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  1. Is it still cropped with the DMW-SFU2 upgrade ?
  2. According to Panasonic, it does. EDIT>>> Although it only seems to be APS-C ?
  3. I'd file it under nice to have rather than deal breaker. That extra software key they sell for it activates 10 bit 4:2:2 4K60p external out which would be plenty for me.
  4. I keep thinking that in the back of my mind I'd have S1H envy but thats how they get you isn't it ! Thats the comparison I'd be most interested in though between the S1 and S1H as the 80 or 90% or whatever that the S1 is of the S1H might well be 100% enough, particularly considering the price difference.
  5. My primary use for the FP is as a (very) small full frame stills camera for my Leica M and L lenses with the bonus of RAW video if I want it so its predominantly about the form factor first. Nothing I would do with it video wise would be of an urgency where the RAW workflow would be a massive turn off. I've cooled on it a little because of some of the issues that have cropped up so I'm watching how Sigma respond to those but even so, from a purely stills point of view, its going to give me something my SL doesn't in terms of form factor so I'll probably go for it and see how the video side pans out. From day one, it looked like it had the potential to be the full frame version of the original pocket but it could definitely do with a few of the rough edges smoothed off. The S1 I'm looking at really to develop a controller for so a bit more of a head rather than heart purchase but, yeah, from all I've seen of it I wouldn't be averse to keep hold of it once the work is done.
  6. I'm committed to getting the FP but if it doesn't work out then I'd be quite tempted to chop it in for an S1 down the line.
  7. What are the odds of the S1 getting the ProResRAW output option ?
  8. This is one of the better run throughs of the GFX100 that I've seen on YouTube.
  9. In the case of those two publications they are probably no doubt also claiming that would be British evil YouTubers are being held back by foreign evil YouTubers coming over and taking all their likes.
  10. Personally, I'd just look at the outer edges of the GFX100 system and take it from there. In no particular order these would be : The maximum of 5fps in stills, the maximum mechanical shutter speed of 1/4000th, maximum internal recording format of 4K30p 10 bit 4:2:0 and a native lens range in 35mm FOV equivalent of 18mm to 200mm. Those are all fixed limits and ones that without any changes from Fujifilm you will have to consider will always stay fixed so if you absolutely MUST have 10fps or 1/8000th or RAW or 6K or 4K60p or a native14mm or 300mm lens then walk away. Of those, though, the fps and mechanical shutter ones are the ones that are absolutely set in stone and Fuji doesn't yet feature any lenses on its roadmap that are outside of the 18-200mm range so that too should be considered an outer edge for the foreseeable future. The mitigation here with the lenses of course is that I'm only talking about native ones and it is a hghly adaptable mount including AF adapters for EF lenses so its not without options. Importantly, one of these options is a PL adapter which is something that EF bodies can't accomodate. Which leaves us with the video specs and whether the 10bit 4:2:0 internal or 10bit 4:2:2 external files it produces are good enough versus the internal or external RAW from another camera. From what I've seen of it, it has a very nice output but until you have an A/B against the other competitor then who knows really and with this sort of money on the line I'd be looking to rent them and determine that myself rather than rely on a YouTube one. At the end of the day, if I had the money and had to choose between these two particular cameras then I would buy the GFX because my particular needs for it these days wouldn't exceed the fixed hard edges of the spec and I'd favour the massive edge it gives in stills over the smaller loss in video as a worthwhile compromise.
  11. MPB have a few of the Sigma 85s https://www.mpb.com/en-uk/used-equipment/used-photo-and-video/used-lenses/used-canon-fit-lenses/sigma-85mm-f-1-4-ex-dg-hsm-canon-ef-fit/
  12. Strictly speaking, I suppose the label isn't at fault but it needs explaining in the description. I was the very proud owner of a Fujica STX-1 when I was a young kid so I'm obviously aware of the mount but there are an awful lot of people who would benefit from that description including the phrase "This if from your Grandfather's era kids, its not for that new modern Fuji stuff"
  13. Its 1.55mm so would be tight but still more to play with than the 1.25mm MFT>E adapter that I've got which works fine. I don't actually know if anyone has done one though but, as with the MFT>E adapter, it would be a desirable thing to have for those MFT only Meike cine primes as they do cover the sensor.
  14. Just to clarify that "this Friday" to me means "this coming Friday" as in 23rd of January whereas "next Friday" means "the one after this coming Friday" as in 31st of January. I should have just said 31st of January really. Or January 31st for those on the other side of the Atlantic.
  15. Yes, its practically night vision Samyang do an AF version of their 85 1.4 as well but the reviews have been a bit mixed.
  16. Maybe she is using one of those fiendish pocket size remote controls for it that give her full control of all the camera's functions? I understand that they begin shipping next Friday.
  17. The Canon will give you way more flexibility and not to throw any more angst into the decision but if you did choose that path then I'd also be tempted to look at a used Sigma 85mm f/1.4 EX DG HSM for roughly the same money. Its not one of their ART range but its still very sharp (moreso on a speedbooster) and you'll be gaining another stop over the Canon.
  18. My thoughts are that it is not correctly labelled. The Fujifilm X mount is shallower than MFT so this will be for the old Fujica X mount.
  19. Her lips are open on the SmallHD monitor though. Thats quite the lag!
  20. Was looking at reviews of the CX-350 earlier and found this....he hasn't traded it in for the CX-350 by any chance has he ? Or maybe everyone called Michael has to have a DVX200
  21. Its the same on the SD Quattro (even with native electronic lenses) once you get to -2.0 and below on the meter. My suspicion is its also related to a conflict with the monitor brightness function where at that level of underexposure it would ordinarily increase the brightness so it is increasing it momentarily before its clamped back down by the "Preview Exposure in M Mode" being set to ON.
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