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  1. You don't have to understand it really, just obey it.
  2. It counts as a life experience thats for sure. Even we locals acknowledge they can be somewhat demanding.
  3. I always knew you were a sensible lad.
  4. BTM_Pix


    I don't actually own it yet but I'm curious whether a Sigma ART 24-35mm f2 (in EF mount for universality of adapting) could possibly be the one for me with the caveat of having speed boosted and non speed boosted adapters for it. Although I have to say that for pure versatility the Tamron 16-300mm EF mount I've got (again if allowed with both types of adapters) is probably a more practical choice, particularly as it also has OIS.
  5. So.. both versions of the MC21 are now in stock in stores in Japan Still can't find anything definitive over release dates elsewhere though. One curious thing from a user that received theirs today is the inclusion of a couple of surprising accessories....
  6. Sigma is very much still a family business that marches to their own beat so the continuance with the cameras is not really based on the cameras turning a profit in isolation. They are committed to Foveon because they believe it to be the best way to go not only technically but also because as they own the technology they aren't reliant on another sensor manufacturer. They also claim that making cameras helps their lens development by giving them better insight into the whole end to end process. Just as significantly though, Kazuto Yamaki, their CEO, also does it in large part as a continuing respectful tribute to his late father who started the company and who always dreamed of Sigma making its own cameras. https://www.amateurphotographer.co.uk/latest/photo-news/exclusive-interview-80154
  7. By the law of averages it had to happen at some point. It was definitely supposed to work and then, yeah, right at the actual announcement of price and availability there was a U turn. Bear in mind though that at that point the L mount Panasonic lenses were also not working on the Leica cameras, which was even more ridiculous, but this was addressed later with firmware update for the SL and CL but not as yet the TL2/TL/T so it still could all change. However, if you read that other thread, we were discussing something interesting on the official L mount alliance website (which is run by Leica) that basically alluded to that it is Panasonic that have the relationship with Sigma and so Leica appear to be involved with Sigma by association. This would feed into the supposition that it might not all sweetness and light in terms of inter compatibility as it is Leica that actually own the L mount. But this could yet change so when the adapter comes out officially on Friday we will see if there is any response. I think that the initial investment into Leica bodies and lenses is obviously a lot more when you put it like for like against other products but they do retain their value a lot more so the overall cost of ownership is actually quite comparable. If you took an example of an APS-C body like an X-T2 that I bought a couple of years ago which spec for spec made a comparable APS-C Leica CL look ridiculously overpriced but if I sold the X-T2 tomorrow the loss compared to the CL would at best be equal and likely worse. Having said that, I bought the mic adapter for my SL recently and felt like calling the Police to investigate the price they charge for it ! The suspicion based on there being no zooms in Sigma's initial release and the lack of compatibility with the MC21 and Leica cameras (which would allow the other mount ART zooms to be used) is that, yes, there is some sort of agreement/restriction/embargo or any combination of the three that is ensuring that only Leica will have fast zooms for the immediate future. Bear in mind though that it might well be Sigma themselves holding back these zoom lenses as they will have a new L mount version of the SD Quattro in the not too distant future so may be holding them back until then. The story for Panasonic users is brighter in that as from Friday they will be able to use the Sigma fast zooms (albeit in EF or SA mount) though it remains to be seen how good the AF is. Of course, they also have the option of buying the Leica lenses but I can't see a lot of that going on at the current prices. Whichever way this eventually shakes out, the presumption/expectation that this alliance would offer seamless and unrestricted interoperability between the three brands has not thus far materialised. We may only be a couple of firmware updates away from that changing but its a bit of a mess at the moment as far as I'm concerned.
  8. <cough £275> https://www.mpb.com/en-uk/used-equipment/used-photo-and-video/used-video-cameras/used-blackmagic-cinema/blackmagic-pocket-cinema-camera/sku-832050/ Although this is possibly a bigger bargain https://www.mpb.com/en-uk/used-equipment/used-photo-and-video/used-video-cameras/used-blackmagic-cinema/blackmagic-production-camera-4k-ef-mount/sku-786264/
  9. BTM_Pix


    Sigma SD. If Sigma and Leica settle whatever is going on with the MC21 adapter then it will be finding a new home on the Leica as the SA version of the adapter is about £60 in Japan. Ditto the Sigma ART 30mm f1.4 as that came free with SD so to get it onto the Leica for £60 will be a real result but I just don't know yet whether this incompatibility is a forever thing.
  10. BTM_Pix


    Some non-ART (in both senses) Sigma lens stuff from the 17-50mm f2.8 OS This lens can be had for well under £200 used and usually under £300 new and whilst not quite in the same division as the ART series and quite a bit slower, I think it is a really good value for a general purpose constant f2.8 for APS-C users and unlike the ART lenses has OS with makes it a good choice for Pocket 4K.
  11. This was literally the consolatory thought I had when I surveyed the wreckage !
  12. BTM_Pix


    Sorry, forgot I said I'd do this so I belatedly went out yesterday to do a quick shot with the GX80 on the 35-350mm Well, two shots from the same spot to show its range. Shutter speed was 1/60th which is way below the reciprocal for what is effectively a 700mm lens on this camera. Its still so unbalanced though that I wouldn't recommend shooting it handheld irrespective of how good a job the IBIS does on it !
  13. You know that excitement you get when you jump out of bed in the morning to check the 3D print that has been churning out all night? Yeah, well, not that this morning.
  14. Bad is putting it mildly when it comes to the pricing and now that the L mount is not exclusive its looking even worse. For the price of the 24-90mm f2.8-f4 you can get ALL of the following Sigma ART zooms : 14-24mm f2.8 24-35mm f2 24-70mm f2.8 Oh, yeah, AND the Panasonic S1 to put them on with the adapter. So if there is some sort of protectionsim element to it then its quite understandable I'm still hopeful that the situation with the Sigma MC21 not working with Leica bodies is a short term anomaly rather than a permanent lockout thing.
  15. You could create a narrative for a new sock puppet episode from the Race To The Bottom thread on here about how all the socks have been rendered homeless by the over regulation of the shoe selling industry.
  16. We have a conspiracy theory on the go about why this might be. Of the 11 lenses Sigma have announced, only 2 have a direct Leica equivalent so the theory would be that Leica, at least in the short term, want to have their Varios to remain the exclusive option for fast zooms.
  17. I think I might print one of them later. In electric blue, obviously.
  18. As opposed to one of their leading commenters who is still welcome despite flagrantly and publicly conned people out of money for non-existent lenses. I can't see anything by him on there regarding it. The only news piece about it that I saw was from someone else. https://www.dpreview.com/news/2936447826/cinemartin-launches-fran-cameras-with-8k-global-shutter-and-raw-support I tell you what though, I'd be fascinated to know what Amazon think about one of their staff retweeting an article that is heavily critical of them not paying any tax. https://twitter.com/Publici/status/1116631096307769344
  19. Oh and another thing by the way.... ------------------------------------------------------ Who do I sue for libel or slander? Any person, company or other legal body involved in publishing the defamatory material can be sued in libel or slander. This includes the author, any editor or any publishing company. Sometimes distributors of defamatory material can also be sued, including website owners and ISPs. ------------------------------------------------------ While they are chatting to their lawyers, I'd ask them to put your name in the search field of their forum and ask their lawyers if there is anything that they are hosting that you could sue them for libel over because, quite frankly, there is plenty. You'd think that Amazon would have more important stuff to do than this wouldn't you? Like clearing up the toxicity in the comments section of every news story, for example. Or paying some tax.
  20. Libel for what? If it is your honest opinion that someone is a cockwomble (for example ) then that's an acceptable defence. In any case, for a company to sue for libel they need to show it is likely to cause serious harm in respect of serious financial loss. I would suggest that the fact that the link between Amazon and that site isn't particularly widely displayed on DPReview (to the extent that its questionable how many of its users are even aware of it) would make it difficult to show cause for serious financial loss to Amazon. https://www.carter-ruck.com/media-law-defamation-libel-and-privacy-lawyers/libel-and-slander-faq By the way, I imagine YOU on the other hand CAN show that THEIR hosting of links for illegally obtaining YOUR products DO cause serious financial harm.
  21. Sorry, only just seen this. I have an EOS to L adapter that I then put a thin F mount adapter on so its a bit of a circuitous route but works fine. If you want to go direct then Kipon do one. https://www.adorama.com/kaslnk.html
  22. That has leapt in straight to number one in my list of "Bargain lenses that unfortunately are still overpriced by a factor of ten for my pocket"
  23. BTM_Pix

    Zoom F6 - game changer?

    That is what I was alluding to in terms of the definition of the encapsulated function rather than the specific term. Calling it "Clamp-O-Matic" or some such would identify that aspect as it's raison d'être and would, I suspect, set off the alarm bell. They'd have been better off encapsulating the whole end to end process of dual 24 bit ADC and 32 bit float recording and the post process normalisation function into one over arching name as that would stop the focus on the NeverClip element. Call it "Max Headroom" or something. No, hang on.
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