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  1. PannySVHS

    Evaluating Cameras

    GX85 with pixel perfect 50p HD in 100mbit, CineD, double battery life and mic in. GH4 would do then I guess. Dreamcam would be a beautifully rigged BMMCC with some C-mount lenses.
  2. put a white board in the corner between ceiling and wall and bounce from that with a 200watts hmi, boucing back in 45 degrees. Styro board will do fantastically for bouncing.
  3. RGGB, sounds interesting, so it's 256 square 4, around 4 billion colours instead of 16 million colors? Anyway, keep us posted please. Sounds like an awesome read to come.
  4. @BjornT Cool video! Beautiful colors! Awesome performers too! Who are they?
  5. Dear friends, I hope you enjoy this forum like I have been. I got in touch with awesome people, making friends on this community. Had the opportunity to read and watch involving and exiting things about lens treasures and lowfi camera tech, about the love for no and low budget filmmaking. I will take a little break off of this forum and will create more, being without the interwebs. So, create and enjoy, my friends! Stay well and happy filming! Marty
  6. Hallo, great colors! What lenses did you use?
  7. Yes, very curious about Andrews video, favorite pick and the blog post. @Andrew Reid and your reveal story about your used camera, especially! Couldn't be the first DSLM you ever used, could it! :) Hmm. You better leave that poor camera alone! True, I must admit. Though renting an Arri with my own money would be lovely. Creating something awesome with any camera would be even better. Filming with friends and be doing a good film, best! I sometimes think that "lack of money" is a good thing. Sometimes it's not even a choice, right.:)
  8. What films are these "Now" films? Slipshot - pulp? I imagine, the film is rather neat. Would love to do a fun 45min film with heart and visual and narrative pleasure like that some day! Why the filmmaker used the stuff he was using- I think for the great pleasure in doing so. I think the interview is quiet beautiful. Have you read it?
  9. Jordan from the Camerastore said in his preview, it has a m43 readout mode. Rolling shutter is lower than s35 and of course much lower than in full sensor readout. @deezid, What is your experience with the S1 regarding sharpening and noise reduction in VLOG? Any thoughts on the 200mbit HVEC 10bit 420 for 50 and 60p 4K? Good enough for VLOG?
  10. @thephoenix The thread below is a fantastic read. ML Raw is very appealing and addictive to watch and read about. Filming with it must be really something!
  11. Awesome. Watched the trailer first without sound, then with sound. Both worked equally well.
  12. PannySVHS


    @heart0lessHobbyists are among the best filmmakers. They have their big breakthrough once they get paid! The guy in the video sound like a Gerrrrman though. They always have this funny pronounciation, even in writing.:)
  13. Lack of 24p is almost as akward as 4K by interpolation. Maybe the latter is also due to licensing fees to the UHD alliance. I think my G6 has no 4k because of that.
  14. PannySVHS


    hmm, ist zis a german youtuber? @heart0less
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