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    Hey, thank you for your advice. @Marcio Kabke PinheiroI am not in need of a camera for sure. From what I got watching reviews the overheating is a pain for more than just very careful casual video use. Good for me as i can save money and keep the money from my S1 sale, which I have not sold yet. Prices are so low these days, it's not fun to part from them for that little money. 🙂
  2. Exited. Don't know what to film yet. Filming with F8 to 11 allowed me to use the single point AF without worries on the P2K and not have to worry about the screen for focus control in the bright sun. I got a small vari nd now for my panny 14mm, so i will give F4 a try. Exiting! Maybe some nature. Or 14-42 instead at 5.6. Didn't you suggest that vari fstop lenses from 14 to 42 give same dof as aperture closes down through the zoom range @kye? OIS will eat more battery though:) Or i go with the tevidon 10mm. But would need to fix the aperature with tape as its very loose. No VariND though for this one, meaning f11. Think it only goes till f8. Have to look. Tripod and a 90mm might be another thing of beauty. No Nds for that one as screw thread is damaged big time. Blue hour and freezin my ass off.:) Anyone remembering that komodo test footage in LA from a female dop? I think our friend Don aka @webrunner5 posted that two years ago.
  3. It just seems that i don't wanna take a chance on the port nor rig the beauty up. I really enyoyed the restrictions and freedoms of using it barebones as I wrote above. I got two 64GB cards plus a 32one, all three working well but none for 50p raw 3:1. Read on this forum about more recent cards working without troubles iirc. Maybe we could do a og p2k or m2k cinema verité parade, you, @kye , @mercer , me and anyone else.
  4. I don't want to break mine, so I decided not to use it. From what i read it's not possible to repair once it's broken and i read reports about breaking despite clamps and cages. But half cage with included clamp looks great. @BTM_PixHow do you feel about using it with an extra monitor and regarding its delicate micro hdmi port?
  5. P2K has a very fragile micro hdmi out as you know, so I don't even bother. @kye I used it in in direct sunlight without rigging a monitor. I was testing a worst case scenario, carrying three xtra batteries and the 14mm F2.5 pancake at F11 and 360 shutter. I had so much fun and the results very so satisfying. I used single point AF on the lens, F11 on S16, you figure:) That way i was able to use the monitor only for framing and i prefocused my shots with pressing the focus button once or twice only during the take. I had posted that video here before. Such a great little camera with a great image. A pocket camera after all.:)
  6. Exactely. That thing is fragile. Hardly usuable for rigging. I mounted it on one of the screwholes and the outer shell cracked slightly around the mounting point. Same with a second screw hole. The plastic shell is just very poor quality.
  7. Dog lover vs kitten cat. 🙂 His colors looked great when 709 was ruling acquisition. Log made him logged out of color appeal. Too bad he took a harmless joke so badly. Something must have hit him much more than just a goofy joke about his kittens. Senstive state of mind he must have been in. His videos are still a joy to chill with.
  8. Is that you? @EmanuelYou've gotten big arms from using that thing for your phone. Guess you won't be able to answer phone calls with that constuction around it and with another construction around it.:)
  9. Still got my shogun flame. Used it twice as a monitor and once as a recorder for one of my fs700 cams. Hardly worth in usage for the money I paid. Without a cage these things are hardly usuable. Cages have been and still are around 120eu on the bay. I doubt the benefit for it other than usuage as a monitor. It was a haveto when filming in the bright sun for the ACing but other than that I think I won't miss anything if I let that thing go. If a project comes up renting will have to do. Reading this thread gives me the right impulse to sell that thing. So thanks for spreading the word. Hopefully someone will still be willing to buy that thing. Wish me good luck. cheers:)
  10. 1DC is a Dslr and a hybrid, doing video and photo on pro level. Sofore it was 1st by my conclusion, as a hybrid and as Dslr.
  11. I like the G9ii. I find it perfect for pro video. I also posted dozen of times i would like a 10bit GX camera. Both concepts and philosophies i like. Hopefully Panny shares that pov. But like you and our forum friends I doubt it. Z9 being the biggest Mft cameta with a smart adapter would be a nice nod to the kind of oddball world of hybrid cameras. And a great 3 in one mount queen of hybrids. Main message for the format would be as you've been suggesting and John and others as well, mft needs nice small 10 bit follow ups to the GX line. GH5II in a GX body, i would be the first one to buy one. Not in 2024 of course.:)
  12. Well, well:) 1. 10bit Vlog on the S1 smashes Pannys S1 8bit 709 like Bruce Lee kicked Chuck "chesthair superchamp" Norris' butt in the fake Collosseum of Rome. No contest. 2. Most part of the curve of 10bit log if not all should hold much more values than linear 709. 3. Alister Chapman shown that 10bit Slog2 held no disadvantage on the FS7 compared to its linear 12bit Raw output. Always a great presenter and a good reason to grab some chocolate milk and some cookies and watch a 2.5 hour presentation. I am applying kyes neat and effective form of presenting arguments. Learning from the best. 1, 2, 3... 🙂
  13. GH4 was the second dslm/r camera with 4K after the Canon 1DC afaik. And it was the first affordable one and approachable one with its 4K 100mbit codec. First 4k dslr from Nikon must have been the D500 i think. @sanveer
  14. Afaik it does. But i didn't doublecheck:)
  15. That would be pretty sweet. Give it a mountable and tiltable 2.5" monitor plus (mini) sdi and we got the perfect bmmcc4k. Gruesome name.:) One can put people on ignore? Didn't know that. But that doesnt help if i'm just reading but not logged in. Can you read mine? Hallo? Can you read my post? Hallo?😂 @zlfan, you don't need to pump out post after post. I read some nice informative stuff and even nerdoms best from you. Unfortunately I also found plenty posts to be very irritating and even quiet some unbearebly offensive stuff. Why not stop those antics. No two posts nor even more in a row, no flaming, no halfbaked assumptions, no getting rigid. I have the feeling you are already skipping the rudeness. Now let go the other antics as well and it will be awesome for all of us. I sometimes get a headache from just the sheer mass of flow consciousness from you. Chill, mate. It' so much better to chill and enjoy one and another. Otherwise this forum will be truly in danger.
  16. If they come out with a smart adapter, that would make the Z9 the biggest Mft dslm camera ever to throne above all of them.😂 @BTM_Pix
  17. Would love to see some footage, if you come around to share @Jedi Master and if you don't mind the hassle with uploading, editing, which I have become a bit lazy these days, as my professional aspirations and obstacles in that have been hindering my flow a bigger bit. So i understand well that sometimes it is not trivial at all to share stuff. I myself will get back on track but for now I feel a bit in a phlegma. Got some interesting footage from my S1H during a wrestling testing all kinda modes. That was four weeks ago. So I'm not in a hurry myself about sharing.😊 C300III is a great camera. Had a chance to compare its internal h264 codec with my Bmmcc during a demanding shoot and the Canon outperformed it clearly on the technical level of the footage. It is a valid allarounder with a cinema quality image. C70 allows to adapt to more lens mounts such as Konica, Minolta, Canon FD, Leica M, C- mount and what not. But a rocksolid PL mount is of course a great feature. The Meike Cine lenses are pretty sweet. Congrats on your choice. 🙂
  18. PannySVHS


    I will have my nerds eye on this cam. If overheating is manageable for 10min takes with 2min breaks, then it would be interesting. That's an estimate that even rhymes.:) No hurry though. Maybe @SRV1981has settled for one though I would still suggest an og S5, if Hdmi is not needed and size is not a major obstacle.
  19. PannySVHS


    Already forgot about toying with the thought of trading something in for this camera. Good thing, so I don´t have to figure out about overheating. I will learn the no-more-gas-syndrome, the nmgass.:)
  20. No, I didn´t. I try to recall if I did a test out of my window last summer. But I think that could have been 2022. I know I did a test in 2021 out of my bedroom. 😂 One thing for my exuse: my cable sdi to mini sdi broke, so i couldnt use my blackmagic video assist. I didnt want to pay 30eu for a cable nor did i enjoy to wait for cheaper ones on the used market. So I figured I couldnt film anything meaningful with its internal codec. But maybe it is just to heavy to lug around to shoot something in 420. 🙂 It´s my only PL mount camera and internal is actually pretty impressive in a way for being 35mbps and 8bit. So I gonna keep that one. I should send kye some of the original 420 slog files for analysis, which were still on the card when I bought the camera. That stuff is impressive. Hard to believe. And still, I have not shot anything meaningful with it.:)
  21. That T2.1 lens seems to be a Zeiss CP lens in EF mount. Am I right? @Jedi Master Or what else? Did you carry a tripod along as well? Heavy Daddy and Mama, oh Papa! What made you buy the C300III over a C70? Do you regret your choice of the former over the latter when it comes to strolling the city?
  22. Holy crap. You made my day! 😂 @Emanuel I got two FS700, two LX10, two Bmmcc, an S1 and S1H, to name the twin cameras, not mentioning the single lonely units. 🙂 I can explain. I bought both of the LX10 cameras from a youtuber for an impossibly super low price 1.5 years ago, my second Bmmcc barebones in 2022 for 250, second FS700 in 2020 for 500, S1 december 2020 for a very low price back then. BUT, it all sums up to lotta money and I have a hard time to keep my kits nice and tidy and to even use em. I will HAVE to sell my S1 and one of the FS700 cams, maybe both. Lenses? Let´s not even start!
  23. Happy New Year, dear friends! My year was ambivalent and full of lessons. Film bizz in Germany is very rough and ungrateful if you are trying to enter the field of large narrative projects. I had an accident, a branch falling on my head. They immediately looked for a substitute for the rest of the whole gig and they still have not paid me yet due to some mushy accounting routines. Canceled jobs due to reasons intransparent to me. Got taken advantage by an upcoming director, working for free in advance of a contract. 😂 But I am happy about the things I learned and my passion for video and film is bigger than ever.
  24. @John Matthews That would mean 20mm and F2 for M43, in S16 terms a 14mm F1.4, in 2/3" a 10mm F1. M43 is the only one fitting the bill for your goal of a 28ish F2.8 S35 equivalent and being light and pocketable, so your GX850 with the Olympus 17mm F1.8 or Panny 20mm F1.7 pancake would be the lightest kit, with slightly larger aperature compensating for the additional 4K crop. No ibis nor ois though. LX100 would deliver F4 equivalent and LX15 F5.6 in S35 terms. LX100 with its slightly cropped m43 sensor (2.2 crop compared to FF) performs like this according to slashcam: 16.82mm focal length with F2.4 giving in photo mode an equivalent of 37mm full frame with F5.28. In 4K video mode that translates into 40.36mm and F5.76 full frame equivlaent due to the additional crop, giving you 28mm with F4 equivalent in S35 terms in 4K video mode.
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