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  1. Dunno about that, but lot of carrier airplanes have build in ND on the window ..
  2. ntblowz

    Sony A7 IV

    No open gate, no anamorphic desqueeze, no anamorphic IBIS mode, those new FF anamorphic best match with S1H than all other cameras which only shoot 16:9 on video.
  3. ntblowz

    Sony A7 IV

    So I guess R6 is the only camera at this price that does 4k60p full frame? Some GM lens have really bad focus breathing, that should certainly helps! I guess I could safely pre-order the new macbook which is way sexier
  4. That LIDAR Waveform focus asset is quite awesome, way more advanced than peaking for manual focus.
  5. The 32 core GPU seems like crazy, pack more shaders than Radeon 6800, 10 Core cpu it state 2x increase over 10 core i9, I m waiting for the Mac mini version with the same cpu after very good experience on editing 8K/4K with MBA M1.. If AMD can put 6800 on it's Ryzen cpu it could do the same will it..?
  6. ntblowz

    Sony A7 IV

    It is still possible to do 4K60 at full frame mode in bining mode or lineskipping, as it have with a7R series when doing FF 4K30p. I guess we will find out on the day!
  7. Yeah, I think newer cam have better skintone on Sony? So wait til a7 4 come and see. I shot with R5 and colour grading is the least of my time spent on editing. I m not pro on colour grading as well, just put lut on, do some minor adjustment and move on.
  8. My friend recently "upgraded" his Intel Xeon 18 core hackntosh to the Ryzen 5 5600, he said he is surprised that the 5600 can almost keep up the to the old 18 core monster but uses way less power. For gaming 5600 is defintiely will be better, for editing I think 8 core is still having advantage, so either one is good, you can always upgrade to 16 cores few years later.
  9. I still buy used camera and lens, scoring good bargin is still a thrill for me, whether the stuff I won is useful for me or not is another matter 😅
  10. Some of those channels changed to just cover tech products (especially Apple stuff) after covid like max and everyday dad.. the last video the everyday dad talks about was the xt-4 over a year go. The M1 from apple really reignite the spark again on tech side. I m thinking getting ipad mini just for ultra portable device that can also do backup now that it got usb-c port. I got mba m1 even though it is small and light on laptop standards but still over 1KG heaver than ipad mini.
  11. Nano is definitely interesting, basically mavic air 2 in mini body.
  12. ntblowz

    Sony A7 IV

    Only 4k30p according to latest rumor, guess they want it to be more photo centric with 33mp. https://www.sonyalpharumors.com/rumor-sony-a7iv-has-15-stops-of-dr/
  13. 6K60P raw is the same bit rate as 8K30p raw on R5, but I take 6K60P anytime over 8K30p. I was thinking of getting a Ninja V+ so I can have 5K60P raw, but with the price of Ninja V+ and R5 it is near the realm of R3..
  14. I wonder will they have s35 of the same camera for under 20K? That spec is pure beast! Much more exciting than Komodo, so does the price though. It's good that is in RF mount. If I rent the camera all my RF lens fit like glove haha.
  15. Do you have photo of the setup with powerbank? Where would you put it?
  16. I wonder how much will the Tilta Fan help with R6 overheating?
  17. I m currently editing 4k 160mbit on a base 8gb/256g m1 MBA with external 2tb ssd, pretty smooth most of the time except some lag when scrubbing timeline occasionally on longer videos. And 0 sound as there is no fan.
  18. With BTC going up again I dont think it is the right time yet. I feel lucky that i upgraded my whole pc last year to RTX 3080 and Ryzen 9 during black friday special.. it would probably cost me 50% more to upgrade this year
  19. https://www.cined.com/panasonic-lumix-gh5-ii-lab-test-rolling-shutter-dynamic-range-and-latitude-test/ Same exposure latitude as A7S III but using the same GH5 sensor, that is impressive! Now my hope for GH6 is a bit higher..
  20. C200 is really limited by that 420 8bit, I notice the improvement in highlight which is nice, more gradual instead of harsher cutoff on clog 1 On greenscreen you get less greenish edge on 422 10bit vs 420 8bit.
  21. Yeah Apple challenged and lost. So far only Canon can have internal raw due to cross license agreement with RED.. rest of the brand can only do external raw.
  22. It's always better to shoot with identical brand of camera, cause colour matching is a b*tch, and there is the menu/operation logic 😅
  23. Clog 3 definitely have better highlight, the left was ooc and right is tweak in lumetri (r5 clog3), on clog 1 that highlight is lost forever
  24. For that DJI promo he said he use R5 most of the time and little bit of Red, I found i still use R5 on gimbal all the time even we got 2 C70, I did tried C70 on gimbal when we first got it, but then reverting back to R5 because there is still size and weight difference, and with clog 3 the colour is all the same anyway. Just the dr and highlight roll off is not as good as c70 but most of the gimbal shoot I did doesnt really need good DR, but need nicer AF.
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