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  1. I'd be surprised if it wasn't; having played with the raws the attitude in the shadows is underwhelming. And typically with the same sensor in a Sony body its always a megapixel or two smaller, probably due to the small lens mount. Try shooting with the 28mm f2 on the Sony and when you use the crop tool in C1 you gettthe option to enlarge the crop area as there are extra pixels captured in both dimensions as that lens has the ability to project an image on the entire sensor.
  2. The Rx1Rii is a bargain as long as the back screen coating is intact. Zeiss should simply do a software "UPDATE" and remove Lightroom and lower the price to $3500
  3. The best thing they can do is use a more modern and efficient CPU. Maybe buy from apple or Samsung their previous generation smartphone architecture.
  4. I don't believe that's true. Nikon when they released the Z6 it had a ton of sharpening on the image. Sony was in my eyes is just very detailed from the downsampling. Canon with their aggressive AA filter give a nice image feel at the expenses of detail which many like and some don't - just different philosophies.
  5. They'll probably buy an A7SIII and see if they can copy what they've done now it's been released 😉
  6. So far only with the active stabilisation mode that records gyro
  7. Somebody's going to get a slap on the wrist 🤣
  8. Tony and Chelsea Nothrup did a wildlife shoot of just stills and the battery died in an hour! The R5 is DOA
  9. I think Sony has been holding back the A7SIII waiting to see what Canon releases. I think if not for this R5, we would be seeing an incremental update from them. Sony will have to do even better than the R5 spec wise to stop people from jumping ship and coming back to Sony as if its even level it won't stop a mass exodus. I'm a current Sony user and have been for the last few years, but for 9 years prior to that was a Canon faithful. The only thing that can stop me from going back to Sony is their body prices. I don't NEED the R5 but i'm looking to buy one, the R6 may well suit my needs better as long as the joystick, dual card slots, EVF and battery remain, and If even the R6 price is ridiculous then I'll stick with my Sony A7III and add an A7RIV. Exciting times ahead
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if this R5 is the reason Samsung came out the business - because Canon bought/license their tech in order to compete with Sony. It's the only way I see that Canon out of nowhere coming out with a monster of a camera that blows away everyone else when they don't do chips or sensors and don't live on the bleeding edge of Tech, something that Samsung has been doing for so long now
  11. [The ZM F2 is superb but close focus limited.] I experience this also though its the norm for rangefinder lenses. I use a close focus adapter on mine which brings down to about 28cm which is great, at 1.4 and minimum focus distance subject may be a bit hazy but from f1.8/2 its back to razor sharp. [I should do a comparison between that and the ZE F2.0 one day.] That would interest me
  12. Amazing lens!! Contrasty with high micro contrast giving nice 3D rendering. As stated above its sharp but not clinically so. Some CA wide open. Beautiful rendering. The only 35s better from Zeiss are the 35mm 1.4 Milvus and ZM 1.4 (My favourite 35 of any brand)
  13. The worst news. Very surprised it stood up.
  14. Apparently 47 megapixels, Cine Mode video and 4K. I'll wait until official info comes out before I make an assessment but from a design point of view no tilt or flip screen is a pity.
  15. If they have a license that cover h.264 at any other frame rate on the camera, surely that covers 24p as well ?? So the only reason it wouldn't be on there is to simply cripple the camera(S).
  16. For all that money the rendering does not come close to the voigtlander! Just have to decide wether I'm going to get it in VM oe E mount
  17. At the price it goes for on grey market its a good deal and justifiable with its failings compared to where the market is in 2019. At rrp price its a scam!
  18. This lens is very impressive. I was thinking about purchasing the 50mm Canon 1.2 as I've had a few of them in the past and really miss it. It would have to be adapted to for my Sony A7III as would the Voigtlander but this rendering and bonus sharpness has got me thinking! We really are spoilt for choice these days, so many great cameras at reasonable prices. Basically just pick one that suits your style and off you go. No excuses for not going out and creating good art. Look forward to seeing the review Andrew.
  19. Sony would have to update A7 III not to talk of A7S III! Canon, WAKE UP!!
  20. Basically shows the Eos R as soft with the default sharpening at 0 but looking better and matching the x-t3 at 4 and above
  21. Mattias, I get you just like the Canon image, but I feel it’s because of people like you that Canon get away with the absurdity they do. In this day and age with the technological advancements made in the field, Canon should be doing more but deliberately choose not to. We could/should have a much richer and detailed image full frame 4K (downsampled 6k) WITH the choice to to turn down sharpening for a less detailed image at the very least! Canon with all their money and R&D should be able to acquire the best chips and sensors to fit the purpose. With their large market share and projected sales should be able to negotiate all this at better cost than some of their rivals. They choose to do none of this but screw us and sell us outdated tech for even more money increasing their margins all the while. Yes I too like the canon image because it was easy to get good colour but today that advantage is minimal to non existent. Canon really needs to be forced to step up and deliver. I feel they are now feeling the pressure but as we can clearly see with the Eos R, they are still trying to resist. There’s so much wrong with that camera that colour science just can’t cover up but when people like you keep spewing that mantra, or ‘soft is actually better’ nonsense, there is no progression. I love magic lantern and what they did for the community and us canon faithful, but I can’t help feel that if it had never happened Canon would have been forced to deliver much earlier.
  22. Turns out its Sony after all https://www.sonyalpharumors.com/sony-officially-announces-the-new-medium-format-full-frame-aps-c-and-mft-sensors/ https://www.fujirumors.com/fujifilm-x-t3-uses-26-megapixel-bsi-sensor-as-listed-at-sony/
  23. They've made huge leaps and should be commended for their efforts. While other companies are resting on their laurels and drip feeding features, all while capable of delivering more, Fuji make huge strides with every release. I've now an A7III user having left canon (1dxII last Canon) but have experience with both Xpro 2 and x-t2 which i loved.
  24. Seems there were micro jitters when using the digital stabilisation.
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