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  1. Hey Rinad! @Rinad Amir 35mm, i see:) You dropped two super hot infos on two obscure and legendary zoom lenses. The Konica 35 to 100 2.8 and the Zeiss 40-120 2.8. Just sayin thanks again and hello.:) I got three of the Konicas because of you, one beat up but splendid image though with zoom creep, one perfect in all regards. Anyway. I loved 28 on boosted mft with crop 1.4 of FF. So I take the 28. I grab the tiny Canon nFD 2.8. Love that lens. Maybe I got a superiour sample. Mine is just splendid.
  2. @hyalinejim Cool thing, that is, being able to pick them without the other. Btw, my handmade SLog Curve with saturation and rgb curves adjusted was my last resort for some shots in 8bit SLog2 from the Sony A7sii. It was a camera with a rather lackluster implementation of Slog.:)
  3. Crackin! Haha! 🙂 I figured the same. @BTM_Pix Such a silly text and maybe I should change my muaha into a thumbs down.
  4. Nice trailer. Witty, snappy dialogues, good rhythm and acting. Shot with the Sony FX6?:) It sounds goot too.:)
  5. I built a set lut for an arri amira project. it has a nice look to it under uv, ir and various other outdoor lighting situations. Now I have been using my own flashy lut for other projects with Mavo LF and Lumix S Vlog material and it is neither accurate nor keeps colours intact. But interesting enough desaturating before and after the grading pipeline gives it back its integrety. Color correction within the node workflow gives it back its plausibility, keeping character and beauty, which this lut was built for as well. That in 70% of the cases. For 8bit Slog2 on the FS700 it did not work well at all.:) Oversaturated reds and blues was the problem. I did a handcurve once for SLog2 material, which beat everything I was able to achieve with the official lut or CST. So I am always open for different ways. What do you mean by curve before Gamut? Do you mean a separate gamma transform and a separate gamut tranform? How do you do that? @hyalinejim Awesome post btw. Thank you!
  6. I think Panny ist sweet with tungsten based light, 5600k natural light sometimes a bit boring.
  7. I will. @FHDcrew At the moment I am in lack of artistic projects and in lack of a creative community. Busy with gruesome grading work.:/
  8. Plan on doing the same. Got a 5DII with 28.000 or so shutter count, exellent condition for 150Euro. Just looking at it gives me more joy than looking at my S1. I think it is time to part with the latter, keep the L-mount 24-105 just in case but using the 24-105 Canon L, which I got from the same seller for 300 Euro. Too bad I didnt grab his additional offer: nifty 50 1.8 plus the cool and infamous Canon 70 300 green ring for 100 Euro. Wondering how the latter would behave on a S5II regarding AF. Well nifty 50 for a start and some time later the Mattias Burling favorite, the 35mm F2 USM with image stabilization. Oldies but goldies.:)
  9. Regarding GH6, information regarding image quality is very contradictory. Noise reduction and anti rolling shutter algorithms messing with the image too much to be reliable enough to trump a GH5II by a meaningful margin, if at all. I would have been interested by the promise of a pocket4K image in a GH5 body. But it´s not like that it seems. It has proved to hold onto colour and resolution much better than a GH5s in low light but that on locked shots with little onscreen movement. Forum friends have reported here that digital mambo jambo, 3D noise reduction is degrading the otherwise potentially great image quality from this camera. I hope to get more insight into this, as I am still interested in this intriguing camera. Btw no Prores for UHD modes and no Prores LT is just a super dumb move! No battery grip, wtf. For FF, please, Timecode and 4K60p full frame and open gate, 10bit 422, All Intra, rolling shutter less than 15ms in open gate. Nothing else needed. Make it 3000 Euro. With SDI and internal ND for a 4000 model. Thank you!
  10. It´s doing very slight and small steps, at least my copy is.:) @newfoundmass Once I saw it on mine, I cannot unsee it. The beauty of the Canon L 24-105 is in the mechanic and haptic quality. It is a joy to hold and operate. The manual focus allows hard stops with override. The Panny 24-105 is fly by wire all the way. I will still keep that lens just for giving it a try on a S5II bodies some time, if I come to rent one for a job.
  11. The 24-105 is pretty nice. For video high resolving. Built is good. I don´t like the manual focus. When focussing manually with my S1 the lens it shows little steps during focus transition. It´s not smooth. So I feel it is of limited use for paid work. That´s why I got the 24-105 Canon L, which I plan on using via adapter and on my FS700 with a speedbooster which both I got for a great price two years ago. Could be a nice lens for AF with the S5II. Not sure if the tiny steps are still visible then. My S1 already has the ProresRaw and Braw over hdmi. S5II demands a 200 Euro update key for that. To be fair though I had to update my S1 to VLog with a paid update before I could do the Raw update later on. So for me the only reason to buy a S5II would be the great video AF and the swivel screen. I would cost me around 900 EUR after selling my S1. Too much for me. So decision taken.:)
  12. Beautiful! Thank you for posting!
  13. With 0.5s hdmi lag i don't need that full hdmi. If you put a consumet wireless on top like a Hollyland, it will even add up more. Top of the line Panny. S2H with open gate downsampled 4k60 with rolling shutter below 15ms, perfect HD up to 120p. SDI, internal NDs. More freedom to crop for S16, 16mm, 2/3 inch, 1to1 with full height of the sensor, all that up to its maximal framerates. 3200 Euro without internal NDs but with Sdi. S2HX with NDs for 4000 Euro. Dreamcam. Put that in a Eva body for 5500 Euro. Dynamic range is already top! Alternatively a S2H with downsampled 4k60 in FF with rolling shutter below 15ms, perfect HD up to 120, more love and flexibility for crop modes, the new AF system, low Hdmi lag. For 2900 Euro. @IronFilm S2H or S1H2 in 2025? That's darn late. Forget my wishlist!😂
  14. The 2x mode on the Gh5 is a 2.5K image, half of the horizontal pixel count btw. @kye is a fan of this mode, as I am too. My tiny GX85 also has it! I wished the S line had the same or more flexibility with crop modes and ratios. Gh5 was pretty sweet in that regard. Gh6 lost the 1.4x Super16 mode on the other hand, which the Gh5 had. 4to3 S16 with full Super16 gate width or 1 to 1.66? Yes, please!:) Now, Panny, give us a Gx85 with 10bit. 599, yes please! Instant buy.
  15. @hyalinejim Thanks, but I couldn't find that on my S1 with the newest firmware. It's on the S5 but not on the S1. I liked the menus of the GH5 but the menus on the S1 are a horror to me btw. I imagine it's the same with the S5. The interface to dial through the menu is pure horror to me indeed. Maybe that's another reason why i am not willing to use my S1 much. If i had more jobs for Dslm use, it would be different, of course. But even then i rent a Gh5 or use my Fs700.
  16. Image quality is FX6 territory on Pannyboy, except rolling shutter. For image lovers with the willingnes to color grade, Pannyboy is fantastic. For ff 4k60 and 120 the Sonys are the way to go.
  17. Got myself a 5d mkii yesterday. @Tim Sewell I went to buy a 24-105 f4 in great condition. I picked that lens up personally from the seller. Before I texted him if he would sell his 5dii for cheaper, which he had on offer as well. He replied he would talk about it with me in person when i pick up the lens. Well, he sold the body to me for 150EU, 22000 clicks on the shutter only, like new condition! I thought to get the 24-105 for my Fs700 with a speedbooster. Now i also have this beautiful classic camera, the legendary 5dii at my hands. Immediate love. Something the S1 still doesn't do for me. Now i gonna get a nifty fifty 1.8 for no more than fifty. Gonna love some awesome Dslr photo fun. My first digital Dslr. My first Canon L lens. Love it!
  18. @Amazeballs i gave your post a lol, but because of an overflow of ridicilous infantile joy! It's a "like" of course! 2200 for that kind of goodies. I will buy that thing, if it delivers that and if it manages to keep Panasonics other high qualities regarding image quality and usuability. After purchase i will feel like a thief. Cannot be true. Rather something like 4k60 with S35 crop, same sensor as A7mk3, which the S line sensor seemingly was an alteration of and all that for no less than 2800 Euro. 2200 is ridiciously low, if without caveheats.
  19. GH5 has a 1.4x mode as extele option, giving S16 sensor gate in 4k. It also offers a 2x Digi zoom giving a 2.5K wide image with the image circle of 2/3 inch broadcast. This is some nifty flexibility. S1 offers S35 gate in 4K as we know, but also 3.1x crop in HD, giving us the gate size of approx 16mm film. I adapted an Angie 75mm c-mount lens in S35 mode. For S16 lenses it' 3.1x crop in Hd only. It's a start but would be nice to have much more flexibility with that beautiful sensor. I have a 35mm c-mount lens which covers S35 perfectly. I need to give it more exposure for sure! Also minimizes the rolling shutter to 15ms.
  20. S5mk2, with all intra codecs and downsampled hd, yes please!:) S16 mode in 2K+, yes please! No camera offers the beauty of full width S16 in 4to3 format other than the sensor of the Digital Bolex. I don't know if it offers open gate filming though. So it would be awesome, if Panny cameras come to offer at least the modes of a GH5. My S1 does not even offer a 2x Digi zoom. My GX85 does on the other hand. With small details like that a good camera could become a great camera. In regard of pure image quality and digital pipeline the S1, S1H and S5 line of cameras are still the most impressive hybrid cameras imo, equalled by Canon 5R and Nikon Z9. Though it takes grading efforts to unleash the Panny cinema beast.
  21. I will check some footage of mine next week, which might contain some blotchyness from the GH5 and S1 in their VLog flavours. At least with the GH5 I remember that artefact for people with caucasian skin in super harsh sunlight, filmed in UHD, VLog, 10bit 422, 150Mbit h264 Long Gop. So, we all stay calm and kewl and cheerful until then. The very least! 🙂
  22. Let us all not waste any time with getting into unfriendly arguments. Why feed a negative vibe with another person, feeding it to eachother! There is plenty opportunity to not to get involved in using unkind words. There are plenty of kind and interesting people communicating on this forum. Please, everyone, let´s all keep our act together. Citing Steve Yedlin, is a good start imho. Hey, don´t make me test myself to film a blank wall with my S1. 🙂 So I am very grateful for findings and fantastic insights along the way.
  23. PannySVHS

    Fuji X-H2S

    Would love to hear your opinion about the GH6! @Attila Bakos External recording with the Fuji is fine though? Thanks for your findings and contributions!
  24. @John Matthews GH5II in GX80 size please, with it´s absence of digital oversharpening, 10bit 4k60, S16 mode and all the other goodies. Thank you! 🙂
  25. First part I wholeheartedly agree. We should all contribute much more to a respectful interaction! Really! Second part I don´t agree with. The artefact is one which was immanent in the GH5 as well, shooting VLog-L in 4K 10bit 422, 150Mbit LongGop. It occured on skin f.i., larger homogenous areas of pink blotches. So it might not be a problem specific to 10bit 420 h265 with 200Mbit for open gate on the S1 but of the UHD 422 flavours as well. Would be interesting to know, if the artefacts appear in 10bit 422 UHD as well on the S1 if shooting for either SDR or HDR.
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