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  1. Seems like my temptation to buy any Luts is still lower than my urge to save money, even moreso after your message is rather calming any desire to purchase anything for even the most little amount of pennies. 😂 @TomTheDP
  2. The quality of posts in this thread is not necessarily equivalent to the quatity. Dropping youtube videos without any lovely written expression of soul, heart or mind is kinda wordless and to me worthless for a forum. But maybe that is just because of the shiny new product. Older tech ist dicussed with much more love and passion.
  3. Hey, would rather recommend to upload it to youtube or vimeo. People might be hesitant to download from a private website.:) Also, screenshots sometimes awake interest. cheers GH3 should grade wonderfully with its 50mbit codec. I enjoyed grading G6 and G7 footage. 709 8bit classics.:)
  4. We aint old but appreciating old school, new school, just learning and enjoying the greats and less greats, the failures and the braveness of filmmakers who live and breathe film by heart and soul through their lungs like a deeply inhaling, practicing shaolin monk. @Emanuel
  5. In what regards would that be compared to the blackmagic app? cheers and thanks Why not, like kye suggested, going 0 USD for the Blackmagic app instead?:) @Andrew Reid
  6. Great input on the business side of operator-ownership! @IronFilm Even though your friend knew his stuff super well, it didnt prevent him from one of our and my biggest lacklusters, GAS, which even hinders creativity as @John Matthewshas pointed out in another thread. I didnt shoot anything meaningful this year and have been hiding behind lower end color grading gigs. That Varicam LT story is perfectly illustrating temptation and consequenes going along with purchases. It's also beautifully written. Thank you😊
  7. Would love to check out a BS1H and a FX30. @IronFilm But that is just nerdom. And you already made me buy the awesome Cinealta F3 which I only have done test shots with so far.:) BS1HII with an inhouse clickon monitor like Red and a cooler name please.:)
  8. But Emanuel, I was just honest. Any GH2 filmer from back then put more skill AND talent into their films. I could give a plus for running so quickly behind and infront of cam, but that's about it. Kye must be laughing like a gone mad colorist seeing how they broke the colour into Nintendo Green Lantern realms, if there ever was a bad game of the overly bad Christoph Waltz flick, based on a 60ies Bruce Lee TV show, where the upcoming superstar was the sidekick and main attraction, paling the main protagonist. Just to throw around a bit with love for popcultural references. Green lantern was a solid comic at first, was'nt it. The Munich video is not solid, nor done in the conciousness of pop, but a dull case of copycat showoff mediocracy.
  9. I would take Ironfilms exellent advice. Of the two i would go for the FX6. Highly popular and exellent camera. As mentioned above, it is perfectly accepted by clients in the doc field. If you want to make or keep making a living with doc, FX6 all the way. If you want a camera for labours of love with beautiful Canon Raw and the exellent colour coming from the Dual Gain sensor, C70. I bought my S1H from a docfilmer who does 45 - 60min docs for German TV. He upgraded to a FX and is super happy.
  10. The zeiss 35 f2 on full frame is.:), making bokeh too strong imo. The camera movements and motion look organic to me.. Best bangforbuck? No..
  11. Colors looked like a overly graded GH1, muddy bloody hell. I had to stop the video after the 1st half. Why? Please don't ask. Too many things.😅 But thanks for posting, so we can reflect on it.
  12. Late 2023 cameras. Z9 is not 2023:) So my cams are mostly the same, not from 2023 but to me relevant as of late 2023. Photo: Lumix gm5, gx85. Nuff said, classics in many reagards. GM for its magnificient Bauhaus Design, GX for its overall tactility and looks. Love the rawfiles from these beauties. Video: Lumix S1H , which I better use for photo as well with its awesome, though not 2023, sensor. LX15 for its quirks and the challenge of working with them and enjoying that experience so much, results in photo and most the time video as well. The rendering of that lens is a thing of beauty. Dust alert behind the lens elements though after real world usuage. Bmmcc and og Bmpcc, color grading galore gems. Alliteration where it belongs.:) Cinealta freaking Sony F3, the image wonder marvel.
  13. I plan to primarily use it with McPro24 for 10bit log, Motioncam rather as a luxury for raw cinema vignettes and image quality galore.:) I must say I was really impressed by some of the results i achieved with my Lumix LX15 i 8bit 4k. But under vety few conditions it looked like video no matter what grading trick i tried to pull off. Its raw files in photo mode have been a great joy to play with too. The M10 has a 1/1.33 sensor which equals a 2/2.6 sensor which is a tiny bit larger than the LX15 in its 4K mode, being about 2/3 inch sensor gate. So the M10 seems pretty tempting for its price. Buch better battery life too than a Bmpcc.😊
  14. I liked the link to the article about nostalgia. The author had also written an article about the positve effects about nostalgia, which are implied and referred to in the linked article. I would enjoy a 1 to 1 digital version of an Olympus 35RC btw. I have not read patronizing into Kubrickians post. I do read passion about the camera in your post and I am looking forward to your findings. @MrSMWNot keen on cussing about parents extra bedrooms. They are perfectly suitable for starting an enterprise for many people I bet. Psychology is helpful in doing so. So is the link imo in giving some food of thought in the periphery of camera design. I am sure you had a great afternoon and you will share something enjoyable to read. The link above to me was a great find and read as well. My favorite design is the GF1, maybe for nostalgia. Don't know. Will buy a GX1 some time soon, sold my GF1. Some one was super keen on it. Nostalgia it was not in that case I know.:)
  15. I zapped through the footage. Looks very nice. Looking forward to watch the whole thing with some snacks and some Radler. Thanks for posting. Presentation sounds also likeable, just like the presenter. Btw, the camping site video with the kids on the playground was nicely and engaging filmed. Like kye has responded to my criticism, footage looks like it can take some grading pretty well. I wished Panny would give us a compact cam with a dual gain one inch sensor and a manual focus clutch for 800 to 900 Euro/Usd. I will try the M10 or LG V60 route some time soon though. cheers
  16. Now, keep that beautiful F3 videos coming.:) I am eager to shoot something meaningful with mine but I have a hard time to find time to do so. Congrats! @davidbazesz
  17. Well, I meant your last post above mine, not posts! Stephen and Emanuel responded to me already in a respectful manner showing me a meaningful perspective to reevaluate mine and to appreciate theirs. There was no need for your last post and individual attack. I cannot pamper my opinion about this youtube hysteria. But I can appreciate the fact that you enjoy something and I can respond, awesome that you do, I can see why and might still respond that it would have looked just as good with an Android plus Mcpro App and 10bit Log. And maybe I am wrong. We all should feel comfortable to say so to one another. I will try to support that better.
  18. Who feels superiour? I hink we have billions of hysteric consumers ruining our planet, who are pressing their taste upon others. You lost sight or never had it to write such nonsense as above. Emanuel and I have been forum friends for a long time. You aint gonna write that away. If you come out like that, let me assure you that my aproach is rather active aggressive. And it is the first time so, putting up with subpar nonsense as above. It's at ease that anything might seem superiour compared to underwhelming posts like yours above. I am tempted to really lose my temper. But then I just did. I will calm down. U dont need to apologize. I won't as I mean every word of it. We will forgive eachother in a second. I already did. All good.
  19. That is a comprehensive and engaging writeup. Thank you. @stephen I wish for the same when it comes to observing and evaluating gear. I would be interested in the camera only, so a Xiaomi Mi10 or LG V60 begin to be compelling regarding 10bit Log and Raw video, the former sporting a 1/1.33" sensor vs IPros 1/1.25" imager, pretty much the same sensor size and a 1/5th of the price but with flagship model qualities. 😉
  20. Is there a S35 mode for 12 CNDG Raw. @OleB One day I might like to try this beauty with a Pentax 28mm F2 in S35 cinema glory. Thanks for your and I think Liams findings and observational journey! 🙂
  21. Awesome! Thanks, Andrew. It is not far off from the size of the main Iphone 15 sensor, which is around 1/ 1.25", and 3.5 times the surface of a 1/2.5". That's almost like S35 compared to S16 or S16 to S8. Are there main differences between the M10 vs Mi10 Pro and what would they be, regarding video, sensors and cameras? cheers and thanks 🙂
  22. Emanuel, I don't agree at all. People keep flooding us with mediocore videos, like a mine digging machina keeps flooding us with the wealth of our earth, so we can film rich folks' camping sites with the newest and latest. Hey, even travel super close to snow covered mountain top! Cannot be the 5x times zoom can it? This phone has fucked up processing again, fucking up Prores again with noise reduction mushing textures. The second time that Big ole Apple is fucking up their own supposely benefits of prores. Shows again that processing before encoding is a butcher. Still, people flooding the apple temples like maniacs. A relativism of morality in general might suggest a relativism of preference of gear and taste and curatism as well. One liners and random videos don't cut it when it comes to evaluating strenghts and weaknesses of cameras and they don't cut it for me personally regarding reading pleasure and interest.
  23. Cranky cameraman was filming a cranky dude talking about 150 nations entering his land. What a statement hard to believe at around 0.38sec. Made me stop watching the video. Should have guessed by the thumbnail of the guy without the beird. With a Sony Cinealta PMW F3, especially external recording, this would have not been recorded indeed. In the name of your beird and wisdom, how could you allow a facehairless propaganda X man slip into this thread. Now I know. You watched "the creator", then remembered "monsters" and the camera and the scenario. Voila three texas rangers on the loose getting airtime here. I suggest this stays a thread for the beautiful F3 and the other vintage Sony imagers get their own. It is okay if they stop by in this thread once in a while to hail the queen.:) 150 nations my axx- EX3 witness of many alternative universes. F3, upholder of alternative cinema. 🙂
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