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  1. I think the new ipb-low is actually less taxing on computer for editing.
  2. only work for 4 lens atm (70-200 2.8 RF, 100-500, 600, 800), other lens will need to be updated to support it.
  3. The 8k RAW Lite is the same file size as the 8k All-I on the R5, they should definitely do that to their other camera.
  4. Well its a cloudly day though.. probably need to test more extreme condition like indoor with window or sunset, but you can recover more highlight with clog3?
  5. The new lite options seem to greatly reduced the heat build up inside the camera. This guy recorded 1hr18min of 8k raw lite til battery died
  6. 4k120p is still All-I, same for the new FHD 120fps option But 9k/4k/FHD get new ipb lite is a real good addition!
  7. ntblowz

    R5 vs R6

    Can't wait for the new firmware, clog3, cine raw lite, new compression for videos, I wonder is that h.264 10bit 422 or h.265 10bit 420 that most people need for video editing? And R5C confirmed will be releasing this year, active cooling, unlimited 8k/4k recording and clog 2. https://www.canonrumors.com/new-feature-firmware-coming-to-the-eos-r5-eos-r6-and-eos-1d-x-mark-iii-in-the-next-couple-of-weeks-cr3/
  8. I was browsing on market place and I didn't realise camera is already in the antique section
  9. ntblowz

    R5 vs R6

    i m on clog 1 ( the only choice on R5) the other guy on c70 use clog2? Yeah there is a Canon stand which you can borrow gear n lens but i m just using my own 24-105 and 70-300 II on my R5.
  10. I m curious how will it fare vs Samsung's GN2 1/1.12" (0.89") sensor.
  11. ntblowz

    R5 vs R6

    Video for the skateboard is out, this one is mixture of C70 and R5 footage.
  12. Means faster readout, it is different to BSI tech Much less rolling shutter I presume?
  13. ntblowz

    DJI PFV Drone

    So DJI is finally jumping on the the fpv wagon, I m definitely tempted as the price is similar to the DIY racing drones here. I thinking buying DJI care is a must with this drone as it is more easier to crash than other dji drones with such high speed. How many of you are thinking to get one?
  14. And she is not rich, she also runs into funding problem too like most of us do. https://walkerart.org/magazine/navigating-fact-and-fiction-chloe-zhao-on-songs-my-brothers-taught-me
  15. I guess the same could be say for Taika Waititi, because he is not white and have no experience in big budget action movie? Though they both got hired for having the better pitch idea than other directors who applied the job.
  16. Becoming the next Nomadland? 😉
  17. Ran across this article on dp calling out Quentin regarding digital cinema, he and Chole are certainly an interesting pair to look out for. https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2021/03/01/framing-the-wide-open-spaces-of-nomadland
  18. ntblowz

    R5 vs R6

    Gonna be using it tomorrow for a livestreaming samoan/white wedding, there will be lots of performers for the reception from different families. Theoretically 20000mah 3.7v is around 4x more power than 2130mah 7.2v so if 4k last 1.5 hours on battery it should last 6 hours? (could be less due to conversion) I like the RF35 for stills, for video I use Sigma 35 1.4 with VND adapter, work really good. RF 85mm F2 IS is pretty good, I have it and love it! The macro make it a more versatile lens than normal 85mm lens.
  19. ntblowz

    R5 vs R6

    Btw if you got powerbank that supply 45W PD it can power the camera without drainig camera battery, but you still need a battery inside the camera. The R and RP can only be charged (with PD) but not power on.
  20. One of my friend is thinking jumping from ursa mini pro/gh5s to fx6/fx3 combo, but prores raw is the biggest downside since he use da vinci exclusively.
  21. Sony NPF-570 is normally around 2200-2600mah, Blackmagic managed to squeeze 3500mah on that form factor! That is 50% more capacity
  22. Man I hope you will get through this, I m pretty sure 2022 will be a massive rebound for the world.
  23. Corporate event videos is down a lot vs the year prior Normal corp/promo video is slightly down but within margins, got some jobs from Oz cause they couldn't come here to shoot. Some other event videos (like concert) get caught up by the sudden lockdown (lost one last week cause of that). Though I got a lot of livestreaming video jobs on my side, atm 50% of my side job is livestreaming, we got some livestreaming for the company but was ok, but yeah I am busy from jan til april this year.. booked almost every weekend, much more busier than last year which is a surprise to me lol
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