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  1. Love it. Awesome poetic image, Kye! Thanks for posting. My favorite was the Lumix G6 with a Tokina 25-50mm F4 or the awesome Fujinon 12.5mm 1.7, which was recommended to me by our friend mercer. Using it on the G6 in 2x Digizoom or on the GX85 in 4K with its crop gives me an extremely satisfying personal image!
  2. Hey kids, my perfect camera would have been a Lumix G6 with a 100mbit codec. I love the HD coming from it. Once graded, it really looks organic to me. Just the shadows become super blocky in low light due to the light codec. Maybe I could get a GH4 for cheap and treat it like my super G6.:) My Lumix S1 is an image powerhouse. But sometimes I dont feel it challenging me but giving away a great image to easily. The G6 always gave me great pleasure in giving me an image I had to work for hard. My dearest camera still. I shot this years ago but still remember the profile settings. Here it goe
  3. Thanks a lot guys! @au8ust Thank you, awesome information!! I joined the anamorphic group now. Thank you so much! @Timotheus Thank you very much! Do you know if Lucas Pfaffs 3D print designs also work for Isco No.4, the Iscomorphot 16 MC?
  4. @au8ust Thank you. Very kewl, four versions! What does it state though in the post/article? I cannot see the page, as I am not a member of the group yet. I applied for membership but they have not answered yet. best regards
  5. Thanks a lot! So which one is the sharp one with the single focus?:) Have you filmed with the 16mm and what is the difference between the 16mm and the 16 without the metric "mm"? Thanks and best regards
  6. Dear friends, Andrews expertise, Titos enzyclopedia and Seb Farges wealth of information, all three are gulity of putting me into the situation, many others have faced. Being lured into the pleasures and madness of anamorphic adapters. So, @Andrew Reid, @Tito Ferradans, @Seb Farges and all you other kewl cats, I appreciate your take on this. I was fascinated by the elegance of a Baby Hypergonar from Sebs video and I figured, the best mix for me would be small size, an admireable image with plenty oddities though of course with hopefully acceptable shortcomings in image quality. Then
  7. Always a good feeling. "Show me the money" to quote the great Cuba Gooding Jr. in his Oscar winning role. :)
  8. Got the perfect cams for my use, FS700, beautiful Cinealta!:) F3, Pocket Varicam Lumix S1. Total awesomeness. Happy as a resurrector of filmmaking can be (referring to the "who will kill filmmaking first"-thread:) Now, Panny, roll out that awesome update for the S1!
  9. German TV already killed filmmaking twenty years ago. :)
  10. Would love some external BRAW with the S1 for the perfect Davinci workflow! Any rumours when the update is to be expected?
  11. Looking great! @Pascal Deshayes Is it the internal codec? From a test I must say its internal codec gives a C300MKI a good run for its money with better dynamic range and latitude in SLOG. Second shot from top is pure cinema! Show us some magic in motion, please! What lenses did you use? Need to get a FZ to FD adapter! This week my Blackmagic Video assist arrives from the bay, 5inch powerhouse giving me 10bit 422 60p with my F3! It even comes with smallrig cage and mini sdi to sdi cables. Cannot wait to test all the F3 awesomeness! This is by far my favorite thread at the moment. Whenever some
  12. 150 Mbps Long-GOP 10bit, my friend! Once you shot the S1/S5 in Vlog, you will feel shocked, how good it is. The 10bit Long-GOP is an exellent codec. Scary, how good it is! Would be fun to be able to test it on a real cinema size screen, sometthing like 30 feet wide. But the 10bit 200Mpbs HD on the GH5 is beautiful, the 100Mpbs also.
  13. I think, image quality is overwhelmingly good, to a point I sometimes feel like I cheat. You can always take away the super high resolving look in post. A few clicks, done. I still have issue with oversaturated blue caused by lensflares, f.i. from my FD 50mm 1.4. I would do more testing before shooting something sufficient with a lot of backlight in combination with that or other lenses. Colourscience is awesome. I can create any look I want from it. With Vlog, it is a cinema camera through and through for the price of 1500USD. @omega1978 The part with the couples kissing is conceptually
  14. Puh, gender equality- something the world is far away from. So many people worldwide even get killed just because of their gender. Let´s not take this topic light hearted like a dull Hollywood shmockbuster. Thank you. The way some people here juggle with terms is breathtaking.
  15. @joenyc I think your article about Andrews article is about as harsh as his. I like both of your articles. I agree on your notion, that the outcry against abuse and degradation and objectivation from men has been and still is too little. What makes Andrews article interesting is, how feminism has been exploited by powerful, white people giving us white, superfit, sexy superheroes as a prime example of feminism with exactly the same range of emotions as the typical powermongers and narcists have, namely none. Stealing the cause is a typical tactic of info war since the invention of lying. Holly
  16. Hey, a big bearded man lived for a while in London, 150 years ago. He wrote some substantial stuff regarding economics and so on. Yes an utopic vision. The scarecrow of not so foxy not news and the yello hair weirdo who will have another job in three weeks. Your are still young, Andrew, like me:) You are still allowed to have utopic visions for a better living for everyone. I assumed M1 was manufactured in California. Anyway, give us more of your nerdism and passion for filmmaking and screw the rest. Remember your stuff from 2010 to 2015, legendary pieces and articles!!! There is no way a
  17. Darn, boy, you put a whole lotta videos in this thread. How many do you think have I watched. You are a movie producer. I am much more interested in your own stuff! @Emanuel It is so much more interesting. You would still be allowed to be a nerd of course. cheers, Marty
  18. Why noone except MrSMW showing footage. It´s getting dull in a thread about a fantastic camera. Well here is some S1H showing off the potential of what you and me could achieve too with either a S5 or a S1. I have posted three own S1 vids, so lets keep em coming and let them being discussed as well. So, here it goes S1H showing off for her sisters S1 and S5. Monster cinema cameras unleashed.
  19. @helium People care. They are just being distracted ALL the time. Thats the business model of the "attention economy". It takes trillions of dollars to make people not to seemingly care. It is not an easy undertaking to make these zombies out of us. So art makes a difference. Otherwise you would not have written your post. Contribution is far ahead from most of us but we will see how our kids will do without being like zombies or egomaniacs. World Literature- you mean 11th ce german literature included?:) What is that 101 thing anyway, decimal number 5?:)
  20. Great write up. Except that communism is not the right scarecrow, as it is an utopy for the better of humanity. Stalinism was a monsterous dictatorship. Already two and a half decades later Tarkovskji made the masterpiece Solaris, before that the grand masterpiece Ivans childhood. China is not communist but imperialist, building an imperium to hopefully not to rule the world some day. Apple M1 is manufactured in Cali, right? Iphone not though, we know where and under what conditions and for whom. My S1? Well.
  21. The core of your website and forum is interesting nerdom and original posts. I think some of your gem like threads need to be curated and repositioned in this forum to get more exposure. I mean the Eos-m digital Super8 thread or your main blog posts about Lomo lenses (beware:) or other classics. Maybe people can contribute articles like on Steve Huff. Does that change the internet. No. But it will prevent us from having to leave the internet and camera nerdom completly behind. Some nerds left this site because of misunderstandings. Regain momentum with your own nerdom and joy of the arts and t
  22. My camera of the year, is the quasi S5, my Lumix S1, though from last year! After the update with internal 6K, external Prores RAW and internal 4K 60p 10bit it is state of the art. Best image in town below 6000 USD. My other camera of the year is my vintage Sony PMW F3. To me EOSHD was always about regeneration of senses, relaxation and inspiration. Never about industry or pandemics. The pandemic is a monster, so is the responsible lifestyle of billions of people, which exploiting resources, animals, humans and health. It would be possilbe to have a completely different quality of li
  23. @kyeWhy, you wanna have some? Question is, was Kaylee zipping from "those little barrels" before sharing the experience?:) But you are right, what´s in the barrels?
  24. Grab a used Lumix S1 with VLog update for 1500 squids. Best image to price ratio by a large margin that it should be forbidden. Plus exellent 24Mpix images and some extra highres 80MPix mode for tripodshots. @IronFilm Wouldnt you want to inspire to spent a bit more money, since you pleased yourself with an unplanned purchase just recently. We still wait for the big reveal. A7s2 is a total super stinker compared to a S1. I did some event filming with it this summer in rec709 400-800 iso, codec fell arpart like a card house in the wind of an elephants fart. That camera is a stinker unless you
  25. Merry Christmas, dear friends! Have a beautiful time and transition to 2021! Thanks Andrew and everyone for this community!
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