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  1. Yeah seems like people outside US getting the shaft in terms of pricing.
  2. Z8 does make R5 look dated, Canon and Sony better have stacked sensor for their next cam at this price range with 45mp+ sensor.
  3. R5II definitely need stack sensor to compete against Z8
  4. Part of the camera history just gone like that
  5. For me having FF 4K50P is definitely priority number one, you loose the FF look and also the noise too vs APSC crop and make focal length less wide, I have used my R5 with external monitors for many times and the micro hdmi port still hold up well even though my R5 have gone through some tough situations (lots of paint clips around the body or dropped from the table.. camera still tough as tank), I haven't seen any overheating warning even when shooting 8K stock footage whole day under the big sun with not clouds so that initial overheating firmware is real B$ from canon. R6 have to cropped a bit in FF 4K (5K oversample) and upscale a bit in crop 4K so quality is a bit less than R6II/R8 with full 6K FF/1:1 in crop 4k. Since I also shoot in controlled environment with 300D/600D lights so DR is not much of an issue vs shooting everything natural/ambient/small light for some of the people out there. For XLR Audio I just get Zoom F3 with 32bit float which you dont have to worry about peaking ever. Not every system is perfect but we can get creative with those short coming, you just choose whatever suits you as there and try work out the kinks as there is no perfect system out there.
  6. My original plan was R8 + R7 combo, but like you I dont have much ASPC lens except the Sigma 18-35mm 1.8 and 18-150mm rf-s lens, I did use the 18-150mm on a number of jobs cause for event having good focal range is the king. The Sigma 18-35 1.8 not so much cause I got 24-70mm 2.8 which is similar size/weight but more reach, so I decide to sell the R7 and keep R5 at end. In here for the price S5II body you can R8+24-50mm kit + RF 50mm 1.8 + used 35mm 1.8 or ef 17-40mm f4 or ef 24-105 f4 or ef 70-200 f4 .. so for me R8 is definitely the better buy, if you want to shoot 4K50p/60P the 20 end become 30mm which is not so wide. But if S5II with kit and 50mm is similar as R8 over there then go ahead I guess?
  7. Yeah, I hope they fix the CDAF on FHD 50P/60P mode, cause that is ridiculous.
  8. Haven't run into overheating here as it is autumn heading into winter.. but I feel it wont last as long as R7 or R5 during summer time, I did got up to 4-5 bars under full sun in the afternoon for 4K50p during ceremony. (temp 20-21c), on 4K25p only up to 2 bars. I have yet to see the bar appearing on R7. HDR-PQ is for HDR display which u dont need to grade if it is playing on HDR device, but you can grade it like log profile and export for SDR monitor which is what the guy did for that R50 video.
  9. This guy managed to get 4K60p recording from 40min to over 1hr 40min with this fan kit
  10. No EVF is a key feature according to Sony Wonder how long the the camera last with 4K120P in july/aug temperature.. The processor on those new camera felt much more refined vs 2-3 year old release, the R8 makes my R5 felt a bit old for sure lol.
  11. Will share once I done the edit Just use HDR-PQ which will have more DR than cinestyle profile, like this guy shot in HDR to get the most of DR.
  12. Sorry but VR and VP will need 8K, just because you dont need it doesn't mean others dont need it either.
  13. So I used both R7 and R8 on a music festival, again R7 1 battery last whole night (4k25p), R8 I used pd powerbank so I don't have to swap battery. Though I do see the overheating warning bar appearing on R8 but again only up to 1 bar, on R7 I didn't see the bar at all. The R7 with Sigma 18-35mm 1.8 is a killer combo, the 4k crop mode is really handy for zoom in (make the 35mm end into a 100mm equivalent zoom), and IS is tripod like stability even in a crowded space, just the 4k60p and lowlight noise is not as good as the R8.
  14. Canon DM-E1 shotgun mic allows you to switch between mono and 90/120 degree stereo, uses 3.5mm input so any camera can work.
  15. Battery life only last 1hr with 4k.. so need either PD powerbank or charge battery often. R7 battery life on the other hand last ages, R5 was on 2nd battery and R7 still on 1st battery when shooting the reception, both shooting 4k25p. To me the weight saving alone is totally worth it, atm I m shoot 3 out of 6 days so far, the 277g weight saving make a difference to me as I m not as exhausted vs using R5. So now I m tempted to get RS3 mini to have even more weight saving.
  16. Just got the R8 today and use it for an Indian Ceremony, shot most of it in 4K50P and the heating indicator only goes up to 1 bar so that is not bad. So much lighter vs the R5 on gimbal, I can felt the weight saving!
  17. Personal cam is R5 and R7 for freelance and travel At work using C70 and R5C.
  18. From that announcement it look like they have quite a few feature updates planned for R5C, this is just the beginning! Will Canon pull ahead vs other brand in terms of firmware update this year as they have released all the mirrorless camera they want to release this year, all that left is using firmware update to expand the feature even more.
  19. The Canon RF 16mm 2.8 and RF 50mm 1.8 can be had for cheaper than a single Sigma, how time have changed. I wonder how they fare vs Samyang's offering
  20. Enhanced clear scan vs LED wall is pretty huge for event or virtual production. The amount of time I have to trial and error is ridiculous on some events.
  21. https://www.canonrumors.com/more-features-coming-to-canon-eos-r5-in-future-firmware-cr2/ Seems like there will be 2 more feature firmware coming to R5. I hope one of them is 30min removal.
  22. It's pretty much the same for all other companies like mobile provider, power companies, bank etc try to lure new user with amazing deals while existing customer base they dont give a frak. In terms of income of course new product will give company more revenue vs firmware update which wont get company new revenue and that wont cover the cost of those programmers/testers which the company have to pay themselves.
  23. Yeah it works, but you loose the lowlight advantage in S35, I found FF mode still give u more much cleaner image, and you lose the FF bokeh look unless you got speedbooster with EF lens. But if u just use apsc for that 4k60p and ff prime for stills I think it can work. Better than 28-75 on S35 cause it will be too narrow
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