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  1. Well in the places I am in they are selling 20% more than brand new.
  2. Thanks to tiktok this camera is the next PS5 in terms of price gauging, even older X100 series benefit by having their resell value going up to. I wish I bought one of the used ones last year as now the price is really nuts!
  3. https://www.canonrumors.com/canon-to-release-major-firmware-update-for-the-canon-eos-r5/ I will be really super happy if they remove the 30 min limit and have lens breathing correction, the rest of them is icing on the cake. On the other hand that mean no R5II this year.
  4. The simple fact is video quality on R8 should be better than any other similar price camera because of supersampled 4k60p from 6K sensor, not just uncropped FF4K60P with line skipping or pixel bining or S35 crop. Some Cinema cameras don't have IS, AF, and need to be rigged with external battery, but I don't hear ppl bashing hard out on those short coming.
  5. I know quite a lot of company nowadays uses ChatGPT to write the content.. even my company does too and we have a full time copy writer.
  6. If u look at the top it have photo and video mode switch just like R7/R6ii, so this is way better than R6 who can't even have custom c1/c2 mode for video.
  7. I personally dont mind the lack of IBIS because on the UW the IBIS wobble is way too noticeable, and majority of RF lens have IS, I for one might be switching the R7 to this lol, much better 4K60P quality than my R5/R7 😂 And 4K60P is limited to 30min vs unlimited on R6II/R7/R10 (4K30 on R8 is unlimited) , though for long session I only use 4K25P/30P anyway.
  8. I don't think R7 is above S5II, that wobble on wide angle is not great.. Once I got my friend's S5II I could test it vs my R7/R5 though.
  9. The m2 pro Mac mini will fit most of my needs so might get that in the future.
  10. Well that one aspect of what I love about R5, no crop on any mode with 8k/4k120p/4k60p/4k30p etc. But IBIS even though better Sony's but not as stable as Pany that for sure.
  11. I beg to differ, I think the color from GH6 and onward is quite pleasant looking. I edited a video with GH6/R5/GH5S a few months before. GH6 was on nature profile but straight out of cam it just look nice, GH5S have that slight magenta and clinical look. In the end I try to match to R5 to that of GH6 nature profile as I found it look nicer. One big downside of R6II for me is screen goes blank if u have hdmi out and recording at same time, not good for some of the events or shoot I do without getting external monitor involved to make it work.
  12. Might be tempted to get one for light setup and travel
  13. I am also thinking of either keeping the R7 or R5 and get the S5II, unfortunately I m fully into RF lens so might have to sell some RF to get EF lens too.
  14. I guess China is quite an important market too, now that they fully opened up so I guess economy will start to go up again.
  15. In China they have special pre-order price of S5ii for around $1680ish.. Now that is quite tempted for me Wish I still kept that EF to L with build in ND adapter. Maybe I might sell R7 for S5 lol. Not having internal screen with hdmi out while recording internally is frustrating for some shoots for me.
  16. Well I very welcome of you to go ahead and get one, and tell us your experience of using it. Maybe your experience is much more positive and warmer than me lol.
  17. I think Canon could really have to fix the R5C's usability, atm it's borderline usable but could be much better, like there is no reason not to shoot videos on still mode, or using dpaf Ii on cine mode as it is the same sensor! And only 40min on standby..
  18. Did a shoot with my friend today.. yeah the R5C is perm fixed to the tripod lol. Originally he was thinking of using R5C for mobile and C70 on tripod, but the usability of C70 is just make it much better overall. I had the same feeling too. I guess spec on paper is one thing and overall user experience is another, if you use camera everyday then usability wins hands down as you will want to use the camera that in sync with you than try to fight you each time.
  19. Well the weakest part of the R5C is the fan, any particles can come through the vent, so the fan can be stuck with sand particles which can make it go screaming or grinding noise
  20. I am actually not that enthusiastic on R5C after using it 6 months later... the C70 got a lot more use nowadays, and sometimes if we are out shooting remotely R5 get picked over R5c because of battery and weather sealing against all weather and condition. We got a tiny sand stuck on the on switch of C70 which we have to send in to fix when we did a shoot on the dune, the R5 have no problem whatsoever. So R5C is mostly a tripod camera with usb power adapter connect to the main for us nowadays beside acting as still cam. My friend also use R5C as tripod camera with v mount battery while he roam around on his C70 too.
  21. Who would have thought R7 actually have more DR than R6 II on video mode? The R5 is definitely the best investment I've done so far, 4K50P runs all day without overheating after the last update, and the few cam that does hdmi + internal recording + internal monitor display on.
  22. Yeah, 8K50/60P internally in RAW format only. If you have PD-powerbank connect to R5C it will power the lens and AF as well.
  23. This is the only test I can see that they did 8K25p and 8K50P rolling shutter, seems like same rolling shutter performance on 25p and 50p
  24. This is R7 thread not R5C, you probably need to ask on the R5C thread
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