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  1. At our local photog shop, it is pretty rare to have just released stuff on sale.
  2. Na, as we are already locked into Canon eco system so not really, my other friend just ordered FX6 to replace his Usra mini Pro G2 though, probably could do a quick compare once his FX6 arrive. Nice! We got TVC and a MV shoot at end of this month so I got lots of days to familiar myself with C70. Dont have chance for a shoot yet, I did quick test in the office and quit impressed with DR on clog3... more cleaner than c200 we have.
  3. Nanlite FS-300 is on sale atm, making it quite cheaper than Amarian 200D or VL150 (on special too), just not sure about the fan noise for normal taking head? Forza 300 is also on sale too making it cheaper than VL300, but at over 250% price of FS-300 not sure if that is worth that extra.. I m tempted to change my 120D II to either one, I got Forza 60B which will be my battery powered light.
  4. So CineD finally tested the DR on Alexa Classics, and the test came out 13.8 which is really close to Arri's stated 14 stop DR, while all other camera state high DR but actual result is much more tame. They should really use Arri's DR test as standard. DR claim is a wild west out there atm it is ridculous! https://www.cined.com/arri-alexa-classic-mini-lf-lab-test-rolling-shutter-dynamic-range-and-latitude/
  5. Finally got c70 to replace the aging c100mk in.
  6. Thank god we have our local auction site here, ebay tried to enter our online auction market decades ago but didnt make a dent so they move out.
  7. IPhone got native pal support since last year. Other phones you will need 3rd party app for 25p
  8. What does prototype look like? Similar to current design?
  9. Wonder how long can r5 output 8k raw for
  10. https://www.canonrumors.com/canon-to-add-to-their-cinema-eos-lineup-with-three-new-monster-cameras-cr3/ I hope the R5C will use that C500 sensor, 8K60P sensor with 17DR? that is way more than 12DR (more like 10.5 stop) on current R5.
  11. On the other news, three Canon 8K Cinema is coming https://www.canonrumors.com/canon-to-add-to-their-cinema-eos-lineup-with-three-new-monster-cameras-cr3/
  12. Is that the dji focus on top of the lens?
  13. That is up to RED unfortunately as they hold the internal compressed raw patent
  14. 1/1.12" is not exactly 1" yet, though wasn't there an actual 1" Sony sensor for smartphone rumored?
  15. With the new 8:1 compressed Raw Lite it need less space and less speedy cfexpress card, it is a a very welcomed update! No need for expensive brand name CFexpress when lessor know brand will work too. It is way more manageable than the 1:3-1:5 one they used before, I wonder if the other Canon cinema camera and 1DX III will have this new compression in the future? It will make shooting RAW much more tempting for sure. Having 8:1 also means mostly likely Canon will be the only one beside RED to have full debayed internal compressed RAW due to their cross license agreement. Something other brands can't do in forseeable future.
  16. I think the new ipb-low is actually less taxing on computer for editing.
  17. only work for 4 lens atm (70-200 2.8 RF, 100-500, 600, 800), other lens will need to be updated to support it.
  18. The 8k RAW Lite is the same file size as the 8k All-I on the R5, they should definitely do that to their other camera.
  19. Well its a cloudly day though.. probably need to test more extreme condition like indoor with window or sunset, but you can recover more highlight with clog3?
  20. The new lite options seem to greatly reduced the heat build up inside the camera. This guy recorded 1hr18min of 8k raw lite til battery died
  21. 4k120p is still All-I, same for the new FHD 120fps option But 9k/4k/FHD get new ipb lite is a real good addition!
  22. ntblowz

    R5 vs R6

    Can't wait for the new firmware, clog3, cine raw lite, new compression for videos, I wonder is that h.264 10bit 422 or h.265 10bit 420 that most people need for video editing? And R5C confirmed will be releasing this year, active cooling, unlimited 8k/4k recording and clog 2. https://www.canonrumors.com/new-feature-firmware-coming-to-the-eos-r5-eos-r6-and-eos-1d-x-mark-iii-in-the-next-couple-of-weeks-cr3/
  23. I was browsing on market place and I didn't realise camera is already in the antique section
  24. ntblowz

    R5 vs R6

    i m on clog 1 ( the only choice on R5) the other guy on c70 use clog2? Yeah there is a Canon stand which you can borrow gear n lens but i m just using my own 24-105 and 70-300 II on my R5.
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