information with opposite opinion. I dare saying that every official information announced by China government is not trustable. The debt of China should be 300% of the GDP. I know what the real financial situation there. If you want information in English, please click the link below. What Panos Mourdoukoutas said is not far from truth. Another financial tsunami is almost coming. Buy gold to secure yourself. https://www.forbes.com/sites/panosmourdoukoutas/2018/11/24/debt-not-trade-war-is-chinas-biggest-problem @DBounce I believe that we are living in the same dimension. Glad to know that I have companion. @Yurolov You are on my side, too. Bless you.
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