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  1. I am also thinking of either keeping the R7 or R5 and get the S5II, unfortunately I m fully into RF lens so might have to sell some RF to get EF lens too.
  2. I guess China is quite an important market too, now that they fully opened up so I guess economy will start to go up again.
  3. In China they have special pre-order price of S5ii for around $1680ish.. Now that is quite tempted for me Wish I still kept that EF to L with build in ND adapter. Maybe I might sell R7 for S5 lol. Not having internal screen with hdmi out while recording internally is frustrating for some shoots for me.
  4. Well I very welcome of you to go ahead and get one, and tell us your experience of using it. Maybe your experience is much more positive and warmer than me lol.
  5. I think Canon could really have to fix the R5C's usability, atm it's borderline usable but could be much better, like there is no reason not to shoot videos on still mode, or using dpaf Ii on cine mode as it is the same sensor! And only 40min on standby..
  6. Did a shoot with my friend today.. yeah the R5C is perm fixed to the tripod lol. Originally he was thinking of using R5C for mobile and C70 on tripod, but the usability of C70 is just make it much better overall. I had the same feeling too. I guess spec on paper is one thing and overall user experience is another, if you use camera everyday then usability wins hands down as you will want to use the camera that in sync with you than try to fight you each time.
  7. Well the weakest part of the R5C is the fan, any particles can come through the vent, so the fan can be stuck with sand particles which can make it go screaming or grinding noise
  8. I am actually not that enthusiastic on R5C after using it 6 months later... the C70 got a lot more use nowadays, and sometimes if we are out shooting remotely R5 get picked over R5c because of battery and weather sealing against all weather and condition. We got a tiny sand stuck on the on switch of C70 which we have to send in to fix when we did a shoot on the dune, the R5 have no problem whatsoever. So R5C is mostly a tripod camera with usb power adapter connect to the main for us nowadays beside acting as still cam. My friend also use R5C as tripod camera with v mount battery while he roam around on his C70 too.
  9. Who would have thought R7 actually have more DR than R6 II on video mode? The R5 is definitely the best investment I've done so far, 4K50P runs all day without overheating after the last update, and the few cam that does hdmi + internal recording + internal monitor display on.
  10. Yeah, 8K50/60P internally in RAW format only. If you have PD-powerbank connect to R5C it will power the lens and AF as well.
  11. This is the only test I can see that they did 8K25p and 8K50P rolling shutter, seems like same rolling shutter performance on 25p and 50p
  12. This is R7 thread not R5C, you probably need to ask on the R5C thread
  13. On R5/R5C 8K/4K Fine it is 15.5ms, on 4K standard mode and 4K50p it change to 9.6ms, on 5.9K RAW APS-C it is 11.5ms On R7 the 4K Fine mode it is around 31ms according to the graph, so if 4K50P is 14.5ms then I think 4k non standard will be the same as 4K50p. I knew Gordon done the test of 4K fine, 4K standard and 1080p quality comparison on the R5, 4k standard is still way sharper than 1080p.
  14. The transmitter can record 40hr of audio (not the battery life) so if not using the wireless function the wireless go II is nice little audio recorders to put anywhere.
  15. For wireless HDMI Accsoon CineEye 2 Pro is much better than Hollyland Mars series, the connection is much more solid when the crowd get massive.
  16. Amazon Au have 24-26% off on R10 and R7 so I got myself R7.
  17. I started with Oly, Pana and Sony (epl1, gh1 and nex 5n all the way to Gh5s/a73/FS5) unlike most ppl who started with Rebel, and now I m sole Canon shooter, go figure! I really take internet with grain of salts especially all the Sony Hype trains on YouTube where they really magnified the plus and barely talk about negatives at all! The basic RF lens is still pretty cheap, and I still uses ef lens (if I cant get work's RF trinity that is). It also funny to me because in the beginning mirrorless users (include me) say you can adapt any lens so that a good advantage, and now it's all ohh it better to use native, adapting lens is bad. Funny how they changing the narrative 🤣 While I still open to use any lens as necessary ha! (Like those fancy anamorphic)
  18. FX30 is not pure raw as it does some processing to output 4.7k Raw from 6k sensor.
  19. 8K is definitely nice for greenscreen, especially like shooting veils or woman's hair in genral
  20. If I m shopping for new cam or upgrading from R the R6II and R7 will be a really nice comob... for nearly same price as a single R5. The pre-buffer 3-5s for videos is really handy for wild life video and event work, there are some instances that I wish I press record sooner.
  21. This one offer license option for mainstream music https://lickd.co/
  22. If you dont need to shoot longer than 30min than R5 will be good as EF lens will work fine with adapter, on APSC mode the R5 supersamples from 17MP so image will be sharper than non HQ FF 4K60P, if you want sharpest 4K then the 4K HQ is definitely nice. For me I mostly use 4K HQ now and occasionally uses 50P or 120P for broll or specific slowmo. Also IBIS is even better after 1.6 which I can totally use handheld in replacement of gimbal on some moving shot, saves time in post or setup.. But if it were for me now I would probably choose either FX30 (if need 4K120P and dont need much photo) or R7 (hybrid) lol.
  23. Good thing we shoot 25p here so 1/50 is perfect lol
  24. No mechanical shutter and continous shooting could be a problem if you want 1 cam does it all type stuff.
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