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  1. Juan was the Andromeda guy? @Emanuel The Andromeda mastermind closed down his DVX100 activities and hardware hack and became part of Panasonics development team, iirc.
  2. Love the colour. The lens interestingly hazes quiet vintage style in the strong backlight shot. You should do a breakdown of your findings regarding colourwork and exposure from the Sigma FP thread. I watched your Sirui Anamorphic 1.6 test. Looking lovely. What are your estimations on the set? @OleB Lovely stuff you all. I already posted some of my semipro work on this forum. Was mostly doing colour work last year, last hurray so to say before all auto on the newest Davinci version will do the job.:) Anyway, here is my first paid music video, directing, producing, lighting, DPing, editing the thing. All shots inside filmed against a small wall in a small living room;) Shot on one day, shots and lighting done spontaneously on location. Had a friend as AC for 90% of the shots thanx gosh. Most inside was GH5 at ISO400 VLog, S1 as BCam for the golden pattern lit background shot inside and three handheld lowlight shots outside. Sorry for reposting, if some of you mind:)
  3. PannySVHS


    Love the look and colours and the shots! Lovely! @mercer
  4. Tasty:) Sigma FP? What recording mode? @OleB Would love to see the moving images. Beautiful colours. What lenses did you use? My apologies for my stakkato style of writing and asking. cheers 🙂
  5. Though 8bit the JVC provides 150 Mbit for its 8bit 420 4K mode. In HD it puts out 50Mbit 422. DVX 100, I used to have a little obsession with the Andromeda hack a few years ago. 🙂 @Matt Kieley Love the video and colours! @hyalinejim Too bad about the temporal noise reduction. I read the XC15 has it too unfortunately. Otherwise great concept and camera.
  6. PannySVHS


    Time for me to post some Tevidon 25mm love. Finally got to film a clip, got to like it, grade it and post it. First one is in the big and mighty GX85 thread. Lovely, quirky and most of all such a satisfying lens and combo. cheers 🙂
  7. Dear friends, some shutter therapy with the beautiful GX85. Lens is a gem too. I will post the second video in the lens section. 🙂
  8. Would still love to test out the XC10/15 in its 8bit 422 50mbit HD mode. Or a Panasonic HPX 250 with its three sensor imager and 200mbit 10bit. Both cameras offer HD to its resolution maximum. Both are workhorse cameras. The HPX 250 would be my subsitute for the obscurity of a nerds dream that the DVX100 Andromeda would be. 🙂 Another nerd desire would be to fiddle with a full grown camcorder, the vintage Sony AX2000, slim codec, SD cards, true camcorder form factor and 3 sensor colours. You asked, we answered @SRV1981 🙂
  9. I think one can so much reward and give oneself pleasure by a little video or film. The challenge lies within doing oneself that favour to do a little piece. It´s for ones own pleasure in the process of making, possibly lighting, writing, FX making, being ones own actor(s), directing... That or a few and different ones from these. True, not just a test shot of a wall:) @QuickHitRecord End of May sounds good. But first there are fellow friends wanted! So, who might want to participate and to film some magic Raw with these oldtimer cams, dear friends! 🙂
  10. Hey friends, now with the latest built from Bilal and Dannes achievements before let´s get some Raw magic started. Thanks to our friend @ZEEK the latter are well reported, the former has been posted about here by our friend @QuickHitRecord The challenge would be up to us to make up. So what are your suggestions, what kinda challenge could that be? I think there are plenty Magic Lantern lovers and Canon owners. I got a EOS M for 75EU about a year ago and a 5D2 for 150. Still, I have not filmed anything with it yet. I feel pumped to try out my EOS M though with the latest built from Bilal, since even Danne seemed to like it. Some 50D cats here? Put some dirty fungus M42 Meyer Goerlitz on your cam and give us that Keny Ty look but not in filthy 420 8bit but in gorgeous RAW glory! 5D3 queens and kings? Mercer, you go! Some keywords for our magic fun tour: experimental, 3min narrative, video essay with photographic beauty, cinema verité exitement, locked shots parade..camer So all camera cats with the love for the some Raw image magic, let´s get our and your jazz on with magic lantern! 🙂
  11. PannySVHS


    That youtube video above is almost unworthy of being posted by a beloved forum member such as Django. "Biggest flaw", what clickbait nonsense. Lowlight on the FX30, as we have noted before, is about one stop less than the modern FF counterparts. So it is a lowlight achiever in S35 terms, better than C300II, than FS7. No mushyness but "grain". Great lowlight camera. No mushyness is a novelty, not many cameras offer in that price range, nor timecode, nor pro reliability and such. Now, C70 in RAWlight is the overall lowlight cinema champ after the classic Alexa Alev sensor and very close regarding quality of colour rendition, latitude and dynamic range, if I trust the judgement from german testsite slashcam and heresay from dop buddies. Same sensor as C300III. For the money, trust Ironfilm and others, FX30 is not to beat as a pro S35 B or A video cam in the Sony system.
  12. Great write up and reading pleasure! @QuickHitRecord What are your findings with this ML build? How does it compare to Dantes builds which have been held in high regard by our friend and Eos M artist @ZEEK ?
  13. Found some tasty GH5 footage with the tasty Tokina 11 16 2.8. Finding tasty GH5 footage is always a treat as this camera is still super capable and it was one of the first fantastic cameras which reversed the trend of medium camera- great footage. It started the infamous trend of great camera- mediocore footage. So I am always enjoying a good find regarding great image quality coming from this awesome camera. Love the colours and use of the hybrid beast. The channel has a variety of great stuff to enjoy, browse and watch, for instance using the GHAlex Lut on the natural profile instead of VLog. Anyway, here is the tasty, tasteful wide angle cinematic:) video. His channel for the love of browsing and procastinating in an enjoyable way:) https://www.youtube.com/@SwedishFilmmaker/videos
  14. I got the mark1 version. Looking forward to snap it away with the plastic fantastic! And looking forward to your findings with the S5II and some moving images as well or stills of the caliber coming from the 300 or 400D you sent to your friends.:) @hyalinejim How does the S5II feel image and grading wise compared to dealing with colour from 5DIII Raw?
  15. Which niftfy fifty are you using? @hyalinejim I got the plastic fantastic 1.8 for free when I bought a 5DII with the L 24-105. Looking forward to using it for some photography soon.
  16. Looking forward to it and to your findings! @QuickHitRecord
  17. There is no Prores for UHD, meaning no 16 to 9 (3840x2160px) out of the box. One would need to crop in from the sides. That´s not a meaningful decision on part of Pana imo. @mercer Other than that I yet have to see a meaningful test for my eyes, which shows the effect of the 3D noise reduction. Colour looks very good. With the GH5 it was edge sharpness that gave away the most of its hybrid character, being the least cinema camera like attribute. GH5II has organic sharpness and sofore lack of that digital edge enhancement. That´s a cam I would like to test for sure. I wished for the cam to have opened a variety of crop modes. S16 1 to 1.66, S16 4 to 3 with full width and so on..
  18. Does the Gh6 provide a 1.4 crop mode for giving it a S16 sensor width? For what I know it only has a 2x digizoom making suitable for 2/3 c-mount, b3 and b4 lenses. Love what i see regarding color from the Gh6. GH5ii is even more mysterious. No Prores LT and nor Prores in some 4K modes is akward. This should have been an all in camera of what the hardware is capable of.
  19. I gave you a like for your unusual choice @Rinad Amir of camera. Noooot:) But for the Konica 35-100 F2.8 which you might have combined with it, which a I got because of your recommendation. Best direct lens recommendation I got, besides my 8EUR Tokina 25-50 F4 from @andy lee, one of Eoshds lens connoisseurs. I put my Fs700 to a bit of use for some additional income, in HD 420 mostly. S1 got a little share of that. GX85 my eternal love, awesome beautiful image taker and camera. Sony PMW F3 waiting to get any use:) BMMCC used for some camera enjoyment. 5D2 and 3 to test which one is cooler for raw video and hopefully not collecting dust with the F3. Second FS700 never used, collecting dust. BMPCC og collecting dust. I am a dust collector like my lenes. Don´t start me on lenses:) Still got a G7, Oly Pen EP2 and E-PL1 🙂 Looking forward to see some (moving) images from your beauties. 🙂 @Ty Harper @majoraxis Welcome back to the forum @kye 🙂
  20. Dude even looked like he had a battery from a Z9 in his front pocket. But the 70 to 200 in his left one made us miss out on that little front detail. These pockets😂 @MrSMW Loved the last four videos by Andrew. Great stuff! Keep em coming! Would be great to have them linked to the comment section of the forum.
  21. Why the bumping sharpness up to the limits in this comparison? I find the material not easy to observe and evaluate. The light looks rather very undifferentiated to my eyes in order to be able to form an opinion about the image quality of these cameras. They look all the same to me.
  22. no, no, not nothingness, nowness it is! @Kisaha
  23. Hehe, usually a big fan of your color work and ccd magic. This one looks like too blocky for my taste. Sorry, but still fan of your ccd wizardry and color approach. cheers 🙂 @QuickHitRecord
  24. Glad we can discuss any camera and launch we want on this forum. Glad I can also just read comments without having to comment. I don´t find this release to be for the better of this world. Same with 8k TVs and smartphones, production and streaming, all for which our planet is being wasted for.
  25. PannySVHS

    8 vs 10 bit

    8bit 100mbit HD codec from the GH5 is pretty good for a lot of stuff. Twisting colours is pretty solid with it. 100mbit on the 4K from my GX85 is amazingly good for grading. These are in 709 acquisition. Wouldnt film VLog L in 8bit. 100mbit 4K on the A7SII was some of the worst codecs I have had to colour grade for someone. 12 444 all intra hd on the C300II can fall apart badly in bad exposure giving temporal noise reduction artefacts galore. So it´s not 8bit vs 10bit but rather the quality of codec vs codec.
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