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    Canon EOS C90

    I hesitated to go with that as I thought it was a bit niche !
  2. So would I if the hardware costs involved in providing real time AI face/object detection combined with 3D depth sensing allowed it.
  3. Its dependent on the final hardware but based on the current prototype (as used in the unmasked face detection tracking video earlier in the thread) we would aim for a sub €200 price.
  4. It won't be for another couple months after the AFX has shipped.
  5. Thanks. It will work in portrait orientation (albeit with a narrower angle) so if you are putting the camera into portrait mode then there is no need to change it but we also recommend it to be in landscape mode because that is the way the info screen on the back is oriented. With regard to positioning, there is no limitation so you can put it in a hotshoe on the camera, or on top of a cage or a matte box or underneath the lens etc or even behind the camera if you want but obviously the only proviso is that you have it in the same position you had it when doing the initial calibratio
  6. In the same vein, this might be a useful resource for you. https://film-grab.com
  7. An example of continuous AF on a handheld Pocket4K with Panasonic/Leica 12-60mm.
  8. No, its now modular so that people can choose to add the functionality if they need it. This version has continuous centre point AF-C as well as AF-S and manual focus. The additional module provides the extra stuff.
  9. As this version now has motor control incorporated, it will now also act as the base unit for an additional add on to connect (wirelessly) to it which will add the the functionality hinted at in this post.
  10. As BLE is more widely adopted in cameras as a control interface rather than just for file transfer then they can be added as well. It could be done over wifi now with Panasonic, Sony and Canon but there are issues to do with battery life etc that makes it a bit of a compromise.
  11. Yes, with the focus motor support it can work on any camera or lens combination. In that respect, the camera is just acting as a mounting point for the LIDAR sensor ! Obviously you only get the focus control rather than the additional full control of ISO,WB etc that you get with the BM cameras.
  12. Already hinted at (heavily !) in another thread but the AFX focus control functionality is now a lot more universal than just the Pocket 4K/6K cinema cameras. For Pocket 4K/6K owners who want to use manual lenses as well as electronic ones there is a Hybrid mode to control the lens with the motor whilst still being able to control ISO,WB etc over BLE as usual. Supports both Nucleus N and M motors so you can use it with small lenses and large cinema ones. Pre-orders start on 26th. October. Price €199 for existing PBC owners and €275 otherwise. Nucleus M motor re
  13. Well I can guarantee at least one of those
  14. Thank you. Well..... They were going to be supported eventually. Maybe we've managed to put "eventually" into the microwave.... Something like that would be nice wouldn't it....
  15. For anyone looking to have this functionality (and a bit more) without having to buy a specific new gimbal (or any gimbal for that matter), our AFX module launches a week on Monday. I'm absolutely not going to give the game away before then and say that it also supports manual lenses. Absolutely not going to spoil that surprise.
  16. I was wondering about that too. I thought it meant they were asking permission to go to the toilet.
  17. OK, I'll give you some feedback then. You created an account which was not only being used to boost the posts of your main one but was actually interacting with those posts as though it was a real person. That wasn't done accidentally or unconsciously was it? You were then caught red handed and would no doubt have just continued with this deception if you hadn't been. Your response to this deliberate shithousery being exposed was a six paragraph post in which the word "sorry" didn't only not appear but it wasn't even implied. That complete lack of contrition is as bad
  18. Thick Negative sounds like two of the bullet points written on my school report.
  19. I'm sure there is a perfectly innocent explanation as to why virtually the entire posting history of one account is made up of replies and likes to the posts of the other account. I look forward to the clarification.
  20. The only issue I've had with it shutting down external recordings was when I bought a new, and expensive, right angle cable to be able to mount the drive a bit more elegantly. Initially, I thought it was the new drive that I was using with it but fortunately it was easy to troubleshoot and find the culprit as I had other cables and drives at hand. In these instances, though, it always shut down within about 5-10 seconds. I've just run a test to a pretty full T5 in 12 Bit and it recorded to it until there was no space left and then gave the correct on screen warning that it was e
  21. I have the Nikon version and its a great performer, though I used it as a short tele rather than a macro. Judging by the charts he was showing comparing them, this new one improves on it significantly.
  22. I was hoping it was going to be more compact FF 2.8 L mount primes like the 45mm but watching the whole presentation and the emphasis he gave on the quite dramatic rise in the sales figures of their ageing version during the COVID-19 crisis it seems like they've possibly bumped the macro up the release list to try and make some sort of hay while the sun is very much not shining on the rest of their business.
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