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  1. 6K open gate in 24p and 5.9K 16:9 up to 30p. The 10bit codecs, both 422 h264 and 420 h265 are pretty impressive regarding image quality. @Nikkor
  2. Gimbal like stabilization looks very, very good. Best IBIS in town by far, almost no wobbly edges. Video wise an original Bmpcc and other mft cameras would look more appealing to me. Would be interesting to test the original file in grading for sure. So thanks for uploading on vimeo! @markr041
  3. S1 had a firmware update for cameras with the paid VLog key, giving it 4K 60p, 10bit, h265 in S35/ APS-C, in 16:9 and anamorphic modes. Reputed German test site slashcam has tested for class leading latitude in the S1. In its h264 10bit modes the latitude in the shadows coming from the S1 is very impressive, even slightly better than the R5 in Raw when pushed to the dumbest extremes. It is providing a great ratio between image quality and file size. Great tip on the button setup for full frame and APS-C! Thanks, will try that on my S1!
  4. S1 3:2 6K is over the entire sensor and restricted to 24p. It also offers Full Frame 6K 16:9 up to 30p. Besides that, both S1 and S1R offer a 6K (5K!) photo mode in 30p. S1R 5K mode is S35 format and up to 30p. All modes are 10bit h265 420 200mbps. S1 also has the super strong 10bit 422 codec up its sleeve, which offers much better quality in grading. But the 8bit variante is no slouch neither in 709 formats.
  5. To me IBIS is to emulate the movement of a heavy camera like it would be sitting on the shoulder. To work a heavy camera handheld from the shoulder means having a sufficient EVF rigged and good balance of the whole setup. That neither comes easy nor cheap. To have the cheapest way of 10bit combined with the heavy camera look would demand a Sony F3 or FS700 with an external recorder plus an EVF plus balancing all of that out, plus powering. Or shell out a some more money for a used Sony F5. So IBIS in my S1 saves me from having to do that. And it saves me from having to carry a lot of weight for small lower paid shoots. 10bit implentation in the S1 and practical absence of noise mushyness (NR) gives me a high quality image. Fs700 internal is a great 8bit cam btw. It´s Slog implementation is worthy to be used under sufficient light. A7S and the MK2 on the other hand have a gruesome Slog implementation regarding colour, coming from my experience. It should be tested before using it, that´s for sure. For a start I totally support the notion of practicing without IBIS and without Log to get immediate results without "unthougthful shotdesign made by IBIS" and without grading hell and without the mentality "fix it in post". Resulting in more thoughts ahead of shooting and sofore more thoughtful filming, less "fixing it in post", less dull shots and films.
  6. I remember that test @QuickHitRecord Cool to realise now that you did this test.:) Are you sure it is the iscomorphot 8 1.5x and not the isco anamorphot 8 1.5x? The iscomorphot 8 is the single focus solution, seen left on Andrews picture above, the isco anamorphot 8 is the fixed focus one with much worse performance. Tito has tested both of them. Hopefully I get to rig mine some time soon. I got two of them for setting them up with two focal lengths. Some time soon.:) Haha @Justin Bacle has even commented on it under Titos video.:)
  7. Well. Cheek in tongue comments above. Don is my friend. I like his comments a big deal. He was not over eagerly providing more posts than anyone else does. There are many examples of various forum friends focussing on their mantras. I call my own name with my own posting obsessions. At the same time I do recognize my specific contributions as well. We all were best meaning for this forum. Now that it takes on an exiting momentum again, we won´t worry no more but be happy to see this place grow and florish even more.
  8. I second BTM´s suggestion of an EF-L adapter for OIS Canon lenses. One specific example: the native 24 105 in manual focus is not stepless, meaning jerky mini steps while focussing by hand. The Canon EF L 24 105 has a nice though a bit short manual focus which can override its hardish stops. It is stepless and makes manual focus even possible with a wireless focus system. It is also much nicer to touch. My native 24 105 L sits in the closet. Otherwise nice lens though but that stepping phenomenon in manual focus makes it not really enjoyable to me. Thinking about getting the Canon L for my speedboosted FS700. You can get one for as low as 300EUR on the used market.
  9. A few pinned threads might still be a good idea imo, like the legendary lenses thread, 5d3 raw and such. The core ideas of the current spirit of the forum and its owner. Not more than 7 i'd say, like 7 wonders of the world.:)
  10. Dear Don, I promise now to do that in September. Might be in internal Slog, since i am too stingy to replace my ripped mini sdi to sdi cable. 30eur, these suckers!:) Anyway, back to topic, what astonishes me a big deal are the colours in the Taiwan shorts and beautiful compositions. Perfect lensing with the 85 Zeiss and the 35 FD. I always read the comments on vimeo.:)
  11. Exactely, Andrew. It's the Iscomorphot 8 which is single focus. There is an Isco anamorphot 8 which is fixed focus. That's what I'm planning on doing, to use it with my Tevidons on my Bmmcc. S16 should be the perfect format for it. Tito has tested both of them in S35 crop on an A7S II, which it covers but with super soft edges. I still have troubles adapting my Tevidons as the Tevidon to C-mount adapter does not screw deep enough into the C-mount to Mft adapter. My only Tevidon i get mounted is the 35mm to my S1. Awesome lens btw, covering S35 crop!
  12. @FHDcrew S1 and S5 are IQ monsters. This thread and the S5 thread document that very well. XT3 is nice from what i see and read. But the S series is in another league. Latitude of internal codec is same as R5 in Raw, even slightly better, as tested by slashcam. Get a used S1 with the Vlog update, if full hdmi is important to you. Or get a S5, which has the awesome form factor of a GH5 and Vlog already preinstalled. Browsing the threads with some coffee or french fries will guarantee you a great entertaining read, as many of Eoshd threads do. I have my Eoshd eating and reading rituals all the time. Scrambled eggs with grilled tomatoes, hmm:)
  13. I highly recommed to any S1 owner to shell out the 200USD for the VLog update. It also includes the great 150mbit 422 10bit 4K modes, 100mbit 10bit HD modes plus 4K 60p 10bit in S35mode, also full sensor open gate true 6K mode. The photomode has less resolution than the full sensor open gate mode, something between FF and S35. So go ahead and treat yourself with the best and obligatory update for your camera, making it a true indy cinema camera powerhouse and music video dream camera! Without the update S1 does not offer 422 nor its awesome codecs nor modes, which mentioned above, open gate included. cheers
  14. Great lensing, 50 on S35 with an anamorphot looking sweet. Good old 5D2 shines even in 720p for some S16 emulation. I plan on coupling it with a Tevidon 25mm and use it on my BMMCC. I´m just a lazy and stingy cat when it comes to rigging and buying rigging parts.:)
  15. Well, I meant a single thread for your Taiwan article and beautiful videos. For instance, your Samsung 720p piece is outstanding regarding photographic quality. So it would be worth in retrospective to show (off) to people in a very convincing manner, that gear only matters so much. Though this is a well know mantra, the proof of it is in the pudding is in the footage.
  16. The phone Raw reminds of the M43 12MPix sensor from the Lumix GF1, but with higher dynamic range. GF1 had some harsh highlight rolloff. Very interested in Raw video from phones in general. Would love to learn more how to implement that into practical filmmaking, data management included due to the large file sizes. I would love a 2.5K Raw mode, downsamplemd from the whole sensor in 3:1 cDNG from a 1inch or closeley sized sensor. Exiting stuff. Usuable entry models around 200USD would break the ice for me.
  17. So I bet, many of you have heard or read of the Iscomorphot 8 1.5x anamorphic adapter, which is a tiny and single focus gem. It was built for Super 8 cameras and even works for S35 but with inherent flaws regarding resolution, since it was built for Super8. Here is a beautiful video in its own right and vertical use of the anamorhot, which means that camera was rotated by 90 degrees. Camera was a m43 Zcam, so the sensor was in a 3 to 4 format position after rotating it by 90 degrees. Taking lens was a 90mm Voigtlaender. This should give us a 3x1.5 to 4 format = 4.5 to 4 = 1.125 to 1 ratio! Enjoy and happy hunting for the Iscomorphot! 🙂
  18. Phoneraw sounds pretty cool. Regarding pinned topics, eight could be a good number, providing a spot for the original phone raw thread and some other hotties like the BMMCC one fi. It would fit the bill and spirit as well I feel. Just 28! was too many imo.:) There are a whole bunch of youtube channels done by people who appreciated the credo of small and old school gear and great dedication of using it. They are all around the 500 to 4000 followers strong. So, still good stuff out there, seemingly overwhelmed by the clickbaiters. If Gerald would be the only one, he would be a great addition to the voices of camera techies. But the large number of copycats is dull as dull can be. Hopefully i get around within the next weeks to contribute some fun stuff. Just a bit busy with the heat and tideous jobs. Got a nice onetaker with the BMMCC, shot with the Canon FD SSC 35mm f2 on a focal reducer. I used a nice little old school trick at the beginning of the sequence and a self built mini jib. It´s gonna be a great pleasure to share all that with you very soon, dear friends. cheers and have a nice week!
  19. Also a very interesting prospect would be a Sony Cinealta F5, with its 2K 444 mode. Some of them even have a Prores and/or a 4K upgrade. Used ones sometimes run for less than a used C300ii does. Exchangeable mounts due to its native FZ mount are a very appealing feature btw.
  20. Lumix S1 has a 3x crop in HD, which should make it possilbe to use lenses that were made for 16mm image circle, such as the 10-100mm Zeiss zooms with its F1.8 and F2.8 variantes, also the lens for 16mm film from the Russian Krasnogorsk cameras such as mir, vega and others. Btw, some S16 lenses cover S35 such as the Tevidon 35mm 1.9, a true killer lens. I tested that myself. So you can take that for granted. Back to A7iv, other than AF and that S16 crop I don´t see a reason for me to switch from my S1. S16 on the A7iv should mean around 2.46K pixels in x-axis (7008 / 2.88) which would give it a true edge compared to the S1 with its 16mm gate and HD resolution for its 3x crop mode. But then S1 might allow me to use 16mm lenses with its smaller image cirlce in 3x crop mode. I think colour science on the A73 was pretty nice, so an A7iv with even nicer colour makes it indeed interesting from an image related point of view.
  21. I still believe to remember right, that you chimmed in once in a while when redundance in threads took over. Maybe not a pleasant and most effective thing to do. I don´t know, so I feel humbled to have suggested a possibly naive idea. People could come up and send you interesting topics they would be willing to write about with filmic examples they did themselves. I f.i. will team up with a friend of mine these weeks and put my Zeiss 10-100 T2 to use with an old Alexa on its S16 crop. I would provide thoughts on the infamous 2x Zeiss Mutar, asking question if it could be combined with a PL-mft speedbooster from metabones to counteract the 2x enlargement factor. Just an example. Or a test of the Konica 35 100 2.8, a varifocal monster of a lens, for which no sufficient test footage exists on the web. Just a bit of keywords of what I could offer, if of interest. I think, pinned topics are indeed a great thing. It will be at your hand, how many and which ones. Imo, it won´t be a r1 to r20 parade of cameras and sofore 20 pinned threads, as a metaphor. Still, there has always been great exitement about your own articles. Afaik they have been the turbo, the sparkle of every dynamics on this forum. I remember a guest article or article feat Ed David and his NX1 piece. It was a foundation of more to come and great posts by the guy. We forum members must leave politics out. It caused a lot of misunderstandings amoung friends. It only gave some real trolls power over us. Their power was destructive. The idea of a camera cafe or chit chat corner is great. I think another important task is to define categories and subcategories the best possible way. To make the relevant, not redundant and appealing and not to large in number. Not a super easy thing to do. But suggestions can be made by members and should provide sufficient ideas. For instance: Lenses should have their own category, such as footage and such as raw shooting cameras. Right now they all range underer "More". NX1 could become a pinned thread in an "8bit vintage category". This is just for a start of ideas regarding an order and topics of categories to express appeal and usuability to an audience and contributors. Challenges, we should follow through and not just announce challenges but also take them and the joy going along with them. Writing about our findings, asking questions along, creating new threads out of problems and new findings.. On a longer note. How about collabs in real time for lens nerding with ppl who are around your area. Just sayin. Not having an obsession here. Too busy carrying heavy lamps to be obsessive with anything else.:) My two cents. Time to go to bed. Thank you for everything, Andrew! Thanks to you others as well! cheers 🙂
  22. It is a great image. Just be aware to test it before doing narrative under challenging conditions. Or record cine 4k or external. My little rule: Test it anyway before filming a valuable project. HD 444 internal turns into 5d2 mush in lowlight, looking just as bad. Cine 4k does much better, UHD 4k not so much.
  23. PannySVHS

    Panasonic GH6

    Spiffy stuff by a new face on youtube, at least to me. Sounds like a presenter from BBC. Super enjoyable to listen to and to watch, loved the colour board tests. The lenscap tests didnt do that much to me but still loved to listen to his voice. 🙂 Interesting findings presented in a very nice manner. Takeaway, DR Boost is terrific.
  24. @webrunner5Well, as good as it gets under conditions with enough light, Don. Had to give your post the smiley for the preview image of the muscular youtubeer.:) Under lowlight condition the internal 12bit 444 HD/2K of the C300II shows severe artefacts that make a GH4 seem like the codec champion of the universe. Cine 4K internal seems to be sweet under lowlight from my experience but always test yourself, as a famous DP once said about hundred years ago. Anyway, original poster will not bother. But maybe some 12 bit 444 HD/2K lovers will care that a C300II will show problems, unless you record with an Odyssey 7Q. But then a much cheaper Sony F4 with extern al 10bit HD 444 or 422 would equal the exteral HD from the C300ii and smoke the internal variante.
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