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  1. Finally they add pdaf to lower tier, guess better late than never
  2. I think 1080P is a bit better than R! On par with Panasonic G95/GX9 I reckon, their 1080P is improved over G85/GX85, but 4K is more gimped due to increase crop. Sony's 1080P is so bad in comparison, but their 4K is much superior Canon's 32MP 4K is pretty bad TBH.. worse than cropped 4K on M50/R!
  3. Red is the reason why we cant have nice compressed RAW video on other cameras except Red
  4. Some guy selling both F5 and FS7 for around $3700, scarlet mx for $4400 on trademe.
  5. E-m1x already exceed that limit with 7.5 stop
  6. I had a73 and R myself too, i dunno about you but i can mix R's 1080p with c200/c100ii and no body tells the difference, a73 is a bit harder because of colour difference hence i sold it later. A6x00's 1080p is really soft which the difference is much more obvious.
  7. Wide and telephoto anamorphic will be coming later, now just waiting for review https://www.newsshooter.com/2019/09/16/sirui-breaks-into-lens-market-with-aps-c-50mm-f1-8-anamorphic-1-33x/
  8. Only if Apple wins the court against Red
  9. They can, by offering Red the license fee for compressed raw or some sort of cross license deal that Canon and Red have done, or wait til Apple win the suit.
  10. A7SIII is never gonna get 6k if FX9 not getting one, S1H is the king of mirrorless video for now.
  11. Wonder if they will add S1H support for braw?
  12. ntblowz

    Fujifilm X-A7

    Look more attractive than A6100 for sure! That screen is sexy!
  13. The slrmagic 1.33x adapter cost the same price without any lens, really interested to see the actual result, but yeah dont expect too high.
  14. in 10 years? 😂 Jokes aside that lens look really nice on the S1H promo, but 2.2KG by itself it definitely not for 1 man band... This is probably the closest on mft for 2X anamorphic, for less than half the price of an Orion. https://www.cinema5d.com/vazen-anamorphic-1-8x-40mm-t2-for-mft-sample-footage/ But Sirui one is definitely the more affordable and light enough for hand handle shooting without rig.
  15. Ugh no its not, I think @androidlad will probably know more about it than copying from the wiki.
  16. I think you mean get M43 version and adapt on E mount? 😛 There is M43 to E mount adapter but not E mount to M43 adapter. Btw there are FF ones out there, the cheapest is around $4000 though 😂 https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1233202-REG/slr_magic_slr_ac70133pl_70mm_1_33x_anamorphot_cine_lens.html
  17. Looks good for the price!
  18. Bionz X is just the name, pretty sure inside is different with each iteration. Do you honest think they use the same cpu since A7 in 2013?
  19. Well A9II is the last camera announcement from Sony this year, don't think there will be any til next year. And I am pretty sure the Pro division don't want any thunder taken from FX9/FX6 in such short time frame.
  20. If u want to but used stuff u have to be quick, NZ gonna charge gst for all overseas shopping from next month
  21. I think Fuji have 3 cameras to be announced, sony just a9ii and 2 pmw series, olympus em5iii
  22. Guess Sony decide that the FX6 is the successor for A7SII/FS5, A7SIII is officially dead! They couldnt do 4K60p on A7 body. I m really curious about the price of FX6, with AF and FS5 body form it could a winner if they keep the price similar to FS5 II
  23. IBIS is just electronic like the EVA-1 and Canon mirrorless, not physical IBIS.
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