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  1. Sony would have to update A7 III not to talk of A7S III! Canon, WAKE UP!!
  2. Basically shows the Eos R as soft with the default sharpening at 0 but looking better and matching the x-t3 at 4 and above
  3. Mattias, I get you just like the Canon image, but I feel it’s because of people like you that Canon get away with the absurdity they do. In this day and age with the technological advancements made in the field, Canon should be doing more but deliberately choose not to. We could/should have a much richer and detailed image full frame 4K (downsampled 6k) WITH the choice to to turn down sharpening for a less detailed image at the very least! Canon with all their money and R&D should be able to acquire the best chips and sensors to fit the purpose. With their large market share and projected sales should be able to negotiate all this at better cost than some of their rivals. They choose to do none of this but screw us and sell us outdated tech for even more money increasing their margins all the while. Yes I too like the canon image because it was easy to get good colour but today that advantage is minimal to non existent. Canon really needs to be forced to step up and deliver. I feel they are now feeling the pressure but as we can clearly see with the Eos R, they are still trying to resist. There’s so much wrong with that camera that colour science just can’t cover up but when people like you keep spewing that mantra, or ‘soft is actually better’ nonsense, there is no progression. I love magic lantern and what they did for the community and us canon faithful, but I can’t help feel that if it had never happened Canon would have been forced to deliver much earlier.
  4. Turns out its Sony after all https://www.sonyalpharumors.com/sony-officially-announces-the-new-medium-format-full-frame-aps-c-and-mft-sensors/ https://www.fujirumors.com/fujifilm-x-t3-uses-26-megapixel-bsi-sensor-as-listed-at-sony/
  5. They've made huge leaps and should be commended for their efforts. While other companies are resting on their laurels and drip feeding features, all while capable of delivering more, Fuji make huge strides with every release. I've now an A7III user having left canon (1dxII last Canon) but have experience with both Xpro 2 and x-t2 which i loved.
  6. Seems there were micro jitters when using the digital stabilisation.
  7. 2 minute basic grade. Looks good to me
  8. https://syrp.co/news/canon-full-frame-mirrorless-eosr/
  9. Official specs apparently. https://www.mirrorlessrumors.com/ Equipped with back-illuminated “X-Trans CMOS 4” sensor with newly developed effective pixel number of approximately 26.1 million pixels (Low pass filter less) High-speed image processing engine “X-Processor 4” By increasing the number of phase difference pixels to about 4 times the current ratio, the image plane phase difference AF area is expanded to the entire screen area (about 100%) Extended the low illuminance limit of phase difference AF from conventional -1 EV to -3 EV 4K / 60P 4: 2: 0 Compatible with 10-bit SD card recording in the camera. 4K / 60P 4: 2: 2 Also supports 10bit HDMI output “Sports finder mode” function is newly installed. Blackout-free high-speed continuous shooting at the maximum speed of 30 frames per second is possible within a frame equivalent to 16.6 million pixels (1.25 times crop) Newly equipped “pre-shooting” function that starts shooting from the time when the shutter button is pressed halfway and records the shot image by pressing the shutter button all the way “Monochrome adjustment” function is newly added to “Film simulation” “Color Chrome Effect” function is first installed as “X series” USB Type adopts Type-C (USB 3.1 Gen 1) standard Standard ISO: 160 to 12800 (extended ISO: 80/100/125/25600/51200) Continuous: About 11 frames / sec (mechanical shutter), about 30 frames / sec (electronic shutter, 1.25 times crop) EVF: 0.5 type organic EL finder Approx. 3.69 million dots 0.75 times Rear liquid crystal: 3.0 type approximately 1.04 million dots 3 way tilt type touch panel liquid crystal Film simulation: 16 modes (including ETERNA) Wi-Fi · Bluetooth 4.2 installed Battery: NP-W126S Number of storable pictures: approx. 390 pictures (in normal mode) Size: 132.5 × 92.8 × 58.8 mm Weight: 539 g (including battery and SD memory card), 489 g (body only) Color: Black / Silver Reservation start date: September 6, 2018 Scheduled to correspond to movie shooting with hybrid log gamma method and “Simultaneous film simulation / F-Log simultaneous output” by firmware update through 2018
  10. Another screen grab. Highlights, midtones and shadows corrected fcpx
  11. A before and after screen grabs of a test HLG3 clip overexposed in camera by +1.7 stops Original clip: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mmpb9iux6s713ac/C0002.MP4?dl=0
  12. I had the x-t2 and it also exhibited the purple grid artifacts but after I sent it in the sensor was replaced and I never had the issue again. I read many similar reports online of other early models having sensor changes when sent in for repairs. I suspect a quiet fix/redesign was implemented when the issue was brought to light
  13. Tested the 16mm 1.4 and it's the same too. Speed doesn't affect the distance. Will check the 56mm when it arrives today
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