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  1. It makes it very unappealing to me to participate in an exchange if tone and content of presentation is rather rude or triumphant despite the fact that it is underlined by interesting arguments. I know Donald Trumbull was an ambassador and follower of high framerates. I imagine his contribution to discussion would have been indeed a joy to follow and reflect upon. This thread is not.
  2. You can adapt various mounts to EF, such as Pentax, Nikon F, M42 and Yashica Contax. The latter youn cannot adapt to Nikon as the flange distance is larger. Nikon F has one of the largest if not the largest flange distance of any 135 film cameras. You can adapt Nikon lenses to EF but not the other way around. See flange distance on wikipedia as it lists the different mounts and flange distances. The you can check if adapters for different combinations of mounts are available.
  3. The Bmcc booster is specifically suited to the sensor. Printed letters on the shell are indeed bmcc. There is another 0.64 booster without this specific bmcc lettering for the Lumix GH line besides a similar 0.71 model. Contax to EF adapter and you are set. Had been using ef to contax. Just test out some of these very affordable adapters. How have you been using your Yashica ML lenses, with an ef to mft adapter?
  4. It's the 0.64 version, specifically built for the Bmcc. It has it printed on top of the plastic shell. Check out the official website: https://www.metabones.com/products/details/mb_spef-bmcc-bm1 Ef version. Contax to ef mount can be connected with an adapter. I imagine you already know that. But haven't you been handling speedboosters a lot before? Have you settled for Zeiss or Yashica ML?
  5. Roger Deakins is a legendary dp of dps, a gentleman, craftsman, artist and scholar of cinematography. To insult him on a Dslm cinematography forum is a final unappetizing antic. I suggest you enjoy some fresh air and calm down. Watch T1 and 2, if you want to witness 80ies and 90ies scifi greatness. Instead you watched the lame follow ups and many youtube camera recommendation videos. You then come to our forum as an unfamiliar guest with a familiar depreciative sound of writing, suggesting nonsense, implying to consume our earth to its vital limits. I am not even interested in the question, if you have ever done anything in the field of cinematography or small passion projects or anything at all. I dont care. Please just stop your disgrace or leave like you came, this year of 2023. You are a naked keyboard user after all.
  6. This thread is bloated like a thread about the perfect camera. It is one with some of the most narcistic tone i have ever read, from all sides. After all AI is one of the most narcistic enterprises due to being in the hands of people with an obsession for imperial power over markets and our world. We seem like people with ten cameras not filming anything they want to share in a whole year. No more rough and ready sketches. I prefer seeing that over perfectly polished generic "content". "Content" in marks for a reason, cough, cough.:) There has been interesting stuff to read, from many perspectives in this thread. Still, there is a very intense misantrophic spirit in this whole affair, a triumphant attitude. It's a threat, that Ai is ultimately an instrument to dumbening and controling and ruling over people and exploiting and killing them, if convinient to do so. If it's turning into a triumphator over people, then only because we allow it to happen. Art it is not. The "mechanics" of cognition are completely different. Art is indeed connected to human cognition. Anything else is just a mimicry. Some people allow themselves to accept that as art though it beeing only artificial, mimicing art. We all seem to have gotten a bit triumphant like a misantrophicly acting ai-system. We are pretty good in adapting to bullshit but also the other way around. I vote for the latter.
  7. Darn. I've been a member here for 8 years by now. But never have I given anyone a thumbsdown. You righteously earned all of those I could have had potentially given towards other nonsense before, dear og poster. What nonsensensical, arrogant and depreciative statements you've been coming up with just to feel being right. Your statement could have even been an attractive thesis for me to talk about with you. But your argumentation is without any respect for any good nor in the service of your claim. "24p is dead". Maybe it is. Maybe not. Maybe 25p as here in Europe is the current 24p. But no need to act up like a triumphator about it. Something like "Your old world is dying, let's celebrate that." NOT. That doesnt mean, you are not a lovely person with possibly an adorable filmmakers mind. But your statements are a long way to go from in order to be a good testimonial for a convincing positive assumption about you. Wasting our planet for consumption of 4k 60 video junk is not a thing to be goofy about. 8k 60p- like looking outside of the window. Let's look outside of our window for sure: the world is burning. No tolerance for most terrible display of ignorance and stupidity in behaviour nor speech. "Thongs", "clothes forum", are you a chauvinist scared of thongs? Never seen a thong in your life or someone undressing a thong? I will do that now for a change. Seeing is believing. So many people trying to provide awesome content here. So many good reasons to reason with THEM, because they make it possible. Never used capitals before. Oh, well..
  8. What the heck are you talking about?πŸ˜‚ What's your pick nr one camera? Your Red 1 MX you were mentioning having shot news with in another thread? In 60P?😊
  9. exiting the dreammachine of a disruptive Super8 4K Raw cine pi 2. Grand name for a camera: "disruptive cine pi 2".😊
  10. F3 would be my second choice. I have only used it for one test and internal Slog 420 look pretty awesome. Best internal 8bit 420 colors I have ever seen. But thing is cumbersome and heavy enough to not to get picked for a walk. I would take all three of my cameras I mentioned above. After all entry cinematography tools are my passion. I could widen the question, what would be your theoretical dream camera. That does not necessarily mean it has to be maxed out in all specs.
  11. How about your Red One MX?πŸ˜‚ @zlfan Mine would be my S1H, which is so fun to hold and use. Bmmcc is closer to my heart but not quiet as practical and versatile. Sony Pmw Cinealtaaaa! F3 is close to my passion for the image and color quality i seek but has not been used by me. So S1H. Or F3!!!!πŸ˜‚
  12. I want to see my world in 12K and 120fps, how our planet is getting fried and resources being plundered by power hungry production, distribution and consumption of 12K 120fps content and hardware. It will be so clear like looking outside ze window, I would have cleaned before. Zeeing izzt beliehieving! I will see our planet is in trouble. Before I will have consumpted some Teletubbies in 50 or 60p. 50p is foreign to me though. What are the other cams you have? Which one would be the one and only for you? What frame rate did you shoot mostly in? Have you done a short film with your red one mx in higher framerates?
  13. Too much of an honour 😊 @Emanuel I am a an 8bit afficiando at heart with a few obscure visual poems under my belt, but thank you anyway for your kindness. Anyway, Gh4 at 50mbit! Thing is, directing and script talent is busy so i gotta do that as well. Passion piece. Reminds me of the times when i browsed GH2 videos with great pleasure. I cannot say that about browsing iphone 15 stuff.
  14. What a nonsense product, a s8 camera with monitor for five thousand usd/eu. Did i miss something?
  15. I am still fancying to do shortfilm with a GH3. I want to find out about my minimum regarding image quality for personal narrative work. It seems promising due to its moderate 50mbit codec and a rather robust image without artefacts. I have a GH4 i bought a few months ago. Should be the same as it has a 50mbit option beside the 100 and 200mbit ones. Just have to stay away from the cine profiles to simulate a GH3 well enough.:) Codec from my G6 back then was ok but not as strong as i wished under more harsh conditions, still pretty good for its time and bandwidth. G7 had my favorite HD image, even lovelier than from the GH5, almost as high resolving but a bit more gentle on textures. By a relevant margin better sensor and pipeline than in the G6, same codec though. I still have it but wanna test a adequate minimum data rate. So a simulated GH3 it will be.😊 Just saying in regard to kyes and Emanuels posts above.:)
  16. Puh, maybe I am not keen on new tech reviews at the moment, but it was no fun trying to read that test. Their photo sensor tests had been a joy to study, but this one, not for me. Electonics fetichism. Tired of witnessing that.
  17. GH4 colours and dynamic range? Great musicians, and so young talent. I wish the Dji filmer put some coins in their jar. This video was a gimbal test video and a great audio witness of the musicians, good handling and showcase of the gimbal, cinema veritΓ© it was not. Image seems in GH4 territory. Interesting enough for rent and evaluating the image quality oneself if they give them away for 20 a day. Wanna share bits of your footage, Dji or, heck, just anything of beautiful Lissabon? @Emanuel
  18. I love Conan, to me the champ of all latenighters. That guy has funny bones and of course a great and funny mind and a great team and sidekick. He is a cultural treasure beyond borders. I remember people who found him to be way too goofy for a relaxed watch and preferred Leno and Letterman, who both were more suited for a broad audience. Conan got rejected when trying to enter a snobster techno club in Berlin about two or three years ago. I don't mention the name on purpose. Real Estate Pros love to grab Eastgerman trademarks and turn them into elitaer technodiscos. I imagine some technofollowers would disagree with the connotation of disco. So Conans little act gave me tears of joy and gratitude. I enjoyed Kay on Digitalrev a big deal. It could have always been bigger, badder and better but it was the best available back then. What I came to not like were some gender based jokey remarks iirc. I enjoyed to "travel" Hong Kong as a youtube tourist, with Kay as a photo guide and camera talking guy. A Conan he is not indeed. But who is in the camera world. There is only one other guy i can watch as a whole for camera entertainment and that one is a funny grumpy polarbear in his rather blank living room. Hong Kong and guests and people of Hong Kong were exiting to wander and roam around.
  19. Easy, easy on us, it wasn't us who did this test.😊 Alexa with Prores HQ instead of the FX and that 10bit codec will shine with that gorgeous image. But yeah, the whole image pipeline is to be accounted.
  20. Kay would be able to come up with a funny reply I imagine.:) BBC rocks and so did the Kay era on DigitalRev. Anything after him was like Teletubbies following after a Studio Ghibli film. 😊
  21. Quiet appealing thumbi this time and tasty writeup, dear Emanuel. Love it. But will I click it?πŸ˜‚ @Emanuel I still won't click the first one, even though this are the times of fugly thumbnails. Especially because of these times I won't click it.πŸ˜‚ Actially, I find the new Dji compelling to play with. I imagine smaller rentals having them in their lineup. Would be fun to try one out.
  22. You have read several compelling accounts about NRaw here in this thread. Slashcam tested it on several occasions with best in class latitude, bettering S1H internal which is bettering R8 Canon Raw. Color fidelity is impressive. Andrews article shows a different perspective iirc, about difficulties to work it in post for best effect iirc. Give us your summary of it, if you find time. It's been written very early after that brandnew format came out. @Jedi Master
  23. Seriously, they got the mount. Pannyboy gets the Braw.😊
  24. Now that! It was super enjoyable to watch Kay on DigitalRev, always quirky, fun, exiting, even whimsical, great locations and occasions, colabs, just the whole thing. To delete that treasure is not only dumb but in a way crudest cultural vandalism the way they did it.
  25. PannySVHS

    Panasonic G9 mk2

    What about a 50mm 1.8 bargain lens on the S1? @Beritar That should be much smaller. The Sigma 45mm 2.8 is pretty small but is a relevant amount narrower regarding fov than a 40mm. No real equivalent to the nice 20mm 1.7 in the FF world other than the Voigtlaender 40mm F2 in M-mount or a Konica with a long flange and adapter. I love the fov coming from a 40mm lens on a FF camera. A native 40mm 2.8 pancake would be sweet, with Af and a clutch for hard stops when in manual focus. The G9 II in S5II body is dwarfed by the gigantic S1.πŸ˜‚ Oly 35RC has a 42.5mm F2.8 lens btw. I loved that lens and focal length and that camera.:)
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