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  1. BMPCC 6k almost provides all the spec you mentioned except the great AF with $2,500 USD price tag. Canon won't lower the price to surrender.
  2. Yes, Canon is still strong in still photography. However, the trend is that videos can draw much more attention than photo in today and it is not necessarily being professionally produced. Personally, I appreciate high quality still photos than average quality videos if I have choices. But the true experience is that videos are much stronger in a lot of aspect, especially in the sector of self learning in youtube. I am learning bakery through books and youtube and I should admit that latter one is more effective than still photos and descriptions on the books. Just imagine, 8K is coming
  3. From my understanding, color science and video codec are part of the story of Canon’s failure. There were several more fatal mistakes being made by Canon itself in the past five years. Before Sony released the first 4K camera A7S, Canon occupied most of the video shooting marketing because most of the photographers, especially in wedding photography sector wanted to manage the equipment easier thus they purchase all Canon stuffs from bodies to wide range of EF lenses. This was the good old day of Full HD movie that was still adequate for the producers facing the average consumer market. C
  4. Thanks for your reminding. I walked around EOSHD and keep following the posts at the very beginning. May be I should ask @Andrew Reid why I can't log in by my facebook account due to the app problem and that's why I have to register an account to speak up. That's not so surprising to me that why you think there is a political agenda because all of us have it. I am not going to prove myself how FAKE am I because it doesn't affect how true my perspective is. You are just in the world of unbalance information. Let me borrow your logic to analyse the credibility of a person. That's an youtuber cal
  5. We won’t go against anyone if one follows the rule and respect to others effort. However, a lot of China based companies are notorious for their habit of IP theft around the world. It is not sole case of Huawei being part of it but no doubt she did quite a lot. Huawei's Espionage Plans Confirmed by Ridiculously Incriminating Emails (Stole IP from T-mobile) https://www.androidheadlines.com/2019/01/huawei-t-mobile-ridiculous-corporate-espionage-emails.html https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2019/02/28/huawei-pleads-not-guilty-accusations-it-stole-t-mobiles-trade-secr
  6. I think a lot of people is over worry about the collapse of Huawei and put all the damn on Trump. As someone already mentioned, the sanction shouldn’t be only Trump’s own will but a consensus of the parliament and other countries in the alliance. We can punish a theft by legal system but that’s the only way to suppress a misbehaved company diplomatically. When prosecuting Huawei is being seen as no difference from killing innovation, we all seem leaving the hazard of nation and personal security behind just because of its tempting technology and affordable price. “Free” is expensive, not
  7. Stay hopeful, that won't make thing worse if it is worse enough. In reverse, Trump did the thing good enough to ignite the boom in Beijing. The only matter is time. If you want me to take the possibility of the Trump tower in Beijing seriously, I'll say that's possible, after CCP is down. You should know what I mean.
  8. Hungry is just a metaphor of greedy. The problem of China is that she ruins her natural resource and intelligent people instead of doing sustainable development or encourage innovation such as protecting intellectual property. The CCP and some people in China are just too harsh to be success in every aspect, especially in technology and military because both help to build up the prestige of CCP and usually being used as a patriotic propaganda. If they can’t get in pace with other countries, just steal it. This kind of thought is quite common to Mainland Chinese because of some historical reaso
  9. Well, it is complicated and not too complicated at all. All political issue is relatively right or wrong, just depending on what side you take or what kind of benefit you stand for. I would say trade war is just a game of Evil vs Evil. My take is to let Trump live and Huawei (China) down. Personally, I am not fans of Trump and hate him quite a lot at the very beginning. However, he acts quite “normally” when dealing with the conflict with China government. A lot of people in Hong Kong is quite supportive to his action although we already know the consequence of the economic drawback if tr
  10. I found this post quite entertaining to me because it reflects the POVs of most western people on the US-Sino trade war which is a little bit surprise and not surprise to me. What the comments surprised me are that a lot of people see US acting against Huawei is to kill the competitor for the US companies but simply ignore the IP theft and more seriously, the state-controlled nature of the tech giant. Why I tend to believe that US is doing the right thing is because that’s how China government control people in their country. There are already 200 million CCTV installed (P.S. China popula
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