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  1. It might be interesting to do a non-shooting but higher than usual consumption test by putting it in wifi mode and connecting it to Panasonic's app and see what happens when it gets to a similar 20% level and whether it falls off a cliff in the same way. The suspicion would be that it is a similar pre-emptive measure that is happening with the SL2 because they are aware that battery performance becomes erratic when it gets to 20%.
  2. The lens control protocols of those cameras don't lend themselves particularly well to direct positioning but having said that neither does the Pocket6K and we managed to develop a solution for that in the PBC so it will happen but not immediately. A universal version that supports motors would be ahead of it in the queue as it can be used for both manual lenses on cameras that don't have particularly appropriate external control like the Panasonic but also of course for manual lenses on BM cameras.
  3. Most people tend not to stick with their first love but in this case I would've thought it would be a given that you would.
  4. The cameras themselves are already streaming from the scene so a lowish res additional stream would be viable or even a full res one for encoders using multi bonded cellular uploads. An enterprising small company with a good stock of Araldite could build a witness camera into an encoder to enable this setup with all the existing cameras out there.
  5. In light of what has been going on covering protests recently, I think ENG cameras might have to have secondary dash cam type of units onboard to provide both the broader context and provenance of what we are seeing through their main lens. If I was out there covering the current protests I'd have a 360 camera in the hotshoe already.
  6. I'll do a proper post but for now here it is (obviously in a "project" housing) surrounded by clues. There is a bluetooth element to it. There is a single presenter/operator element to it. There is a control per feature element to it. There is certainly a customisable element to it. There is a no need to bring a computer element to it. There is also an optional expansion element to it. The main clue of its purpose is actually the Araldite ....
  7. Yes, it will work on any of them. Its funny you should say that. Give me a minute to set up a tableaux of clues.
  8. Well there is a possibility that it could do some damage in the pants region if not calibrated correctly. But as this will lead to not being able to have kids then the money saved on raising them can be ploughed into buying more lenses etc so its actually a feature rather than a fault for this audience.
  9. I've managed to shave a couple of seconds off my best lap at Brands Hatch on Assetto Corsa as well so I'm completely in the zone right now To be honest, the lockdown has actually hindered this project quite a bit due to not being able to get some of the parts for prototyping. The actual lockdown project is for the ATEM and that will be available to buy next month.
  10. Yes, its the evolution of that concept. With a bit more fancy pants stuff thrown in
  11. Remember it ? All the usual caveats of "absolutely not its final form" but thought I'd show a (very) rough glimpse of its (very) rough format. Things have been quiet on it publicly because as I said in the very original thread that what was first shown was merely a jumping off point and it pivoted into what is now a very different product. As you should now be able to guess from this image, it is doing something a little different and offers both AF-S and AF-C modes for, lets just say, more than one focus target The purpose of this thread, aside from the update to prove its not slid into Sony A7S-III territory, is to provide little updates on what is happening as we edge towards release of the actual product particularly as the previous thread is a bit defunct in terms of what its final form will now be. I'll put up some video samples soon, although @Andrew Reid has had some over the past month so should be able to vouch for it actually working I won't be getting too much into the detail about whats going on under the hood until later on and I will be doing a blog post with Andrew to provide more insight nearer the time of pre-orders which should be in August. FYI, the cables you can see are powering the PBC and not going to the camera so no camera mod is required ! So, for now, fire away if you have any questions if you have any interest in it but if you can please just keep it to general operational stuff.
  12. Hang on, schoolboy error. You're supposed to ask some question you've lifted off another forum and then post the links in your follow up question. Back to The Spam Academy for you.
  13. Belittle away, I have no emotional investment in the FZ2000 As I say, I got it for specific jobs (small vignettes of pre-match build ups at stadium and for live streamed press conferences) where the overall feature set of it was more appropriate for what I personally needed in a versatile allrounder, particularly the faster lens with the longer reach and the additional ND. I agree about the XC10 codec but for my purposes the FZ2000 was fine as, for the small films, I would shoot in 1080p (which also avoids the bugbear of the crop in 4K) so the 200Mbps ALL-I was perfectly adequate and for the press conferences the 4:2:2 10-bit HDMI output was more than adequate for the livestream encoder it was being sent to Like I said originally though, all the output I've seen from the XC10 still keeps it on my radar when the price is right.
  14. Not much visibility of a USB cable and power bank on the Cine section of their promotional material either.
  15. And why they make absolutely ZERO reference to having to power it from USB on their website, their brochure or even specification sheet. https://uk.leica-camera.com/Photography/Leica-SL/Leica-SL2/Downloads
  16. Not that I'm aware of. I used the FZ on quite a few work jobs but it was all field edited fast turnaround in LumaFusion so it wasn't really practical to be using V-LOG hence why I still haven't bought it. Not sure whether installing it activates a monitoring LUT either. I think I should give it a go with EOSHD Pro Color when I get a chance. Yeah, £500 is my alert point but they show no sign of getting down to that level. Probably one to watch out for on CEX though.....
  17. You certainly had a busy day on Thursday joining EOSHD and all these other forums and asking this exact question : https://forums.overclockers.co.uk/threads/how-to-remove-shadows-on-dslr-sony-a5100.18888587/#post-33640493 https://www.cnet.com/forums/discussions/how-to-remove-shadows-on-dslr-sony-a5100/ https://forums.tomsguide.com/threads/how-to-remove-shadows-on-dslr-sony-a5100.468121/ https://www.fredmiranda.com/forum/topic/1648443 https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/709844-how-to-remove-shadows-on-dslr-sony-a5100/
  18. Therein lies the problem, the buggers refuse to shift to that "oh go on let's have a go" level ! I keep meaning to get the V-LOG upgrade my FZ2000 as the camera itself edges the XC10 in terms of lens speed, ND range etc and is certainly a cheaper used price for anyone looking for an all rounder. There aren't masses of V-LOG examples of it on YouTube but I just grabbed a screenshot of this random one and did a quick correction and even on a low res grab like this it can certainly be pushed around a bit.
  19. BTM_Pix


    Lou Mix Evie F Elsie D Len Scap Dee Paf Mo Dyal Jay Pegg Mike Rofourthirds Anna Morphic Bo Keh
  20. Yep, I've misread the product page like a dickhead ! Apologies. https://www.raspberrypi.org/products/raspberry-pi-high-quality-camera/
  21. The new HQ camera is natively C mount with CS adapter included AFAIK
  22. If you have access to a 3D printer then this might be useful. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2757282 Its a D mount to C mount adapter so with some editing it can be the basis of a mounting solution where you would keep the D mount and then modify the other end to accomodate the sensor.
  23. It does to me and would of course involve plenty of Araldite. And the complete destruction of both items.
  24. I completely agree with all of this and echo that same experience. The worst shot that I took in a Champions League final was always ten times better subjectively to a viewer (and to me too) than the best shot I ever took in a lower league match. A man jogging along on some grass with a ball at his feet and no one within ten metres of him is a pretty dull shot unless that man was Lionel Messi and that grass was the pitch at the Camp Nou and the people that were ten metres away were part of a sell out crowd of 100,000 people. I'd also 100% agree about finding interesting subject matter away from that environment and back in the "real" world particularly for someone like me who was into self isolation way before it became mainstream. I'm partly "all the gear and no idea" when it comes to video but thanks to my somewhat, erm, challenging personality I'm mainly "plenty of lens but not many friends" so lack collaborative partners or subjects. Its unfortunate but, as you say, best to make peace with it.
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