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  1. $60 an hour for fruit picker during the lockdown, that was good money 😆 https://www.stuff.co.nz/bay-of-plenty/300551480/60-an-hour-to-pick-fruit-kiwifruit-industry-desperate-for-workers
  2. And this comment just to show how clueless some of those people are, of course no one want to see 2hr video, but as a job u are required to cut down to 2min, but you still have to capture the whole 2 hr event/presentation etc anyway.
  3. Yeah, I remember back then Canon get roasted hard, but when Sony does the same its "You" are the one to blame for buying the wrong camera not Sony. Most of those youtuber really downplayed overheating I m glade Canon learned their mistakes and moved on (like giving temperature bar to let you know before hand), but Sony just a warning and then shut off, you don't have estimate when the camera will shut down.
  4. I guess more of those will pop up once the average people got the real world experience.
  5. I sense there is a new job title, boom + gaffer operator (boomfer?)
  6. So FX3 is really what they used for The Creator, no Arri was used. https://ymcinema.com/2023/08/02/the-battle-for-the-credit-arri-alexa-65-vs-sony-fx3/?expand_article=1
  7. Well said! I see this type of comment pop all the time, I guess only us "old" people shoot event, speeches under the sun, while new ppl just shoot 5s of b roll and call it a day lol. When did shooting under the sun become extreme scenario? I guess by current projection of temperature rise it will be standing under the sun is the extreme condition 😂
  8. SSD do need fan, I get overheating from editing which it disconnect itself from the computer halfway
  9. Under the full sun it overheat in 22min on 4k24p, also if u use internal recording + hdmi out at same time it also overheat nearly 2x faster.
  10. Yeah who the hell films outside sun 🌞 I guess everyone should only film indoors from now on, filming under sun is forbidden 🚫 S5ii and FX30 with build in fan is probably the only camera that can film under full sun without overheating at this price range.
  11. I do notice some shot is not focused on the face. After watching Barbie and Oppenhimer i prefer Oppenhimer much more I guess it is my kind of film? I am also keen on Napolean too.
  12. Yeah that way you only need 1 camera instead of 2, and FX30 is quite bit more bulky/heavier than A6700.
  13. Just to show some YouTuber are clueless by ordering the wrong fan for their camera These are the proper ones for E1 which gave me good result, but I m not too keen with velcro though, having suction cup is interesting on the other hand.
  14. As long the fan can fit on the back of the camera it should work regardless of make or model.
  15. Professional means you earn the money through you skill, you can use whatever gear you want, that how I interpret. Like you don't judge the chef by their cooking gear would you? Most people would be hobbyist chef, cause they don't cook to earn money. How chef cook using their equipment is their choice, all we want is delicous food that come out. Anyway there are bts wedding video people using just iPhone..I guess they are "professional" if they earn their income that way?
  16. That ulanzi fan should help, currently on half price. Or just get this lol
  17. I got this pop up from fb feed, I think design wise this is probably the best with build in suction cup instead of velcro to stick on the camera. As earth getting more hotter I think fan might be mandatory in the future for videos. https://www.ulanzi.com/products/ulanzi-camera-cooling-fan-for-sony-canon-fujifilm-c072gbb1
  18. Well even employees at Adobe worried too but as usual with management try to sweet talk about it. https://venturebeat.com/ai/adobe-product-leader-says-ai-wont-kill-graphic-design-even-as-employees-worry/
  19. https://leicarumors.com/2023/07/26/the-latest-af-35-150mm-f-2-2-8-full-frame-lens-is-rumored-to-be-samyangs-first-leica-l-mount-lens.aspx I think they have people on social media checking which lens have the highest request.
  20. Even NZ get hit by the strike https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/writers-strike-hundreds-of-locals-out-of-work-after-hollywood-blockbuster-shuts-down/3KQJ5AC2LZE5BHN3HDWX5ZYUHE/
  21. Yeah I like the option of using AI powererd denoiser in post than brute force approach that was typically done in camera. FX3 should definitely get this option too since it is "cinema" line, unless it was baked in the process so there is no way to fix with firmware? Still good to see that Sony does listen to some feedback when they prep the new machine, just sucks the old owner get left behind.
  22. So there is a colour difference between E1 and A6700, kinda reminds me the colour difference between R5/R6 too
  23. Just came across this, literally turn your eos m to cinema body. There is some disassembly and assembly required, but holy cow!
  24. Thanks! I make sure my wb is correct, I also did custom WB with my budget vnd as it got this jaundice cast if using default WB set in camera, then add phantom lut with minor tweak in post. I been using Capcut for those reels, it definite give finalcut and premiere a run for the money for reel videos, it can't do detailed adjustment vs those paid program but it's free and come with lots of effects to use.
  25. Here is a fashion shoot video I did with E1 recently, I m definitely impressed with the colour.
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