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  1. Still doesn't work with full Battery
  2. If using internal battery, if powered external there is IS from the lens.
  3. Oops u r right, it can record internally but will show this message. I use mi powerbank pro 3 20000mah 45w, I see they have new model with 50w power, u just plug usb-c/usb-c port to both the powerbank and on the camera, no need decoupler
  4. 8k50p won't work with internal battery, only external, yeah you are right it is a 45w powerbank, got mixed up with my other 18w pd.
  5. Should be? But I would rather use powerbank which last ages, today I did an 8 hour shoot of talking to cam on 2K, the 20000mah 18W PD powerbank still have 1/4 power left. Btw those Lumix lens bag is sooo useful, I still use them to put small stuff like powerbank or accesories lol.
  6. I think NZ and Australia got the first shipment? 🤔 I m from NZ
  7. C70's raw file size is much more manageable than c200/c300's 1gbps monster and that's only 10bit in 4k50/60p vs 12bit on c70. The 2k raw is even usable in wedding too lol (for ceremony, not sure about reception cause of lowlight on s16 crop). This raw update really makes c70 attractive! No need bulky external monitor + battery if you want compact raw cinema camera.
  8. Got the R5c today, checked the video AF and it locked on fine. 512GB only last 30min of 8k50p, on 5.9k 50p it last nearly an hour which is more doable. Might have to use the speedbooster again for 5.9k raw 🤔 And battery life is much worse than R5, 4k50p last 40 something min so I guess I will be pairing with my 18w pd powerbank for long tripod shoot.. Btw absolutely no video on photo mode. You have to switch mode to do video and vice versa. Body and operating wise it feels like mini c70 when shooting video, better balance with lens than R5 I reckon.
  9. I went to the R5 after a few Sony/Panasonic cameras later after GH5 Now waiting for R5C
  10. ntblowz

    Panasonic GH6

    magenta skintone is fixed too (canon slog3 also have magenta skintone problem grr)
  11. ntblowz

    Panasonic GH6

    Just saw potato jet's review, really impressed with DR Boost on GH6, the Canon mirrorless camera's DR is soo lacking
  12. Checking Gordon's preview of R5C it definitely fixed the annoy thing I had with R5 when shooting interior archiecture walk through, the oversampling 4K50/60P fixed the annoy aliasing issue on some details, and IBIS wobble when paired with UW lens. Though handheld shoot R5 will still be better due to IBIS, but sadly most of my shoot is on gimbal 99% of the time so kinda make IBIS moot. Anyway I got company to preorder one.. hopefully to get one in march, it should pair up nicely with the existing C300III/C70/R5. My 20,000mAh 45A Powerbank should support 8K60P without problem.
  13. Especially on focal length from 24mm and wider
  14. C70 does capture 8MP JPEG photos, so not 0 photography capability
  15. The new smaller RAW should make it more doable for filming. The size of RAW video is always a headache
  16. Gonna tell the company to preorder this one instead of R3, for form factor I still prefer the R5 more
  17. So funny that the "doomed" EOS M system still going while Sony APS-C just stopped like that.
  18. Speaking of holding colour better at mixed lighting, I found that is true with c300iii than r5. In a recent music video shoot full of rgb light, my r5 looks like purplish while c300 iii look really blue on a blue lighted wall with a top panel light on tungsten colour. I think the r5 sensor got polluted by that top panel light but c300 iii holds on.
  19. ntblowz

    EOS R1

    Hopefully build in eND now there is no physical shutter
  20. 4k25p/30p on most camera can shoot fine without overheating, 4k50p/60p is another story though.
  21. The reason for not includeing phase detection on Venice is interesting
  22. This camera is the perfect cam for the Apple eco system with internal Prores and Prores Raw! Now I tempted.
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