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  1. @jase Didn't you also use to own a GX85 and a GM1 as well?:) I remember a beautiful GM1 nature video. I loved the colour signature of the GM1. It had some of the nicest 8bit lumix images i've seen on the web. I got myself a GM5 last year but I have not really used it unfortunately.
  2. Great, you guys! The newly sparkled enthusiams could be channeled into an Eoshd filming challenge. Last one was five years ago:) @kyewould be in and put his GX85 up against the Blackmagic Full Frame Raw Cine Beast. My camera of choice for that would be the classic Cinealta F3 in 8bit Slog internal mode to contribute some additional spiceyness. What do you think? Some Magic Lantern goodness in the mix or some Z9 mayhem or some Canon Ti 8bit mastery... Let's get rollin!😊
  3. I love the look of the video and it has a few hundred views already. So there is hope.:) @kye I still have the 420 8bit Slog files which came with the SDX cards of my F3 and they grade like a charme. I think the F3 only looks good in Slog though, judging footage on the web. Unfortunately I have not been in the filming mood for months now. But a "challenge" with a few Eoshd friends could change that. Kye and Panny are in!:)
  4. More Cinealta F3 goodness. Something about the footage that dslms are lacking. There is just something magical about textures and hues. Anyone up for an 8bit "challenge"? We could do an 8bit cinema beast challenge with 8bit heavyweights like F3, C100, C300, AF100, DVX200, JVC LS300 and so on. Open weight class with some heavy hitters like a S1H in 200mbit 8bit S35 HD mode competing with a modest G7.😊
  5. I second that notion, leaving these rumor sites outside the activity of Panny staff. I have been an admirer of the GX85, the usuabiltiy, the strong 8bit 4k codec in sufficient light and the great colour science for color work in Davinci Resolve. I also like the tactility. The GX8 is a pretty camera to hold and to look at, seemingly the true m43 leica whereas the GX85 is compromized by its size in that regard and in comparison. I only had a chance to play with someones camera for a few minutes but it was very enyoyable. On a sidenote, when I was checking out the classy GX7 in a store about eleven years ago, it was the prettiest of all digital cameras in my eyes but with a big design flaw. The grip heigth was too much shortened so that my fingers got easily in the way of the AF light. The succeeding GX8 solved that issue but lost some of the sheer beauty in appearance. I also love the GF1, though very slippery. The GX1, a more modern version and true successor, much more than the GF2 ever was, has the much better 16 MP sensor that's also inside the G3, GX7, GM1/5, G6/7, GH3, GH4, GX85... Still a nice sensor capable of stunning color and results. The GF1 12 MP sensor was a bit of shyte even in 2013 when I bought mine.:) Still got an Olympus EPl1 and EP2 with the same sensor. You know what, talking about sensors, I never owned a GH2. Wondering how that sensor would fare me for photography. Too bad flickr is not any fun anymore to browse through.
  6. The leaked images look a bit ugly as well. Maybe the released camera is much prettier. No mechanical shutter? Yikes. That and no evf are very unappealing to me. GX8 has a great design. It should be big enough to house a full frame camera inside.
  7. S5 (2) without the hump and no evf? No, thank you. Clickbaiter getting infos from Panny before release of the camera? Please, no!
  8. The 300w leds are great to have, of which I've used only the Aperture fixtures though. The 600D has a big footprint. Rather use a 2.5K HMI instead. But of course the Aperture is much lighter to rig and much less power draw and easily powered by regular circuits. Anyhow, 300w spot leds would be it on the top spots of the list. I also like the 100w amarans. Lightmats and tubes are super neat and easy to use. The amarans come in stronger versions now too. Havent tested them but seem to be great bang for the buck regarding light quality and usuability.
  9. I know what antics make me begin to shy away from posting on this forum. For sure we are not a pro forum per se but pro answers have been given to us by our forum members and friends over the course of over a decade! Some of kyes post are indeed pro territory and are very worth of reading, even for people who know already one thing or two about some of his topics. In that the info is not only relevant but also very approachable. I remember the times, when I was just reading the awesome content of this place and I remember the great joy it gave me when I have finally become a member. I was very grateful. Just lately I have begun to lose my temper about some of the nonsense and attitude presented here. For sure we are not a pro forum, but on a "real" pro forum like cinematography.com ever repeating same questions by would result in a rather spicy and well deserved reply. @mercer I also like the grade and I found the grade to the point, being natural and not drawing attention to itself but showing the quality of the footage. @ac6000cw I find your example very harsh in contrast relations of certain tones and also in regard of saturation relations between some of the tones, like they are emitting light themselves. Just saying:)
  10. I agree. His Sony work does not respond to me, neither in the edit, premise, lengthyness, choice of focal lengths, camera movement nor framing nor color palette and contrast. @mercer That Sigma 30mm is a thing I had been keeping in my mind. I am a sucker for 28mm on S35. Kendys Canon work was magic, his Sony uploads on his channel are video imo. Besides colour, movement, framing and lensing are not in the same league as his Canon library imho. I can relate to the impact of a camera on freewheeling video essay work. I still hold a G70 in high regard for the mojo it has in HD 24p. The only two pieces I shot with it are still oozing color magic and forced me to design my shots and movements instead of gimbleing through the world rather effortlessly. No effort means no magic in most of the instances.
  11. I got two Micro Cine Cameras and one Pocket OG. And the best thing is, I have hardly shot with them. So I feel every day like a kid in the toy store! The panel looks super exiting. How about a whole lotta love for it! 🙂
  12. I want that Dave Altizer back in this forum!😂 Like many other friends of the peek times of this forum! @mercer
  13. PannySVHS

    Fuji X-H2S

    The thumbnail of the XH2s and the profile picture of the guy look IR heavy indeed. It seems like he actually likes this look.😊
  14. I've been mentioning this before,that I found the GH5 much easier to grade than the S series. It has 709 as colour space vs V-Gamut on the S cameras, also two to 2.5 stops less dynamic range. For lit scenarios I was very fine with the full curve and gamut as contrast and color was much more stylized and designed. The GH5 in MK II alteration is still a camera I wanna check out with its creamy high resolution image. It's more classic and organic compared to the crispier image of the MK I. I have only seen one person ever with the MKII. It has 10bit in 60p 4K as well. And from the Mark I the beloved S16 crop or optional 2/3" mode via 2x digizoom. Is the latter without heavy aliasing and moiré on the GH5? @kye
  15. They are not even dreaming of the same game, nor the craft, the passion or the work connected to a 3min narrative or a short experimental visual etude.
  16. PannySVHS


    I especially love the second shot. @mercerLooks fantastic. I have not come around filming anything for almost a year now unfortunately. All my colabs have moved themselves into the shady hideaways of oblivion and my aspirations to be a full time crewmember have been very low after my accident I had on a job. But your posts are some of the very few on this forum which inspire me to start filming again. S35 is fine for me on my S1H btw.:) Also waiting for some more fine reads from @QuickHitRecord 😊
  17. I lost my thinking reading through the back and forth of this thread. It is headspinning. But it is the only active thread alive at the moment.😂 I will be very grateful when og poster will feel inspired enough to come to a decision of buying that personal camera for video or photo/video after a year long of searching and wondering.😂 Well, a bit offside, some 8bit 420 100mbps HD goodness, a teaser for a short I dped and codirected five years ago. Still not finished with the edit, though I had it finished at 80% five months after wrap. But I felt left all by myself. So the moving image has many more challenges to face than worrying about the differences in image quality of 10 bit dslms.😊 Grading is a bit off but I wouldnt even bother so much any more as most of the look is in the lighting, framing, setdesign anyway. Shot at 800 Iso, at around T2 and T2.8.
  18. PannySVHS


    If I got that right, the Sigma offers not only a S35 mode in Raw, but other crop modes as well? What crops does it offer besides S35, maybe Mft or S16? That would be super nice, some sweet S16 50p.😊 @mercer
  19. PannySVHS


    Looks stellar.@mercerGood thing the Sigma is not really better regarding battery performance in comparison to the P2K. That way I won't long for it.:) Wow, awesome find! @QuickHitRecordWould love to see some results and moving pictures filmed with that lens. The 2/3" route could also show some potential for tiny zooms. I found a 6x 11.5 - 69mm Kowa, which translates to a 44 - 264mm lens in 135 film terms, weighting 300g. 10mm at the wide end would have gotten me exited. On a 2/3" cropped Eos M or a GH5/6 with a 2x Digizoom this might still be an interesting zoom lens.
  20. I buy used all the time. Greatest deal were two LX10, a bit bumped up but perfectly usuable, for 120 Euro, three years ago, from a youtuber with 150.000 subs. One battery only though.:) Another great deal was an og pocket two years ago or so, with the 20mm 1.7 MK II for 200 or 250 Euro. Last summer I got a Lumix G2 and a G3, together for less than 30 Euro. This year no purchase yet, as planned to stay away from gas this year and as stated in another thread.:)
  21. Hehe, I found it. Well done. Congratulations to you, the director, cast and team! @Emanuel
  22. PannySVHS


    Hopefully it's just the battery. These little gems getting quiet expensive these days. Great shots, makes me want to try the Pentax, great testimony to a lens! @mercer Was mistaking them as Canon 5D3 Raw shots. But you made that Sigma FP sing. There aren't any small mechanical 2x or 3x zooms for 16 or S16 unfortunately. @QuickHitRecord Maybe there might be some in 2/3" cctv land, but it would seem kind of silly to put that on a og pocket or m2k losing too much pixel realestate. On the Eos M that crop would mean 2/5 of the sensor and x axis pixels and be in the 2k ballpark. A 2/3" crop might sound appealing for the Eos with a tiny 2/3" zoom.:)
  23. LX10 is a contender. That lens is pure magic. Ooc color is bland. The cam needs grading. Color is great with the right treatment, which it is in need of though, unless someone finds a way to make the internal profiles shine. In 4K it betters the HD G6 in lowlight, due to its much better codec and is close to a GX85. HD 24p is ok and pretty well resolved. HD 50p has very thin color, so use it only if necessary All in all highly recommended to be checked out by @kye 😊 Here is a clip during a lighting workshop I gave. Simple grading. I don't know what the crazy monologue is from, just in case someone knows German. It's really creepy.😊
  24. I think I know the reason, why Nikon bought Red. I'm very sure they did it just to piss this guy off. He sounds like someone just cut his mullet off. 😊 I like Mike. But seeing and especially hearing him was hillarious. "I am pissed."😂 He just bought an Epic btw.
  25. I like the formfactor of the Canon XC10/X15. Give it 10bit and a good codec, 4K60, zoom with F2 at the wide and F2.8 at the long end. Voila! I think their launch video really shown off the mojo that camera had. I like really the motion cadence and the rendering of textures. Mojo. 😊 @hyalinejimhad posted a video of his with beautiful colors achieved in Rec709. Anyway, great launch video and a great concept for a S16 cinema camera.
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