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  1. so the 83 year old CEO, Chairman and Emperor of Canon Fujio Mitarai basically said that "we are now aware that we have lost the camera market lead and will cut our R&D costs into cameras and try to compensate by selling more Corporate Printers instead". to me it seems like a matter of Pride & Principle when a greedy old fart and his ego can't accept and admit that he was too Greegy and it didnt work and that he should just Quit and commit HARAKIRI and be done, and so will also end the age of weird basic feature crippling on overpriced products that no one wants to buy anymore anyway... Party's Over Canon! XC10 (wtf!?) why didnt it have EF mount? or EF-S even? probably so we dont buy or use it by mistake. ehh go figure... even the Canon lens devision is still waiting for a Camera to put all that new 2.5K glass they keep making on... and then... 1 Card Slot - No Joystick... ok... the EOS R is as aborted baby a 1DXII made on the side with a 700D... A Crippled Perfect Cam. but crippled... beautifull but ugly at the same time! i guess we just wait 2 more years... save up some Rubels... maybe then... this for me is the embodiment of the "OLD MAN CANON" mentality that has left me (and others it seems) feeling abandoned and even betrayed, still waiting for that 1DC style 4K shooting "5D-MKIV" that never came (...) and the last 'Worthy' Canon (the 5dMKIII which i still use) owes most of the LOVE it got to the Magic Lantern guys anyway. Now 6 yrs later they would rather completely stop playing than admit defeat - i guess it's a Japan thing... DAMN you Canon for basically forcing me to have to buy that Square Sony! but i now realise that my wait will never end if i dont... oh well... i think i'll go take a nap now...
  2. i just realised that the EOS R is not sale, does that mean you like it better ?
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