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  1. I watched the whole film and I am happy that you used the pure raw RAW image from the camera. Beautiful decision for the your beautiful film. @hyalinejim Thank you for sharing!
  2. So how does the reliability of 5d2 and 5d3 compare for Raw video? @rosco If Darren Aranovsky can enjoy some nerdom with a digital bolex, despite being a super busy super star director, I think less profiled image lover can enjoy their low budget cam obsessions, right. I have done a good deal of hard physical and artistic work in the field of low budet video and film making. I don´t need to trade camera nerdom for fill light or bounce variations. I can rest from the hard work and enjoy some camera nerdom. 5D3 will do. Some nice Rosco gels would do that too:) Btw, I find the body of the 5D2 nicer designed, made and to hold than its successor.
  3. Lovely! Art with frost gel, awesome analogy. Mojo, got some at my home. Still haven't used it, my Cinealta F3. Cannot wait to give it a worthy occasion. That thang got a thing going on, mojo!:) 5d raw got that . Tech might seemingly appear about equal between some cameras. I bet 5d3 raw looks better with tungsten plus red gels than a P4K, especially if not equipped with an IRcut. So that's a specific situation, where camera tech makes a difference between two seemingly similar camera images. The P4K in an instance fell apart in that scenatio with braw 5to1. The image was poluted way beyond acceptable looking standards, like worst case 8bit 420 from og A7s Slog2:) Why would a I buy a 5d2 and 5d3, both together with a 50mm 1.8, 32GB CFcard and a camera bag for 450Euro btw! It's because my S1 leaves me unsatisfied in daylight scenarios. I might be a fool, but I am a fool for the art of a cameras emulsion, a cameras image, a cameras mojo.:) Mojo, anyway, is the swingin groove of that Muddy Waters Song! Magic lantern Raw got that. In a way. Not like Muddy of course. 🙂
  4. I love the color response in Raw from my Pannies, Gx85 nowadays. Ooc jpegs sometimes and only just a bit.:) Have hardly shot any photos with my S1:)
  5. I myself don't adore the S1 in "unlit" settings, whereas i love my bmmcc outside in natural light. Both need to be graded a good deal, but the micro just sings to me. I have done plenty of grading for amateur shortfilms and semipro stuff with semipro equipment. So i recognize differences in cameras color and codec a big deal, just like their response under different conditions. Got a 5diii because off this forum and the awesome footage which is out there. That is a great treat. The trailer looks beautiful @mercer I will need advice on cards and settings soon:)
  6. Hehe, couldnt resist and had to get one. A 250.000 shutter though, but still working. For 300EU. Got a 5D2 for much cheaper two months ago. In great shape, 30.000 shutter, for 150. Seller contacted me to give me a nifty fifty 1.8 and a nice backpack for free. Anyway, now I gotta use these beauties. Any quick and tasty infos on the differences? Some prefer the look from the 5D2? 5D3 much more hasslefree to use in Magic Lantern RAW due to dual card slots? cheers
  7. PannySVHS


    Ironfilm and others with some working experience with Sony give arguments for using the FX30 in an Sony eco system of larger cameras, making it a good Bcam to a FS7 or FX6. Timcode. S52 has a mechanical shutter, EVF, making it a great photo camera also besides being a great video camera. It sports 10bit 4k60p in S35 just like the FX30. The S5ii also comes with the additional benefit of full frame 6K open gate up to 30p, anamorphic modes .. And a swivel screen.:)
  8. PannySVHS


    Would estimate it to be one stop less sensitive than the Lumix S series, which is indeed a treat.
  9. So stills in raw or ooc? I think with right white balance to taste the GX85 looks pretty good, but RAW is where the magic is. No comparison. The hack for the GX9 might be interesting for the 100 and 200mbbit codecs in HD. Quality of the GX9 in 1080p looks similar to the GH5 on the Dpreview comparison chart. GH5 has awesome HD quality.
  10. PannySVHS


    You are right, community is joy. 🙂 Have a great day!
  11. PannySVHS


    @SRV1981 My cheek in tongue tone was not necessary. After all I can choose what to read and what to comment on. I could have recognized the joy of dicussion instead. I will just do that now. sorry for sounding so harsh. Enough stuff for everyone to choose from. I have not posted my own stuff for ages btw.🙂
  12. PannySVHS


    I don´t think you wouldn´t. Read and respond as you like. This is a forum after all. Having a conversation is good. I don´t repeat lines but I get repeatedly the impression that some of your questions even within the same thread have been answered. But respond and read as you wish 🙂
  13. You better get your Panny boy back then.:) GX9 better colours, ooc or raw photo. or do you mean video? GX9 with the cine D hack by @BTM_Pix offered working 200mbit HD, as one member has tested. Would love to check that out if it was offering any benefit over the slim 24mbit 24p AVCHD. Dpreview tested the HD of this cam to be close to the GH5 in the comparison chart. Crazy to witness how that whole library is going to be put in the dumpster by amazon.
  14. PannySVHS


    How so. Many posts here write about it. Give it a read. I come to the impression, that within the same threads you ask the same questions again once in a while, though some of them have already been answered in posts of that very thread. 🙂 The FX3, FX30, whatsoever discussion has been a pretty vivid one on this forum.
  15. Wanna see that combo in action! 🙂 I love to take pictures with my GX85 and c-mount lenses. Not much into using cameras for a while now. Raw is a joy to use, great colours coming from this cool little camera. It´s a gem. Took less than 200 pictures in three years with the S1. Not enjoying the camera for photography. Holding a 5D in the hand is pure joy on the other hand. One of these silly things with cameras.:)
  16. With a different name and awesome manual focus lens, no simple fly by wire, gh5II video quality, below 900 USD, yes. @Marcio Kabke Pinheiro
  17. Terrible move from amazon. they got not culture. Oh, hold it, they do: reset culture.
  18. @deezid So S1 is still taking a beautiful image? Or have you found annoyances after your first very positive impressions? I thought Pocket6K Braw was not your favorite budget cam image. Always a pleasure to read your findings. I don´t like the S1 under natural daylight. Just looking boring to me no matter how I grade it. Maybe I am not used to so much dynamic range:)
  19. PannySVHS

    Panasonic GH6

    Would you mind to share a video or screenshot with or even without conversion to Rec709? Second video is super weird to say the least but horses for courses @92f.
  20. I have not seen anything convincing on the web regarding better image quality than a S1 or other high end mirrorless. Curious to see some other work which really tests this camera.
  21. Always good to see what a 5d can do in the hands of a Dop. 🙂
  22. Love the colour the cinematographer shows off in this video. Lush, sublte, attractive, beautiful! Cannot wait to test my own F3. Obviously I can.:) It says in the video description, lens was Canon 18-55 3.5-5.6 kit lens! 🙂 @TheRenaissanceMan what camera are you getting instead?:)
  23. gem. bump:) reread a bit. didnt understand much of the techincalities. still fascinated. beautiful stuff. thanks for posting this back then! @Cosimo
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