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  1. The live video walkthrough of the QuadLock functionality is here The AFX v1.7 firmware update will be released on Wednesday 21st and includes a possibly interesting new focus function.
  2. You need to be in Focus mode rather than Control mode. For the P4K, you can toggle between the two modes by either a short press of the B button on the AFX itself or a long press of the upper trigger on the R1. (Page 23 of the User Guide by the way ) The current mode you are in is indicated when you are on the Control screen (left) by "C" or "F" below the shutter angle and if you are in the Focus screen by the T0-T3/N transition value being shown next to the aperture display in the bottom right hand corner.
  3. The rear LCD is fucked so be my guest and I'll claim it on the insurance ! Being a purist, not being able to chimp with it doesn't bother me and just adds to the retro experience. If I was a completist, I'd probably send the SD card off to someone and wait a week for them to send it me back before I could look at the images
  4. I was thinking that the TechArtPro E to Z adapter could give it a lot more lens options but then found this on their product page. I'm guessing if it doesn't work with the Z50 then it won't work with this new pseudo-Df either. Sigma making their f1.4 APS-C primes in Z mount might make it more interesting but they don't seem in a hurry to do that so without a lens lineup this doesn't stack up to Fuji's offerings. And I say that as someone who absolutely loves his Nikon Df. The price isn't far off what you can picked up a used Z6 for these days either. But.... The TechArtPro adapter that does work with the Z50 (and presumably this one) is the Leica M to Z adapter so that would make it interesting for someone who wants the compact retro experience with appropriately sized primes to match but with the bonus of the adapter now providing them with AF as well. With a bunch of cheap adapters this also extends that functionality to other vintage lenses (including old Nikkors too of course) so it could well find a niche there. Hang on, I might have talked myself into getting one !
  5. There could be. There could be one that we may release based on something that we previously did for the PBC but didn't release.
  6. Man alive, the people who thought it was an actual cat let alone his particular cat.
  7. Blimey. That R6 was buzzin so much it could've joined the Happy Mondays.
  8. Did you try the Catalyst Browse post stabilisation on any of the a7Siii footage ?
  9. There are a number of F mount to E mount adapters with full autofocus available that would give you a path to Sony without sacrificing the lens collection. Similarly, there are also E to Z mount adapters so that you could then share E mount lenses with your Z6. That way you could use the budget to really push the boat out and get a Sony A1 to give you a bump that you are after in video (8K I'm guessing would be a client pleaser from a marketing perspective) and it also does ProResRAW but also you'd get a big bump in stills with its 50mp sensor. You could then also get that Sigma 105mm in E mount and be able to use it natively on the A1 but also with the adapter on the Z6. I think if you went this route then you'd get the immediate bump that you are looking for but also be able to hedge against the release of the Z9 as I'm guessing Nikon is really where your heart is and you're not yet ready to fully abandon ship just yet. Far cheaper too as it would be half your budget.
  10. Not sure the marketing department would be keen on having to make do with their coke being of the repurposed Tesco variety though.
  11. Bag? Singular ? In true YouTuber style, you'll have to market your own merchandise like this one - "Camera Bag - The Andrew Reid Edition"
  12. The calibration offset has the potential to generate confusion for some users - and hence more support requests - if they inadvertently left it set on its last position so it will remain dynamic on lens load.
  13. Fucking hell. Its UK only so I'm glad I can't get back in for a while ! This is covered in Chapter One of my new e-book "The Gear Addicts Guide To Relationships - If All Else Fails, Ask How Many Pairs Of Shoes She Has" "Honestly, they were empty. I knew you wouldn't believe me so I took this photograph to prove it. I didn't have my camera to hand so I popped into BH to grab one."
  14. Staring at my collection of unemployed HC lenses as my H3DII is broken and breaking out the justification excuses...
  15. The invert display option will be saveable in the next firmware update. With regard to the offset, are you referring to the offset option on lens load ?
  16. You might be thinking of the minor diversion in the GX80 Cinelike D thread where someone wanted to build a slow motion photo booth-ish type of device and monitor whilst still shooting. The solution I proposed was to use a FlashAir card in the camera as this can be recording the file but simultaneously be accessed by another device over wifi to begin playing it whilst is still recording. So a cheap SBC computer like a Pi with a network media player on it and a screen would be able to monitor it and then re-stream it if necessary online. Can't remember whether they went ahead with it in the end or whether they are just still waiting for the file to finish playing back.
  17. Led by the newspaper columnist fired from the Times for making quotes up from his own godfather, who then went on to fabricate stories about the EU at the Telegraph that seeded Brexit and has somehow ended up being the actual Prime Minister. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/jul/14/boris-johnson-brussels-bashing-stories-shaped-politics As for Kelvin Mackenzie, this clip where he gets a taste of his own medicine from another journalist after the real "truth" of his role in the despicable lies told about the Hillsborough disaster and stood behind for 20 years were fully exposed tells you all you need to know about him. The ongoing collusion between the UK government and Murdoch is very well illustrated in this chart from the Press Gazette in February showing meeting with government ministers by publication.
  18. It is a regular 3.5mm 4 pole (TRRS) jack cable so something like this 0.3m one is fine. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Braided-Auxiliary-Headphones-Tablets-Headset/dp/B08F2DYYY5 If you are using a Nano motor, the motor end is a 2.5mm 4 pole so if you want to avoid using the adapter then you can have a custom length cable made with the 3.5mm on one end for the AFX and the 2.5mm on the Nano end.
  19. Like the original Pocket6K, there is a far bigger argument for it having an MFT mount. You can still have electronic control of EF lenses with non-speedboosted adapters, you can have a windowed mode for the native MFT electronic lenses, the manual MFT lenses like Voigtlander and Meike etc all cover the s35 sensor and of course, with the shallower mount, you are able to put PL mount lenses on it. It makes it a lot more sense for P4K owners to upgrade to/replace/augment their setups as well. Like JVC found though, trying to undo the pre-conceived notion of the relationship between the mount size and the sensor size being absolute is a bit of a tough sell. To be fair, Blackmagic also have their higher end cameras with EF mount so from the point of view of the Pocket6K being a B cam for those it makes sense. I'd be interested to know from which direction the majority of the Pocket6K sales are coming though, as A cams for Pocket4K/new owners or B cams for Ursa owners. Going the sidefinder route like Sigma have with the Fp so that all three flavours of Pocket could have had benefited from the new EVF would have been nice.
  20. Have a look at converter solutions such as this which run it over Cat5e/6a/7 to get 50m runs https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07H8Y5JF4 They are only 1080p but so is the switcher so thats not an issue. It needs power at the camera end but its only USB so there are a gazillion solutions for that. The IR transmitter might be relevant if you use Sony or other cameras that have IR remotes because you'd then be able to control camera functionality such as focus/zoom remotely. You could also do a similar thing using SDI converters at either end but they need power at both ends and even at the low end they are double the price of this £35 per channel option.
  21. Or do what this legend did with a GoPro and an old ENG camera.
  22. Do you have a Nikon to EF adapter to see if that then causes the same issue with the Nikon version ?
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