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  1. I would rather like to hear from @A_Urquhart shooting experience with the FS7 and hopefully the FX30 than hearing myself bitch about how the Lumix S series is equally as compelling (or for my needs possibly slightly as I own the S1). So again, sorry to you, dear forum fellow. Looking forward to be reading more of your findings. Best and have a great weekend!
  2. Indie shooting at its best? That´s a stretch. No offense. It´s a good test nonetheless! I like your enthusiasm of course, you know that, my friend.:) @Emanuel I would not necessarily watch a 90min lowlight test or get sucked into its magic, instead of being captured by beautifully crafted indie flix, realized with the craft, skill and art of many people and departments, not the least by stunning cinematography? Don´t get me wrong. Marks Test is a great display of meaningful testing Slog3 at ISO 2500 but not an indie flick nor short nor essay or cinema verité. 🙂
  3. I think, Canon and Sony get a lot of hyperbole. Besides that, FX30 looks like the most interesting Sony video DSLM. Looking forward to see what people achieve with this 2300 Euro machine. cheers
  4. Never seen such a thing. You are nuts @kye @IronFilm to state otherwise. Now back to topic please to the tasty and mighty Lumix S series.😂
  5. All solid points! Congrats on your Netflix projects. Didnt mean to bug you. All good. Sorry if i offended you. Not my intention. Have a kewl day! See you around and cheers ☺
  6. Awesome @Matt Kieley Makes me want to reanimate some of my analogue shelf treasures. Oly RC35 a beauty to hold and fun to operate, a Fuji comoact with a EBC? coated 24mm to whatever zoom. Too lazy to check and hopefully not too lazy to use. 😅
  7. Hehe, the FX "excels" no more in adapting S35 Cine lenses than an Eos M, despite it being the better sensor and codecs and processing in a box.😅 It's pretty easy actually to get my point: the S line from Panasonic offers Super35 AND full frame. So your exclusive spec sheet race is utter hyperbole imo. It is okay with me but it is also super okay with me to point that out. It's all good. I leave it at that. You are exited about this camera and that's cool. Varicam Vlog was a force on Netflix narratives. Slog 3 in the Venice then? U tell us if you enjoy to and find time to. Btw i own the S1 not the S5, I need that full Hdmi.;)
  8. Give it a try.:) In theory the bitrate would be the greatest asset imo. I don't know if the signal out of the C100s Hdmi is of superiour quality though. There is a test on vimeo. The C100ii does not offer SD btw if I remember right.
  9. C100 MKII is tiny if you use it barebones. Fun camera to use, great image, codec for grading is much weaker than the 8bit 4k 100mbit flavour from Panasonic in the Lumix GX85 or G7, dynamic range is better though. A GX85 with CLog would be perfect or a C100II with a 50Mbit codec.:)
  10. @A_Urquhart You posted quiet often about the Sony, even three times in direct row, stating some false superlatives, like the Sony being the best for cinelenses.😅 How is it the best when an Eos M for 150 EUR isn't worse in that regard.😂 S5 also has an additional XLR module!😅 Slog3 out the FX30, we will see how that goes. The so called All Intra has to prove itself. It was prone to artefacts in the FS7. So far VLog on the S series and the Long Gop are proven image quality leaders rivaling or bettering a C70. VLog has been a darling for Netflix. But let' s assume both cameras offer equal image quality. Enjoy your Sony and share your footage, if you find the time. I will do the same with my Lumix S1. Oh hold it, THAT one records unlimited 10 bit, has full Hdmi and costs around 1200 Eur on the used market. New challenger here. But i get it, fx30 is a nice cam with timecode and af. That's good for those who need it. Anyone else look elsewhere and save a lot of money. Anyway, please let's not repeat ourselves and if so not with falslihoods like exclusive "professional audio" or "best for cinema glass". I think the Fx is an interesting camera but let' leave out the false superlatives, especially when you can get a used Lumix S1 for 1200 Eur. Thank you!
  11. Oh wow, never seen an artfact mess like this before! 🙂 @John Matthews
  12. Not necessary to compare the FX30 to a S5, as the S5 is a full grown hybrid offering Full Frame goodness in 10bit video and for photography as well, also offering a variety of features like anamporhpic modes, which the FX30 does not offer. The S5 offers Full Frame and you can go down to Super 35 as well, cropping to the sensor size of the Sony FX30. The sensor of the S5 is more than twice the size of the FX30, still it only being almost half the price of it. For people who don´t need AF and timecode, the S5 is the better option imo. Best bang for buck! Better image quality, cheaper wide angle options, full frame and full image cirlce on cheap wide angle lenses, cheap adapters for taking advantage of it, same rolling shutter in its optional Super 35 crop mode. No brainer. Back to you FX30 fans, I will hold on to myself and stay calm. FX30 looks appealing due to AF and full HDMI. 🙂
  13. On the S5 I can user cheap adapters for vintage lenses in Full Frame. With the FX30 one would need to buy focal reducers like speedbooster, which cost 3 to 5 five times as much, also no focal reducers for Konica afaik. You can use ur ultra high quality Super35 cinema glass , which the S5 excels like other great cameras. But micro hdmi for my use of work is a no go unfortunately. But the FX30 is a no go too as a hybrid due to lack of evf and mechanical shutter. So I would still rather buy two Full Frame S5 cameras with its special Super35 mode instead of one S35 Fx30 camera.
  14. PannySVHS


    Awesome! Gonna watch it later. I also got a very old passion project close to picture lock. Very close I hope.:) It's astonishing to realize how much time some personal projects take, kinda like some other seemingly simple things in life.
  15. Except from AF and 120p 4k, the Lumix S5 seems a much better deal. Half the price, equal if not better image quality, Full Frame with optional Super 35 mode. EVF. Rolling shutter is the same between the two with S5 in S35 mode. But somehow I find the FX30 appealing. It' design is cool looking. So hdmi is full hdmi? The S5 would have been a no brainer for my needs if it had full Hdmi.
  16. One awesome thing about the Digital Bolex seems that its sensor is in 1.33 aspect ratio, just like m43. Don´t know how that translates into its video mode ratios. I got that from an image of the sensor off the web. I turned out to be in 4 to 3 ratio.
  17. I love the HD from the G6 and even moreso from the G7, GX85 not so much. Good thing is, I could reactivate my G7 for some HD goodness. G6 has quit working, good old trusty plastic fantastic. 🙂
  18. Gotta love Austin Powers. Such a groovy attitude and humour. He would not be the best operator for a digital blolex substitute for sure. He would shag it rotten. Awful, especially that no contestant is providing global shutter. Humor makes us smile, as Grimor did. Sincerity makes us think. So all good. We appreciate camera efforts and are thrilled about it. Btw, the 2/3rd sensor rasperry pi camera should be looked into. It has been a while since their last status message.
  19. PannySVHS

    Panasonic GH6

    The article states rather in favour of the GH6 sporting a rather unsharpened image. But it does look more zippery than the GH5II chart. Could also be due to varying in testing conditions. Do you have own hands on with the GH5II? If it gets a "deezid approved", I might have a new contender for personal 10bit hybrid. GH5 could be problematic with big pink blotches on reddish skin when filmed in VLog. How about colour from the GH5II and noise mush under high iso in lowlight conditions? Your findings are always highly appreciated. Thanks! @deezid I think the GH5II chart is from the review and article about it. There is no direct comparision of the two charts afaik. @kye https://www.slashcam.de/artikel/Test/Panasonic-GH5-II---zweite--R-evolution-.html Article stating, in VLog there is no additional sharpening, resulting in the so called organic image. Sounds good and thanks to Deezid for pointing this camera out.
  20. I also liked Grimors joke. I think he for sure developed a good taste regarding insider camera jokes. If we have camera developers with a sense of humor around, I would love that for both facts, for their development skills and their humor as well. 🙂 Too bad that out of the 3ccd 2/3 sensor cameras like the Varicams there never materialized a camera in the body of a DVX100 or HPX250, the latter though with great codec, but without ccd magic and 1/6 sensor size.
  21. PannySVHS

    Panasonic GH6

    Panasonic needs to fix the streaking. It´s kinda like the issue blue dots, which occured with the Lumix S series und saturated blue led light. Panasonic fixed the issue pretty soon after it was reported to them by strong user response. The GH6 is a flawed product with that issue, even if being a compelling one. Without the streaking I would love to give this camera a try and would assume to keep it for good. Plus, if it only had a S16 crop like the GH5 has. Unfortunately the GH6 does not offer that. It would be awesome to have an S16 mode in all the aspect ratios of the full sensor modes, such as 4to3 and additionally 1.66 ratio with full width of S16, which would be around 12.3mm. Other than that it is a dream camera come true. Organic cinema image in a little powerful package. Better colour rendition and resolution than the GH5S under lowlight conditions and what not.
  22. Hehe, yes, indeed, planning on selling it. I am a bit sad, because it is such a super high quality image taker. But I am not in instant love with it under natural light conditions. I think it has to do with the huge dynamic range and colour space. On the other hand, I just love how easy it is for me to grade my BMMCC, mine has the IR Cut from Rawlite, just beautiful process. S1 is an image quality monster, but I am not in love with this monster. It for sure is not my first love. 🙂 Maybe i should give it more use and give it an exclusive run. So fare it served me as A Cam for event but only as B and C cam for narrative or more visual stuff. Maybe I should give it A Cam consideration and love will grow by that.:)
  23. I gave the HD pixel to pixel mode on the Lumix S1 a run. It´s not S16 width but closer to 16mm format. VLog ISO 640 should look similar to ISO 5000 in FF format in the low native Iso mode, which should provide enough grain. Since the S series is well know for an image without pixel mush and for "honest" rather filmlike grain, it should do the trick. I have tested it two years or so ago with an Angie 75mm C-mount in the crop mode and it did the trick pretty well. That lens also kinda works in S35 mode with slight vignette. I just simply enjoy my BMMCC too much so my S1 is collecting dust.
  24. I would suggest the same and go with the Panasonic S5. Best in class overall image quality, good battery life, great body. Price is hard to beat. Price vs quality ratio is by far the best. The image trumps all other contenders and is only equalled by the R5 or Z9 in its Raw modes and even that is trumped in lowlight. Best reasonable update. Period. Look no further if i need now. If not in need, keep using what you got I guess. Which is never the worst thing to do and often a good idea. 🙂
  25. 4K on the GX85 slamdunks any HD AVCHD flavour on it, especially the brittle HD 60p. Also, the 24 to 30p HD on the GX85 is by far not as nice as on the G6 and G7, which both have a very smooth but high resolving HD. GX85 HD is brittle by comparison. What article btw?:)
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