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  1. You rascal, you almost got me, except that I, uhmm, I, well, I didn't:(
  2. "You can now get an Arri Alexa for £4900" Not anymore. Sold. Edit: Andrew, Dave, what´s up with that!:) Exited to see you using it again. Would love to see some classics revised, esp. the Mjpeg hacked GH1!
  3. Btw, blackmagic ursa mini pro 4.6 prices running low on the bay now. like 3500 usd low, the pro version! What is going on there? Everyone dropping their cams for the awesome canon c200 or c300 II. I wouldnt think so, to start my complain or disregard towards the c300ii. How so? I have not had that great experience with grading either the 10bit 4k dci nor the 2k 12bit. It sometimes feels like grading dslr footage, with codec falling apart surprisingly quick. I have had better results with grading 8bit gh5 100mbit codec. What you guys say about the c300ii codec flavours? Dynamic range captured is nice, robustness of codec rather not.
  4. PannySVHS


    old c-mounts and ibis are indeed a thing of beauty! I shot a video today with a friend, all GX85, awesome Fujinon 12.5mm with a bit of fungus. That lens is the only reason i still have that camera. So this is from today, with grade and edit right after it. I should do that every week. 1hour shootin, no planning ahead. fun thing: shot in vivid, full contrast and sharpness +2, color at +4, though at the lit parts at -5. Finally my first "real" video with the GX85, after almost two years owning it!
  5. PannySVHS


    @Matt Kieley, lookin great, as always. So what you think about the GH4 compared to your BMCC? What profile, settings did you shoot the video? I have been enjoying the Fujinon 12.5mm 1.7 for photography and doing video in 1:1 format. This lens is the only reason I have not sold my GX85 yet. Such a pretty outfit. Love to crop the photos in the raw developer in the classic aspect ratios like 1: 1.85, 1:2.0. Raw really makes that lens sing beautifully. Shot the image below last summer but edited it only two days ago. I guess I gonna keep this combo for another summer:)
  6. Please full VLOG curve and gamut with possibility for NR dialed off and ALL Intra for HD and 4K!
  7. Was close to buying one, with the pocket speedbooster, halfcage and 2x128 GB SDs. I sold for little over 500bucks. Crazy, I didnt bid in the end! But still looking for a BMCC mft package or good deals on FS700s. Fancying a F3 package with rigging and loads of extras for super low money!
  8. Great stuff. Still, to put into perspective, a FS700 with update for 12bit output can be bought for less than 2000 usd these days. I am close to getting one. Loving the 10bit prores image it gives with the shogun. Massive indy cinema image!
  9. @Andrew Reid Hey Andrew, great interview. I really like the introduction. Awesome that you had a such an open talk and constructive time with the Lumix S1 team and its leading gentleman. The current codec choices are Lumix G7 territory, which would not make me consider to buy this camera. I hope for GH5 codec choices, ALL Intra included and full VLOG. Then this would be my first full frame video/cinema camera. All full frame GH5 with full VLOG and without artificial sharpening and good battery life- here is my money! For now these codecs area available, which give Lumix G7 and GX85 quality.
  10. Wwould love that dvx100 andromeda more, for manageable size. and no need for an 18- 100 PL zoom neither. :) Nobody on this board who read this thread has been up to offer to sell one unfortunately.
  11. I do. What are you thinking, muaha. More electric energy being used on production of processors, more electric energy on servers running for 8K, etc. No need for reading the greepeaces board, you are mentioning. This is not a greenpeace board, neither is it a action shortmovie board, though some awesome action shorts have been shown on this board. This is no Snowbroading broad neither nor board, you know that, right. This board would be running on 8k gas stinkers a second, if coal was providing server power. Since it´s not, it´s 8k couch poataos´ farts a second. You see, 8K not a good thing. What gas was your camera running on haha. Right! Good one! :) Not to be mixed up with this master: Nykvist!
  12. I don´t matter, if the human mind is letting itself be dwarfed by 8k youtube videos and social media alogrithms. Waste of energy electric energy and sofore fuel is mindblowing. Quantum computing is not coming at quantum computing speed. Plastic waste has achieved that very well though. All the cpus and gpus built just for 8k phones will come in billion numbers. Doubling polution and waste.
  13. Even more than already, it would be a reckless abuse of resources to built all the computing power for the 8k, in phones, for its streaming content, etc, that it hopefully will not become standard. All that silicone, all that waste of energy, all that polution for the 8k cellphones, TVs, internet streaming. Terrwatts of energy and Terratons of oil wasted, water poluted. All for some shitty 8k youtube crap.
  14. Talking like that about the work of others on this forum with no sufficient reason happens once in a while. @DBounce I wouldnt care about the contents of comments like the one above. It lacks a valid point and emphathy as well. I like your work and contributions very much. They dont have to have Spielberg shotdesign nor Storarro colors all the time.
  15. That sentence puts a smile on my face. I am grading A7s Slog lowlight footage at the moment. Camera peeps would have been better off shooting 709 with an G85 at ISO1600 plus speedbooster, producing superiour color for that purpose. "Just not going to get the job done." puts an even greater smile on my face
  16. bump for my one of my favorite threads:) bumpidoobidoo
  17. Darn, @BTM_Pix, you are just too slick with everything! cheers
  18. Still, the GF1 is somehow cooler and awesome to me than the GX1. That look is a thing of beauty. Awesome minimalistic beauty! Awesome tactile flavour.
  19. Cool. Midtone contrast is also a thing one can apply after a succesful grade to milk the cow a bit more. After a long day of grading these little things are a beautiful gratification. Thanks for posting! Akazienstraße I would think, Schöneberg?:)
  20. Exellent tripod work. I noticed a zoom in the middle of the video- great operating skills with that Tokina! Makes me want to use my own Tokina more! Holy, this looks massive. Convinced now, seriously! I mean, how could this camera not give a fantastic image. It'ś BM after all now now even with great low light capabilities. Great time to get a BMCC in MFT mount for little money!
  21. Sorry, for me that is very hard to believe, really. Especially in HD modes up to 60p GH5 is miles ahead of G85. I felt build of G85 is the same as G7 when I checked it out last week. GX85 feels much more of a high quality body than both. Unfortunately its height is a bit small. My favorite built and designed camera for photography is the GF1. I think thats how one should built a small camera body. Even with its non existent handgrip it feels awesome in hand. Even an update for 8bit HD with 100mbit up to 60p would be awesome! For G7 as well! GX85 has not so nice HD quality unfortunately, so no need for higher bitrares in this mode:) Exellent, just be brave during post prod! Post has wrenched a lot of juice out of some filmmakers heads before:)
  22. PannySVHS

    GH5S or X-T3?

    XT3 has higher bitrates than GH5s in modes with higher than framerates than 60p.
  23. Hey Glenn, I imagined the G85 to have that solid GH5 buit. I went to a store to observe my 8bit dream camera again. Having been using the GX85 for quiet a while now I was a bit shocked (strong word, so a tiny little bit so) how much less quality like it felt to hold in hand compared to my GX85. Maybe I tricked myself by too high expectations. GX85 is a marvel to touch, just if its body was only a bit higher and the EVF as good as on the G7. Well, guess I gonna go to the store again and check out the G85 another time, again:)
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