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  1. Through the smart one, yes. Its a tricky question as there are a couple of factors that can influence it quite a lot depending on some choices I make design wise. It will be price appropriate to the price of the cameras it is designed for is about all I can say for now. No one likes AF enough to pay more than the cost of their camera to improve it!
  2. This can be set to be the equivalent of back button focus so it can be momentary and only active while you have the controller wheel pressed in. When released, it detaches and you can use the manual focus wheel or just leave it parked until you engage it again etc.
  3. Thats very kind of you to say. I tell you what, considering that rumour of them doing a ToF AF system came out the very day after I teased the first video of mine, I unplugged my Amazon Alexa pretty sharpish! What you are seeing now (and I stress now) is single point, nearest object you point it at and continuous. I keep droning on about it being part of a more comprehensive focus system but the rest of it does provide more context in terms of an overall solution and how the operational modes dovetail. Again, this is the jumping off point and what it does NOW isn't the end of what it will do when its production ready. When I'm back from this trip, I will do something about the overall controller (the wheeled thing with the wires hanging out of it) that will flesh this out a bit more. With regard to the emitter, it won't cause any issue to anyone's sensor. It will blind a human of course but your camera will be fine
  4. I'm pretty convinced its doable for them.
  5. It is continuous but we were just moving between two targets. If the man had come over to steal the plant it would have tracked him and ditto if the plant had come to eat us. It tracks nearest point but is driveable. Take what it is that you see it doing now as a jumping off point for what is possible as more info and nuance will be released over the coming months. I'll keep it out of this thread now and in the main one so normal Pocket4K discussions can be resumed.
  6. Yes to camera agnostic and a not sure to supporting Tilta as that might be shifting the agnostic issue from the cameras to the motors if you get what I mean? Analysing and replicating one protocol is one issue but then it will automatically lead to "can you also support these other brands" and also puts me at the mercy of changes in their protocol that could then lead to our system not working and so on. Truth be told, if I'm going to put that much graft into something then it would be better directed at producing my own motors as I could control and enhance both sides of the puzzle then. However.....as a stop gap if everyone assumes the risk? Maybe . But I would only endorse it for existing owners and couldn't in clear conscience get anyone to go out and buy them specifically. I hope that makes sense ? As above The LiDAR is one (albeit flashy ;)) part of a more comprehensive focus system that you can see it attached to in the pictures and Andrew will be doing a different piece about that. It has numerous tricks involving stored focus points, snap transitions between them, variable speed automatic transitions and a lock mode which emulates hard stops to enable a fully manual transition between them. All of these coexist together so you can use the LiDAR to lock a point, store it, move manually to anothet point, store that and transition between them in auto or manually controlled ways. With regard to placement, there is a calibration procedure which maps distance to focus position that is relative to the placement of the LiDAR so whilst you would normally mount it on top of the camera, you can put it on the end of the lens or even on a wall behind you and the offset is automatically calculated.
  7. Because there is no hunting involved by the lens and its told to go directly to a specific position without passing go or collecting £200 then any speed differences that there may be are far less apparent if visible at all. Yes it could target the zoom operation equally as it could focus but I don't know how familiar you are with MFT powered zooms but the bumpy violence with which they move to positions would make your shot look like a shark attack shot from Jaws rather than the beach scene with Brody. He needs to contribute a bit more then as I'm currently doing all the graft while he's clearly sloping off every afternoon to play golf or get a pedicure.
  8. In this iteration, no. But it forms part of a more comprehensive focus controller that Andrew will be doing a piece about that will give more context to the reasoning. Indeed.
  9. No, it has to be electronically controllable.
  10. Its manually autofocusing (as contradictory as that sounds) so the behaviour is different to the internal one shot AF.
  11. It works with any native MFT lens and EF lenses on a Metabones smart adapter.
  12. Funnily enough this is a reasonably easy port to the Micro. Which, as I have one, might well happen! It calibrates the lens to distance so works with all of them in terms of that level of accuracy. There are variances in lenses depending on how much "dead space" there (a lens we were using yesterday had about 40% of the possible positions unused before and after its minimum/maximum focus positions). That doesn't mean it doesn't focus accurately it just means the range of steps between focus points isn't as granular as other lenses. Basically if the camera can focus it so can the adapter. I'll give some more info regarding point selection at a later time. Take this as a first step for now Thanks. No additional motors, it talks directly to the camera's focus control via BLE. Yes, it does indeed do it continuously.
  13. Thanks for the positive feedback. Much appreciated. Please buy it I've run out of gaffer tape making this one so that integration will have to wait for a while.
  14. The true context of that clip can now be revealed
  15. Yep, I think thats exactly where the relativity bit hard with the Portkeys! Even with the red dot premium, the Leica one is under £400 so it should be possible for someone to bring one to market with the additional electronics and powering for that sort of price which I think makes it a different proposition. Nice shots by the way.
  16. Now you're just being picky The FP has enough dedicated buttons outside the screen edge to operate it effectively to be fair but even so a flip up option for the loupe would still be welcome. I remember there was a lot of excitement on here about that EVF when it was about to be announced but a lot of deflation when the price was revealed as it was twice what was anticipated. Its a well specced unit and a good price relative to others in that sort of market though.
  17. Its a pity Sigma haven't done it for the FP as the loupe is an OK solution but adds such a huge bulk to the overall package. Olympus used to make the older Leica one but I don't know who makes this newer one. The guess, of course, would be that its their good friends Panasonic which begs the question why they don't offer it for their own cameras.
  18. I've probably said it before but whoever makes an HDMI input version of this tiltable EVF will make a fortune.
  19. Sorry, was joking. It will work because it does work...
  20. If you reverse the order of a couple of words in that sentence you may be on to something.
  21. The Grid one for the BMCC and RED LCD etc works with it At $241 its not cheap though unfortunately. https://www.gridaccessories.com/products/grid-5-0-viewfinder/ Hoodman do a riser to let their 3" loupe be used on a 4" LCD and I seem to recall someone made a 3D printable version based on that idea to attach to a 5". I think I made a note of it somewhere and can track it down if you're interested ?
  22. Sorry, it was a bit naughty of me just putting that up like that with no explanation. If we told you what it is though, you might not actually believe it We will do in a week or so though.
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