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  1. The 2x Digi for either 4K or HD are both missing on the Lumix S1. Side note: The HD pixel to pixel mode on the S1 is a 3x crop making it close to S16. Shooting VLog at 640 ISO might give a noise floor equivalent of shooting 5120 in FF mode, which could still look alright as a compromise for using the lovely S16 crop lenses. No 2x Digizoom is a bummer. No 2x Digizoom on the GH6 is 6 times the bummer!
  2. Lomo anamorphic on a Red Dragon. Well, that´s a Tarkovksian Hollywood image. Cannot wait. Comparison with the GH6 woud be a great article to enjoy on a Sunday morning with coffee, and scrambled eggs with grilled tomatoes. 🙂
  3. Thank you, kye! If you only have one single wall you can point the camera at, and no way to do a medium wide shot;) you gotta be a humble. But half a wall and no outside shots could have been enought too. But it would have been really edgy and very experimental then. Would be a great EOSHD challenge. 😉 That little BMMCC has a Fairchild as well @webrunner5 The Pocket 4K has a Sony inside I think, supposely the same one as in the GH5s and one of the E2 ZCams. So many different E2 Zcam models out there.:)
  4. Thanks! And thanks to the GH5 as my ACam.:) @hyalinejim
  5. German testsite Slashcam. Very amazed, by the fact that the GH6 performed equally well as the R5C regarding dynamic range. Here is a translation from their 5RC review, regarding the GH6 surprised them.: "What's really amazing, however, is how well the winner from our last MFT dynamic showdown does: The Panasonic GH6 with Dynamic Boost can "only" come up with 6K, but otherwise delivers a thoroughly equal dynamic range. We will try to present you with more dynamic range comparisons in the next few weeks, which will hopefully result in a more differentiated picture of the current camera market."
  6. I just did a musicvideo with the GH5 and S1. Guess what, GH5 was ACam. That´s because I could rent it in a package with four batteries, Speedbooster XL, perfect cage, with rods, handle, lenssupport, the perfect mini cinema cam. Love this package. I don´t need a shoulderrig and my handheld camerawork is still fine and fitting, as I treat the camera a serious tool and I respect it. My S1 was BCam with only one battery but the spiffy FD to L-mount adapter from cieco7. I am just too stingy to invest in other extra stuff for this camera, because I am still not fond of the tilt screen mechanism, though screen and its ruggyness is fantastic. In this video it´s both cameras together. And guess what, I love them both and would love to buy a GH6. With Prores and its creamier cinematic image, sensor readout, TC, GH- line ergos and menues it would be a no brainer for me. Putting down cameras is very different from objecting to them. But sometimes we get lost and negative about the certain lacks about in some cameras rather than concentrating on their strengths. One general thing I would appreciate, if people become more appreciative about the mft system again! It´s a fantastic system! I mean, a Lumix G9 or GH5, two six year old cameras, can still put out a highend image. VLog L and VLog in lit situations with that slim 150mbit 10bit codec and at blue/Golden Hour, beautiful. And, like our friend @newfoundmass, I am a great fan of MFT and happy that our friend @webrunner5 is back, as well that I would also love our other kids to join in more again. This forum used to be about what people do with affordable gear. So if GH6 is too expensive, there is still a sub 900 dollar production work powerhouse, the GH5. @kye has been a great fan of the perfect All Intra HD. It made me happy to read about his opinion about it when he started his deep observations of the camera. So here is the video. Both cameras were fantastic! GH5 and VLog, both in their economic but strong 10bit 4K codecs. The performed perfectly as A and BCam, like I said GH5 was A was various reasons. Image to me is flawless with VLog L and Vlog performing beautifully in lit situation and Golden Hour, which I shot this video at. I did the directing, dp-ing, lights, editing and super quick grade. Was the typical onemanband thing. But even with a budget for a crew I might have chosen these cameras. If you are interested I could do a breakdown on lensing and cam choice in a different thread. Some dolly work included as well. cheers
  7. Dear friends, So here is my recently aquired Canon Fd 35mm F2 in action, along with the 50 1.4 scc, and the Vivitar "Bokina" 90mm F2.5. Cameras rented Gh5 and my own S1. Gh5 on a Speedbooster was ACam, which is still a fantastic camera and has much better menues than the S1 btw. Anyway, the 35mm was in use on both cameras for the shots inside. Outside it was Gh5 with a rented Canon L 24-105 plus S1 with the Canon FD 35. It's always a pleasure to put ones own lenses into action for a shoot. I really like the 35 , the rendering and feels great in hand. The S1 and the 35 give a pretty looking outfit together. So here is the video, shot, directed and edit by me. Finushed just yesterday:
  8. Thank you for letting us know. I just read about last years firmware update about Prores. Vendors unfortunately don't always the specs. Just checked a german vendor for the e2 mft and it says h265 in zillion resolution flavors but no mention of prores. Zcam has so many e2 models. I have a hard time to figure out which are which. Is there an E3 or was it an E2 M3 and was it mft or S35?😊
  9. Why do camera producers have a hard time to put the codec options out for convinient and comprehensible reading. DJI and ZCam are nervewrecking when it comes ot codec infos. 10bit, 422, bitrate, framerates, that´s what we want to know about, the top specs and those easily accessible to read, pleaaaaase. Mini 3 Pro is still 8bit and most of the low and mid range Zcams don´t offer Prores. Shouldnt be too hard to make that more transparent. It´s no fun wasting time trying to find the hard facts when they should be headline, even if they suck but then even moreso.
  10. I did a musicvideo last week. I figured what I would shoot with, big F3 to test that baby Alexa sensor, BMMCC to drool over RAW beauty and magic or what not. Thing is I choose my favorite GH5 rig, rented the cam, rigged it up with my stuff. In the end, the camera needs to work for you. BCam was my S1. And it was a great shotgetter. That is much more important than making an impression with size.
  11. Cage with a grip, rods and mattebox will do the job and a good tripod. Last corporate gig I had my FS700 with a speedbooster and a Canon 24-105mm with me and my S1 as BCam. 🙂
  12. The LX15 made me love my GX85 even more. 🙂 I think with the teleadapter though it could become a great leisure time camera. Little grip and shooting time will be fun n joy n pleasure. Thanx for the great hack. @BTM_Pix A 100mbit LongGop would have been perfect already. The HD could be pretty nice from what I have seen so far. An HD 100mbit inter codec would tame my wants for the mighty All Intra codec. @mercer Colour on the LX is pretty thin compared to the GX85 which is indeed a little colour marvel. Soon to be bought for less than 200EUR used price. I still haven´t said how little I paid for my two LX15 cams though.:)
  13. @Josue Nunez Love the images you created with your beautiful Sony F3 camera! I would love more people to post their stuff. I´ve done my Lumix 8bit share a little bit, 3 short videos in three months, which I posted here. So I am forgiven for not having produced any footage with my F3 yet. But you other F3 owners, you are not exused, so you better start posting. 🙂
  14. Ursa mini broadcast Mark 2 is a very interesting camera as well. The Pocket 6K in a Ursa mini pro body, with exchangeable mounts, such as b4 for the tasty broadcast zooms for 2/3inch sensors, EF and PL. UMP Pro 4.6 are getting into 2.5K USD region. Regarding image quality- I think a GH5 is pretty much all one needs for spectacular images and some love to develop passion, skills and art for the moving image. Just saying, because people are dissing the mft image, when it is indeed pretty spectacular. Getting off topic. Well..:)
  15. Hefty price for that piece of tech. What I like about my GX85 is the price and the ergo and my S16 Angie 75mm F2.2 lens, which covers mft evortlessly and even gives S35 a run with some tasteful vignetting. What I dislike about smartphones is the infos about specs. I have to invest too much time to find out about bitrate, quality of codec, bit depth. Most of the time I won´t find any reliable info. With the Xperia I gave up after 5min. Also, 1inch sensor, but only using 12MP of the 20MP. Good thing though, saves me a lot of GAS driven dreams.: 🙂
  16. Love the colour palette. Most of the people make it look to videoish like crayon. Yours looks like a slick Acrylic painting. Love it. Also love the Oilpaint look. Now you guys, please don´t make fun how I put it into words. Or how the marketing youngsters and influmonsters say, wording. Brrr, what a yiksey word. Anyway, thank you for sharing and showing off some gret colours! @tupp Yesterday and tonight I bid on a second Eos M but I didn´t win the auctions. So I might have to buy the additonal adapters and second and third batteries separately for much more money. I still don´t have an adapter for my little beast. 🙂
  17. So how do you approach sound? I imagine that to be the hardest thing to do. @MrSMW Would love to see your rigs for the S1H and the S5!
  18. @aaa123jc and it is one of the cameras besides the F3 and the BMMCC which has a fascination on me. I own them three but have only used the Bmmcc. But the latter one at least for a legit 5min narrative piece. Great image, even better when lit. I have posted a bit of my stuff lately. So always eager to see footage from the EOS M and the these classic digim indy cine treasures! Keep up coming, friends!
  19. I tend to agree more and more with Dave @webrunner5 that smartphones have taken over completely as money making video content machines. Tiktok and the likes are hungry for content with sufficient image quality. Content is queen and sufficient image quality is her best friend and convinience her mate. Smartphones deliver all that. Would be interesting to compare revenue from Hollywood with the ones from Youtube and influencers.
  20. Darn, one should write a guide with the knowledged written in your posts @kye @Llaasseerr @hyalinejim. Simpler to dig through for people like me. 🙂
  21. That beauty also comes in a flavour of MFT mount for C-mount and Focal reducers in action. @mkabi So this is indeed a great image taker for people who are not in want for 50p. Dunno if Rawlite has a Oplf or IRcut filter for it. If so, even better.
  22. Thanks alot! @projectwoofer 🙂 Recently I bought a LX15 for very cheap. I hoped that the LX15 would be a super compact alternative to the GX85 for video on the road. Videowise it kicks the LX15 in the tush. Codec, color response, dynamic range it is far superiour on the GX85. The 20MP one inch sensor in the LX15 and RX100 was said to be almost on par with the m43 sensor in the GH4, G7 and GX85. But LX15 quality in video is not close to the GX85. I have forgotten about the back wheel after a while. The camera is still a joy to use. Swivel screen is also more pleasant to use compared to the much more expensive Lumix S1. So indeed, it is a gem, as you and all the other fans of this little powerhouse are stating. I wish it had an option for zero noise reduction though and a 100mbit codec for HD. The latter one being my ever occuring wish for these Panny 8bit machines.
  23. @Josue Nunez Looking great! There is a certain mojo to this image! The nice edit, grade and framing in your piece helps to appreciate the image from this camera, of course.:) What lens did you use? My mini SDI to SDI cable ripped so I got a good exuse not to use this camera, since I need that tasty external 10bit.:)
  24. @Emanuel Well, actually I shot and edited it around March 2019. The talent in front of the camera, like I mentioned:) is the artist and songwriter herself who did this song and was one part of a music duo. The character following her is a friend of us. Yeah, I had the editing almost nailed within less than a day back then. But I put it away and waited until now to finish it to my liking. So I sat dowin yesterday to straighten out a short part of the piece which I was not satisfied with. I also did the grading yesterday as well. @webrunner5 I hope that´s a good thing, Don. 🙂
  25. I have an isco 16 2x, which I am not using. And I am planning to rig my iscomorphot 8 1.5x. The Zeiss Ikon would have been really something.:)
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