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  1. Sigma 45mm 2.8 get updated for focus function (linear mode) on Panasonic bodies
  2. Finally get hands on the c70 at local Canon event. The lighter setup is definitely welcomed over c200, AF wise I think it is just slightly better, not as sticky as the R5 I use. The digital IS can turn on by itself so good for lens without IS.
  3. ntblowz

    Canon EOS C90

    Wonder which FF sensor will it use, C500 II or R5 or R6? https://www.canonrumors.com/the-reshaping-of-the-cinema-eos-line-will-continue-into-2021-there-is-a-cinema-eos-c90-in-the-pipeline-cr2/
  4. Video of the DJI ToF focus in action
  5. Well I m happy with Ronin S so not in a hurry, I had Weebill S before and it shut down twice in a shoot so I sold it after. The Focus system is even better than a7siii's !
  6. ntblowz

    Fuji X-S10

    Easier to sell new stuff I guess? They are all profit driven anyway
  7. Larger sensor still had advantage on nature bokeh, especially on video! But 65m is not far enough, i really like the 5x zoom on my note20 ultra, no longer I need 24-105 for travel, I just use 20-60 and tele on my phone if I need more reach.
  8. This is the TOF Add on https://store.dji.com/product/ronin-3d-focus-system
  9. Definitely match in heaven for Panasonic shooter!
  10. Yeah, I m definitely keen to upgrade to C70 from R5 next year once I gouge of how the market goes, I dont need the fancy still option of R5. (editing should be way better too on computer lol)
  11. C70 screengrab from FB group (Andrzej Fryda). Canon colour is magic source.
  12. This youtube is quite interesting on the topic of image thickness from colourist's view, general public vs film maker's expectation is a bit different.
  13. AF seem quite bit better than S5/GH5S for sure!
  14. I guess video RAW is different than still RAW after all?
  15. Atm Apple definitely have the upper hand on camera supporting their RAW format. People will have to choose FCX or Premiere with ProresRaw support or Da Vinci for BRAW and the RAW their camera support, or Red camera which red raw is supported by all NLE. It's definitely not buy camera and expect to work with your NLE, or ur NLE will support all the feature from your new camera, have to pick a side! Hence I m still on Premiere lol, can work with all cameras
  16. Neve used HDR PQ so can't comment, non clog is 8bit 420 but not too bad in cinestyle which you can lift shadow quite a bit. FHD X.265 is fine on PC. 420 8bit 4K50p is fine on pc too, but 422 10bit 4k50p is slideshow.
  17. Announcing tomorrow? https://shop.panasonic.com/lumix-live
  18. Those thermal pads make quite a lot of difference!
  19. Brochure with all the cinema lens, so C100MKII and C70 are similar in weight? https://www.dropbox.com/s/umzhekf05fagba4/Cinema_EOS_Comparison_Sheet_200922.pdf
  20. Blackmagic is using "free" version to lure people in, once they got stuck its hard for people to move out to another NLE which I see is happening now, so either get BRAW camera or use other NLE I am afraid. Thankfully Sigma FP can do both. But yeah there is no "free" lunch whatsoever.. always a goal behind it.
  21. its more about locking into an eco system than cameras for Blackmagic. Blackmagic - BRAW/Cameras/Davinci/Fusion from shoot to edit, isn't their latest 12K camera shoot only BRAW? RED - RED RAW and Red accessories that lock the user (less so with komodo on accessory) Apple- Prores/FCX Remember, they are profit driven first, not some charity!
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