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  1. I prefer A, skintone look more better?
  2. Or maybe it is for the A7 IV coming later this year?
  3. FHD 10bit 422 is ok for editing, 4K just need proxy.. and what wrong with proxy? Our 600GB footage for Continental Tyres (shoot car smashing foams at 4k120p on 2 c70 and bunch of gopros/ insta360) just used additional 20GB for proxies but editing is much more doable. The more I used c70 the more i really hate c200's 8bit 420, the picture breaking out much quicker than even r5's 422 10bit. Not many cameras shoot 422 10bit 120p.. which is nicer for post, just DR on Canon mirrorless is even below some m43 machines out there.
  4. Everything is going up and up.. except your bank account 😂
  5. I wonder does FX6 have the same ISO 12800 gain..? Panasonic is better at sticking the 2nd gain at ISO 4000 instead of 12800, but then if you want to shoot 120p then ISO 12800 is certainly handy.
  6. Running fine on my Ryzen 5900x and 3080.. though my collab editors just use proxy which does the job on 4 core i7 lol. R6 gimped too much for video hence I go straight for R5, same for getting 3080 instead of using my old 1060 to wait for 3080Ti as graphic cards are so bloody expensive and hard to get now.
  7. Compare to the behemoth RF 28-70 F2 this lens is way smaller/lighter. Yeah i m curious to see what Panasonic brings to the table with GH6, they have high end lens and now need high end camera to match.
  8. I just use the Cineeye with my iPad for client monitor or Raveneye on RS2, they work really good, iPad screen is big and light vs monitor with battery, but i also have Mars 300 pro connect to Ninja V if needed. My phone if used as the monitor the battery drain will be too much and if you charge often your phone's battery life gonna go down really quick, so I prefer to have dedicated tool for those. Though I do have a dedicated iPhone just as monitor for my drone or dedicated line as livestream but I havent tried field monitor on it. The screen on it is not as good as my Samsung or IPad.
  9. There is gmonitor on Android, but for Panasonic cameras
  10. Apparently it was shot on Red Monstro with Canon 50mm 0.95
  11. Apple challenge it and lost, and Apple have highest paid lawyers around.
  12. Is that a front Tally light on the GH6? On GH5 there is no light next the flash sync.
  13. ntblowz

    S1H ii

    To have build in ND it will probably look like C70, those ND filter need space to put in and out.
  14. Isn't that what the camera geek want? the FF look with everything on F0.95! Its pure orgy for them haha
  15. My friend is definitely interested on GH6, he got EOS R atm but he still loves his old G7 and compactness of mft lens in general. I sadly moved on from M43, my phone is taking over the m43 role as compact photo camera, and with C70/R5 I dont think I will be going back.
  16. So have you found the perfect fan to swap to? Did 2 days of interview with both Forza 60B and Nanlite 300, they both work really well together!
  17. 1200W! If it is similar price to Aputure 600W it's an good buy!
  18. Hopefully not just BGH1 in GH5 body with IBIS, or could it be?
  19. Our old was teleprompter broken so we got Ikan one, really worth the price even though it is pricy. (Those cheap ones didn't really suit our need, too filmsy) But we have delicates teleprompter operator for the client, so probably different to your need. And you can't see urself from the reflective glass, you will need a monitor to see yourself.
  20. Managed to fly this C70 + Sigma 18-35 + RS2 combo all day today, not as heavy as I thought it will. Ronin was chewing lots of battery vs when I fly my R5, down to like 25% at end of the day vs ~50% when i fly R5 + 24-70 2.8.
  21. On my 4K monitor I definitely can see the difference, on my phone they look pretty much the same?
  22. Out of curiosity I weigh the camera, without battery 1.2kg, with A30 battery 1.4kg, with sigma 18-35 and adapter it is 2.35kg, with handle probably another 100g. R5 with 18-35 and adapter is 1.65kg. So C70 body with battery is nearly 2x weight of R5 body.
  23. you probably need 3/8" to 1/4" adapter for the center hole for default plate.
  24. Yeah I m definitely wanting to try it for maximum DR I just tried the C70 on RS2 with smallrig rs2 plate, it can just fit the c70 if you took grip stripe off and insert from the back of the gimbal, flying with it is no problem.
  25. C70 and sigma 18-35 fit to my messenger bag easily.
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