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  1. So stills in raw or ooc? I think with right white balance to taste the GX85 looks pretty good, but RAW is where the magic is. No comparison. The hack for the GX9 might be interesting for the 100 and 200mbbit codecs in HD. Quality of the GX9 in 1080p looks similar to the GH5 on the Dpreview comparison chart. GH5 has awesome HD quality.
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    You are right, community is joy. 🙂 Have a great day!
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    @SRV1981 My cheek in tongue tone was not necessary. After all I can choose what to read and what to comment on. I could have recognized the joy of dicussion instead. I will just do that now. sorry for sounding so harsh. Enough stuff for everyone to choose from. I have not posted my own stuff for ages btw.🙂
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    I don´t think you wouldn´t. Read and respond as you like. This is a forum after all. Having a conversation is good. I don´t repeat lines but I get repeatedly the impression that some of your questions even within the same thread have been answered. But respond and read as you wish 🙂
  5. You better get your Panny boy back then.:) GX9 better colours, ooc or raw photo. or do you mean video? GX9 with the cine D hack by @BTM_Pix offered working 200mbit HD, as one member has tested. Would love to check that out if it was offering any benefit over the slim 24mbit 24p AVCHD. Dpreview tested the HD of this cam to be close to the GH5 in the comparison chart. Crazy to witness how that whole library is going to be put in the dumpster by amazon.
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    How so. Many posts here write about it. Give it a read. I come to the impression, that within the same threads you ask the same questions again once in a while, though some of them have already been answered in posts of that very thread. 🙂 The FX3, FX30, whatsoever discussion has been a pretty vivid one on this forum.
  7. Wanna see that combo in action! 🙂 I love to take pictures with my GX85 and c-mount lenses. Not much into using cameras for a while now. Raw is a joy to use, great colours coming from this cool little camera. It´s a gem. Took less than 200 pictures in three years with the S1. Not enjoying the camera for photography. Holding a 5D in the hand is pure joy on the other hand. One of these silly things with cameras.:)
  8. With a different name and awesome manual focus lens, no simple fly by wire, gh5II video quality, below 900 USD, yes. @Marcio Kabke Pinheiro
  9. Terrible move from amazon. they got not culture. Oh, hold it, they do: reset culture.
  10. @deezid So S1 is still taking a beautiful image? Or have you found annoyances after your first very positive impressions? I thought Pocket6K Braw was not your favorite budget cam image. Always a pleasure to read your findings. I don´t like the S1 under natural daylight. Just looking boring to me no matter how I grade it. Maybe I am not used to so much dynamic range:)
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    Panasonic GH6

    Would you mind to share a video or screenshot with or even without conversion to Rec709? Second video is super weird to say the least but horses for courses @92f.
  12. I have not seen anything convincing on the web regarding better image quality than a S1 or other high end mirrorless. Curious to see some other work which really tests this camera.
  13. Always good to see what a 5d can do in the hands of a Dop. 🙂
  14. Love the colour the cinematographer shows off in this video. Lush, sublte, attractive, beautiful! Cannot wait to test my own F3. Obviously I can.:) It says in the video description, lens was Canon 18-55 3.5-5.6 kit lens! 🙂 @TheRenaissanceMan what camera are you getting instead?:)
  15. gem. bump:) reread a bit. didnt understand much of the techincalities. still fascinated. beautiful stuff. thanks for posting this back then! @Cosimo
  16. Darn. This reminds me of my flickr browsing days @hyalinejim Great shots! They are all selfportaits? I won´t promise to post one i did with a 500d and a Meyer Görlitz 50mm M42 some years ago. Shot wasn´t even in focus but still looked great, because passion was great back then. I would post it but my data management is awful. Haven´t even sent you the pink blotches on my GH5 Vlog footage. 🙂 I even adore some shots with my 4Mpix Powershot. And I adored those old flickr browsing days. @QuickHitRecord lovely photographic Gestalt. Colours, grain, luminousity. Last term reminds me of a website I used to love to browse ten, fifteen years ago, legendary luminouslandscape. I enjoy taking pictures with my GX85 and with my bargain S16 and 16mm TV and film lensens, like Fujinon 12.5mm or Angie 75mm. Love the output and love the experience. Few weeks ago I snapped a 5DII for 150 EU for the body. Less than 30.000 shutter, great cosmetic conditon. To me it felt like a new camera. Did a few snaps with my 512MB CF card I had left from an obscure compact camera I bought many years ago. Crappiest camera I ever owned. Got a Sony DSC W1 afterwards, which was a relief. But that´s another story. Anyway, holding a the 5D2 and snapping a few photos with it was so enjoyable. Cool thing, the seller typed me a few weeks later to give a way a plastic fantastic nifty 50 away for free. So that was 150 for a 5D2 plus a lens! Cannot wait to get out and take some pictures with my own first digital DSLR ever.
  17. "Sometimes it seems that..." 🙂 No one here assumed that raw video via motion app would be worse. Worse than what anyway? Take deezids comment onboard for sure. It is a great comment. All that content is hurting our planet big time, electric power, fuel, materials all wasted for more and more shitty content. 8k is power hungry, devices are energy hungry and greedy for natural resources. Production is greedy as fuck for energy and natural resoures. All that mass mobile 4K, 8k acquisition and distribution plus storage, devices for that, all that is leaving a foot stomp on our only planet. Mass production and consumption of garbage will ruin our planet, the capitalist attitude and consumer behaviour even moreso. Not against your search for image quality. But my two cents without judging you! 4K raw will look stellar on your 4k TV. 8K TVs are not even legally produced at the moment for the European market anymore.
  18. So are you still a fan of the image from the "old" S1 (without H:) then? @deezid Maybe I should keep mine. It´s a great image taker after all. Just not loving the camera as an object, though very well made for rough action and work.
  19. 8k phone for an 8k tv, what a waste:) Lumix G7 will look better on a 4k tv than that:) what a waste of resources it is, all that madness of 8k from a phone on power hungry 8k tvs. whate a waste regarding energy for production, resources and power hunger when used. my two cents. but congrats on having owned the g7. a great but humble cam. love it. classic 😊 now best video quality from cheap phones is a hot topic imo.
  20. Get a cheap 4k cam instead, if funds are low. Much better than any phone and much cheaper than a XH2! 😂 Used Lumix G9 does perfect 4K 10bit HLG for 500 USD, additional VLog profile per purchase possible. Awesome former flagship camera with all bells and whistles. G85 does nice 4K for 300 USD, GX85 for 200. Much cheaper than 8K XH2 and a 8K TV. 😂 That saves you lotta funds. And saves the planet too a tiny bit:)
  21. Hi, didn't you state, that VLog for the S5 does not show this noise reduction and processing? @Beritar cheers
  22. What about Vlog for the S5 II and GH6? @deezid cheers
  23. I like how the C300II responds in grading. Just had problems with mush in low light, color grading some low budget stuff. Codec even making a head disappear in one frame with the 12bit 444 flavour in 2K. 🙂 C500MKII is a beauty! On the CineDs tests the Canon hybrids and the C500II stand rather a bit apart regarding dynamic range and latitude. But on the other hand I have seen super beautiful stuff on the R6 mk1 in HD.
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